My CD night


My CD nightHi I am a bisexual male from hyd. I practise cross dressing since quite a long. I am basically an exhibitionist but have not yet received enough praised towards it though I practice it from a long time. I like to be dressed like a girl and used by males or group of hard tops. I have had near to 7 encounters but only one was satisfactory. I left the city and was not able to meet that guy again, he was good and understanding. He respect the cd thing and thus I can open up far more than with ony one else. I place my ads and pics on the website to get calls. These days I have started updating my videos as well. Crossdresser strip and dance and like wise. I mention in the ad thing that this is what I am and this is what I am going to do. I love to be used by my partner for anything and everything, but ofcourse in my comfortabality.That was a Friday, I got a call at around just after noon. “it is mr. reshma”, yes this is the name what I used to use those days, “yes it is, may I know who is on the line”. He described about my add and enquired about the authentication. I verified that I am the one who has posted it and stand abide to it. He was a business man of around 56, I have seen his profile earlier. He wanted to spend a night with me. His wife was not there in the station. I had never spent a night at any time earlier, I generally go in the day time and come back in 2 to 3 hours. But when he told he will pay me, I thought again and questioned him what exactly he wants. He told choice is mine but you have to say if yes or no. I thought what a 56 year old man will do. Max he will retain for 2 hours but second thought was also there as he did not mention what exactly he wants to do with me or from me. Anyway by seeing the amount, I told yes. He mentioned that he likes my dance and the moves I make. I thank him for appreciation and thought that I will be performing in front of him than he will get pleased by sextuals. I always liked to dress up like an item gild and dance on some dirty songs with sizzling moves, this is what I upload on my portals. Thanking the same to be doing there, I stopped bothering any more.It was a Saturday night, I reached in time at the place told. It was a bungalow in one of the most popular residential part of the city. So did not found much trouble reaching there. I knocked the door but no response and pressed the bell but could not hear the sound. After waiting for 2 to 3 mins there the door opened. 5 feet size, bald, fair, sporty built, muscled man with brown eyes was standing in front of me. He greeted me and welcomed me, “any troubles reaching here”, question in heavy voice, ”no not much”, I replied. He shake hand with me and praised my body. “you are really good looking” and offered me water, I drank the full glass. I thank him for the praise and water ofcourse. The bungalow was with a big hall. I sat there for some time expecting him to ask something just casually but he directed me to the dressing room upstairs. “You can dress up there, everything is available, if not just tell”, “I brought my dress with me”, “wear the one brought for you, think it as a token of love”. I knobbed my head and headed towards the room upstairs. Feeling of excitement and joy and a bit of fear was flowing inside me. I controlled everything, and entered the dressing room. There were three wardrobes, all opened, filled with all stuff a girl would ever like to dress up like an item girl. I was very much pleased with the collection. I started removing my clothes güvenilir bahis and kept it aside over the small stool lying there. I was selecting dress being nude and touching my genitals. i took out a pale yellow turning to pink colour bra, made with very thin cloth but soft. I picked up matching panties and wore them. I was told before hand only to be complete clean from the body and I followed the instructions perfectly. I praised my self in the under garments and thought myself as a perfect gill but the erection was disturbing the feeling. From the next shelf in the wardrobe, I picked up a cream coloured semi transparent lehanga with red border and green stripes. I moved my hand into the next shelf, I took out a matching choli and the duppata. I remembered telling him that I love to wear lehangas and choli. Next wardrobe was a set of ornaments, in total there were complete set of three as if three girls can dress up at the same time. I choose the one matching to my dress, bangles and next was the anklets. It was a heavy silver anklet with lots of hanging bells, soon as I lift it up it started the sweet but noisy sound. I wore it on my clean fair legs. I praised my self ever then before and was looking good as girl. I came to the door or