my Dad part seven


my Dad part sevenMy DadChapter SevenAfter I just looked at the bite mark and could see the blood seeping through the plaster, Ana said “That is my first time with another woman, why have I waited so long, I always fancied you and really thought you looked after your body, your skin is so soft and smooth even when we were at school, I really liked looking at other girls body’s, but it was always yours that turned my eyes, used to love seeing the water on your skin so shiny and sexy, never thought we would be like this, did, you?” I said “I always liked your breasts, your nipples were always better than mine, how long have your boyfriend been doing things like that to you Ana?” She looked right into my eyes and said “Katya, he was a alright for the first few weeks until we started to live together, then he seemed to change, he didn’t like me going out and even if I went to get some food or drink he would start to morn at me, if he saw me talking to anyone he would go mad, saying I was chatting them up, even when I saw your Dad in the street and said “hello” he would ask why I spoke to him. Then he would demand sex all the time, and if I said I was on my period, he’d rip my knickers off and still fuck me, it did not matter how much I was losing, that seemed to turn him on more, I remember many times I have been woken up only to find him playing with his cock and messing in my knickers with his hand, he has even cut my knickers off with the scissor’s, he cuts the narrow bit on the outside of the legs, then of course it’s only the crouch that’s left, many, many times he has woken me up pushing something in either my ass or pussy, usually his fingers but he has had things such as beer bottles, candles and even once a coke can full of drink, when I go to sleep it takes a lot to wake me up, I know he has videotaped me naked asleep and some of the things he was doing. I found out about it one day when I was looking for the tape when we all went in the park, It started off alright for about ten minutes, I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea and I heard Olga calling me, when I went back in she said, “Ana, that’s you isn’t it” I looked an sure enough it was my bed and my tits were in full display for all to see, I said “ my god how did that get on there, I am sorry Olga but I had no idea anything like that was on that tape or how it got took in the first place. Just as I was going to turn it off Olga said “leave it on a bit if you like, you never know we may find out who took it in the first place, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen you naked is it,” I said “I feel lara escort so embarrassed though, I can feel my face going red too hahaha!!! My tits look really huge on there, just look at the size of them. She said “mmmm a real pair of swingers, you sure have got bigger since we went nude swimming in the river, remember that day when you knickers and bra went missing, still like to know what happened to them, there was only you, Katya and me there, if I recollect Katya lost her bra too didn’t she, saying that I can recollect though saying to you and Katya that you did not need anything to keep you floating, the both of you enough to keep you floating without anything else, look at mine compared to yours, like two peas”, pulling her top up to reveal a pink bra and what looked really nice breasts with a lot of cleavage, pulling one cup up, out fell a really nice looking breast with lovely pink nipple and nice small halo with tiny little pimples surrounding the nipple, she said “want to a do a swap, just look not even a hand full, and don’t say because you have big hands either, your breasts make mine look so small, just look at yours now on there”, just has she said that we were still watching the video when she said “ what’s that in the right hand corner” I looked but could not see anything, then after a few seconds a man’s nob started to appear, I said “my god it’s a man’s cock, I could just see the eye and some juice glistening on the top of it” Olga said “was you asleep there” I said “ looks like I was, did not see enough of his cock to see who he was, but I think it was Paul, it must have been him playing with it” then a hand took hold of the blanket and started to pick it up revealing my legs and thighs, he stopped for a second, then moved the blanket up to show my white knickers with hearts all over, I recollected that these knickers and bra were a present from my Dad, who had given me them for my birthday, I recollect too that they were see though ones and dad loved looking at my nipples though them and say my pussy crack looked really sexy with the knickers between my lips, Olga said excitedly “look, look at the size of that cock, he’s hard has a rock too, that has got to be Paul” I said “yes that’s his cock alright, how did I not hear him or feel him messing though”,, he reached down and gently picked my leg up, and anyone could see my pussy though my knickers, he placed my leg so my legs were parted and I was partly lying on part of my bum, all the time he was playing with his cock and balls as the blanket moved further off my body my breasts started escort lara to come into sight, he reached and undid my bra because in was a