My First Black BJ GAY

Hairy Pussy

My First Black BJ GAYI had stopped at the sex store that had video booths in the back room late one afternoon. As I was stopping, getting out of my car, I saw a tall young black guy with a medium Afro, that had been walking past, he looked at me and then turned around and went into the sex store ahead of me. I thought, Could this guy read me that well that he immediately understood I was on the prowl for black cock?Here I was a 40-something married white guy, going into a sex arcade, and this young black guy understood what I was up to.I shook it off, went inside to find the arcade area was fairly busy, and darkened. A half dozen other middle aged men were milling around going in and out of booths.As I was looking at some of the posters describing the movies available, I saw the young black guy, glance at me, and then go into one of the end booths and close the door, almost. I could see him watching me through the slight opening in the door. My heart was pounding as I thought about how could he have known what was on my mind?I thought, “That’s what I came here for wasn’t it?” I had never sucked a black cock before. I reasoned, “Today must be the day.”I turned and walked toward the booth. As I approached, he pushed the door open slightly, inviting me it. I stepped into the small booth, closed and locked the door behind me. It was close quarters inside , and we stood within 2 feet of each other. Neither of us said a word, just stood looking into each others eyes. My breathing was slightly ragged, as I was on edge. The thrill of what was happening gave me a hard-on.After looking at each other for what seemed like a long time, but was only a minute, he slowly raised his hands, put them on the top of my shoulders, pushing down, indicating I was supposed to kneel in front of him! I did. As he looked down at me, he unbuckled his pants and slide them down his legs. He was wearing boxers which had a very large bulge in the front pushing his boxers out toward me. Oh my God! Was this guy hung!He slowly reached out taking hold of my head and pulled my face against the front of his boxers. I could barely breath! My heart was pounding! I knelt there trembling as he rubbed the front of his boxers with his hard cock behind the fabric all over my face! I could feel its hardness, I could feel it’s girth, I could feel the heat, I could feel it’s length!My illegal bahis fingers were trembling as I reached up, and tugged his boxers down around his ankles. His big black cock sprang up into my face! I’ve never seen a cock like this young man had! It had to be a foot long! His coal black cock was thick, heavily veined, uncut and throbbing with each beat of his heart! It was magnificent!I reached up with both hands and wrapped them around his manhood. With one hand above the other on his shaft, there had to be four or five inches still sticking out! I was never going to be able to deep throat this! I pulled his big cock toward my mouth. I knew I would do the very best I could to give him maximum pleasure with my hands, lips, mouth and tongue. I slowly stroked his length as he leaned back against the wall relaxing, looking down at me as I serviced him.I ran my tongue from his balls up to the sensitive spot under his cock head. I licked his flesh and felt the fullness along with the big veins running along his shaft as his cock started to leak his sweet pre-cum. I took my time and feasted on this incredible cock, giving it the attention it deserved. When my tongue and lips were at the head, my eyes went to his eyes as I ran my tongue under the foreskin and over the top of the head. With that he sighed, and shivered, relaxing up against the wall even more. He knew he was in for a prolonged experience from a white guy that was worshipping his big black cock.I licked, sucked and stroked every inch of this young man’s manhood. I varied the pressure, intensity and speed of my movements. When he groaned, stood up straight, I pulled away for a bit, letting him know that we had a long ways to go yet. His big beautiful cock was bobbing a few inches in front of my face, and several times brushed up against my chin, cheek, eyes, lips or forehead, leaving a trail of precum and my saliva. My own seven inch cock was rock hard and throbbing, but this was not about me. This was all about him. His pleasure,but also somehow my pleasure through my servitude of him.He seemed to understand what I was about as he leaned back against the wall and waited as I brought my mouth and tongue back into play. I took his cock head into my mouth and this time slowly taking in as much of him as I could. The head hit the back of my throat, and there was still illegal bahis siteleri six inches of him to go! I worked his massive member slowly in and out of my mouth going a