My Boss’s Daughter

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My boss Jim and I had worked together for a number of years. Some may say I am his right hand man. I am always helping him with things in his business as well as things at home for his wife. Everything from keeping his fleet of vehicles running well to fixing the computers around his house.

I have watched his kids grow up over the years, he has two boys and the youngest is a girl. The boys are both older and off at college, the girl is now a senior in high school about to go off to college herself.

All of them are great looking kids, they are mixed race. Mom is Japanese and dad is Norwegian. They all have great skin, the Asian coloring is very dominate. There youngest, Maria, is by far the most Asian looking. She is petite at only 5′ tall and can’t weigh more than 100 pounds. She takes after her mother who is also very beautiful, and even has a smaller frame than Maria.

The saga all started when Grace, my bosses wife and Jim, were talking about their daughter and her future. Maria comes off as a very shy girl, especially with boys. They worried that once she got to college she would be left behind socially because of her shyness. Maria has never had a boyfriend and never talks openly with her parents about such things so Jim and Grace didn’t really know where she stood.

One day Jim came up to me in the office and said

“Hey Mike I need you to do me a favor, can you please go to my house tomorrow and change out all the light bulbs in my pool? I want them all to be LED’s.”

I said “Sure boss.”

So the next day after lunch I went over to Jim and Grace’s house with the new bulbs and my trunks. Jim’s house was a very nice two story ranch style on about 1.5 acres in the hills about 15 minutes from our offices. The house was about 8,000 square feet with a beautifully landscaped backyard to match. Obviously there is a very nice pool in the backyard as well as a tennis/basketball court and a pool house/guest house that is fully furnished. There were about 6 lights in the pool so it was going to take a little bit to finish. Little did I know that they had ulterior motives. The boys were still away at school which left Maria home, high school had already ended and summer was just getting started.

I let myself in the side gate and noticed Maria sunbathing on a lounge chair in the backyard. I said hello to her and informed her that I was there to work on the pool. I proceeded to the pool house to change into my trunks, making sure to fold my work clothes up nicely on the bench inside. I came out in just my trunks and toolbag.

Maria was still laying in the lounge chair reading a book. She was wearing a fairly skimpy black bikini. Although she was half Asian, she was reasonably well endowed up top and that bikini was showing off her tits nicely. They looked to me to be at least a C cup, which on her petite frame is a great size. She had the straps off, hanging down as to not create a tan line. As I was walking over toward the pool she decided it was time to turn over. After she flipped I looked over and got an eyeful of her backside. The bikini bottoms turned out to be a stringy thong type, completely exposing her ass to me. She reached back in one motion and undid the top, again, avoiding the tan lines.

I went about my business, walking around the side of the house to turn on the pool pump and checked out the filter. Making sure the pool guy was doing his job. Then I turned on the lights in the pool so that I could make sure the new ones were working as I went along. The lights in the pool are low voltage so there was no issue working on them hot.

I walked back over to the pool deck and jumped into the deep end. This part of the job did not bother me in the slightest, it was very hot out and I loved the chance to cool off. Apparently Maria had dozed off and didn’t realize what I was there to do because when I jumped in the pool she was startled, turning and looking up to see what the hell was going on. As I came up out of the water, facing her, I could tell that I had scared her.

I said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

She said “Oh, I didn’t know you were going to be getting into the pool.”

I said, “Yes, that is the only way to replace these lights.”

As we were chatting I noticed she had leaned up a little too much and had not realized that I could clearly see her nipple. It was perfectly round and plump, about the size of a quarter. Not knowing if she noticed that I had seen her or not I decided to get to work. I loosened the ring on the first light and removed the lens, screwed in the new bulb and moved on. Luckily I had my glasses on while talking to her so she likely didn’t notice where my eyes were actually focused.

It turned out four out of the six were good, the other two bulbs were faulty. I needed to come back the following day with more parts to finish the job. I was getting ready to get out of the pool when I realized I had forgotten to bring a towel. I got Maria’s attention and kağıthane escort asked her if she would go to the pool house and grab me one. She got up with her own towel around her, covering her breasts, and went to fetch the towel for me.

