My Father in Law


My Father in LawMy name is Kristen, I’m 26 years old. I just got married to my high school sweetheart Rich. He’s an amazing guy that why I feel so bad about fucking his dad..but a part of me loves it..About a year ago me and rich got married and when we did we started getting closer to his parents. It get like every other day we were stopping by to hangout or have dinner. Rich’s father Ken stands about 6ft, bald head decent build growing up around him always thought he was a looker but never thought I’d have the nerve to do what I did.A few months into our marriage Rich started working more and more but I kept going to see his parents I had a lot of fun over there drinking and having good conversation. One day our washer went out had to go down the road do laundry no one was home I grabbed the spare key from the hiding spot on the side of the house and let myself in. I went down to the basement and started the wash and walked up to the living room. I turned on the TV watched for awhile and being a younger girl still in my prime I got a little horny. Watched a little longer and started to rub myself scrolling through porn on my phone. Kinda turned me on more to be playing with myself in my husbands parents house. I heard the door open I hurried pulled my hand out of my pants and heard Ken coming up the stairs from work.Now I’m about 5”4, decent size breasts I’m wearing a push up bra with crop top and yoga pants and I can see the wet spot in my pants from playing with myself.Ken walks up says hello and asks what I’m pendik escort doing and I tell him laundry he makes a few jokes and heads down to the shower. I hear the shower turn on and I know I probably have some time to finish. I start again but this time I’m kinda thinking about Ken more then my husband cause I can’t turn the porn on without him possibly hearing it. I’m soaking wet just as I’m about to cum, knock at the door. I gather myself open the door and it’s a neighbor asking if I can move my car off the road so I grab my keys run out and move my car. As I’m walking back into the house I see the window for the bathroom the blinds are opened my curiosity got the best of me I peaked around the corner. Heart racing I saw my father in law in the shower easily a 9 inch thick cock and I can feel my pants instantly soak.I backed away and told myself this is way too far and made my way back inside the house. I sat back on the couch and was thinking to myself. “How did Rich come from that, Ken has Atleast 4 inches on him..”It was really turning me on, the house to ourselves thinking of him inside me even if it was just in my mouth. I needed another look, I knew his parents door had been broke for months and never had the time to fix it. That the door never shut completely and sometimes would randomly open. I walked down the hall past the bathroom to the bedroom and put a hoodie in the hinge of the door hoping that it would cause the door to open back up when he went to shut it.Ken finished showering escort pendik walked down the hall towel wrapped around him and into the bedroom I heard the door shut and peaked down the hall. I walked down the hall normally like I was going to the spare room where I always slept after too many drinks. As I walked down the door wasn’t completely shut I graded my hand to open it a little while walking. It started to open I kept walking got to the room and turned around to start walking back the door was sliding open. I walked up and grabbed the door handle to shut it but peaking in. He was pulling up his boxers I saw it..all 9 inches he said I’m so sorry that damn door as he pulled them up the rest of the way. I told him no it’s fine I just saw the door opening and went to grab it shut. He looks at me and says hopefully you didn’t get a show. I did the best show I’ve probably ever had. I shut the door and let him finish getting dressed.I went back down to the laundry room thinking about what i just did. I couldn’t believe I had the nerve to do that. I just peeped on my father in law getting dressed. I was really excited and I needed to cum. Ken came downstairs and made some more jokes and apologized I didn’t hear much because I was trying to see the outline of his cock through his sweatpants. We talked for awhile and as we were talking I leaned against the a table and slipped dumping laundry detergent all over me. I cleaned up the mess with Ken and asked if I could use the shower he grabbed me a towel and pendik escort bayan some of his wife’s clothes and walked me to the bathroom.Now I was alone deciding if I wanted to just make myself cum or do something that may blow up in my face. I thought about it as I was undressing started to rub myself when Ken knocked on the door and said I dropped my phone when I slipped and he had it. Now I could of just waited to get my phone but I opened the door naked just wide enough so that he could get a peak at my young body and grabbed my phone. He covered his eyes and apologized and in that moment when his eyes were covered I made my choice.I fully opened the door and got on my knees pulling out his soft cock. It didn’t take much for him to instantly throb in my hands he uncovered his eyes. Looking down at my his daughter in law with his cock in my hands. He didn’t stop me as I took it in my mouth I could feel him getting harder and harder. I took every inch in my mouth he was speechless. I kept sucking him until I needed it inside me. I stood up with his cock in my hand bent over the bathroom sink and told him to have his way. He shoved everything into me over and over pounding me against the counter. I could feel his balls slapping off my ass. I was screaming his name over and over wishing it would never end. I had never been fucked like this. It was almost a****l like he didn’t stop. I could tell he was giving me everything he had. I gripped the sink and could not stop cumming all over his cock. He went to pull out I reached my hand back and pulled him in and he filled me up. After this happened he had nothing to say he walked into his room and I cleaned myself up. Thinking the whole time about the best sex I’ve ever had being with my husbands father.

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