My daddy Bill


My daddy BillBill is my best friend.Bill lives alone about 3 hours south of me in a Mexican beach front community. His home is very nice and when I visit him he always makes me feel at home.The 1st time I met Bill I met him through my aunt, she was having a small get together at her house and Bill was staying with her as he was getting some supplies from the U.S.When I met him I thought he was very handsome. He said he just retired so I put him at about 66-67 by the way he talked about buying his current house and the worked he had done to it.He was about 6’2″ I would guess about 240 maybe more.His frame is large and he does have a belly which I love to caress but I will tell you more about that later. His shaved head is peppered mostly gray.When the party was over Bill mentioned he needed help working on his solar panels. I told him I would love to help and that I had a three day weekend coming up so I had plenty of time.Bill suggested I spend a few days as the weather was beautiful and the beach was only a few blocks away. I jumped at the idea and when the time came I couldn’t drive fast enough.I headed down after work on Friday, Bill suggested I meet him at La Rosa Cantina which is one of the only bars on the main drag.Bill knew how long it would take for me to get there and when I arrived he was sitting at the bar talking to a very beautiful bartender. We greeting and Bill introduced me to Maria the bartender. She was hot! I’m bisexual and this woman was an instant hard on! Big tits and big hips. Bill knew I liked her and we drank for a few hours. The way those two joked I thought maybe Bill had fucked her.When we left I followed Bill back to his house and we settled in. The next kırıkkale escort day after working with Bill we went for a swim in his pool. Bill was wearing Speedos and to be honest with his big frame and belly they were not the most appealing but I could see the outline of his cock. We drank and swam and sunned. At one point Bill got out of the pool and was sitting on the edge with legs in the water. He was leaning back and I could see the outline of his cock perfectly. It was like he was giving me a show.What did you think of Maria, Bill asked. I thought she was hot I told him. I talked about her body and her perfect tits. Bill smiled was saying she was his special friend and as he was talking I could see his cock growing.I told him I loved to have her sit on my face with that thick ass of hers, He laughed and wanted to know if I would fuck her. I told Bill that was a silly question then I told him by the looks of things he would fuck her too.He looked down at his cock and stroked it through the fabric. She loves to suck on this Bill said and pulled his cock out of his Speedos.When I pulled his cock out it was like a dream. Seemed like slow motion but he pulled it out and stroked it a few times and as if on cue I waded over to him and started to blow him.His cock was not large maybe 6 inches but it was fat. He has a thick head and his balls are meaty and big. I’ve seen some cocks in my time but this one had such a beautiful head.The dome of it sat perfectly on top of his shaft. Even at 6 inches I could not deep throat him at 1st.Here I was swimming and having a good time with Bill one minute and the next thing you know I am between his legs, sucking on his pole. I ran escort kırıkkale my hands up his arms to his chest as I blew his cock. He would occasionally thrust into my mouth moaning with pleasure.I massaged his stomach and would occasionally kiss his belly and tits as I came up for air.Bill kept telling me what a good cocksucker I was and that he loved getting head. He encouraged me to take more of his manhood in my mouth and I did whatever he told me to do.After 15 min of this Bill jumped in the water and started feeling my ass. He pulled at my board trunks and I slipped them off. We kissed while he felt me up like I was a girl. He rubbed my chest and grabbed at my ass.At one point he turned me around and was kissing my neck and I could feel his cock against my ass as he squeezed on my nipples.Bill suggested we go into his house, as we left the pool he slapped my ass and fingered my hole. We rinsed in the outdoor shower and Bill soaped me down. He gave me a standing massage and cleaned my hole real good. His thick fingers probed my ass.I leaned forward against the wall and Bill soaped and fingered my hole until I had 2 of his thick fingers in me. I moaned with delight as he touched my prostate and spanked my ass.In the bedroom Bill sat on the bed and I became his little cocksucking bitch once again.I kneeled in front of him and got him hard again. Bill laid back and told me to sit on his face. I climbed on the bed and straddled him. His stubby beard tickled my erect cock as he drove his tongue in my ass.We stayed like this for about 10 min with Bill reaming me and me grinding my ass in his face. Bill told me he was going to fuck me like he fucked Maria and I told him kırıkkale escort bayan he had better.I got on all 4’s and Bill got behind me. I was already loosened up and his cock glided into my ass. He drove his cock all the way in and I winced and let out a little yelp as his cock was stretching my hole open. Squeeze it, he commanded.I tried to squeeze my ass but I could barely do it his cock felt so big.C’mon girl, squeeze that hot little ass of yours.I kept squeezing and Bill never pulled his cock out. He left it there and he kept encouraging me to squeeze.After a while Bill told me to stop squeezing, when I did I felt my ass loosen a little and he began the steady strokes and stroke after stroke my ass relaxed and opened up.That’s it bitch! Take that cock my daddy commanded.Bill started to thrust faster and with each stroke I moaned my delight. At one point Bill mounted me high and it made me collapse on the bed. I had Bills full weight on top of me and his cock in my ass. I couldn’t move and he just thrust and thrust into me.I felt him start to jack hammer me and I wailed like a little girl and all of a sudden I felt his hot sticky seed in my ass. I could tell if it was a lot or a little but it was warm and in my ass.I felt it leaking out of my ass with every stroke until Bill went limp on top of me.Once again I couldn’t move and felt Bills shrinking cock slip out of my well creamed ass.Bill moved over and I went down on his little cock, tasting his cum and cleaning his cock.Bill reached over and started playing with my ass, making the cum drip out and smearing it all over my butt cheeks.He slid 2 fingers in my ass again and then 3 which hurt more than his cock.He fingered my hole and thrust in and out while stroking my cock.I shot a load that flew past my head and onto my chest. I was spent.Bill and I passed out and we napped for a few hours. This was the 1st of many fuckings Bill gave me and Maria that weekend but that’s another story.

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