When she was walking back out toward the pool deck I could see her checking me out, the shorts I was wearing were fairly thin and in the right situation probably not as opaque as they once were. Her eyes were definitely on my package. I was nowhere near hard but I had chubbed up a little earlier when that nipple popped out of nowhere. She casually handed me the towel, smiled and laid back down on her lounge chair, trying not to expose too much of her tits. I have to admit though, her ass did look amazing in that bathing suite.

I quickly went back to the pool house, got dressed, leaving my suite hanging in the shower to be ready for the next day, got dressed and told Maria I would be back the next day, she looked at me with a smile and said

“Same time?”

I replied…”Sure.” Smiled back at her and walked to my truck.

As I was getting into my truck Jim pulled into his driveway, he asked me how it went, I told him what had happened with the lights. He asked me if I had seen Maria, I told him she was out back. He then asked me if she seemed alright, in good spirits. I told him that we had not really talked much. He asked me if I would try and get her to talk a little tomorrow, try to gauge how she is doing. I told him I would do my best.

The next day I arrived at Jim’s house and again let myself into the side gate. I didn’t see Maria anywhere, a part of me was a little disappointed. But I went ahead to the pool house, into the bathroom where I had left my suit hanging the day before. I walked in to grab it and came upon Maria, she was sitting on the toilet clearly going pee.

I said, “So sorry didn’t think anyone was here.”

She said, “No worries I was just peeing, be done in a sec.”

A minute later she came out of the bathroom in a royal blue bikini even more stunning than the black one she had worn the day before. The top was much smaller, showed a lot more boob. The bottoms were similar in the back but cut much narrower in the front. The material also seems much thinner than the black one, I could see her nipples poking through as she passed by headed for the pool deck.

I went into the bathroom and quickly changed into my suit and headed for the pool deck. When I got out there I quickly realized Maria was in the water, floating around on a raft, face down, top untied.

I got into the pool, this time using the steps as not to startle her, and started the repair on the last two lamps. Maria was lying facing away from me, as I worked I could see right between her slightly spread legs. From that view it was clear she either did a great job shaving or had a fantastic bikini wax.

I swam over to the last lamp that needed to be fixed, dove under the water to start taking it apart. It was a little deeper than the rest so I knew it was going to take me a little longer. I was also in direct eyeshot of some amazing side-boob, which turned out to be quite distracting. When I came up for air the second time Maria’s head was turned toward me with a big smirk on it.

“Having a good time Mike?”

I just laughed and went back under, wondering how much she actually noticed me checking her out.

I finished up that last lamp in the pool and was gathering my things when I accidentally dropped my Phillips screwdriver into the deep end. It very quickly sank all the way to the bottom. Of course I was already out of the pool. Maria saw what happened and offered to get it for me. She got off her raft, not bothering to put her top on and easily dove to the bottom to retrieve the tool. When she came up by the side of the pool I reached down to grab it from her and got an eyeful of her luscious tits. They were more amazing than I had imagined. I was instantly developing a massive erection.

“I can see you are enjoying the view..” she says with a smirk.

“I am only a man, can’t help myself,” I respond.

“Oh, I can tell you are very much a man!” gesturing to my crotch.

“And I can tell you are very much a woman yourself,” I replied.

“Sure you don’t want to come back in the pool? I dare you…”

I couldn’t help myself so I jumped in and swam with her awhile. We were relatively safe, it was early in the afternoon still so no one would be home for hours. We got out of the pool a little while later and sat down on the lounge chairs on the pool deck. She was laying there, still topless, glistening in the sun. I was on a chair next to her trying to catch my breath with half a hardon.

We talked about everything. I told her how her parents had confided in me that she was a shy little girl and they were worried about her going off to college. She laughed out loud at that statement. I couldn’t help but laugh also, considering the kartal escort current situation we were in. She then confided in me that she didn’t acutally have much experience with the opposite sex so they were not completely wrong. I made a joke about having experience with the same sex and she stopped me

“Actually I have hooked up with a girl a few times.”

