my first exp


my first expI was in the service in the 70s and had done a couple of tours in Nam and had been given a nice tour of duty for 18 months in the keys. After I got settlehed I had nice duty that gave me off fri afternoon and sat and sun. So I got to a beach one afternoon, and found a nice spot. Soon two guys showed up, and asked bornova escort if they could sit there. I said its a wide open spot and they smiled and sat down. They soon dropped their cut offs and were in thongs. Man, they filled them out. Guess I was looking a bit, as one was oiling himself and smiling at me. escort bornova We chatted a bit and I told them I just arrived in the area, and they offered to show me around. That ended in a few rums and they invited me to their place for a swim and to relax. Once there, we had rums and got naked in the pool, hands bornova escort bayan were on me, and I got boned quick. One guy left pool to get more drinks and his cock was massive, the other guy grabbed my cock and fondled it. My head was swimming, the other guy had returned and saw what was going on and smiled. He joined and they got me on edge of pool and took turns blowing me. Then one guy left and when I turned to one side he shoved his cock in my mouth. Damn I loved, it, I Took his load as I dumped my load into his buddys mouth. It was the first but not the last.

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