My Daughter , Her Friend Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction. Thank you to all the feedback on my first story. It has encouraged me to try this second chapter. How could I not when I was asked so nicely?


I sat there stunned. My mind spinning with what had just happened. How would my daughter, Sandy, react if she found out who she had just had sex with? What would my wife think? Can this possibly happen again?

I suddenly flashed back to reality and realized I needed to get out of there quickly before my daughter and Becky left. I didn’t want to take the chance they would spot my car in the parking lot. I gathered myself together and carefully peeked through the hole to make sure I wouldn’t run into them in the hall as we both exited our respective booths. Sandy was still in Becky’s arms. A look of satisfaction and contentment on her face.

I hurried from the booth and out to my car. I tried to calm myself as I returned home. My mind was fighting that by sending flashbacks of the feeling of my daughters cunt sliding onto my cock, gripping it tight. I’m not sure how many stop signs or traffic lights I ran during my day dreaming but the next thing I knew I was pulling into driveway. My wife’s car was parked in the drive. Apparently she was back from her shopping trip with her sister. When I shut off the engine and started to get out I noticed that, during my day dreaming, my cock and taken on a mind of its own and had become incredibly stiff. This wouldn’t work at all. How would I explain having a hardon to my wife? She may get the wrong idea about my thoughts of her sister.

I messed around in the car a bit, looking for this and that, willing my hardon to subside. “That was a great game yesterday,” I thought to myself. After a few moments it finally helped and I was able to get out of the car without noticeable issues.

That changed when I walked into the house. My wife and her sister were putting some things away they had purchased and were talking about the plans for the weekend party they were hosting. My daughter takes after my wife in many ways. They are both slim and, as I found out today, curved in all the right places. My sister-in-law is the same. Aside from the 2 years between them, my wife and her sister could pass for twins.

“How was the shopping today?” I asked.

“We got most of what we’ll need,” replied my wife. “But I think we’ll need to go out again for more.”

Unfortunately, it seems I had walked into the house at the right time of day, the currents were open just far enough, and my sister-in-law happened to be standing near the picture window. I say unfortunately because all of these things combined, along with my vantage point, made the sundress she was wearing semitransparent. I could see everything as if she were standing in front of me in just her underwear. Just the sight brought a stirring from down below once again.

What was wrong with me? First my daughter, now my sister-in-law. I made a feeble excuse to head out to the garage before anyone noticed the bulge forming in my pants. I fumbled around out there for a while putting tools away and just cleaning up my workbench in general.

“We are heading back out again,” my wife said peaking her head through the door. “I think we’re going to try to finish up getting what we need and Nancy wants us to get our hair and nails done to treat ourselves for the hard work we are doing.”

“We will probably be a few hours,” she said. “Is that okay with you?”

“That’s fine hon,” I replied. “You take all the time you need.”

“My sister-in-law is always looking for an excuse to be pampered,” I thought to myself.

I went back inside after hearing car doors close and the car pull away. Having the house to myself on a Saturday afternoon during football season was just what the doctor ordered. I fixed myself a snack and, with remote in hand, settled in front of the TV.

I was really getting beşiktaş masöz escort into the game and the events of this morning were getting pushed out. Just as the second half started I heard the sound of car doors. After a few moments my daughter Sandy and her friend Becky came bounding into the house with a few bags. One of which didn’t have a name printed on it like most do. This bag Sandy quick put inside another.

“How was the mall?” I asked.

“There is a nice sale going on Mr. H, so Sandy didn’t spend too much,” replied Becky.

“Yeah, I got a bunch of clothes for a pretty good deal,” Sandy quickly added.

“Where’s Mom?” Sandy questioned.

“Still out shopping with your aunt,” I replied. “Hopefully getting as good of deals as you two did.”

“We are going up to my room to put this stuff away,” said Sandy as she and Becky headed down the hall with bags in tow. “Call when you need help with dinner, okay daddy?”

I gave them a few minutes before I called to them to find out what they wanted on their pizza. I wasn’t in any mood to cook Having put away everything they had gotten they came back to the living room and settled in to watch some football with me while we waited for the pizza. Time passed with the girls commenting on which players were cute and which weren’t. Not even a notion of what had happened earlier today. The pizza also came and went.

After a while my wife came home and said she didn’t feel very well and was heading to bed. That’s just what I needed. I’m horny and my wife isn’t feeling well. Sandy and Becky headed to her room leaving me alone again.

