My favorite cuckold couple


My favorite cuckold coupleI was chatting with a guy on another site and he asked me about my experiences with cuckold couples. I shared this one story that really stood out in my memory. I’m not a pro but I’ve had my fun. Takes place 2002-2003. I’m just copying straight from the exchange so you understand why I’m writing the way I am. —— I’d like to get into your wife for starters. I’ve been involved with a few cuckold couples so far. I go from being super nice and bi enthusiastic with them to taking control of the woman, excluding the man, and sometimes can engage in a little degradation and humiliation. I’m generally a really nice guy. You’d never know how cruel I could be in the right situation. Boundaries are always respected of course.My first. One guy, I’ll never forget this, had a hot wife with a great ass and perfect D tits. I met them at this hotel bar I was tending at. They were in their late forties while I was almost thirty. Used to come in for drinks and dinner regularly because it was a really nice place. After a couple of months of seeing them regularly we got pretty friendly. I used to love watching her smoke and started to be really quick with a light for her cigarette. One day she told me she quit smoking for her husband and I probably didn’t conceal how disappointed I was that we couldn’t continue our little ritual. She gave me this look, that look that tells you she’s got a crazy idea. They got called to their table for dinner and all I could do was wonder. Later, the husband came by the bar and started chatting me up. He asked me what I do after I get off work, if I was going to meet my girlfriend. I was single at the time and told him so and that I was planning to just go home for the evening. That’s when he casually offered to have me over for a nightcap. He said he had a nice house in the hills and that his wife lived to show it off. Since I didn’t have anything to do until work the next evening I figured why not. He wrote his address and phone number down on a napkin and told me to call if I changed my mind otherwise they’d be expecting me about 11:00. When I got off I ran home for a couple bong hits and a shower then headed out. I knew by the address that the house was probably going to be pretty impressive and when I drove up their driveway I almost had a change of heart because it didn’t seem to make sense that they’d want me to come over. My friends would have known right away what was up but I’ve always been really naive about these things and never realize that I’m being propositioned unless you’re being really direct. I suppose in this case that was part of my charm. I rang the bell and the husband answered the door with a big friendly grin. He told me he was glad I didn’t have a change of heart. I told him his house was beautiful and he offered me a tour, saying that his wife was just freshening up and would meet us in the sitting room in a few minutes. It was the biggest house I’d ever been in that wasn’t not a museum. He told me that he’s been very fortunate in life and one of the things he liked to do was share his fortune with his friends. His demeanor really set my mind at ease.We met his wife who had changed into a more comfortable dress illegal bahis and had toned down her makeup. I actually liked her more this way. We sat down with a couple of glasses of single malt scotch while she had a glass of red. I remember most of the conversation but it was just small talk and I’ve bored you enough already. They asked me why I wasn’t dating anyone and I told them that while I dated casually here and there I was focusing on finishing my masters degree and it had been over a year since I had been in a serious relationship. The husband told me he respected the way I was pursuing my goals. It was funny because then I realized that the wife hadn’t said very much. I said that she was probably tired and that I should probably head out. That’s when she gave her husband the same look she’d given me earlier in the evening. The husband got up and walked over to his wife, took her hand, leaned down and gave her a small kiss on the lips then turned around and asked, “before you go, would you like it if my wife sucked your cock?”i choked on my scotch and stood up ready to run. What kind of twisted joke was this? “Listen, I really appreciate you inviting me over but I think I should go.”He chuckled, and she sat there smiling at me, then turned up to smile at her husband. “No, I’m serious. My wife has been sweet on you for months now, and I like to give her everything she wants.”Taking her by the hand he walked her over to me and she said, “please don’t leave yet.” She smelled good. It had been months since I’d been with anyone and I honestly couldn’t move from the place I was standing. “Sit down. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”she walked me back to the chair, and slowly rubbed her one hand against my pants, and put her other hand on my shoulder, sitting me down. “That’s more like it,” he said as he walked over to the bar, refreshed his scotch then sat down in a chair about eight feet from us.Still internally freaking out, with her standing in front of me, she took my hand and placed it on her breast, then moved it slowly down between her legs. This is for real I thought. I slowly exhaled. I was down for whatever happened next.What happened next was the hands down greatest blow job I had ever received. She pulled her dress down off her shoulders, unsnapped her bra releasing two stunningly beautiful, large brown areola breasts. If I wasn’t rock hard already I definitely was now. I sat up trying to get closer to them.”We knew you’d like her,” the husband said. I looked at him simultaneously thinking are you certain and thank you. She pushed me back in the chair, and slowly knelt down in front of me, smiling. She deftly unbuckled my pants, pulled them down around my ankles, ran both hands up my thighs, softly cupped my aching balls and ran her other hand up my chest. She leaned down to my balls, breathed their scent in deeply, then began licking them. I swear I almost humiliated myself by cumming right then and there. The look of her perfect body, Alex except for her g-string was almost too much. It took a strength of Will I didn’t know I possessed to not shoot all over the side of her face and hair within the first minute. I started trying to think unsexy thoughts so illegal bahis siteleri I started to look at her husband, who was only marginally helpful with the