My birthday – She got it in my car (Part 4)


My birthday – She got it in my car (Part 4)Memories of a girlfriend from the 80’s – The birthday treat – She got it in my car It was time for summer holiday and my girlfriend had already planned to go to Rome in Italy with her mom, at least what she told me, and I went on holidays with some friends.After the summer holiday we met up again and enjoyed each other 100% Soon hereafter it was my birthday and I invited her out for dinner.When I picked her up after work, she was wearing a red dress showing a little cleavage and mid-thigh.She had black flat shoes on and her legs were bare and had a little sun tan from her holiday in Italy.She did not look cheap at all, but just like the plain Jane – Looking at her bum I could sence the panty line under her red dress.However, the fact that she was wearing a dress made my fantasy spin – Usually she used jeans and loose sweaters.We kissed and jumped into my car and drove of to the fancy restaurant where I had booked a table.It was about 30-45 minutes drive and we were a little too fast and didn’t want to come too early. It was a very popular restaurant were the guests should cook their own meat on a hot stone, and reservations were needed.Therefore we made a stop at a dam from where we could look over the sea.We were the only car in the parking lot, but lot of cars passed on the road just behind us.She bent over and pulled my cock out of the trousers and started sucking me hard. It was good, but I was terrified with all cars passing, I could not take my eyes from the back mirror, would any of them stop here?She illegal bahis didn’t care that others could see her head going up and down in my lap – It was good and I got stiff, but I didn’t come even that I knew she would swallow and lick me clean, so I didn’t need to worry about getting stain on my pants.She stopped and gave me a deep french kiss. She loved french kissing me with her mouth full of my cum or in this case precum only.I got my cock back in the trousers and we went the remaining few minutes to the restaurant. Inside we got a table for two and the meat, wine and the hot stone was served. There were lot of other people around us and sitting opposite each other we couldn’t even touch.When finished at the restaurant it was dark outside and we went straight to the car.When I drove she bent over again and took my cock out and we were back in business with her head popping up and down my lap – I bent over and fondled her pussy under her dress. I drove slowly on the small country roads.At a point she suggested that we found a place where we could stop and make a small rest – This time I got it, and I knew something horny was coming up! I pulled the car into a residential area, but never found a secluded space and only had a stop for maybe 5 minutes before we drove of again – She had not left my cock at any time so she didn’t know where we were.Getting closer and closer to her place, I had to find a good spot to stop, and it need to be very soon. Just before I could see the building she lived in, I turned down a small road leading illegal bahis siteleri to a small parking area where people usually would park during the day time when going to the beach.There were some tall trees around so it was nice dark here even when it was a nice and clear evening with the moon shining.I stopped the engine and we had to open the windows to get some air – She was still sucking my cock!I moved over and worked on her pussy and got the panties of the way – She was deliciously wet, and I fingered her good and her mouth and tongue had made me very stiff by now and I felt secure here in the dark!Seatbelts of, seats declined and pushed all the way back to make more room. I moved to the middle of the car with my pants pushed down and she turned around and straddled me – The nice red dress gave easy access to her pussy and her naked butt – We french kissed and she tasted of lovely precum while she jumped up and down my hard cock.All of sudden we could hear some people talking while they passed by next to my car – We couldn’t see anything while the windows were totally fogged by now – She slowed down for a few seconds before humping me again.I had invited her for dinner, and the starter and the main course she enjoyed at the restaurant, but her favorite dessert was about ready to be served right up her pussy here in a public parking area with light moans and passionate kisses…..!A sticky creampie may not be the smartest to leave under a short red dress, but pulling up her panties she tried to avoid to mess up her dress as canlı bahis siteleri well as the car – My pants were stained!She got a little breathless when she realised that we had fucked in my car less than 5 minutes walk from her flat. All her neighbors knew my car, because I always parked on the lawn under her bedroom window and never used the official parking lot.I guess that her neighbors already knew what was going on between us, and because she was a divorced single mom, didn’t mean that she went to sleep unsatisfied…..!I don’t know how much noise we were making, but at least we could hear her neighbors when moving chairs or talking load.When we had sex she was not screaming as such, but moaned quit a bit, talking dirty and the bed would also squeak when going for it.When I came to her place right after work, we often had sex somwhere in the living room first and later once again in her bedroom before sleeping – When I arrived late in the evening we went straight to bed and usually had sex twice before sleeping – In the morning we often skipped breakfast and had sex one more time in the bed before I left for work.She told me, after knowing each other some time, that when I left her in the morning with a sticky creampie, she often stayed in her warm bed and played with the pussy and gave herself an extra orgasm before going to school.More to follow.This is true down to the details. If my girlfriend from the 80’s read this she may recognize it right away.She had wide hips and small saggy tits after having two k**s very young. Divorced and only 23 years old, but her sparkling eyes, sexy smile and open attitude opened the doors for her.What I learned from day one, was that she had a great sexual appetite – and my door was open for her!Your constructive comments will be appriciated

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