My first cd sexual experience w my virgin roommate


My first cd sexual experience w my virgin roommateMy dorm room was wrecked trashed with take out containers and empty beer cans. I would ask my roommate Matt to help clean the place but he was always face deep in his hdtv playing video games. Maybe if he got laid atleast once in his life he would put the controller down. He never tried talking to any girls because he was always afraid they would turn him down because of his weight. And as much as I really needed the place cleaned I wasn’t going to clean a dish but had a better idea. A few weeks ago I went into my room after class and created a cliche sexy girl name online account in hopes to join his video game and pursuade him as a cute girl. After a while the pretending began to feel real as we began texting through a fake cell phone number app I downloaded. One conversation led to another and I ended up buying and putting on panties to sending him picture messages of my ass bent over. Surely enough he began talking to me about this online girl and hoping she would visit him in real life. Playing it cool I encouraged him it would happen as he would show me pictures on his phone unknowing its my wide tan round ass. We scheduled to meet up on thursday of the next week following and then I stopped texting him. He began to lose focus in class and went back to playing his video games. The night tuzla escort before I texted him from her number confirming she would arrive and the next morning he ditched class to clean the entire house. I got back to the dorm around 7 and the place was incredible! He cleaned everything to my own disbelief and was there on the living room couch playing his video game. I sat with him and we had a few beers as he was nervous the entire time as to whether it would be worse if she stood him up or seen him and wasn’t interested because she hadn’t asked him for a pic nor did he send her one. Hours went by and it was already 1:30AM and still not a sign of her existance. He was beginning to fall asleep when I went into my bedroom and got into girl mode. I slid my feet into tight nylon knee highs and laced up my black heels. Denim skirt, pink designer panties and red lipstick. Blonde wig, heavy makeup and an all black t shirt. I remembered and made sure to shave close as possible the night before so I could ready myself quick as possible. My friend Matt was knocked out on the couch as I looked through the hallway touching myself. Oddly enough he’s never had sex before and I’ve never had sex with a man. In a sense we would be taking each others virginity if I or him didn’t completly freak each other out. As scared as I wanted to just go back into my room tuzla escort bayan and get back into my regular clothes and wash my make up off I was just as curious and horny to wonder what was in his pants. Light on my heels not to awake Matt I gentle walked over to him on the couch. He rolled over and in fear I dodged back into my bedroom before he caught me dressed like a girl. For a few minutes I was in my room with my heart in my stomach as I could hear him walking throughout the house afraid he would come in. I hear him move around followed by the toilet flushing and him heading back towards the living room area. The terror within me began to turn me on as I peeked down the hallway to see what he was doing. Matt was sitting on the couch playing his video games when I made myself noticable walking towards him. He kept his face glued to the screen as I got on my knees before him. You could feel the heat in the room rise as I unzipped his jeans and reached into his pants. He kept his eyes on the screen as I snuck my lips onto his tiny cock. My blonde hair was running wild bouncing up and down in his lap as time to time he would place his hand atop my head. Now with his pants around his ankles I caressed him between his thighs as I sloppily sucked his cock. Spit and precum filled my mouth washing thick white rings of saliva up and down his escort tuzla rod. I could feel him growing in my mouth as I continued to wrap my tongue around his cock. Dropping to the floor went his video gaming controller crashing as I removed his jeans entirely. Matt stood up and tossed me into the couch face down with my ass up. He began reaching up my skirt and rubbing my thick cock. Pulling my pink panties aside driving his tongue into my ass. Soaking my whole dripping wet with his watery mouth and soft lips. Licking me from top to bottom giving me a slight orgasm forcing me to drip all over myself uncontrollably. His hands rolled up to my hips as I feel the tip of his dick against the opening of my boy pussy. He spit straight down ensuring an easy glide as I feel him rise inside me. Growing with every pump he attains his full size as he fucks me doggystyle ramming me into the couch cushions. Trying to hold myself up as he unleashes bombing thrusts to my backside. His panting and moaning begins to get louder as I shake my juicy wet ass on and off his tiny cock. Matt steps back as I get on my knees against as I worship his short stubby cock. Nothing but slobbering spit swishing his dick between his body and my luscious plump lips. Deepthroating til his cock is popping outside of my check. Gliding my tongue around and around squishing and slurping sounds. He squeezes onto my head as I look up to make eye contact with him as he explodes in my mouth. My roommates cum was tasty so I kept on sucking him milking him for every drop he had left in his balls.

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