My Dad part eight: Olga’s story


My Dad part eight: Olga’s storyMy DadPart EightSix weeks after: Olga’s storyAnastasia was still staying at my flat, we have found out by looking at several DVDs, Paul her ex-boyfriend had d**gged her drink and several of her friends to have sex with them, he put all of them on DVD and the things he did was just mind blowing. Olga spent hours looking though my DVDs and was shocked by what she found, she found out he did fuck Ekaterina and several of our friends who had come to our flat, but the biggest shock was he even tried it with Olga. It was on one of the tapes, he did not fuck her but he messed about with her, when we saw it, we tried to think when it happened and remembered about five months ago, we all got together at Olga’s flat because it was her birthday by around 10pm we were all drunk and having fun, as usual Anastasia was talking about sex and how she likes trying different ways, Olga said “just because you two are younger than me don’t mean I didn’t enjoy my sex either, I remember when I was about f******n and we went to England, on holiday, while I say holiday it was more like visiting relations really, I remember it was right by the sea with these big sand dunes like mountains they were, just at the start of the second week my mum dad, auntie and uncle Ben was going to have a day touring around the area, I did not feel too well and told them I wound have a day on the beach by the sea and see them later, they went and I walked up the beach. After sitting on the sand for about an hour I started to feel a little bit sick, so I went in the sand dunes, found one that seemed out of the way and sat down and had a cigarette I put my towel down on the sand and lead down, it was really very hot, after about another hour, I turned over and was lying on my tummy, I undid my bra and took it off so I could get a tan without having my bra straps marks on my skin and no one came by anyway, after some time I turned back onto my back, I looked at my breasts and both of them had sand on them, I brushed the sand off and down my tummy, my hand slipped under my pants, I could feel sand all over my mound and into my crack but it felt really tight, warm and sweaty on my hand in there, I eased my pants down and could just see the start of my crack, what I did not realize was not only was I playing with my cunt but I was also playing with my tits, my nipples where really hard and sticking out with two white patches were my bra had been, I was getting hands full of my breasts and squeezing them pulling and rolling my nipples between my fingers, my tits are really sensitive and I knew my juices were starting to flow, I could feel my lips getting wet so I pulled my pants right down over my knees and kicked them off so I could open my legs, my cunt was wet and I tasted sweet and thick when I licked my fingers, I remember thinking Olga you are naked, playing with yourself on a beach where someone can see everything you got but it only made me feel more sexier and wished someone would come and give me a good fucking, my pussy was aching for a stiff cock inside me but I just had to make do with my fingers and hand which was now rubbing my whole pussy, inserting one finger inside my cunt while still rubbing it my body was twisting and jumping with the pleasure which was flowing through it, It was like getting small electric shocks from inside my pussy running right up to my tits and nipples, I opened my eyes for a few seconds and noticed I had been pulling my nipples that hard I had liquid coming out of them, little drops of milk were on my nipples, I could feel the sun burning my thighs and cunt and it felt really very nice on my tits to, then all of a sudden I felt these hands on my knees and the top of my arm, I opened my eyes to see two young men there , the first thing I wanted to do was cover my bits but I thought what the hell, I then looked at their pants and yes both of them had big bulges in their shorts, the one who was touching my arm, I looked at and could see up the leg of his shorts and could see his cock with some juice just glistening in the eye of it, it was nearly hanging out the leg of his shorts, he said “baby my name is Keith, we have been watching you playing for the last ten minutes and thought you would like the real things, you have such a beautiful body, we have any many young women of all ages who go topless in these dunes but only a few who like you find somewhere nice and quiet and strip right off, I reach up and pushed my hand under the leg of his pants and touched his nob, he was wet and very hard, I took hold of his pants leg with both hands and pulled them down, his hard cock fell out into the sunlight, it stood up and pointed straight out in front of him as pulled harder on his shorts his balls came into sight and his shorts fell down by his feet, just looking at his cock, it looked bent in the middle making it point up, I wish it was up me, his balls were hanging down and the skin was so soft to touch, I had his cock in my hand and his balls in my other, rolling and pulling them, his friend (who I found out later to be John) was sliding his hand up my thighs and was only inches away from my pussy, he had found the soft skin on my thighs and was sliding his hand from the top of my thigh over and down towards my ass, on a few occasions I felt his fingers on my ass hole, the soft skin seemed to fascinate him and he was rubbing and playing really close to my pussy now I could feel the hair on his hands and kırşehir