My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 03

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My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 03

Edited 12/16

The Family Gets Naked

The family was quiet as they drove to the resort. They saw the sign for ‘Jake’s Sunny Place’ and pulled up to a cabin marked as the office. Walter and Wendy Smithson, a married couple in their mid-fifties who were the senior staff members at the resort, greeted them as they entered.

“Welcome Monroe’s,” Walter and Wendy said in unison as they waved ‘Hello’.

The Monroe’s were pleased by the big smiles and friendly welcome. However, they were all distressed by their unobstructed view of Wendy’s jiggling, sagging bare breasts and Walter’s dangling, flaccid penis.

“I’m Walter and this is my wife, Wendy.”

Angie was the first to recover and said, “What a nice welcome. How did you know it was us?”

Wendy answered, “Walter and I have been here for years. We know all the regulars. We guessed.”

The introductions were made and Walter said, “We’ll give you a tour of the place.”

Wendy interrupted, “After you’re properly attired of course.”

Wendy laughed at her own joke and added, “Which would be completely undressed. You can leave your clothes in the changing room.”

She pointed off to the left. “Your clothes will be brought to your cabin. We’ll wait for you outside.”

The Monroe’s realized the moment they had dreaded had arrived. Even the carefree Bree was now apprehensive. They slowly shuffled forward. They entered a large room with benches and lockers. A smaller room without a door was off to the side.

Chloe naïvely asked, “Where’s the women’s changing room?”

Bree peered into the small room and said, “Ah, this is a bathroom. There aren’t any doors for the shower or toilet.”

Dave said gravely, “I guess this is a common space. Privacy probably is not a big concern at a nudist colony.”

Angie put on her game face and began taking her clothes off. She told the others,

“Come on family, we knew this was coming. If it’s any consolation, I’ve seen all of you naked and each of you has a body you can be proud of.”

Even after Angie’s pep talk, Bree, Chloe, and Dave turned their backs to one another as they slowly disrobed. Angie playfully smacked the girls on their bare bottoms trying to lighten the mood, but all it accomplished was to make her skittish daughters jump and scream.

Angie stood naked waiting for everyone. She hoped she looked calm and collected. Her thick, brown nipples were so large they appeared to leap off her tiny breasts. Her sex was hidden in a dense forest of black pubic hair. Her skin was very pale like the rest of her family. Their butts were a ghostly white color.

A nude and nervous Dave joined his wife. He deliberately looked at otele gelen escort no one with the child-like hope of “If I don’t see you, you can’t see me” attitude. Dave was a fit 38-year-old, 5′ 10″ and 170 pounds. He had a nice, broad chest and a trim waist. The part he was concerned about, his dick, was a limp noodle hanging between his legs.

Chloe turned around next. She was full of trepidation. The thought of being naked in front of her dad made her queasy.

Dave and Angie were both stunned by Chloe’s natural, radiant beauty. They had lived with her for 18 years, but to see her like this, unclothed and with little makeup on, it drove home the point that this girl was a knockout. She was truly Venus reincarnated.

Her large, milky white breasts were firm and high on her chest. They were unaffected by gravity. She had large, brown aureoles. Her big, pointy nipples jutted out at them. Below, she possessed the same thick black pelt, shapely legs, and perfect ass as her mother.

Dave gasped at the awesome sight and his prick involuntarily twitched. Angie nodded encouragingly at her beautiful daughter.

Bree turned around with as much apprehension as the others. One hand covered her boobs and the other her crotch. Her shy behavior confused Angie since Bree had been the first to support this venture.

Bree began her confession. “Mom, Dad, while I’ve been away at college…”

Dave asked sharply, “Did you get a tattoo?”

Bree dropped her hands and exposed her body, “No. Piercings.”

Bree’s lemon-sized breasts both sported tiny barbells in her stubby nipples. Since she shaved her pussy, they all saw the silver ring that went through her clitoral hood.

Chloe cringed and asked, “God! Didn’t that hurt?”

“Only for a second,” Bree explained. “Once you heal, they more than make up for the pain by the extra sensation…”

Bree suddenly stopped and blushed, realizing she was talking to her family, not some girl in her dorm.

Dave stared at his eldest daughter, “Why would you…?”

He was honestly perplexed, but also intrigued by the metal piercings and her bare vagina. He could clearly see all the anatomical features of her sex: the thick outer lips, the pinkish folds of her inner lips hanging outside of her vagina and her pea-size clit accented with a piece of silver.

“Dad, this isn’t some new, wacko fad,” Bree said in her defense. “Piercing goes back to Roman times. Victorian women pierced their nipples.”

“All right,” Angie said. “You’re an adult and we can’t do anything about it now. Let’s just go on our tour.”

When the pallid Monroe’s exited the building, Walter playfully shouted,

“Cottontail sighting.”

Wendy pendik escort laughed and explained, “Cottontail is a common name for a first-time nudist. Your pale white tushies give you away. Here, put some of this on. You need to build up a protective tan.”