“Oh really? How did you like it?” I said.

She said “It was fun and all but I would still like to try the real thing before I go to college!”

I could tell she was getting turned on by this kind of talk, her nipples were hard as a rock and she was starting to move her legs around a little bit too.

She looked at me and said

“You have the real thing right?”

“I certainly hope so,” I said.

“Can I at least see it? I have never seen one up close.”

So I pulled up the leg of my shorts and let my dick out. I now have a full hardon so it is on display for her viewing pleasure. It is funny, it kind of takes her breath away slightly. She then reaches over and grabs a hold of it.

She realized what she did and looks at me and says, “Oh my god I am so sorry!”

“No it is fine.” I said “I really don’t mind.”

She proceeds to stroke it a little and even felt up my balls somewhat.

Then I even surprised myself, “Do you want to go to the pool house and hang out?” I said.

She just smiles and gets up, I follow her into the building then into the bedroom where there is a nice queen sized bed. As soon as we were inside I immediately pulled my shorts off and she her bikini bottoms. Her body was fantastic. She is lean, but not skinny, which I liked. She also had a nice triangle of hair right above her pussy, which you don’t see often in girls her age, usually they are full waxed or full bush in my experience.

She sat down on the bed in front of me and grabbed a hold of my cock once more. She looked it up and down, manipulated it with her hand and then shoved the head into her mouth. Now I am not bragging but I am a little bigger than average, about 7.5 – 8″ when fully erect with decent girth to go along with the length. Maria tried to put as much in her mouth as possible, my penis finally hitting the back of her throat. I was actually impressed with how well she did for her first time. I was getting pretty excited seeing this young girl slobber all over my dick. But I didn’t want to cum just yet, I wanted the real deal.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked…”What do you think?”

She lit up and said “It is amazing, I think I love sucking dick. Your’s is amazing!”

I just kinda laughed and pulled her up and started kissing her. I was finally able to get my hands on those tits, they felt even better than they looked, soft and natural. I gently pushed her back down on the bed and started kissing down her body, starting at her neck then making my way to her tits and down her mostly flat tummy to that special spot between her legs.

I lifted her legs up and went to town on her pussy, she was very aroused already and seemed like she could cum at any moment so I got off her clit for a little bit and stuck my tongue inside her as far as it would go, pulled it out and darted it in again. Then I put a few fingers in and went back to her clit so she could have a proper orgasm. A few seconds later she came all over my fingers and hand. She reached down and pulled my hand out of her pussy, brought it up to her mouth for me to shove my fingers in, she wanted to taste her cum.

I brought the head of my cock up to her entrance and started rubbing it around to lube it up. I very slowly started putting it in. She was very tight so I pulled it out and put it back a few times before I slowly went any further.

She then grabbed my head and said “Fuck me!”

I didn’t waste anytime, I shoved my dick into her as fast and hard as I thought she could handle. After a few more strokes I was buried deep inside her. I let her adjust for a second then started fucking her in ernest. She had one hand on her right breast and the other rubbing her clit as I stroked in and out of her.

Without letting go of my cock she managed to flip around and get into doggy style with a little help on my end. I grabbed her hips and pounded her hard and fast. She reached back with her other hand and started playing with her tight little asshole, this was very surprising to me at the time. I saw what she was doing so I spit right into it. She worked her index finger right in there as I was fucking her. It was not too much longer before she was cumming all over my dick. Once she was on her way to her next orgasm I pulled out and shot a big load all over her ass.

We were both catching our breath as the cum was dripping down her ass crack toward her pussy.

Maria looks back at me, “I think we need a shower!” she says.

We then get up and head for the huge shower. As we are waiting for the water to heat up she bends küçükçekmece escort down and takes my dick in her mouth to clean it up, she really loves the taste of her own juices. Once she is done she comes up and gives me a big kiss on the mouth to make sure I got a good taste of her juices as well.