I went up a few hours later to check on my wife. She had taken some medicine that I knew would knock her out for the next 12 hours or so. She has a low tolerance and anything that warns “May cause drowsiness” usually puts her to sleep for a while. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went to check on the girls.

The door was open so I peeked my head in. I tried to avoid the fact they had changed into night shirts. After all, it was almost 11:30. What else would they have on?

“Your mom is asleep and being as late as it is I think I am heading that way too,” I said. “Stay up as long as you like just try to keep the noise down okay sweetie?”

“Okay daddy,” Sandy said with a smile. “Sweet dreams.”

“No problem Mr. H.,” said Becky. “We’ll keep it quiet.”

I return to my bedroom and get ready for bed. I couldn’t go to sleep so I grabbed a book to read. After a while I decided to try sleeping and shut off the light, laying there in the dark.

It didn’t take long before I heard footsteps in the hall approaching my door. I lay there quietly trying to appear as though I were asleep. They obviously had something planned if they were checking on us to see if we were sleeping. I was intrigued to find out what.

I waited till they had retreated back to Sandy’s room before I quietly got out of bed and went to the hall. I glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly 1 o’clock in the morning. Where could they be sneaking off to at this time of night? When I snuck out as a kid it was before midnight so I had time to do things.

Sandy’s door was closed and the light still on. I crept to the door to listen but didn’t hear anything. As I leaned close to the door it opened slightly. Sandy must not have closed it completely. When I looked inside I got a huge surprise. Both Sandy and Becky were laying on her bed completely naked kissing. They weren’t planning to sneak out anywhere. They were waiting till we went to bed so they wouldn’t get caught playing with each other! It appeared this morning was just a tease of things to come tonight.

I stood transfixed as I watched Becky slowly cup my daughters breast in her hand squeezing gently. Sandy let out a muffled moan as they continued to kiss. Becky then worked her way down Sandy’s neck working her way beşiktaş otele gelen escort toward Sandy’s breast. Once there, Becky flicked her tongue across Sandy’s erect nipple. After a few more licks she gently sucked it between her lips.

Becky spent a few moments working over Sandy’s breasts before leaving a wet trail down her stomach as she licked and kissed down her body. She slowly spread Sandy’s legs apart and settled between them. She kissed her inner thigh causing Sandy to squirm.

Watching these two 18 year old goddesses writhe on Sandy’s bed had given me an unbelievable erection. My boxers were hiding little as my cock poked through the slit in front. I began stroking my cock while standing in the dark hallway outside my daughters bedroom door.

I watched as Becky kissed her way closer to my daughters cunt. She then buried her face between my daughters legs. By the look on my daughters face she was trying hard not to make a sound. As difficult as it was, I assumed Becky was giving her a good tongue lashing.

It didn’t take long before Sandy stiffened holding Becky’s head between her legs. She was fighting a losing battle to stay quiet as little gasps and moans escaped her lips. After a few moments she relaxed as the intensity of her orgasm subsided.

Becky whispered something in Sandy’s ear. Sandy gave a tentative nod of agreement and the girls shifted positions. Sandy pivoted slightly so that her feet were now facing me and I had a clear view of her puffy lips. They were glistening from the tonguing Becky had given her. Becky moved up toward Sandy’s head and climbed onto the bed. As she straddled my daughters head I saw for the first time that Becky was clean shaven. She slowly lowered herself to Sandy’s waiting mouth. I could clearly see my daughters tongue as it flicked over Becky’s clit before disappearing into her cunt. Becky began rocking rubbing her cunt all over my daughters face.

Becky reached for the desk next to her and grabbed the nameless bag I had seen the girls bring in earlier. From this bag she pulled out a double ended dildo. “So they did more in the adult store than just visit the booths,” I thought.

Becky leaned over Sandy in a 69 position and gently spread my daughters legs wide. She then spread Sandy’s lips apart before slowly inserting one end of the dildo. I could hear muffled moans from Sandy as the dildo slipped inside. As Sandy continued to lick and suck on Becky’s cunt, Becky began fucking Sandy with the dildo. After some time of this Becky climbed off Sandy’s face and maneuvered herself down toward Sandy’s legs so that they both ended up laying on their backs nearly cunt to cunt.

The dildo was still lodged in Sandy’s cunt. Becky reached for the other end and rubbed it up and down her lips getting it wet before slipping it into her own cunt. As the girls lay there, Becky controlled the dildo sliding it back and forth. When she slide it out of her it slide into Sandy and then back again. Neither could lay still as they were fucked by this artificial cock.

