My Erotic Education – A Journal 02

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I had scarcely regained the modesty of the concealing bedcovers before my uncle entered the room. His chest was bare and his lower half was swathed in one of the large linen bath towels that I knew was used in this household. I noticed that, slim as he was, his chest was well muscled, each group defined.

My uncle did not acknowledge me as he strode over to stand before the fireplace. He faced the fire and as I watched he removed the towel from around his waist and raised it to dry his damp hair.

I had just been admiring my own buttocks in his mirror, now I had my uncle’s to admire and compare myself to. Whereas I had the slimness of youth to emphasize the swelling of my ass cheeks my uncle had the full ripe ass of a middle aged man. His lush globes stood out from his hips with a blowsy fullness and I noticed a deep crease running along the bottom of each where his leg and buttock met, so fleshy were they. Deep dish like indentations sculpted the sides of his hips, making his ass cheeks seem to stand out even further and saving them from any appearance of femininity. At the top of his cleft there was a flat triangular area which had a deep dimple on each side above his smooth cheeks. The deep crack running down the middle seemed to exert a mysterious appeal and I could imagine myself spreading those lush globes to investigate his hidden secret.

I had had a throbbing erection when I had hid myself in the bed after admiring my own body, now I was seemingly even more hard and erect admiring my uncle. The throbbing of my penis was a feeling that I had very seldom experienced and I almost felt sickened with unknown desires.

My uncle turned to face me, still toweling his hair and I took the opportunity to examine his male appendages. His ball sack hung lower than mine and had a fleshier texture so that the hen’s egg sized globes cradled within were not so well defined. His penis was very comparable to my own in size and thickness though his had veins which were raised and covered the shaft with decorative filigree. His foreskin was partially retracted so that a portion of his plum shaped cock head was exposed. Something I couldn’t discern twinkled brightly at the end of his cock where his piss hole was and I actually sat up in the bed to try to get a better look at this mysterious vision.

“You’re staring rather blatantly at my cock.” I heard my uncle say and saw that he had slung the towel around his shoulders and was examining me examining him.

I was mortified by my rudeness but I also was eager to know what the glittering growth was attached to his cock head.

“I apologize.” I said. “It’s just that I saw something there that seemed unusual and I wanted to see what it was.”

My uncle stepped over so that he was standing close beside the bed, his genitalia right in front of my eyes. He lifted his heavy cock in one hand and retracted his foreskin so that his crimson cock head was fully exposed. There was a slim silver ring attached to the head, a portion of it sinking into his piss slit and the corresponding other end of the circle disappearing under the bottom side of the head.

“You mean my ring.” he stated. He looped one finger in the ring and pulled it out from his body so that his meaty organ hung between us. “These were all the rage when I was living in London a few years ago. Prince Albert, the queen’s husband had had one attached that he used to tie his, from what I’ve been told rather sizable, organ down to his leg to avoid embarrassing incidents while wearing the tight trousers then fashionable. The social group of young men I circulated in all had themselves identically pierced.”

Examining my uncle’s penis and heavy balls in such close proximity inflamed my senses and my cock, which had been charged with blood so often over the past few hours seemed to have achieved a permanent state of marble like hardness and was standing straight up from my lap, my cock head rubbing uncomfortably against the bed cover and making a tent in my lap.

“Now that I’ve displayed my fashionable cock jewelry,” my uncle said, dropping his heavy organ so that it swung in front of him, “perhaps you will favor me with a display of your fashionable new tonsure.”

He grabbed the bed covers and swiftly pulled them off of the bed so that they fell in a pile on the floor and I was left sitting with my stony erection flaring up from my lap.

I endeavored to conceal my excited state with my hands but my uncle had already ascertained the state of my arousal.

“Don’t hide yourself,” my uncle said, “there is nothing to be ashamed of here. Rather, from what I can tell you have much to be proud of. Let me see.”

I slowly removed my hands so that my engorged penis stood exposed before his eyes.

“I see that our young Will’s gossip is indeed true.” he said. “He commented on how easily excited you seemed and how you grew to an altogether commendable size. Your new short pubic hair emphasizes the extraordinary size kağıthane escort of your cock and shaving your balls has made them look larger, too. I think it’s a most attractive improvement to an already attractive set of organs.”

