My cousin


My cousinStory about the first real sexual experience with my older cousin. Going to break into a couple parts as it does get better and the anticipation will get you reading more. Going to try and be as graphic as I can. It gets me excited when I think back on it.Since graduating highschool I moved into the big city. Went to college and got a good job.Moved a couple times and found that one year I was pretty close to a older female cousin of mine. First cousin so we knew each other. She had been married and divorced and was always in on and off relationships. She lived with her 7 year old son in an apartment in a house.I was an avid motor bike rider at the time and needed a place to keep my bike after my Grandmother died, and the house was sold. She let me keep my bike in the garage where she parked her car.Anyway we started getting closer and closer. I was spending a lot of time with the two of them. Being 19 and horney I started getting attractions towards her. When I was alone I masturbated thinking about her. I had seen her sunbathing a couple times, when going to get my bike for a ride. Once she asked if I could rub suntan oil on her back. I rubed it up to her shoulders and kinda snuck up to the front of her shoulders and around her neck. She had a pretty rockin body for being 36. I can’t remember how many times I had masturbated to the thought of rubbing her down with oil. Months went by and we were getting pretty close. One evening after having supper, I remember going up to her room, bathroom was off her room, and looking for a pair of her underwear to smell. All I found were clean ones so it had to do. I stole that pair so I could think more about how close my face could now be to where her pussy once was.She had been flirty with me but being a virgin, yes I was a virgin, didn’t see the signs clearly. Had never really seen a naked female body first hand. Sure I watched porn. Had been masturbating since age 15, so I knew what sex was and how to do it…porn style.I started to get the feeling she was interested when going to my parents cabin one weekend. It was just me and her. It was her Son’s weekend with his father. Packed up my truck with groceries and anything else we would need for the 2 nights. So many things could have happened that weekend, it was mind boggling, and makes me hard thinking back on that particular weekend.The cabin didn’t have running water, so it was either boil water or go down to the lake with a bar of soap. So one evening we decided to go down to a beach area, it was kinda secluded ataşehir escort and nobody was there. With our swim suits on we jumped into the lake and swam out to neck high water. She had a teal 2 piece bikini she always wore. She sunbathed in it and you could tell she had well defined tan lines. The water being mirky, you couldn’t see anything. Soap in hand I started to scrub myself down . I was watching her swim in the water and found my cock getting erect. Since you couldn’t see under the water I pulled it out and started stroking it with the soap. Still watching her, she wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. It was a very exciting feeling watching her , fantasizing about her, and had my hand masturbating my cock at the same time. She swam next to me so I stopped doing what I was doing in fear of getting caught. She asked where the soap was and that it was her turn to wash up.So I handed her the soap that was just stroking my cock. She moved away from me a bit, but was still facing me. I can see that she is fiddling with something under the water. Not thinking about what she was doing I begin to stroke my hard cock again, this time slowly so as not to make it look obvious. All of a sudden she tosses me her bikini top. With one hand on my cock and the other in the water, I was helpless and it totally caught me off guard. They landed right on my face. All I remember her saying was, “Don’t look at me!” At that moment I realized what just landed on my face and I blew my load in the water. After she was done she asked for her top back and I turned way in respect so she could get her top back on. Getting out of the water and drying off her hair she looked at me, facing me and said. “Are you Done, Done?” It was like she was flirting with me, giving me a full view of her. Not being a dead man I gave her a good once over, but not an obvious one. Her bikini bottoms were hugging her crotch so well you could see the camel toe outline. I don’t ever remember seeing it that puffy. After moving up her flat stomach to her breasts you could see her nipples were hard and perky. With the wet suit hugging her like that was starting to make me hard again. Kinda playing dumb about it I said “Ya, why do I look dirty? I had a glance down to make sure my cock wasn’t growing too obvious. Starting to see my trunks lifting I quickly grabbed a towel and covered myself. As I looked up I could see a smile on her face.Walking back to the cabin we got to talking about having a bonfire later and having a couple beers. escort ataşehir Again not noticing the signs she started walking closer to me and our hands brushed each other.Back at the cabin. It was such a basic little shack. There were no doors to the rooms just curtains. Interior walls were only about 8 feet tall with open ceilings. Just enough privacy to feel comfortable.I went inside to change and she went to hang the towels on a tree to dry. Dug through my back pack to get clothes out I got excited and felt daring. Also feeling horney as hell again I needed to hold my cock in hand. As I was standing there I opened the curtain just a little, as the room I was in had a view of the entrance. So there was the possibility of her seeing a little dick flash, if she was paying attention. By now I was fully erect and gave my cock a bit of attention. Soon I heard the entrance door open and kinda moved like I was looking for something in my backpack. