My Cousin Got me Started


My Cousin Got me StartedWhen I was in my early teens, I had an older cousin named Don, who I had a crush on. We had spent a lot of time together during the summers for many years and he was like an older brother to me. He had taught me to swim and how to drive a car even though it would be a few years before I could actually get a license. He had never tried anything sexual with me and to be perfectly honest, I had never thought of us ever having sex together.This summer was going to be different. My breasts had bloomed and my ass had gotten bigger so it was apparent that I was no longer a c***d. Don had noticed all this also and I had caught him staring at my breasts several times. This sort of had me showing them off although I never let on that I knew he enjoyed looking at them.Don had purchased a new canoe and he suggested that we load it into his truck and drive down to the river and try it out. I was all for it. We had floated the river in older canoes before but this was brand new and much bigger than the other ones. We got the canoe tied down and since we wouldn’t have to be on any public roads, he allowed me to drive. Now that I had to keep my eyes on the road, Don was able to check out my breasts really well. I knew he must be looking at them and I just could not resist the urge to kind of thrust them out. I guess I was becoming a tease even at that early age.Don asked me to stop the truck so he could get a beer from the cooler in the back and as he got out he asked if I wanted a softdrink. Then before I could answer he asked if I would rather have a beer? I giggled and told him the beer would be great. I would always steal drinks of his beer whenever we had family outings. Actually I didn’t steal them, he would just let me have it when nobody was watching. Our little secret. He got back into the truck and opened the beer for me as well as his own and we took off down the country road. I was taking a drink when I kind of veered off the road a little. Don suggested that I pull over to the side and shut the engine off while we drank our beer. I did as he suggested and when we were parked lara escort he said, “You have really grown since last summer. I bet you have all kinds of boyfriends.” I giggled and told him that I didn’t. He grinned and said, “If I was in school with you I would folow you around like a little puppy. You are really cute.” I was getting a little nervous for some reason and I was drinking the beer pretty fast. He asked if I wanted another one and although I knew I should refuse, I said yes.He got two more beers from the cooler and said, “Now don’t tell anyone that I gave you this.” I assured him that it would be our secret and then for some reason I found myself saying, “I will never tell anyone about anything we do.” He gave me a big smile and patted my knee and told me what a good girl I was. Then, out of the blue, I find myself placing my hand on his thigh and saying, “you are a really nice guy. I enjoy being with you.” He placed his beer in the cup holder and put his arm around me and pulled me over closer to him. He softly kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “You are so sweet. I think of you all the time. Then he kissed my lips. I had boys kiss me before but this was different. I loved the way his lips felt against mine and then his tongue was ever so softly toughing my lips. I found myself opening my mouth and my tongue touched his. This felt super good and I wanted his tongue desperately!After several minutes of passionately kissing, I felt his hand go to my breast. My first reaction was to push his hand away but it felt so good I found myself whispering in his ear, “Do you like them Honey?” I could not believe those words came from my mouth! He kissed me again and now our tongues were trying to get down each other’s throats. We broke our embrace long enough to get my top and bra out of the way. My young nipples were fully erect and he sucked them so passionately I was getting damp between my thighs. It was readily apparent that he was in love with my breasts. He would suck and kiss them and then pull back and gaze at them and then hungrily suck them back into his mouth. It felt like pure heaven escort lara and I placed my hand to the back of his head and pleaded with him to suck them harder. I have no idea of how long he worshiped my breasts but he was getting me so hot that I was ready for anything!I didn’t know it but Don had unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. While we kissed again he took my hand and placed it on his swollen erection. Believe it or not but I was not sure what I was touching. I had see pictures of cocks before but I had never seen a grown man with a hard-on. We broke our kiss and he let me see it. At that moment I thought this surely must be the biggest cock in the world! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and I simply had to give it a squeeze. Don kissed my open mouth again and then whispered, “You like my cock honey?” I was so excited all I could do was nod my head. He pulled away and pulled his jeans down to his knees. He wore no undershorts so now I was able to see the full length of this huge cock and his enormous balls. He whispered, “Watch this Honey.” He reached for his cock and very slowly pulled the foreskin back to reveal this beautiful purple head of it. The tip of it was glistening and when I reached for it this wettness were very slippery. Don told me that was a lubricant to enable a man to enter a woman’s pussy easier. Then He softly asked me if I wanted him to put it in me? Well this little angel sitting on my shoulder told me to say no that all this was wrong but at the same time the little devil on my other shoulder told me to get my panties off and find out how good it would feel to be fucked for the first time. The little devil won!Don got a blanket from behind the seat and pulled his jeans up. I grabbed my bra and top and we went into the woods and spread the blanket on the ground. I was so hot I stood there and pulled my shorts and panties down and stepped out of them as Don watched and removed his jeans. I found myself staring at his cock and wondering just where that big thing would be if he put it all the way in me? We kissed and his hand went to my pussy. I was embassed lara escort bayan because it was so wet but Don didn’t mind at all. He dropped to his knees and kissed my pussy. My body trembled at his touch but then he was kissing my pussy just like he had kissed my mouth. He had me lay down and spread my legs. Then he really kissed it! He placed his hands under my ass and held me tightly as he hungrily sucked me. I found the urge to lift my hips and this seemed to excite him even more.After several minutes he pulled away fro my pussy and positioned himself over me. He whispered,”Baby I want to fuck you so bad! Hold my cock Honey and guide it in for me!” I reached for his massive cock and led it to my baby pussy. He raised up enough for us to both see it entering me. He very slowly slid that monstous purple head inside my body. It hurt a little but in a nice way. As I watched he slowly put more of it in me and then slowly pulled it back out. Then he was back in me and with each stroke more of it was inside. I found myself wondering just how much of it I could take but with each stroke more and more of it entered my outstretched pussy. It felt so good! Why in the world haven’t we done this before? I was feeling like a real woman..Here I was, laying on a blanket with my aching titties exposed to the world and a man actually fucking me. Don moaned and I looked down to see that he was all the way inside me. Now the fucking began! He worked that big cock in and out of me faster and faster. I reached for his ass and dug my nails into his flesh and this got him fucking me faster. I was on fire and although I had only climaxed by masturbating myself I knew that now I was about cum with a man’s cock in me. I on the very edge od exploding when done shoved his cock all the way into me and held it there. I felt his cock pulsing and he Moaned,”Oh Baby! Im’ cumming!!” While he spurted into my pussy I used my muscles to clench his throbbing cock and the sensation of having his cum in me as well as the thought of how wrong we were for doing this had me cumming! I mean this out of this world!!We lay there and kissed and held each other for quite awhile and agreed that we would do this again.. I heard this noise from my shoulder and there was the good little angel with her ass in the air and the little devil fucking her brains out!!

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