My Daughter’s Basement Bedroom Ch. 02

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It had been more than a week since my daughter had caught me sniffing her dirty panties in the laundry room. When she caught me doing that, she had made me lick her pussy. While doing that I made her squirt all over my face. She had never said anything to my wife, yet. And I had gotten a lot of mileage masturbation wise out of recalling what had happened in my step daughters room in the basement. Every time I thought about it seemed to make me harder and harder.

The image of her spread porcelain thighs, the dark red hair on her mound. The smell of her sex, the taste of her wetness, it gave me wood every time. Plus, it made me cum harder than had in a long time. She had not said anything about the incident nor had she invited me to sniff her panties again (which I would have gladly done). I thought maybe it had all passed and I was just left with a great fantasy fulfilled in my head. I was soon to find out I was wrong.

It was a Monday my wife had just left for work at seven and I was sipping my coffee in the dining room. My step-daughter was off work till later that afternoon, and she was, as far as I knew sleeping in down in her room. I was relaxing enjoying the fine flavor of my coffee, when I heard a voice from the basement.

“Francis, come down here, Now!” She yelled gruffly.

Setting my coffee on the table, I pulled myself up from the chair. With some misgivings (and maybe some hopes) I headed downstairs. As I walked across the family room and towards her room, the image of what had happened came rushing back and my cock, betraying me, began to stiffen. By the time I made it to her room, my sweats were a giant tent I couldn’t take down. Peeking my head in so she couldn’t see what had transpired, I asked.

“What do you need honey?

“What are you standing out there for Francis? She asked irritated. “Come over here.” She demanded.

Sheepishly, I stepped into her room trying to hide my indiscretion with my hands perched in front of my giant hard on. Trying to push it down to make it less obvious and failing miserably.

“What you got there Francis?” She mocked. “Oh, you got a hard on. Is that because of me?” she says in a sing song voice.

I look down embarrassed, still hoping something would make the pole in my pants go down.

“Come here Francis.” She signals.

Curling her finger in a come to me gesture.

“Let’s see what you got there?”

I slowly shuffle over to her bed. As I arrive, beylikdüzü escort she sits up on the edge of her bed.

“Take your hands away Francis. She says sternly.

I pause.

“Now!” She says harshly, making me jump.

I slowly remove my hands and my sweats spring to attention about six inches from her mouth.

“Well, well, look at you Francis. You have quite a big hard on there. Is this all from sniffing my panties and licking my pussy?” She gestures.

“Well! Yes, honey I couldn’t help it.” I say softly.

“Really?” She says quizzically.

Looking at it staring her in the face, she looks up into my eyes and says.

“Show it to me.” She demanded.

Nervously I grab the waistband of my sweats and slowly pull the material down, stretching out the front of the waist to accommodate my long raging cock. The material hits the top of my cock as I bring it over and my cock literally bounces out of my pants. Quivers for a moment then stops. My fat eight-inch cock pointed straight at my step daughters mouth.

“That’s a nice cock Francis. Would you like to fuck my mouth with that cock?”

“Yes.” I mutter shyly. Not knowing where this was going.

“Or maybe you want to fuck me with your big hard cock? Is that it Francis?”

“Yes.” I meekly utter.

“I bet you would Francis, but that isn’t gonna happen.” She says meanly. “I think you should masturbate for me.” She says slyly. “I want you to stroke your long fat cock, while I watch you. I want to watch you squirt your cum on your stomach and down your hand again, like before.”

My cock begins to deflate a little, my thoughts quickly smashed by her humiliating demands of me.

“Francis, I want you to stroke your cock for me. Now!”

I slowly raise my hand and encircle my half stiff shaft. I begin a slow pump of my member up and down, the skin wrinkling in my hand as I try and will my cock back to life.

“Looks like you could use some help there Francis.” She says with contempt in her voice. “Maybe this will help?

Reaching up and pulling the straps of her sports bra down, she slides them off of each arm. The bra material suspended there by her big fat tits. She grabs the sides of the sports bra and slowly unrolls it over her porcelain flesh, exposing her big tits to me. They were spectacular, for a chunky chick, and well, a really horny guy. Pale white, they hung down, a nice beyoğlu escort upswing made them point toward the ceiling. Her areolas covered most of the front of her breasts and her nipples were the size of dimes. They were also hard, (probably from the cold of the basement), I didn’t care. She reached up and took one in each hand, looking down at them and pinching the nipples between her fingers to make them harder.