little deeper into my throat each time. I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands and fingers over his hard stomach and up on his chest. My palms brushed his nipples, and I felt them stiffen. With the thumb and fore finger of each hand I grasped and rolled his nipples causing them to stiffen even more. I worked them over as my mouth stayed busy slowly taking as much of his length in and out of my mouth and a little into my throat as I could.My fingers rolled, pulled, tugged, squeezed and even pinched his nipples causing him to groan, stand up straight again and push his hips forward. I took my mouth off of his straining cock, letting it hit against my chest as my lips, mouth and tongue replaced my fingers and I spent sometime time licking, sucking and kissing each nipple in turn. I could feel his big cock throbbing against my chest. He was breathing harder now, but I wanted to prolong this amazing experience for both of us. I worked each nipple over in turn, pleasuring him now in a different dimension. He leaned back against the wall once again, relaxing with deep breaths now understanding that this was not going to be some quick blow job, but a prolonged, exciting, mind blowing experience. When his cock settled down and was not throbbing as much, I leaned back which brought it back in front of my face. I admired it for a few seconds and then reaching up grasped his shaft with one hand, putting the other hand back on his chest, to one of the nipples. I rolled, tugged, pulled and squeezed his nipples one after another as I brought his big cock up and slowly wiped it all over my face with my other hand. Each time it was at my lips, I licked the head and tasted the precum that was flowing out of his opening. His precum and my saliva covered my face. He groaned again, but kept leaning against the wall. One of his hand came up, and he started to gently run his fingers through my hair caressing my head.We went on for the longest time like this. Me working his body, edging him closer and closer to a mind blowing orgasm, and then slowing up. We were both gasping and sweating. His big beautiful cock swelling, throbbing, and turning even darker, (if that was possible) canlı bahis siteleri as he leaked copious amounts of precum while I worked him over. I was struggling, taking as much of his big cock into my mouth and throat as I could, but I still had inches to go that I might never be able to swallow. As I edged him closer and closer, building the intensity of his pleasure higher and higher, there were times where he grabbed my head and was fucking my face even deeper than I was able to do on my own! I knelt back lower to the floor after a minute or two of those time, allowing his cock to pull out of my mouth. He was breathing hard like he had been running a race. When he settled down a little, it started all over again.I don’t have any idea of the time that had passed. It seemed timeless. Him with his beautiful big black cock. Me with my mouth, lips, tongue, throat and fingers servicing him, worshipping his cock. Then I picked up my pace. I sucked harder, deeper, licked everywhere, played with his nipples even more, and he stood up straight and tangled his fingers in my hair and started to fuck my mouth in earnest! Both of us were moaning, and were breathing hard, him with the sexual excitement, me with the sexual excitement, but also trying to breath around his beautiful piece of meat now sliding in and out of my throat!He started fucking my face harder, even violently as his orgasm roared over him! I was expecting to swallow his ejaculation, but I wasn’t expecting the amount that came out of his cock, going into my mouth and throat! Spasm after spasm after spasm, spurt after spurt after spurt! He cried out as he emptied his black semen into me. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, but it still flowed out of my mouth onto my shirt! Then he let go of my head, dropped back hard against the wall, and slumped down to a sitting position near me as his legs gave out. He sat there a couple of feet from me breathing very hard, looking down, recovering from his orgasm.I was slumped against the other wall, my breath coming in ragged gasps as I struggled to regain my composure.After a bit, he looked up and into my eyes and he smiled. For the first time he spoke, “I’ve never ever had a blow job like that. Thank you!”I simply said, “I’ve never swallowed that much cum before. You’re welcome. “We pulled our clothes on and walked out of the booth and outside to my car. I offered to drop him to where ever he was going. He accepted. On the ride to his place, we exchanged names and phone numbers. James told me he wanted to see me again and get another blowjob. I told him that I did too.

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