escort arms brushing my clit and although he did not know he was making my juices flow, meanwhile I put Keith’s cock in my mouth, his juices tasted a little salty and very thick but his cock was really hard and about six inches long, he was fully hard too, but I did not worry about the size it was what he could do with it after I was looking forward too, I took his cock as far into my mouth as I could and was running my tongue around it making sure to go around the base of his nob, his hands were now on my tits he was pulling them towards his mouth and the feeling of his tongue on my nipples where sending nice tingling feelings through my breasts and parts of my body, I looked at John, he was naked now too and pulling his hard cock with one hand, he then lead down and put my legs over the lower part of my body I could feel his cock and body pressing against my pussy and ass and I knew he was going to put him in me, I could feel his fingers around my pussy opening just playing with it after a short while he inserted three fingers inside me and started to finger fuck me, he pushed his body closer to mine and started pushing his very hard cock into my ass, his cock felt huge and that was only his nob just going in, as his whole cock slid into me I screamed because it felt so huge, he pushed it all the way in because I could now feel his balls pressing against my thighs, at first I it felt like I wanted a good shit but after a short while I started to enjoy it he was pumping in and out and pushing it as far and as hard as he could I still had Keith’s cock in my mouth and I thought he was going to cum but he managed to hold onto his juice, my nipples were huge by this time just as I looked at John pumping my ass, I felt his finger nails digging into my cheeks and his cock throbbing and pumping warm spunk into my hole, it felt like he was going to come for ever, after a short while he pulled him out, I looked and his cock was gleaming in the sun shine, Keith was sucking my nipples and squeezing my breasts, when John moved away from my hole, Keith lead on top of me and I could feel his cock rubbing up and down my clit, Keith said “ how old are you sexy” I said “ just gone f******n” he said “ baby you have a body of any sixteen year old, have you had sex before like this” I said “yes I have had sexy before, to be truthful ever since I was about eight years old my brother caught me coming out of the bathroom naked and wanted to see why I never had a cock like him and a clit, he used to say “Olg,did someone chop it off and have it for dinner” I use to say “why do you think that” he say “because it’s a sausage and two eggs” I could feel Keith’s cock deep inside my cunt and he was playing with my tits, for my age I had really large breasts and I knew boys and men used to look at them, many times I’ve caught boys and men trying to look down my tops, Keith was fucking me hard and rubbing my clit with his other hand, my whole body felt tingles and I wonder why than the feelings that flooded over me was exciting I could not help but shout out with pleasure at the same time Keith’ cock pumped his load of spunk deep inside my pussy, I could feel his warm cum going inside and it felt like loads were going in too, he lead on top of me kissing my lips and tits, I thought to myself I have some things to show my brother the next time he comes in my bed to sleep, I got up and copped down really was dying for a piss and started, Keith came closer to see where my piss was coming out of me and got some in the face which he like and said “ you can piss on me anytime anywhere baby” I put my shorts on and top, and told them if they were about later would they like to do it again “both of them said “yes please”. Anastasia said “Olga you are a dark horse, we never thought you liked sex like that and since you were eight, you know Ekaterina and me love showing our body’s off and love sex with men or woman, but you, we would never have thought it tell us more after I get the vodka, I suspect you have lots of sexy story’s, Ekaterina myself sat down on the carpet in the flat to listen to Olga’s life story, we were already topless because we were trying to find out which one of us got the biggest breasts. Olga said “I like you two have thought about sex a lot over the years, it all started when I was about ten years old, I knew there was something different about my brother and me but could not understand what, lots of times I tried to get him to show me his if I showed him mine, but he would not until one day just after I had a bath, I came in with my towel around me and sat opposite my brother not thinking anything about it, later on I went to my room to play with some of my toys, after about ten minutes, my brother, Alex came into my room looking a bit puzzled and not saying much, a short time later I said to him “what’s the matter” he said “where do you hide you sausage” I said “what sausage” Alex said “ the sausage you have between your legs, when you sat down on the chair I saw between your legs and your sausage was not there, if you show me yours I will show you mine”, with that I started to pull my towel up nervously showing him the top of my legs, he started to pull his trousers down and was showing his tummy and just the start of what looked like a finger, could just see how tiny it was,, I then went to move the towel a little more and it fell right off, Alex just stood escort kırşehir and stared at my body, all he could say was “why haven’t you got one like this and pulled his trousers