“Thank you! I really enjoyed that!” she said.

“You are incredible!” I said. “We should practice more often before you have to leave for college.”

“We will work that out, there is plenty for you to ‘fix’ around the house,” she says.

“What about your mom? Won’t she be around?”

“Yes she will, but I don’t think she will mind.” She said with a wink.

I was still hard as fuck from the clean up job she did on me so we ended up fucking one more time in the shower, this time me playing with her ass so she could balance. She seemed to enjoy the assplay quite a bit, I wondered if this was a glympse into the future of some anal sex, but it is early to tell.

As I was driving home that afternoon I could tell this was going to be a fun summer.

When I got to the office the next morning Jim came over to my office and asked how it had gone with Maria. This took me by surprise a little bit and not fully understanding the question I answered as if he had asked about the pool lights.

“The last two lights went in no problem, everything should be working now.”

Jim said “Yes, I know, I turned them on last night after the sun went down to see how they looked, I saw they were all working. How do you think Maria is doing?”

“Oh, Maria seems like she is doing fine, I actually spent a little bit of time talking to her about life and college, she seemed nervous but excited at the same time. Why did she say something to you?” I said.

“She just mentioned that she enjoyed your company and hoped that she could talk to you some more. I think she feels like she can benefit from your experience. Anyway, Grace has a laundry-list of things that she wants fixed around the house so maybe we could make this a regular thing this summer…kill two birds with one stone.”

“Anything you need boss.”

Jim must have spoken to Grace about our conversation because the next day I got a message from her indicating that she had a list of things that needed to get done if I wanted to come over and walk it with her that afternoon. I told her I would and planned on meeting her at their home.

Early afternoon rolled around and I rolled up their circular driveway in my truck, grabbed my notepad and prepared to walk in the house. Grace and Marie are very similar looking, obviously there is a difference in age but their bodies resemble one another. Grace stays in very good shape, working out daily, it shows in her shapely ass and flat tummy.

Hearing my truck pull up, Grace is there to greet me at the front door in her hot pink tank top and thin black yoga pants. We proceed to walk inside the house, her leading me to the kitchen.

Grace says “would you like something to eat or drink?”

“Yes, water would be wonderful.”

She walks toward the large double-door Sub-Zero refrigerator, opens the far side and bends over at the waist to grab a bottle of Arrowhead water that is stored on the bottom shelf. As she bends over I notice how thin her yoga pants are and can clearly tell she is not wearing any underwear. As she stands up I snapped out of the trance her rear-end had me in and smile as she hands me the cold bottle.

For the next few minutes we stand around the kitchen and chit chat about what is going on. Like Jim she asked about Maria, and how I think she is doing and I basically tell her the same thing I told Jim, though she seems far less concerned than Jim is. Eventually the subject comes up about the list she has for me. The first few items focus on the master suite so we head up the stairs in that direction.

When we get to Jim and Grace’s room I follow her into the huge walk-in closet, she flipped the switch to turn on the lights and only one out of four of the fixtures illuminates. Then she showed me a leaking shower valve in bathroom, clearly it is one that is never used (they have multiple heads in the shower). There were a few other minor things in the master suite that needed to be addressed. I took my notes and told her I would have to go to the store to get the supplies and come back the next day. Grace said now that I know what to do to go ahead and let myself in as she may or may not be there.

The next afternoon I arrived at their home just as I had done the day before and let myself in the front door and made my way up the stairs with the necessary supplies and tools. I went into the master suite and headed straight for the closet and started working, not seeing or hearing anyone in the house. As I was wrapping up in the closet I heard water start to run but didn’t really think anything of it at the time. I finished up and collected my things for the next project.

I walked out of the closet and headed around the corner to the master bathroom, just as I was walking in I noticed Grace was standing next to the claw foot tub, naked, about to get in. She turned around as I was walking in

“Oh my god I am so sorry! I didn’t think you were home!” As I turned around and walked out of the room.

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