I noticed that his own penis was starting to lengthen and swell. Soon, it stood upright inches from my face. His cock was at least as large as my own when engorged and the veins that I had noticed earlier stood out more prominently under the stretched skin of his shaft. His foreskin retracted entirely into a ring around the large ruddy plum of his cock head and the ring piercing it stood out almost proudly from it.

“I don’t know why I am having these reactions.” I said, indicating my own upright column of flesh. “I suppose the novelty of such casual nudity combined with being so close to another man’s nude body for the first time is in some way more exciting than anything I’ve previously experienced.”

I appraised the swollen organ standing in front of me and said, “It is surprising that our cocks are almost identically sized when erect.”

My uncle laughed and replied, “I think that you are the better man when it comes to cock size.”

“Surely not.” I said. “I’d wager we are identical in length and thickness.”

“A bet it is, then!” my uncle said, laughing again.

He walked over to the open door, his standing cock waggling back and forth with his steps and called out, “Will! Will! Come here and bring your measuring tape.”

My uncle walked back and sat on the end of the bed and motioned for me to slide down and sit beside him. When Will entered he was confronted by the two of us sitting legs akimbo with our erect organs standing straight up in our laps. The wantonness of our postures seemed to only my cock harder and hotter.

“My, my, my!” Will said. “Now there’s a picture someone should paint to send home to mother.”

“Stop babbling.” my uncle replied. “My nephew and I have made a bet as to which of us is the better endowed. You shall be our official measure taker and judge, if you would be so kind.”

“It will be my pleasure.” Will said. “Lord, my job does have its advantages.”

Will sank to his knees between my uncle’s legs and looped the cloth tape around his fat penis. “7 inches.” he announced.

He then placed the end of the tape against the base of my uncle’s cock where it met his pubis and stretched the tape up along the length. He sighted over the top of my uncle’s cock head and said, “Right at 7 and ½.”

He then moved over to between my legs and smiled up at me as he grasped my cock.

“This thing never seems to go down, does it?” he asked.

He looped the tape around the middle of my shaft and pronounced, “Just a hair over 8 inches. That will have them biting the pillows, I’ll bet.”

He then used the tape as he had on my uncle to measure my length. Grasping my cock just below the head, he used his thumb to rub the liquid bubbling out of my piss slit back and forth over the sensitive skin.

“No helping the competition!” my uncle said.

“I’m just making sure the young man is standing at his finest.” Will replied and looked up at me and winked.

He sighted over the top of my cock head as he had done in my uncle’s case and said, “Just about 8 and ¼ inches. Our young guest is clearly the winner.”

I noticed that even though his measuring duties were over, he retained his grasp around my cock shaft.

“And what prize does our young man get?” Will asked, his grip tightening around my stony cock.

“Go away, you brazen baggage.” my uncle said. “I’ll demand a rematch when I’m less fatigued.”

Will got up from his knees but at the door he turned and spoke to my uncle. “Don’t be having any parties that I’m not invited to or you’ll be waiting on yourself for the foreseeable future.” he said.

My uncle responded by sticking out his tongue and blowing a rude raspberry at his retreating back.

“I really do seem to have a problem lately with this thing springing to life at the slightest provocation.” I said, grasping my cock around its thick base.

“Maybe you just need to relieve yourself more often.” my uncle said. “At your age I couldn’t keep my hands off of myself.”

“Do you mean urinate?” I asked.

“No, dear boy.” he replied and raised one fist and made an up and down pumping motion. I was totally at a loss.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.” I said.

“Self abuse. Masturbation. Pulling your pud?”

“I’m still at a loss. I don’t know what that means.”

“Surely by this late date in life you’ve learned to pleasure yourself?” my uncle asked.

“I never knew it was possible.” I replied.

“Oh, to think of you spending all of those dreary nights in that dreary old house with that dreary old man without even the consolation of self abuse!” my uncle said. He sat staring at my throbbing erect penis, contemplating the deprivations kartal escort of my youth.

