My Dragon Brothers Ch. 03

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I wake with a start then still.

Claws run across my back.

One of Landon’s hands must have broken free.

They were light on my skin but I could still feel every claw slide down.

I took a chance and turned my head slowly.

Bright blue eyes met mine.

Landon wasn’t in control.

“Landon?” My voice shakes as the words come out.

His eyes flicker for a moment but remain bright blue.

“Landon.. your claws-“

My voice brakes with fear.

His eyes flash to dark blue as he turns more human.

The claws turn to fingertips and I relax a little.

The fog disappears and I see the worry on Landon’s face.

The rubbing stops and I lift my head up.

I smile and place my hand on his cheek.

“How are you feeling?” He try’s to sit up but the other straps keep him down.

“What happened?” His voice was pained.

“I dont know, all I saw was you covered in blood.” My voice broke as a tear slipped down my cheek.

He looked pained again. “Don’t cry sis, I’m fine really.”

He reached up and wiped the tear away.

I smiled as I tried to stop the tears.

“Are you hungry?

I could get you some steak.” As if on cue his stomach rumbled.

I giggle. “I’ll say that’s a yes.”

I stood and walked to the kitchen.

Last night I managed to scrap up the still good steak from the ruined.

There wasn’t as much as I’d like but I put some in a bowl.

I innovia escort cut it it into small pieces and grabbed a fork.

I make my way to the living room and sat in the chair.

I get some steak on the fork and put it upto his mouth.

He smirks at me. “Your going to feed me?”

I nod. “Of course.”

The smirk disappears and he looks uncertain.

I shove it closer to his mouth and he hesitantly opens it.

I put it in his mouth and wait.

He closes his mouth around the fork.

He makes a grunting noise as he chews.

“Too bad we didn’t get to eat more last night.”

I laugh softly and put more steak on the fork.

“If you two weren’t always fighting or not trying to beat the other at something I wouldn’t know what to do.

I’m kinda relieved at the way the fight went down last night,

I mean at least you two weren’t fighting or-“

My face snapped to his as I processed what I had just said.

My cheeks turned a bright red as he stared at me in shock.

“Im so sorry, I didn’t mean-I wasn’t trying-“

I looked down fighting the urge to cry.

I’m such an idiot!

Why did I say that?

A finger lifted my chin, and my eyes met dark blue ones.

“It’s ok Amy. I know what you meant.” he gave me a small smile.

I smiled back softly, embarrassed.

My gaze trails off before it notices something.

I gasp in shock and my istanbul escort eyes shoot to Landon’s with surprise.

He looks down and a soft pink coats his cheeks.

“You-your hard!” I say loudly looking back at it.

“Sorry, It happens you know when I wake up.” I could see its outline clearly through his shredded jeans.

It twitched and I gasped.

“It’s… so big.” I whispered as I couldn’t help but stare at it.

I’d only had sex once with a some human guy.

But Landon was double the size he was.

I stared in fascination as it twitched again.

It looked to be getting bigger.

“Is it-“

I turned to see him watching me hesitantly.

“Growing harder?” I finished looking at him.

He gave me a nervous smile. “Yeah it-Uh does that when beautiful women are around.”

He said jokingly trying to make light of the situation.

My cheeks reddened again.

“You think I’m beautiful?” I knew the look I gave him wasn’t very sisterly but I was curious.

He gulped looking around.

“Amelinda, you shouldn’t say stuff like that.

My dragon’s-“His eyes flashed.

“I’m not completely in control and my dragon wants-“His eyes flash again.

He closes his eyes as he fights his dragon.

I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t seem to stop this sudden need to push him over the edge.”He wants to what?”

His eyes snapped open as bright blue eyes met kadıköy escort mine.

“Fuc-k Y-ou!”He growled out.

A hot shiver ran down my spine, and it wasn’t from fear.

His claws were out again as he reached and over and sat a claw on the center of the front of my shirt.

I let out a gasp as his clawed finger tip slices my large shirt strait down the middle.

Not together anymore the shirt falls uselessly to the floor exposing my naked chest.

All I have on is my underwear as he looks me up and down.

He stares at my perky breasts with a satisfied growl.”P-erfect.”

Pleasure shot through me again.

I looked over at his straining cock and stared.

It looked like his pants would pop.

He saw me staring and his hand reached down to his cock.

I gasp as he pulled it free with one slice of his claw.

I stared in amazement at the large throbbing cock.

“To-touch.”He growned out.

Hesitantly I reach forward.

My hand slowly wrapped around the warm muscle.

“Mmhhh.” He moaned as I grabbed it more tightly.

A glisten of pre-cum sat at the very top and I hesitantly leaned forward. “Amelinda you shouldn’t-“

I looked over at him as he fights his dragon once more.

“You don’t have to-You should run-I-“

My mind came back quickly as I realized what I was doing.

He didn’t want this, I was the one who pushed him.

I was basically raping him!

I looked at him in horror.

I got up quickly, almost spilling the bowl of steak.

“I’m so sorry Landon I just- I didn’t mean to-I’m sorry.”I ran out of the room as Landon fought with himself on the table.

Hopefully he could forgive me for the horrible thing that I had just done.

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