Watching this all I could feel the familiar boiling in my balls. I knew I was close and increased my stroking of my cock. As my orgasm began to overtake me I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation as cum shot like a missile from my cock. I must have made a noise because when I opened my eyes again Sandy’s door was wide open and there stood they doing their best to cover themselves. Sandy had a look of embarrassment and anger. I had been caught!

“Daddy, how could you!” Sandy forcefully whispered.

“I… I just … I heard…,” I stammered as I tried to cover my now flaccid cock.

Sandy pulled me into the room as Becky shut the door. Tight this time. I sat in the chair at Sandy’s desk as she and Becky sat on her bed. I noticed the double headed dildo laying next to the bed on the floor.

“I don’t know what to say girls,” beşiktaş rus escort I said. “I saw the light on and the door ajar and I guess curiosity got the best of me.”

“You know Mr. H, they say curiosity killed the cat,” Becky said with a grin. “But maybe this time the pussy might be saved with a little CPR.” With this Becky took hold of my hand and guided it to her slippery cunt.

“Becky! What are you doing? This is my dad!” Sandy exclaimed.

“Relax Sandy,” Becky plainly stated as I slide my middle finger between her lips. “Don’t think of him as your dad. He obviously likes to look at us so why not let him touch?”

Sandy seemed to struggle with this for a moment before apparently agreeing with the idea that I was just another man. Father or not.

I couldn’t believe what a day this was turning out to be as I lay both girls back on the bed side by side. I had them both spread their legs as I took a step back to admire their cunts. Sandy’s neatly trimmed while Becky’s was clean shaven. I moved in and began licking Becky’s cunt. I reached over and massaged my daughters thigh moving higher and higher. I worked slowly giving Sandy a chance to back out. When she didn’t by the time I reached her cunt I gently spread her lips and slipped a finger inside.

After a few moments I felt it time to alternate so I slipped a finger into Becky as I moved over to Sandy. This was my last chance to back out. I had sex with my daughter earlier today but this time she would know it was me. I continued to finger Becky as I leaned in toward my daughters cunt. In the position she was in it gave me access to her completely. I took advantage of this by licking her from stem to stern and back again. This caused her to jump slightly but then I felt her fingers dig into my hair pulling my into her.

I continued to finger Becky as I ate out my own daughter. I let my free hand roam to as much of Sandy’s body as I could reach. When I felt her breast for the first time I was delighted at how firm they were. Oh to be 18 again.

As I continued to slather my daughters cunt with my tongue, Becky slide off the bed and crawled beneath me. She took my cock in her soft hand stroking it to full hardness. She then kissed the tip before letting my cock slide into her mouth. She kept going until her nose was pressed into my pubic hair. Her tongue working the underside of my cock the whole time. Flashes of the gentle sucking I had received earlier in the day came back to me as she really started working my cock in and out of her mouth.

After a few moments my daughter wrapped her legs around me tight, pulling me tight, as her orgasm overtook her. As her spasms passed she relaxed releasing my head.

With my daughter temporarily satisfied I turned my attention to Becky. I pulled her off my cock helping her to her knees and bending her over the bed. I gave her a quick lick to make sure she was nice and wet. With her head resting on Sandy’s stomach I entered Becky from behind.

She wasn’t as tight as my daughter but exquisite nonetheless. I increased my pace as my daughter languidly ran her fingers through Becky’s hair. Running my hands over her body I reached under her to cup her breasts. Squeezing gently.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be able to hold out. I looked into my daughters eyes as I pounded her best friend. Alternating my tempo. Pulling almost all the way out before driving back in. I considered moving to Sandy and impaling her with my cock but changed my mind for Becky had not yet had an orgasm and I couldn’t let that happen. I was hoping this was just the beginning of our times together and that I would have another chance at my daughter.

It wasn’t long before Becky cried out as her orgasm took hold. I kept driving into her until I could no longer hold back. I pulled out as my cock started to spurt jet after jet of cum. I stood there reveling in orgasm as my cum shot all over Becky’s back. Sandy smiled as she watched Becky turn and take my cock into her mouth trying to catch what was left inside.

After a promise of secrecy and kisses goodnight I collected my boxers and stumbled back to my room. I climbed back into bed next to my wife totally spent. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but how could it possibly top today?

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