the dressing room, opened it and stated walking slowly. The silence of the house was being broken by my anklet bells, I was move towards the down stairs. “ready to be used”, the heavy voice broke the silence once again, I told yes in excitement. “come down, it’s the show time”. I heard some sound while in the dressing room, now I am seeing the result of the noise. There was a small I mean of size stage at the centre of the hall exactly down the jhoomer. The stage was little more lighted than the rest of the space in the hall. The business man was dressed up in suit and was looking very handsome in the black dress. He told me to bring a whisky out of fridge and make a drink. I obeyed him happily and offered the drink. Thinking the way how the night will pass, I assured myself to dance on the stage and he will be enjoying with the drink. He has also given me 2 weeks time to practise the dance moves of dirty item songs. As was being paid I did it quite well and was ready for a jaw dropping performance. He touched my hips and waist, “you dressed perfectly, I really like it, we are gonna enjoy tonight”. The door bell rang, I saw him in surprise. “my friend will be joining us, I called him for the party”. Hearing about a single friend I went and opened the door.A six feet tall figure with heavy moustache on the brown face was staring me. He said hi to the organizer, he replied with hands waved and welcomed him. I was going back to my man but heard, ”aur bhi aa rahe hen, maine unko bata diya hai”, “aur thodi der ji”. Hearing hindi so clear and clean I was amazed and about to ask something to my man. The door opened again and near to 8 to 10 people entered the arena to join the show. The door was closed. “itne hi hen ji, bas hum barah””apko hindi ati hai”, “han ji ati hai”, “tab to maza hi agaya”,“aaj to barah bajenge”,”chehere pe”,”kya pata kahan kahan”. They all laughed and I was just smiling terribly and watching their big faces. They took their seats at the sofas being arranged around the stage. My man took me to the stage and announced. “yeh hen mr reshma”, a laughter roared inside the hall, “aaj ki raat yeh hamara manoranjan karenge”, “karenge ya karengi”, “han han wahi”. I was feeling embarrassed how he was introducing me to türkçe bahis his friends, I requested him to come to a corner and asked what is this going on. He calmly replied, “this is how a dirty item girl has to be introduced and used”, “they all are my friends, u don’t worry”. There was a wicked smile but convincing on his face and I believed him completely. He introduced me to every one.I was directed to take out a bottle of wine and serve to the guests and they will be giving a token of love everytime I offer the drink to a person. It looked like a seen in the bar where the girl will be serving the drink and they will put up the price and take away for the night. “Mr patel”, fair bald average height but big tummy person waived his hand and started walking towards him with the drinks tray. Show place again broke its silence with my anklet bells in addition to the murmurings from the guests. My sensual walk with clear and fair legs, pendulating ass with the piece of cloth moving in a waiving gesture; making to stare at me and waiting for their chance to be served. He took the glass from my hand and held my other hand and place it over the tummy. I felt like moving hands on a cloth kept on a ground of grass, so much hairy his tummy was, I can see some coming out of the shirt. He moved my hand all over the ground of grass, onto his chest and felt my ass by just moving the hands out there. He pressed my expensive piece of meat twice and I was freed from his duty for the time. The silence again broke, “mr kumar”. A tall thin brown face with little beard and moustache called me to him with hand sign. I started walking in that direction this time with a more sensual cat walk. He just took the drink and thanked me. “mr. balli” , heard the next name and I reached there in no time with the drinks tray. He made me sit on his lap with my hands on his clean but broad chest, feeling my hips and waist. He pinched me on the hips with thumb and a finger, feeling me reacted he intensifies the grip with two fingers. I stared at him my eyes pleading to stop but he enjoyed the moment and tickled pinched it much harder than before, leaving a red mark at the place. I tried getting freed from him but he started the same on the other side as well, touching my small boobs with a light press, he left the similar mark on the other side of my hips. “Mr balli u will get enough of that to enjoy”, my man help me freed of the situation. I thanked him from inside but scared about what he will do when he will get the complete freedom with