She handed Angie and Dave bottles of sunscreen. Angie started applying it to Bree’s back and shoulders. Chloe turned around expecting the same service from her dad. When she didn’t get it, Chloe wondered why. Her dad was frozen in place with a deer in the headlights look in his eyes. He was asking himself, “I’m supposed to touch this naked beauty? How much of her?”.

Chloe glanced over her shoulder and saw her dad just standing there. Guessing that her long hair was the problem, she gathered it up and held it out of the way with her right hand and said,

“Okay, now you can do it.”

Dave gingerly started applying lotion to her back with both hands. When his left hand went low on her back, Chloe became nervous. She worried that he was going to touch her butt. She quickly spun a quarter turn to the right. This had the desired effect of disengaging her Dad’s left hand from her body; however, at that time Dave’s right hand was on the middle right of Chloe’s back. Her turn caused his hand to slide off her back, around her side and end up on her large right tit.

Chloe gasped as an electric spark flew from her caressed breast. Dave’s calloused thumb brushed her hard, brown nipple. He enjoyed hefting the full, soft orb. Both were surprised by the accidental groping. The two stared questioningly into each other’s eyes. Dave slowly removed his hand from his daughter’s ample boob.

While this accidental encounter was going on, Angie was undertaking a purposeful adventure. She had covered Bree’s back. She dropped to one knee to coat her daughter’s butt and the back of her legs. Angie was curious about Bree’s shaved sex. As she put lotion on her daughter’s thighs, she casually pushed Bree’s legs apart to get a better view of her total smoothness. Angie wanted to know if Bree’s sex was as soft and silky as it appeared. She discovered the answer was “Yes” when she slid a hand over her daughter’s sex.

“Oh!” Bree cried out in surprise.

Touching Chloe’s breast had made Dave’s dick twitch. He was petrified. Had his wife seen him grope his daughter? He quickly looked her way and his dick twitched again as he saw his wife rubbing lotion on Bree’s nicely rounded ass and toned thighs. Angie appeared to be concentrating hard on her task. He wondered was he expected to touch Chloe’s butt?

Dave finished coating Chloe’s back and handed her the bottle. “Here baby,” he blushed. “You can reach the rest, can’t you?”

Chloe rus escort nodded to her red-faced dad. Dave turned away as Chloe rubbed lotion on her chest and other erogenous zones. He was just in time to watch his wife and other daughter apply lotion to their tits. Their hands caressed and squeezed their boobs as they rubbed the lotion in well. Their nipples grew hard. Dave stared at their boobs. The nipples appeared to be playing peek-a-boo with him. He watched the nips appear and disappear behind the fingers of the pretty women’s roving hands.

Chloe nudged her father out of his trance and said, “Open your hand.”

As he did so, she squirted a large portion of sunscreen on his palm. Mindlessly, he rubbed it on his arms and chest as Chloe coated his back. Dave was mesmerized by the three beautiful, nude women. In a dream-like state, he felt that they were touching themselves for his amusement. His cock filled with blood and was soon at half-mast.

When the girls were done, they handed the bottles to Wendy. Wendy said,

“Ah, Dave. I only say this because it is necessary. You forgot to protect…” she pointed to his penis. “Your most sensitive part.”

Walter chipped in, “Man, that’s one place you don’t want a sunburn. Coat your pecker good.”

Dave had forgotten to do his penis. Now all eyes turned to him as Wendy handed him the sunscreen. “Oh, my God,” Dave thought, “I’m going to have to touch my penis while everyone watches. Damn it! I’ve already got half a boner. I can’t have an erection in front of the kids.”.

Angie could see the fear in his eyes and came to his rescue, “Walter and Wendy, why don’t you start the tour. Dave and I need to talk. We’ll join you in a few minutes.”

Walter gave her a knowing wink and began leading the girls away. He said, “Sure thing, Angie. Come this way girls. The building you were in is where everyone checks in, disrobes and gets their cabin assignment.”

Angie grabbed Dave by the hand and led him back into the changing room.

“Honey, getting an erection is a natural reaction for a man confronted by a bunch of beautiful naked females,” she said with a little laugh.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I know you don’t want to show off your manhood in front of the girls, so let me help you.”

A confused and dumbfounded husband nodded to his wife not knowing what he had agreed to. Angie dropped to her knees and took his semi-hard cock into her warm mouth. She sucked his dick and stroked his hard shaft all the while looking up adoringly at him with her big, brown eyes.

As Dave gazed down in appreciation at his wife, he thought to himself, “Bree and Chloe have big beautiful brown eyes”. As soon as that thought entered his head, Dave fired off into Angie’s mouth. Dave’s loving wife swallowed all the cum.

Afterward, she took the sunscreen and thoroughly coated his deflating member.

“Let’s catch up to the tour group, dear,” Angie said as nonchalant as if they had been held up by something as mundane as a long traffic light.

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