“Your education shall begin tonight!” he said, springing up. “If your grandfather had sent you away to a half decent school, you would have learnt all you needed to know about self abuse from your school mates. As it is, better late than never.”

He arranged the towel from his bath on the bed so that it covered most of the sheet, doused all of the candles except those at the bedside and then he sat with his back against the headboard and his legs wide spread. The room was softly lit by the candle glow and fire light but still light enough for me to see all of his body and he mine.

“Position yourself here between my legs.” he said and when I had moved into that space he told me, “Now, up on your knees facing me and spread your legs wide. Sit back on your haunches so that I can have an unobstructed view of your application of the lessons I’ll impart.”

In the posture he placed me in; my erect cock stood up and out from my crotch and my heavy balls swung free between my legs. His cock likewise sprang up freestanding at his crotch, his ball sack resting on the towel between his legs. He reached over to the drawer of the bedside table and removed a small jar and unscrewed the lid.

“I always find it more enjoyable to use a lubricant such as this when pleasuring myself.” he said.

He dipped two fingers into the jar and removed a large dollop of white grease which he slathered over the shaft of his penis.

“Follow my lead. “he said, handing me the jar. I removed a portion of the lubricant and anointed my stiff meat with it as he had done.

“Very good!” he said. “Now, use your palm and coat the entire shaft with the grease. Make sure that you also liberally grease your cock head and the inner portion of your foreskin, it seems to increase the sensation when you do so.”

He leant forward to watch as I stroked my prong with the lubricant. “You’re a natural.” he said, then leant back and stroked his own erect penis, coating it with grease from root to tip.

“Just do as I do.” he instructed. He used his fingers and thumb to grasp the shaft of his cock just under the head and, gripping tightly, stroked himself up and down so that his ample foreskin slid back and forth over the sensitive head, sometimes completely covering it and at other times fully exposing it.

“This is a good way to insure that your cock head fully lubricated.”

I mirrored his actions and was most pleasantly rewarded by the sensation I felt in my cock.

“You’re an excellent pupil.” he said. “Now we must discuss techniques. There are a variety of methods for one to enjoy one’s cock and you must experiment with the various methods frequently to discern which is most efficacious for you. For example, some men like to stroke their cock with just a two finger ring. Do as I do.”

He formed his thumb and forefinger into a tight ring around the hard shaft of his cock and began to slide it up and down in rapid strokes. I did the same and was surprised at the amount of pleasure the action imparted.

“There are also those who prefer what I refer to as the two finger method.”

He placed his first two fingers on the front of his cock directly under the head and his thumb on the back side, then used short fast strokes to manipulate it. I followed suit and found that the sensation wasn’t nearly so pleasant.

“I’ve always found that particular method unsatisfactory.” he said. “I can tell by your expression that you do also.”

“It is much less of a sensation.” I said.

“Then there are those who also swear by the head only style,” he said.

He moved his hand up so that only the head of his cock was enclosed in his grasp, then quickly began squeezing the head so that it popped in and out of his greasy grip. “I always feel as if I’m milking a cow with that one.”

I tried the technique on my cock but found it almost unpleasant in the intensity of feeling it imparted.

“What method do you usually employ?”

“Ah, personally I prefer a more robust jacking.” he said.

He wrapped his palm tightly around the shaft of his penis and stroked up and down its entire length. I did the same and was gratified with the results. I felt much more sensation over the shaft and my foreskin slipped back and forth over my head, imparting an added fillip.

“Oh, yes, that’s much better.” I said.

My uncle and I faced each other, hard cocks in our hands and watched each other stroke the meaty appendages.

“Sometimes, when I want to prolong the sensation, I like to pull on my ball sack.” he said.

He reached down with the hand not stroking his shaft and grasped his balls and pulled them away from his body. I wondered if that was why his balls hung so low and his sack seemed so thick. “This maneuver is useful in a variety of situations as it makes it harder for you to ejaculate.” küçükçekmece escort he said. “We’ll explore those situations in future.”

“And how does one ejaculate?” I asked.

“I keep forgetting the depth of your innocent ignorance.” my uncle said. “Soon you’ll understand all and you’ll be very pleased indeed.”