front fastener and taking one cup off at a time I watched as my breasts came into sight and could see every part of them though my bra, I knew it was see though but I did not think it was that see though, I watched as he touched my right tit and moved his hand around my nipple, it felt one of the strangest things watching someone do things to you and you were asleep and did not know anything about it, Olga said “you know before you go to sleep did he make you a drink something, because if he’s doing things like this to you and you can’t remember only when you wake up and find your clothes took off or cut to peace’s it seems he d**gging you some way, plus surely if he’s fucking you and putting things inside you, you would know, it sounds like he’s doing what he likes to you when you’re sleeping, how did you find out about him putting a video of you on the net?.” I said “A good friend of Katya, called Sharma told her she had seen a video of the pair of us naked and two men fucking us in what looked like my flat, only twice Ekaterina had stayed the night while I was with Paul, both times we slept in the same bed and both times we had all been drinking, Ekaterina was really worried because she never wore any under clothes so she would not know if someone had sex with her or not, but I recollect her saying she felt funny like someone had messed with her, like a dirty feeling she would say,” Olga said “look how he is pulling you around there, your nipples must have been really sore after he pulled then that long” we both watched as he pulled my knickers down and spat on my cunt, he just ripped my knickers off and threw them, he got his cock in his hand and throwing my legs open penetrated me with his cock, he was pushing him in as hard as he could, then after about a dozen strokes he pulled him right out and started cumming over belly and tits, he put him as close to my open pussy as he could and also came all over my cunt, then started rubbing his cock on my open cunt, even with spunk still coming out he pushed him back inside me and was flicking my nipples with his fingers, he put his hands back down by his cock and I thought he was going to pull it back out but he got my lips and was pulling them and also pulling them towards my thighs opening my cunt so you could see his cock right inside right up to his balls, he got my leg and opened it as far as he could with one hand he pulled my left lip right up over my thigh as far lara escort bayan as he could, a few times my lips slipped out of fingers he kept on until he had a good hold, then with his other hand he pushed two fingers into my fanny on top of his cock, he was pushing them in as far as he could and it looked like he was trying to open me up more, after a few minutes he pulled his fingers out followed by his softening cock, he then went out of camera shot, I was lying on the edge of my bed, legs wide open and my tits still shining with his cum all over them, my pussy was also still wet with his cum, after a few minutes, we could see a shadow moving and we thought he was coming back for more, but it was our dog it came around the bed and started to smell around my legs, Olga said “He’s never going to get the dog to fuck you is he, the dirty bastard” sure enough the dog started to lick my thighs, then it was licking my wet pussy, it jumped up onto its back legs and was trying to get its dick inside my pussy or ass, he came back into view and moved the dog, but pulled me more into the edge of the bed and opened my legs again, the dog jump up and was trying but could not get its cock into me, he reached and got the dogs cock and put inside my pussy, the dog was fucking me and he was pulling his cock and saying to Bruno “go on boy give it to her” We watched in disbelieve that he was doing this, Bruno really had it in me, after a short while it stopped and waited a minute got down and started to lick my pussy again, you could see the dog had come inside my pussy because its spunk was running out between my lips and down towards my ass, he was still wanking his self-off, he moved the dog away and rammed his cock into me as hard as he could, he started to pump up and down, then got faster and faster, and started to morn and jerk and we knew he had come inside me too, he pushed forward that hard he moved me up the bed and grabbed my breasts, you could see his fingers digging deep into my flesh, he said “have that you fucking bitch, hope it comes out your mouth, what a fucking pair of milk jugs you got, big as melons only wish they was full of milk you slag, I’d suck the fuckers dry and you would never know you whore” with that he pulled his cock out and you could see his cum between my lips and also some running down by my ass, he called Bruno and put him to lick my cunt again, Bruno was trying to fuck me again but he moved him, pulled me back up the bed and threw a blanket over the lower part of my body, my tits were still out but you could only see one of them, Olga said “ babe he ****d you the bastard, it could have been true he fucked the both of you that time when Ekaterina said she thought he or someone had messed with her, remember her saying she woke up and her pussy was wet”

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