My Bitch Likes it Rough Part 2


My Bitch Likes it Rough Part 2Anna stood up and took my hand, she led me to the stairs and I followed her up to the first floor. There was a door on the left, a door on the right and the stairs continued up to what i assumed was an attic room.She pushed open the right door and then stood back respectfully. He head lowered she made no eye contact. I walked past her and into an unremarkable bedroom, furnished much like any other. At least on first glance it did.The bed was a large kingsize, wooden framed bed with a large wood head and footer. On the far wall were two doors, and facing the bottom of the bed was a large bay window. I wakled around the bed and opened on of the doors. It was a walk in bathroom with bath shower and toilet.The other door opened up to a walk in closet. I found the light switch on the wall and turned it on. Sex toys, whips, bondage equipment and the like filled every possible drawer hanger or shelf!I made hatay escort my way back to the bedroom door, where Anna was waiting. I took her hand and led her inside. I turned to face her and catching her unawere let loose with a single punch to her stomach, she fell to her knees gasping a look of fear on her face.”that’s for not telling me about this before”I grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the bed.”get on all fours and face the window, don’t make me ask twice”She obeyed, I went back to the closet and came back with a latex blindfold, which i tied around her eyes.”Grip the foot rail of the bed” I ordered. Anna complied.Her breasts hung down and i knew exactly what I was going to do to them.I returned to the closet and looked around for a few items, and found exactly what i wanted.”So let me get this straight, the more i hurt you the more you like it?””Yes master””Then you’re going to love this!”I stretched one hatay escort bayan of her nipples harshly pulling it down to the bed stead. then holding it taut grabbed one of the nails i had taken from the closet, and started to hammer it through the flesh of her nipple into the wooden bed frame. Anna moaned open mouthed, then it was the turn of the second nipple again i pulled and distended it followed by nailing it to the bedstead next to the other one.”Master that is so goood!” Anna moaned. She moved her body slightly applying the pressure by pulling against the nails, then releasing then pulling again. This bitch was loving it.I moved behind her and opened her legs, her cunt was sopping. I had no trouble getting four fingers inside her, and it didn’t take too long to get my entire fist inside her. I opened and closed my hand exploring her insides brushing her g spot.”Master I need to cum” Anna breathlessly pleaded escort hatay with me”Not until I say so” and with that I began rubbing her swollen clit with my other hand.I could tell that it was killing her not being able to cum and I took great delight in stroking her inside and out knowing she couldn’t let herself release.My hand was dripping with her juices as i plunged it in and out of her cunthole.”Ok you may cum on the count of 5″ “1” I grabbed her hair with my free hand tightly pulling at her scalp”2″ Faster and faster my hand sawed away inside of her cunt”3″ The pulling of her hair was causing her nipples to almost rip on the nails”4″ I could feel her orgasm approaching”5″ I pulled my hand from her cunt and forced it into her asshole as her cunt errupted in orgasm her juice running down her legs like a waterfall as her asshole convulsed around my hand.I pulled my hand from her bowels walked around the front of the bed and using the hammer claw released her breasts from the nails.I removed the blindfold and kissed Anna our tongues exploring each others mouths. We showered, and returned to the bed where Anna sucked my cock until i fell asleep.End of Part 2

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