My Family

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I am finally writing about us, this is the first partial installment of more to come. Please feel free to give me your input on my writing. Feel free to contact me also if you have any questions.


This is our story and how we became to be what we are today. This was long time ago, but to understand us knowing the history helps. Growing up our family was more liberal as compared to other Pakistani families I knew. My sister and I were all born in Karachi but later my dad’s company relocated him to manila. First let me tell you about us. Mom and dad were married when they were in the twenties (that was in 60’s), I was the first born and two years later my sister Saima. Both of my parents were from a conservative family, but they had own ideas of life and thirst to learn and discover more. First fifteen years of their married life they lived in Karachi without actually exploring any of their ideologies. This all changed when my father got transferred to Manila.

Moving to manila was very exciting for all of us, to come to a new place and make new friends. We were not very rich but were pretty OK, you can say upper middle class. The house we got from my dad’s company was pretty nice and it also had a swimming pool and a decent back yard, our house was the last on the block and only our neighbor on the right could see in the back yard. The other part of the back yard had trees.

First few months were boring, as we did not have any friends and did not know the local language. We spent a lot time in the backyard. Over a period of one year we made a lot of friends and learned the language as we started local going to school. My neighbor Allan and I became best friends and were always together doing stuff.

During the first few years what I did notice was that my parents were getting more and more relaxed about the conservative ideas we were used to. Back in Pakistan we lived in a combined family, and here we were all by ourselves. To me the most memorable day was on my sisters 18th birthday when my mom decided to wear a swimsuit to hang out with us by the pool. I had never seen my mom’s cleavage or legs for that matter.

When mom showed up in the swim suit both my sister and I were shocked. She saw the shock on our faces and just smiled while settling down on the lounge chair. That day I could not keep my eyes of my mom’s cleavage, she did not have huge breast but they were maltepe escort decently large. That was the first time I masturbated thinking about my mom. After I came I was very ashamed of myself, and that shame lasted for few hours only. Nothing changed during next few weeks except that I saw mom more and more in her swimsuit. Some time she would stay in the swim suite all day. Over time I saw more and more of her skin but never saw her fully naked.

The day I think our lives or lifestyles changed started like any other normal day off I was twenty-one at that time. We were all having late breakfast or you can say brunch. Mom and dad were still in their sleeping wear so it meant that neither had any immediate plans. Mom asked dad what he wanted to do as it was a day off for everyone and he said that he is tired and just wanted to stay home and relax. I was looking at mom and saw a strange yet pleasant smile come and go on her face before she ask my dad the next question. She asked my dad how about we do what we spoke about, and my dad smiled but did not response. Saima and I were looking at our parents, when Saima could not take it anymore and asked!, what? What did you guys speak about? Looking at us and enjoying the curiosity on our faces my mom then spoke. Well you dad and I had come to know that some of our friends hangs out nude at home. And we wanted to try and see how it would feel to be clothing free. We wanted to talk to both of you first before we actually went ahead and did it. Since you both are full grown adults so here we are talking about it and want to know what is your opinion. Both of us were shocked but did not say anything. As much as I wanted to see my mom naked I had mixed feeling inside me. My dad then spoke that if we were not sure about it then let’s not do it today and talk more about it.

That evening I was with Allan, being my best friend he noticed that something was bugging me, and that I was not at all myself. Upon being asked several times I decided to ask his opinion. His answer was the most shocking of all. He said “that’s what bugging you? And why is it a big issue? You guys are family! And in family things like this should not be an issue”. He then tells me that since I have opened up about my family he will tell me something about his. He told me that in his house they don’t look at nudity as a bad thing, and that he have seen his mecidiyeköy escort parents not only naked but also when they were having sex. So I asked him what does he do when he has a hard on and is not wearing anything. He then told me that its perfectly normal to have a hard on, and that it does not bother him or his family if any one of his family member is playing with themselves, to them it’s a normal event.

I came home that night and masturbated several times as I could not get the idea out of my mind. On the next night at the dinner table I told everyone that I am OK with not having clothes on. Internally I was shaking by the idea but at that same time I was thinking that I would get to see mom and my sisters naked. Both my parents smiled and seemed happy about it. Saima then said if Rouf (that’s me) is doing it then I will do it also and would not have any problems with the idea. No one took their clothes off right then and there, but it seemed that everyone was thinking about it and also waiting for someone to go first.

A week later on Saturday morning I heard my mother making breakfast, I then had the idea and decided to go down in the buff and not put my shirt or pajamas on. When I got to the kitchen I got the shock of my life, I saw the back side of my mom totally naked, she was not wearing anything. She was not fat but was not skinny either, I could see some love handle on her side and her bare ass was round and big. I couldn’t focus on anything but her ass. She then turned around and saw me staring at her, she had to call my name twice before I snapped out of it and saw her frontal side. I could not ignore her beautiful breast with big nipples, and shaved pussy. My head was spinning when I heard her say. Are you OK honey? And all I could say was A,,A… and blank. She then smiled and asked if I liked what I saw? I told her that she was beautiful. I then sat on the chair, with my eyes still on her breast. I so wanted to just grab them and fondle them, play with them, but I had to control myself. Mom then looked down at my hard-on and said that I look nice also and she likes that way I have grown. I then looked down and saw that my dick was rock hard. My dick was so hard that it was causing pain and pleasure at the same time. My mom then moved closer to me and hugged me, ahhh the feeling of her naked flesh and her big boobs squeezing against merter escort my body was very relaxing and making me very horny at that same time. My dick was squeezed between my and her stomach. Unknowingly I pressed my hips more into her and to my surprise she responded back. When we ended our longer than usual hug my mom just grabbed my hard dick gave it a little squeeze and said “I like what I see”. At that moment I had excuse myself from there as I had to relieve myself or I would have popped right in front of my mom, so I ran to my room and masturbated. It took my less than a minute to reach orgasm and splashed my juice all over. After calming a little I came down to the kitchen and upon entering the kitchen mom asked me if I felt better.

MOM! Was all what I could say as I started to put the plates on the table, she then came close to me and put her warm hand on my shoulder and said “Rouf there should be no embarrassing things between us, if you felt like relieving yourself you could have done it right here”. To me that was a shock and surprising at the same time. Hearing my mom talk about sex was making me horny again and I was getting a hard on again.

She then said that she knows it’s all too fast for all of us so let’s just enjoy however we like and to do things at our own pace. As we were finishing up setting up the table my dad came in the room and he was naked also. A much as I did not wanted to look down at his dick I could not help but stare at it. It was about that same size as mine just a bit thicker. Mom first noticed me looking at his dick and said, “I know how you feel, I like looking at his dick also, you should see it when its hard” initially I was embarrassed by moms remarks thinking that I got caught, but then realized that it’s OK to look as we all are naked. Dad just smiled and said that he is glad that I like what I see. He sat right across from me on the table and poured himself a cup of coffee. Right at that moment my sister came down also and was shocked to see us naked, she was the only one that came down wearing her sleepwear. She was just shocked and quietly sat next to me. As she sat she asked, “did you come down naked or took your clothes off when you came down”. I came down naked and found mom naked here and dad came later and he was also in the nude. As mom poured coffee for her she stood up and took her clothes off to. She was very beautiful, her breast were larger then mom. She was 5 foot 4 130 lbs. but had the right curves, she was so sexy that when I looked at my dad I saw his dick was hard too, just like mine. So here we were all naked for the first time having breakfast, don’t know about others, I was horny and wanted to fuck both my mom and my sisters.

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