right down, I just stood there looking at this little thing hanging down with two round things under it, I said “Alex, can I touch it please” he said “yyyes if you like, but before you do, you must promise never to tell mum and dad that we done this, do you promise”, I said “Yes, I promise and you can touch mine if you like” we just stood there looking at one another’s body, after a short while I reach out and took his hand and placed it between my legs, it felt really strange to feel someone else’s hand on my body, his small fingers were right in my crack, at this time I did not have very big lips, but just putting his hand on it gave me some nice feelings inside my body, I reached over and touched his cock, the skin was over his nob which I knew nothing about at this time, it was really very soft and warm to touch, I watched in disbelieve as it started to get bigger, I could feel it getting larger in my hand and I said to Alex “why is it growing” he said “it does if I play with it, just keep rubbing it and you will feel it throbbing, I just held it in my hand and was wondering why it had got larger, I pulled back the skin reviling something under it, I eased the skin back further and found his purple nob with a slit in the top of if, I said “did that hurt when you cut it” Alex said “Olga ,it was not a cut that’s how it had always been, the cut is where my wee comes out of, where does yours came out from”, I reach out and took hold of his hand and pushed it a little further down so he could feel my opening, his little fingers were already playing with it and it felt really good, nice feelings, I hoped he would play like it all the time “ anyway what happened to yours” he said “your skin feels strange to touch, so soft and is giving me good feelings” we play about with each other’s things for a short time, then I felt his little thing throbbing, I looked at him and he had his eyes shut, we started to put our clothes back on and we both promised not to tell anyone about this. When we were growing up our rooms where next to each other’s with a door between them,, I think about two days after we saw each other’s body’s, all I could think about was his little thing hanging down between his legs and I really wanted to play with it lots more and to feel his hands on my little pussy so one night after mum and dad put us to bed, I took my pants off and nighty then went into my brothers room because I knew mum and dad would not come into our rooms again in the night and if they did I was going to say I had a bad dream,, it was really dark in Alex’s room but I found his bed I whispered Alex, after a short while he said “hello” I said “Alex can I get in your bed” he said “yes, buts what’s the matter” I said “Just had a bad dream” I pulled the blankets back and got in beside him he was lovely and warm, he asked me if I wanted to cuddle up to him and turned to face me in the dark as we came closer I could feel his little cock pressing against the top of my legs, for some reason I moved so his thing was now pressing in the middle of my legs and partly against my little fanny, if felt really strange to feel his naked body against mine. He said “Olga where’s your nighty and pants” I said “I want to be like my older brother feels nice to be in bed with nothing at all on, He said after playing about with my slit for some time, “that is lovely and soft and warm, but it is not far away from your bum is it, when I slid my hand down I can feel your bum too, shall we do what mum and dad was doing that moaning when we went in their room early” I said “what was that” he said “dad was lying on top of mum” I said try it then but you are heavy” we rolled on top of me and as soon as he did I felt his thing right by my opening and I knew it was meant to slid in my pussy, I reached down and took hold of it and just put it in my tiny lips and I felt him throbbing, I later found out when I got older he was coming but was too young for sperm to come out of his cock, he just stayed on top of me for a minute or two and rolled back off me, I said “Alex come in my room next “ I got out of his bed and went back to my room still thinking about his tiny thing. That was my first time. Once we did it the first time that was the start we played about with each other for about three or four months after that, then it stopped for some time. I was just coming up to fifteen, my breasts were getting bigger and fuller and I just started to shave my pussy, never liked hair down there. One day I came home and found a bottle of vodka in the cabinet and thought I try a drink. I had four glasses of vodka with coke and took the last one up to my room, I sat on my bed and was listening to my music and started to feel really hot, not realizing I took my skirt off and my top including my bra, I was sitting there now with only my knickers on, these were that thin you could see everything under it but I did not think anything about it, I looked at my breasts and smiled because I thought if dad or my brother could see these now what would they say, I drank my other drink and thought I would have another I went and got one and returned to my room but left my door ajar not thinking I sat back on my bed and just rubbed my breast, I drunk my other drink and laid down on my bed and must have gone kırşehir escort bayan to sleep, because the next thing I remember was waking up and feeling someone sucking my nipples, I opened my eyes and it was my Dad, I was really liking his touch and did not realize he had took my knickers off and