My filipina girlfriend : Part 1


My filipina girlfriend : Part 1first I wanna give some introduce about me of my story. This story was in 2011. my name is ron is 5 feet and 120 lbs also has a big enough dick which is 8 inches and I was 21 years old when the story was happened. she was mylin who I met on net. she was a filipina and 23 year-old who is 5’4 feet(165 cm) eventhough she was single, had a k** who was at 6 years old, mylin had really sexy body ,pretty hard big boobs and nice nipples and really very beautiful. by the way I go on to my story…I met with her in 2011 we were really crush on each other, and were chatting almostly everyday and sometimes we were talking about sex topic. after 1 year I decided to visit her in a person so decided to go to the philippines. when I arrived to phils my heart was beating up fastly cos I was waiting this for more than 1 year to see her in real life. then I saw her at outside of airport she was with her sister , bf and also her a friend. and immediately I kissed her lips. then we rode their car and go somewhere . me and mylin was alone and we were talking and mostly kissing. at that night she and her sister had güvenilir bahis to go to their house cos of their father and I stayed with bf of her sister. next day, they came her home she and her sister. firstly we chatted but I was always thinking about how will we have sex how will we be alone. then I said to mylin lets go to her room immediately she replied ok:) ofcourse she also wanted to be alone with me. then we went in her room. and talked about us. but while we were talking we started to kissed each other. I could hear her heart it was beating up fastly. she was laid down on bed while kissing. I said” let me lock door” she said ok. I locked and I came on her and went on to kissed her lips then her neck and I was going down to her boobs I began to open her buttons of her shirt and put my head into her boobs. I took off her pink bra and then licked and sucked her boobs and nipples they were really delicous she said” ohhh go on to suck pls I liked it” while I was sucking them my hand was in her jeans and massaging her pussy it was wet already.I said “Im gonna took off ur jeans” she said “go on”. I took off it güvenilir bahis she was wearing a blue transparent panty it was so sexy. I stand up and said ” wanna see my cock” she said “I want” and started to open my jeans and I took off it then she put her small hands on my underwear and squezzing my cock. and slide my underwear to down and she said “wow first time I see like this size cock, I saw ur cock on cam but didnt imagine this would be like this” then began to give head she was sucking so good but cant took it all in her mouth. after 4-5 min my cock was really so hard then I took off her panty and licked her pussy then we became 69 her pussy was so wet also hairless it was delicous. then we changed our position it was time to have fuck.first she laid down and spread her pussy and told me” pls slowly enter it” she said that cos her pussy was really tight even thougt she had a k**. I said “ok dont worry” I put a condom and lube on on my cock and in her pussy hole and pushed slowly it wasnt entering really it was so tight. I fingered her pussy to make it a bit scretched then bahis siteleri I tried again my cock yes it was sliding inside of her slowly . after a few sec s my whole cock was inside of her she was breathing fastly I was fucking so slow but then started to pumped and shift it up my speed.I put her legs on my shoulders and fucked 5 mins at that position she was starting to moan then we changed our position and she rode on my cock while she was riding I was sucking her nipples she told me she was cumming but I wasnt ready yet after she cummed I made her as doggy style and went her behind and started to pumped her she was moaning again and told me again she will cum ,I said” wait for me cos I will cum also” she replied ” dont cum inside of me pls” cos at that time I was using a condom then I said ok so u cum first so she cummed then I asked where do u want to I cum she said” cum on my mouth pls” I go out from her pussy and turned her face and cum her face and mouth fast it was too much load. and then I thought she will spit off my load but she swallowed all of it.I cleaned her face with my towel and we went to bathroom to take a bath together then she said ” this was the best ever sex in her life” also it was the best for me too. we dressed up together and upstair to her sister and bf room. they looked our face and I think they knew that we had sex in downstair at her room cos we were look so tired:)).

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