my all parts exposed to be used for him. Anyway I came back to my place. The next person was mr singh, tall fair long bearded face with average built. Mr. singh was also very nice and behaved very politely and decently. He took the wine glass and caressed my chubby chicks with the complement of good girl, I thought little about the complement and was happy about his behaviour so moved on. Next waiting again a devil, I was thinking this and suddenly a dark man waived his hand to call me there. Mr shetty was a black version of mr patel, I can not see his hairs coming out of the shirt from his black chest, but the thing which I felt was bigger than anything else. His sky touching erection scared me, I got terrified when he told me to kiss on the dick. It was nothing less than a hot muscle rod of 10 inches with a girth of 3 inches. I just touched my lips on to it and was told to open mouth to take it inside, it just entered my upper mouth and I felt like vomiting güvenilir bahis siteleri it. He was making to go it deep inside the mouth and I was struggling. “Mr. shetty$$$$$”, the prolonged voice stop the show. Mr. murty was the next, thick dark man with big moustache. He took a sip of the wine, kissed my chicks and locked his lips with mine for few mins, feeling my ass with the hands. His passion was too good, he is definitely a nice fucker, I thought. The way he was juggling me into his arms, shows the way how good he would be during love making, I can feel his hot muscle tool down my ass, rubbing and making my tool wet. “Mr. roy”, a very fair man with clean beard waived his arms. He was medium height with almost no facial hair. I can see inside of his shirt, clean on the chest as well. He just took his drink and said thanks. Actually I was the one who has to thank him more many more times than he did. The only silent fellow between these violents. I wanted to share some personal movements with him like why you are so and how you are so. “Mr. Fernandez is a master, behave as a true slave”, my man told me while giving the tray of drinks. Soon as I arrive at the spot wished him with my eyes and kept the glass on his table. “smak””smack”, one on the left and the other on the right, one with the inside of the palm and the other with outside, my chicks got red. “don’t you know how to behave with the master, how dare you stare in my eyes”, he shouted slapping my chicks once more. I requested his forgiveness with heads down. He instructed me to start kissing him from the bottom. I bent down on my knees, lowered my head and touched his feet with my lips. I was kissing his shoes, than came up to the legs and soon as I reach thighs he held me by my hairs. He liplocked my with his and sucked out my lower lips for few mins. My lips started swelling, he sucked them with more pressure even knowing that I am feeling the pain. At my surprise, he but the lips very badly making it to bleed. I wanted to move away from him, but remembered his slap and did not dare to. With blood dripping my lips, he ordered me to kiss his chest and nips. The blood spot left a mark on his chest, he told to lick it. He pressed my ass chicks and slapped hem as well. He left me before my manager would call upon. Next was Mr. Ram, short in height but fit like a desi body. He was quite muscular. Soon as I reached to him, he juggled me into his arms and started pressing my breast. Finding it interesting he did more vigorously, now I was feeling the pain. His sweat was smelling very bad but did not care at all about it and make me to kiss his sweaty and smelly chest. He was unstoppably pressing my lower ass and the upper thighs, and pinching it as well. He liked my going high in the mood and enjoyed it for some more time. He kissed me and let me go. Mr. K.K just took his glass dank the while at a single stretch and thanked me for the serve. Mr. Pasha, the one who saw me first when I opened the door was the next, when I served him the glass he was confuse how to react, so he just kept it aside. He was more curious to know more about me rather than enjoying the moment. He let me sit on his seat and asked more about me and how am I doing it, what am I feeling when I dress up like a girl and serve the men. Am I a girl or a boy or basically what I am. I briefed to him about my likes and the gays, he had never been before with a guy so close, so his curiosity was obvious. Tried explaining him in the short time allotted to me, I took his time and told to explain him later but not now and Mr. khan was an old man in his early sixties. He just took the drink and told that I would like to watch the show. i felt like I have visited the whole country at a single point. cont.

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