I was completely naked, his hand was down on my pussy and he was fingering my clit, my breathing was harsh he must have been playing with me for some time while I was sleeping, I reached down out and touched the bare skin on his bum, then my hand went under his body and touched his very hard and big naked cock, he had nothing on from the waist down, He said “ that’s right babe do what you like with him” I noticed his penis was very wet and my hand slipped up and down on it easy, I could feel the foreskin slipping over his nob which felt huge in my hand, he said “babe when I came in your room you were naked well as good as, as I looked at your breasts I could feel my penis getting harder and harder, I looked down and could see right through your knickers, I could see it as plain as day, you looked really very sexy, I just could not help myself or stop myself getting in your knickers, your pussy looked so sexy and warm and just wanted to come out” I remember saying to him “Dad don’t worry I would never say anything to Mum or anyone else for that matter, this will be our secret I promise you. Did you know Ekaterina’s farther used to and still do I think, fuck her on a regular basses, she told me some time ago, she looks forward to it too, and recons its better with him than any other man because he’s so gentle, sometimes she said they have a three some apparently Ekaterina came home from work one day went to get changed and found her Dad fucking Anastasia up the ass, she was moaning and asking him to do it harder” my Dad said “well, well would never think that about those two always thought they were good girls” , he was now sucking my nipples and playing with my wet cunt, I pulled his cock faster and harder, his balls were basing up against my arm, Dad said “Olga suck them “ he let me move and I started licking around his balls and nibbling then, his balls tasted of sweet and pee but was so sexy to, knowing mum does this really started to make my juices flow, I saw Mum naked many times and for a woman in her fifty’s had a great body with a lovely clean shaven pussy, and I just had visions of dads cock inside my mum all wet and juice, my own juices were flowing now more than I realized and dad said “ baby you taste so sweet” going down on my cunt he started licking around my fanny opening inserting his tongue inside and licking it into his mouth, then pushing it back in but as far in as he could get it, I could feel his nose on my clit, I know my brother and me have played with each other but never could I imagine the feelings which were now flooding through my aching body for his cock to entre me, it was the strangest feeling wanting him inside me, he was licking and sucked my pussy lips stretching them which felt like they were really long, after a few times of doing this, I felt his hand and fingers playing around my hole pushing and pulling in and out of my now socking fanny his fingers felt so big inside me, he then started to twist is fingers around gently, while he was pushing his fingers in his thumb was just rubbing my clit every time he was right in, his other hand was playing with me tit, squeezing the whole of it and digging his finger nails into my skin, then pulling and flicking my nipple which seemed to be hard by this time, his juices were coming out of the eye in the end of his cock, I them managed to move around and could take his penis in my mouth, he still tasted of wee and a mixture of my juices and his own, my tongue was licking around his foreskin which I had pulled right back to show the purple ring at the base of his nob I the juices under his foreskin was traces of blood because I was a virgin until then there was also blood on the blanket but we did not worry about that all I wanted was his thing inside my cunt, I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking him as hard as I could, still licking around his nob with my tongue, after about five minutes he pulled him out and turned me onto my back, got on top and I put his cock into my pussy, it felt like it was massive and hurt a little going in but he pushed it in until I could feel has balls against my ass, as he fucked me his balls kept hitting my ass hole, I was pushing my whole body down against his body as hard as I could, after a few really hard in pushes he went to pull him out but I gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him back in, he said “ babe I’m coming” no sooner had he said it and I felt his cock throbbing and pumping this hot juices deep into my cunt, not only did he come but the feelings I had was fantastic, running through my body like electric he lied down on top of my breasts were heaving under him, after a short while he said “babe, that was something special, don’t tell mum, we will keep it our little secret just between you and me ok and I promise if you want to do it again we will” I said “ dad I love your thing in me and I want you to fuck me all the time please, mum will never find out I promise you that, come and see me in the nights when she is asleep if you like, your little girl want her dad to fuck my ass off. Dad cock had gone soft now and had come out, I could feel my dad’s spunk seeping out and going down over my ass, he got off and got dressed, and went down, I put my hand down on my cunt and rub his sperm in my pussy, bring my hand back up I tasted it, it was nice, I pulled my skirt on and top and also went down with a soaking wet fanny, hoping and waiting for the next time.

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