“Will these help you Francis?” She asked.

Staring down at those magnificent tits I could feel my cock jump back to life.

“If it will help.” She said sexily.” You can touch them.”

As she dropped them to land back in place. Leaning back slightly on her hands, her tits moved to the side just a little. She may have been chunky but her tits were firm. Reaching out a hand, I encased one of her breasts in it. Feeling the weight of it as it settled there. With the other hand I kept stroking my growing fat shaft. I moved slightly to the right and began rolling her nipple between my first two fingers, feeling how rubbery and hard they were. Her head fell back between her shoulders as I tweaked her nipple a little harder, a small moan escaping her lips.

My cock was hard in my hand now. I worked the skin back and forth from tip to base, tightening my grip as my cock expanded in my hand. She moved one hand off the bed and slid down her stretch pants to her ankles. Opening her legs wide, I could see her pussy was now shaved smooth, her pussy a beautiful pale pink. Her pussy lips swollen from her excitement. Moving her hand between her legs, she rubbed two fingers up her wet snatch. She moaned slightly as she inserted them and began to finger herself. I could see the dampness on her fingers as she worked them in and out of her dripping pussy. Her breasts, bouncing in rhythm as she played with herself.

The vision of her big bouncing tits renewed the hardness of my cock and I stroked my meat faster. Some pre-cum appeared at the end of my cock. Spotting it, she pulled her dripping fingers out of her pussy and wiped her two fingers across the head of my cock, taking my creamy cum with her. She immediately brought her fingers back to her pussy. With my jizz on her fingers, she shoved them deep into her cunt. The sight of her taking the cum from the tip of my cock, and inserting it into her soaked snatch, brought the beginnings of my orgasm. I stroked my cock faster, it just inches from her face, as she bomonti escort fingered her snatch.

“That’s right Francis, stroke your cock for me. I want you to cum on my tits Francis.” she said with a quiver of excitement in her voice.

She raised herself off the bed her fingers working her wet pussy furiously. Falling back on the bed, she leaned back, I had a magnificent view of her stuffing two fingers deep into her cunt. I could hear the sucking wet sound as she pulled them out and pushed them in. My cock was hard the tip red and swollen, ready to burst. She suddenly screamed.

“Cum on my tits, you nasty perv, squirt your load on me!”

That was more than I could take I gave my cock a couple of more tugs.

“Uh, uh, shit, I’m gonna cum.” I yelled back.

With that my first load splattered across her fat tits. My hips bucking wildly as the next waves hit me. My jizz splashing on to her chin, her nipples and the hand she was fingering herself with. As the last of my orgasm shot against her tits, she began her orgasm. Digging her fingers in deep and hitting her G-spot, raising her hips off the bed. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy just as she squirts all over the bed, my legs and the floor. I immediately drop to my knees. She inserts her two fingers again. Working her cunt hard she pulls her fingers and rises off the bed, inches from my face and shoots a massive load of her juices, covering my face and running down my body.

She collapses back on the bed, her big tits bouncing up and down as she hits the bed. The splatter of my thick creamy cum stretched across her tits and stomach. A string of cum my running from her nipple to just below her breast. It wiggles as she lands on the bed. A gob on the wrist of the hand she was fucking herself with, her fingers still buried deep inside her. My step-daughters legs, stomach and tits quivering from her release.

I look down and there is a large drop of cum on the tip of my cock, I wipe it off with one finger, and wipe it across her smooth mound. The stingy substance spreading across her bald pussy skin making it shiny. I get up off the floor, bend over and pull up my sweats.

“Is that all?” I say triumphantly.

“Yes, Francis.” she says weakly. “You can go.”

As I reached her doorway I turned back to see her half naked body splayed across the bed. Pants around her ankle, bra at her waist, fingers still in her wet snatch. Gobs of cum splattered across her face and tits. A large wet spot running down the side of her mattress and bedcovers. A darkened patch of carpet on the floor by her bed where her juices had soaked in. And my step daughter, laying on her bed, satisfied. I turn to leave a huge satisfied smile on my face. Things were gonna change.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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