My ex girlfriend in Africa


My ex girlfriend in AfricaColleagues have invited me to this incredible safari lodge in Kenya for Christmas. It sits on top of a hill overlooking the plane below. The cottages have no doors, no windows, while the place has no fence. Maasai, the local tribe keeps guard to protect the place,from wild a****ls. A bit of a kick in itself. I owe my ex-GF a big favor so I pay her to fly in and join me. We pick her up from the airstrip and drive back in the jeep. She’s wearing a sleeveless shirt with a nice cleavage and I can see her magnificent boobs jump up and down as the driver speeds across the dusty roads. She has the most beautiful titties of all my ex- GF. Big, firm, perky, pear shaped, .. I remember them vividly and feel a small bulge forming in my pants. Keep cool. She has a new boyfriend. My brain tries to control my senses. When we arrive at the lodge, they tell us that there is no extra cottage and she will have to share with me. No problem. Since we broke up she has come to visit me several times, so we can handle this. The place is magic. We are eight occupying the whole lodge. We have our usual Gin Tonic sundowners and a great meal. I glance over and can’t help staring at her body. She’s wearing a simple cotton dress that shows of her incredible curves. I try to focus on the discussion. As the night winds down we decide to retire. One of the Maasai walks us back to our cottage. I walk behind her. Her dress has creeped up her butt crack and her butt cheeks jiggle along . Man, it has been too long since I was laid and my mind flashes back to our days. I haven’t seen her in five years and she clearly has ‘blossomed’ even more. She grew up in a very conservative home. While sex had always been ok, she had never let me move beyond the missionary position. This had been one of the reasons we broke up. She announces that she’s off for a shower. I slip into my boxers and a t-shirt and pick up my book. The shower is also in the open and I from time to time I can see a glimpse as the wall separating is fairly small. I close the book and feel like a voyeur. I hear her close the tap. Minutes pass. My heart skips illegal bahis a beat. She steps out of the bathroom butt naked. She has grown a nice bush and her boobies seem even bigger than before, swaying up and down as she slowly walks towards me. I try to say something but she puts her finger on her lips telling me to shut up. She lifts me from the bed. I owe you something she whispers. She guides me to a daybed, drops my shorts and makes me lie down on my back. My cock is as hard as ever. She moves on top with her back to me. My mind is racing. I feel two fingers grip my dick head and start playing with it. Gently up and down the shaft. She bents over and I feel her soft lips part taking in my cock. She doesn’t hesitate and goes down all the way, while firmly grabbing my balls. Maybe hard to believe but this is the first time ever she goes down on me. This is not the girl I used to know. I pull her hips back and she willingly follows up. I lift her up and her butt cheeks part revealing her pussy already dripping with her juices and slightly open. I pull her on top of my face and she pushes down immediately. Wow. The smell is mesmerizing.. My tongue slips in easily and hits her clit in no time. It sticks out and she shivers each time I touch it. She is no longer hesitant and sucks hard, holding on with both hands onto my dick. I replicate and push my tongue as deep as i can into her pussy. I can hardly breath as she pushes her hips down. I manage to shift position and run my tongue up towards her asshole. Her moaning increases. I gently circle it with my tongue and she stops sucking, straightening her back. I hold one finger up against it and she slowly pushes back. It’s tight and she stops several times but seems determined to continue. She moves into doggy position. Fuck me please. I never heard her use those words before and it turns me on even more. She grabs my cock and instead of guiding it to her pussy brings it back to her ass hole. I don’t hesitate and start moving in and out pushing deeper each time. She screams each time and I’m afraid I’m hurting her as it is really tight . FUCK illegal bahis siteleri ME she hisses. I finally manage to slide in all the way and slowly pick up speed. I pull her head back and grab her boobs. Our lips find each other and I can’t remember that such passion. Her boobs are bigger than I remember and her nipples harder than I ever felt. The bushes just outside suddenly move and we both startle as there are no windows and this is wildlife country. This tall Maasai steps out. He’s red traditional cloth has parted and we are both staring at a 10inch massive black cock. I pull back and cover myself with my tshirt. My ex however doesn’t move. She looks back at me and I hear a soft pleeease. I shrug my shoulders. She gets up and slowly walks up to him. He has edged closer and is dick is sticking over the edge of the wall. She grabs it and pulls him inside. She lays down on the daybed again. He doesn’t wait and shoves his cock up her pussy. She screams it out and I can see the pain in her face. I never seen such a massive cock. He doesn’t stop and trusts forward with long big hauls. Her body starts to shake and the pain seems to make way for a massive orgasm. I never managed to make her cum like that. Without thinking I’ve started wanking hard following the rhythm of his cock shoving in and out. Her eyes are wide open and I see a second orgasm cumming. The Maasai doesn’t slow down for a second. She pushes him back with her feet. His cock flips and out and it’s dripping in her juices. She motions me to lie down on the daybed. She sits down on top and quickly guides my dick up her asshole again. It s much easier this time. I see her reach out, using her two hands to move his dick back to her pussy. He has a big smile on his face. As he slides in slowly this time I can feel his cock taking up all the space. I’ve never done this but it feels amazing. We both hold still but she is the one quickly picking up speed now. Her titties are swaying back and forth wildly and the sight of my dick going in and out while being squeezed by his massive dick pushes me to an orgasm quickly. She’s yelling canlı bahis siteleri now. FUCK ME HARD PLEASE. I can feel his cock trusting deep inside her. She completely lost it by now and is having orgasm after orgasm. I can’t hold back anymore and map load after load is shooting up her ass. She pushes him out again and gets off the bed. I need a break she says and disappears into the bathroom. He hasn’t cum yet, looks at me and points at his cock and then at me. I never touched a cock but my own. Before I know it, I reach out and put my hand around his dick. It’s rock hard. I open my mouth and he doesn’t hesitate again and trusts forward holding my head steady. I gag but let him using both hands around his shaft to try to control how deep he goes. My ex is back, holding a bottle of massage oil. I knew you were a horny bastard my dear but this I hadn’t expected. Move him on his back she tells the Maasai . He lifts me up and turns me around in no time. I feel oil dripping down my butt crack. I try to protest but don’t get a chance. I feel his massive dickhead press against my ass hole. It hurts like hell as he presses forward. At the same time, the feeling of his cock inside makes me hard again in no time. My ex has moved in front of me and is rubbing her pussy hard, adding finger.after finger. I can see the surprise on her face when she manages to shove her whole hand up her cunt. She clearly has been stretched. He doesn’t seem to like the sight of a girl having to help herself. He slips out of my ass (to u relieve), Walks over, lifts her up and let her side on his dick again., pushing her against the wall. She cums again in no time. Stop please. She is clearly exhausted. She pulls me over and guides me to his cock. He has four hands wanking him now and two mouths trying to wrap around his dick head. He finally seems to get to his orgasm. He moves back and load after load shoots out aiming at our faces. His cum is sweet and thick. My ex starts kissing and licking my face, pushes me down and moves on top again. I slide in easily. This time she takes it slow. I lay back and enjoy the sight of her curves and the gently movement of her boobs. I have no idea how long we continued but I woke up in the morning with her on top of me and my dick still inside her pussy. No Maasai inside. She wakes up too, smiles.. Can we try something else tonight?…. To be continued

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