My Cousins Girl


My Cousins GirlIm from new york, and have family all over the states. My cousin who was usually up to no good had seemed to find his way back to NY, and at my house after moving down to florida but this time he wasnt alone. He came up with a big booty puertican chick. I was like daaaaamn ” she got the phatty “…… Me, im the type of person who gonna listen and see what you have to say…… yada yada yada to make a long story short my cousin told me he and his girl were on bad terms. ” i swear nga im waitin for this bitch to fuck up, cant wait to kick her out “. I was like ok i hear you. One night we in my boys apt downstairs from mines watching a movie. My boy and his shorty was there, my shorty n i and my cousins girl. My cousin was at work….. i began yawning and complaining about work the next day and my cousins girl reacted and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri said “ill be back” and walked out. 5 minutes later i reacted and left as well just to find my cousins girl in the dark hallway. “you good” i said. “No” she responded and walked over to me and started kissing me like a hot romantic scene. shit was crazy. i knew it was wrong n all but the fact that it wasnt right and nobody knew was a thrill. i finally reacted and said “WTF, this cant go down, you my cousins girl and my shorty is in the living room watching a movie” i brushed it off and ran upstairs. next day i came home on my lunch break to nap on my couch and found myself being woken up by my cousins girl saying “you look uncomfortable, go to your room” wasnt a bad idea so i went……15 min later i wake up and she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri is there taking her clothes off looking me dead in my eyes. she rubbed my dick as she crawled up towards me. loosened my belt, unzippered my pants and pulled my hard dick out. she looked at it, spit on it and began slowly sucking my head. i said “chill yo shit aint right” she said “i know, but its already done my mouth is already on your cock” i raised my eyebrow like fuck you right, layed back down and let her keep going. she slowly began playing with herself and hopped on my dick. aww her puertican pussy was so pretty. nicely shaved and did i mention her ass was so fat??????? oh man i went raw dog thats how good it was. came in her n all….. what???????? she said she was on the pill!!!!!! (im a grimey motha fucka güvenilir bahis şirketleri right? i know!) eventually she got too attached and ppl began to notice. it was only a matter of time before my cousin noticed. so i began preparing to how to break it down to him. one night my cousin and i had plans to see hunts point racing and get some hoes.. lol dead ass. when he came home he came in speed walking right into his room. i went to him and made sure he was good. he brushed me off and said “everything good brotha gotta go” nga took all his shit and literally went back to florida. 20 min later he called me saying how fucked up i was yada yada yada…….. never seen him since. his girl? she ended up staying with me. during the week she was my girl and my original girl would come on the weekend. it was too much for her too handle, seeing your man walk into the room with his girl…. she eventually went back to florida and called me a few weeks later saying she was pregnate. not to worry that she is good, she dont need my help. i was totally against it and told her i wanted to be there for my k**. she hung up and never heard from her sinceTrue Story

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