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her stop a moment and take in what she was looking at though the gap in the curtain. As I moved I could see her move quickly out of view. After getting my underwear on and a pair of shorts I heard her say, “Put some tunes on and get me a beer would ya!” When I think back she was pretty cool to hang out with.Now her room she was staying in was off the living room, and the beer fridge was in the living room. So in order to turn the music on and get a beer I had to walk past her room. The thought got me so excited I was shaking. Thinking would she repay the flash I gave her with a flash of her own. The adrenaline was flowing and I was so excited my hands got cold. I could feel the precum flowing getting my underwear wet. Damn I was so hard at that moment, I thought my dick would explode from the preasure. Getting up the nerve to exit my room I did. Not wanting to rush things I moved slower than I normally would have. As I walked up to the room I could see the curtain was open a crack like mine was. I thought to my self could this be it, am I dreaming? As I walked past the gap in the curtain I could see her perfectly painted toes, and her toned calves. At this point I realized she was laying on her back, on the bed, with her feet dangling off the edge. Then my eyes started on the thighs. Disappointment was setting in and at that point I thought she was still wearing her bikini. Couple more inches further up I saw it! At that moment all disappointment was gone There it was! For my viewing pleasure. A perfectly groomed ataşehir escort bayan outcrop of pubic hair. My knees got weak, and as I went farther past the opening I could see her stomach, then her breasts came into view. They were just as I imagined them. Perky C cups popping up off her chest. Excitement was off the hook. I had never had this feeling, ever. As I got to her neck and head it was plain she wanted me to see, as she was looking at me through the crack. Her greenish eyes bright and watching me. I quickly turned and leaped forward into the living room out of sight. I heard myself say “Sorry, didn’t mean too!” As I put the radio on and found a good rock channel, I heard the curtain close the rest of the way. Thinking about what I just saw put a smile on my face. She did see me dressing and paid the favor back. I was about ready to blow my load. I couldn’t believe was just happened. As I opened the beer fridge to pull out a can for her and myself, she said “Just take the beer outside with you I’ll be out in a minute.” My heart sunk I thought this was going farther, but reality sunk in. She was my cousin afterall, and the thought of it was taboo. But did it ever get me hard. Walking back past her room I was thinking that the curtain would swing open and she would be standing there fully naked. Grab me and pleasure me in ways a MILF only could. But alas my fantasy didn’t happen. The curtain was closed, and didn’t open with a naked woman standing there.After getting outside the bulge in my pants was still there. Still reflecting on what I just saw I just had to beat off. The closest private place was the outhouse. Went in closed the door and pulled out my rock hard cock. There was so much precum I thought I had ejaculated already. No lotion needed and I ejaculated the biggest load I could remember, of all the time I had masturbated.Thinking back to that fantasy of her pulling me into the room would have ended in premature ejaculation. I’d have exploded before she even touched me.Cleaned up and went out to start the fire. She was already outside sitting in a lawn chair facing the outhouse that I just masturbated in. As I was starting the fire she asked “Did you have a fun time today?” My reply. “Hell ya!”Nothing was ever mentioned, that night, what had just happened. We sat there enjoying the fire, beer and the company. Talking about music, work and everything else. Past Relation ships were talked about but absolutely nothing was said about what happened leading up to the camp fire.We polished off an 18 pack of beer before calling it a night and we went to our separate rooms and the next morning we had coffee and breakfast. Packed and went home.I now had a better visual to masturbate to, as well as her underwear I had. Now to get ahold of some that I could taste.

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