I was perched between his legs; stroking my swollen cock and watching him do the same when I felt eyes upon me. I glanced up to the open door and even though it was too dark to see into the corridor I thought I saw the shine of two eyes reflecting the light of the room. It could only be Will watching us at our endeavors and I was flattered at his attention, turning my body a bit to give him a better view of my stroking hand and swollen organ.

“There is another trick you may find useful.” my uncle said, drawing my attention back to him. “A lot of men find it extremely pleasant to finger their ass hole while stroking their cock, as so. ”

He dipped the forefinger of his other hand into the open jar of grease and then raised his knees so that his ass crack yawned wide before me. I could see the little puckered knot in the center and as I looked it moved in and out as his muscles clenched.

“Grease up your own finger,” my uncle said, “And then lay back so that I have a view of your hole.”

I did as he instructed, spreading my legs and tilting my pelvis up so that my tiny opening was on view to him.

“A very lovely hole, too, I must say.” uncle said. “Now follow my lead.”

He moved his finger into the crack of his exposed ass and smeared the grease on his finger around his pucker. I did the same and was rewarded by another new and pleasant sensation that made me stroke my cock shaft harder and faster, aided by the lustful scene I was enjoying of my uncle’s tight looking hole. I felt a strong desire to finger my uncle’s hole myself.

My uncle observed my reaction and said, “Excellent! Now, locate the opening and do as I do.”

I watched him finger the tight knot and then saw his finger sink slowly inside him until no more finger was visible. I felt like a total creature of lust so hot and hard was my cock when I gazed upon my uncle’s puckered hole and the tight ring around his finger.

I did the same as he’d done, stroking my hard cock and pressing my hole until I felt it slowly begin to open around my finger. At first there was a small sensation of pain but as my finger sank deeper into my hole I found the pain replaced by sheer indescribable pleasure.

“Wiggle the finger around inside your hole while you stroke your cock.” my uncle instructed.

I did as told, feelings I had never experienced before threatening to overwhelm me. It seemed that I couldn’t reach my finger deep enough to satisfy the newly awakened hunger in my ass while it also seemed that I couldn’t grasp my hard cock shaft tight enough or stroke it fast enough.

I lay between my uncles legs, our asses facing each other and pounded on my cock while probing deep in my hole. I felt my heavy balls contracting, drawing upward into the sack and felt the need to stroke my cock even harder, seeking some release I didn’t even understand.

My tight ring of muscle clamped hard around my engulfed finger and I felt a new sensation, a burning that flared out from my ass hole and up through my body into my cock. Just when I thought the feeling couldn’t grow any more intense, thick gouts of white fluid burst out of my piss slit, soaking my chest and face and hair.

I collapsed back onto the bed and watched as the same phenomenon manifested itself in my uncle, milky fluid flying from his cock head and coating his stomach and chest.

I lay waiting for my panting breath to calm and my uncle sat up and inspected the wet load running over my torso.

“That, my boy, is what’s known as an ejaculation, the fluid commonly called cum.” he said. “When the sensation in your cock is at its most intense the sweet juice stored in your balls climbs its way out through the shaft of your penis with this happy result.”

He scooped up a finger load from my chest of the milky fluid and popped it into his mouth.

“I hope you don’t mind.” he said. “Knowing that that was your virginal load I simply had to taste the flavor.”

“How does it taste?” I asked.

He scooped up another finger load and held it before my lips.

I opened my mouth to his finger and he thrust the load of cream inside. I sucked at his finger, tasting my ball juice. It had sweetness and saltiness at the same time, mostly saltiness but also an underlying musk.

“Does yours taste the same?” I asked him.

“Feel free to sample it.” he said.

I scooped up a finger load of the pearly fluid on his stomach and put my finger in my mouth. The basic taste was the same, only with a slightly different undertone.

“How does it compare?” my uncle asked.

“It’s different but the same, too. Do all men taste each other’s cum when they do what we did?” I questioned.

“The lucky ones do.” my uncle said. “But, that’s an involved subject that we’ll explore in your next lessons. Right now, it’s time we get some sleep.”

I was sure that I heard soft footsteps padding down the hallway outside the bedroom door.

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