satisfied grin he had watching her take my balls in her mouth, rubbing my cock against her face.She then licked up the underside of my shaft, wetly around the head twice, then straight down taking me almost to the base immediately. I let out the first sound I’d made in minutes, a long moan. I wanted to pull her up, put her in the chair and start fucking her but I knew if I moved at all I’d be finished. All I could do was reach down and stroke her arm that was propped up on the chair. Her husband and stood up for a better view. “How does his cock taste,” he asked. She just moaned with me in her warm wet mouth. There was no way to hold back anymore. I looked at him and said, “I’m gonna…” he just smiled and nodded. I let out a cry and as my cock throbbed with the first stream of cum she grabbed my balls tightly and went down almost to the base. My whole body began to convulse in waves of intense pleasure, with her swallowing nearly every bit. Some cum dripped out of her mouth and onto her hands and down my balls. She continued with me in her mouth as my orgasm subsided, then took my cock out, licked the cum off her hands and hungrily licked my balls clean, sending the last waves of orgasm through my body. I looked down at her in disbelief, while she looked up at me with contentment. Her husband laughed saying, now that’s an end to a great evening! Don’t you agree?””Yes, baby,” his wife replied. “Thank you. I love you so much.” She stood up, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a kiss. “I love you too, beautiful,” he said. I knew by then that this couple was a pair of first class freaks. Truthfully, I didn’t know the half of it, it I was soon going to find out.I pulled my pants up, took one last sip of my scotch, looked at them gratefully, and thanked them for a surprisingly great evening. I said I’d probably see them again at the hotel. The husband said, looking at his wife for agreement, “well, if you didn’t mind we’d like to see you again before them. You should give us your number.””I would absolutely love that,” I said, as he gave me a pen and paper from the table and I quickly wrote down the number.”Allow me to walk you to the door,” he said. I looked at his wife, still standing their naked, and said “thanks for a great night.” She said “it was our pleasure” and she gave me a big hug, her breasts firmly up against me for the first time. I ran my fingers down her back, somehow finding the self control to not even attempt to touch her ass as we parted. She picked up her dress, pulling it back on, as the husband walked me out, shaking my hand, and saying goodnight and that I’d hear from them soon as the door closed.i walked to my car and stopped before getting in. It was a crisp autumn evening, and it felt like I was breathing air for the first time. I got in the car, lit a cigarette and drove home in silence.i got the first call to meet up again about two weeks later. Things went mostly the same as the first night but we didn’t have to engage in small talk anymore. Now they let me know what they were canlı bahis siteleri really into, and I let them know what I liked to do.We had hung out a few times and she continued to give me some first class head but I decided this time i was going to shift things into high gear. He liked cross dressing. We’d have him dress up, and sit in the corner watching her suck my cock. You could tell how desperate he was to get closer to the action. His wife liked to put him in a chastity belt, but I rejected that idea. I wanted him to get hard but demanded he not touch himself. Every time he thought we weren’t looking he began to sneak a stroke in. When I saw him I complained that his sissy ass better stop if he knew what was good for him. I wouldn’t have done anything of course but he wasn’t sure of that so he listened. She was a fantastic cocksucker, really hungry and i was gonna cum soon if I didn’t stop her.I had her get my cigarettes out of my bag and told her to light one for me. She did without hesitation, inhaling deeply. Like I said, she didn’t smoke anymore and he in particular hated cigarettes and I could tell he wanted to pull the plug on the whole thing right there, We were smoking in his bedroom, but by then he had ceded control to me and said nothing. That’s when I had her climb up on my dick, facing me. I really wanted to grab her ass with both hands to control the pace, so I had him come sit next to us. The look of shock and disgust on his face…. I ashed in his glass of water and then told him to hold the cigarette because I was starting to really get close then. Grabbed her by the ass and started to slam that pussy down on my cock which was now dripping wet with her juices. I took the cigarette back, reminded him not to touch his little dick, took a drag and then handed it to the wife, who played with one of her nipples while she inhaled and blew the smoke toward the ceiling. It was then that he made what sounded like a whimper, we turned to look at him and found him coming on the floor uncontrollably. He never even touched himself. He looked as surprised as I was. We started laughing hysterically at him and I told him I was going to give his wife what she deserved.Then she started gyrating in me relentlessly, could see he was just about to say no I took one last drag and dropped it in his water and I came deep inside her. She cried out yes just as he cried out, finally, no! She climbed off me after another minute and took me into her mouth, sucking me clean. That’s when I told him to thank his wife by giving her a kiss. I can tell that he did not expect to be kissing her with a mouth and face that had cum and the smell of cigarettes all over it. For the sissy cross dresser he was I don’t think he had ever tasted cum before. He did as he was told though, and then I told him it was time to clean her pussy. Slowly he approached her as she laid back in my arms and I lit another cigarette that we shared until she was thoroughly clean.We got together maybe seven or eight times after that over the course of about eight months. A few times I’d come over when he was away on business. One of those times she had a girlfriend over that was a little older and almost as hot and I got to fuck her in the ass. I got her number too that day. She called her husband while I was there to let him know what he was missing out on. That woman was very good to me. I moved away for a new job eventually but I still miss them to this day.

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