My birthday nightmare


My birthday nightmareSo yesterday was my 24th birthday and it started off pretty good. I got some nice clothes in the morning from my family and they said they were doin a bbq later on so I was pretty happy. I put on some of the new clothes that I got and I noticed that my pants were just a little bit loose, but not like fallin off or anything so they were ok. I went outside where all my friends and family were that had come over for the bbq. They decided they wanted to start playing basketball and I decided to go ahead and play too. Well that was my mistake of the day. I got the ball and while I was trying to run with it, my pants decided to start falling down all of a sudden. I stopped trying to dribble the ball to pull them up quickly before it caused any embarrassment, but then one of my friends grabbed the ball and scored…I was like what the heck but kept playing. A couple of my family members were laughing as they were watching. Anyway I started running illegal bahis around again and finally got the ball this time I was determined to score because I hardly had the ball at all the entire time we were playing. Well that was a mistake I jumped up to shoot the ball and my pants literally just fell down to my ankles! Everyone saw my orange panties and started laughing histerically as I was scrambling to pull them up. As I finally got them up I realized the button had broken off at some point and so I told everyone I was going inside to change. Well apparently my friends and family had different ideas…my best friend Christine ran up and gave my pants a tug and there went my pants around my ankles again…except this time it was worse. As I bent over to try and pick up my pants my uncle ran up and pulled my panties down!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs and just got in the fetal position trying to cover up. I just kept thinking to myself that everyone illegal bahis siteleri just saw my butt but I managed to barely cover up my front so I didn’t completely go crazy and tried laughing about it. Then as I was just about done pulling my pants over my hips a group of friends started yanking on my pants and this time my panties weren’t completely on right so a little bit of my front was showing, I noticed so I tried covering up rather than trying to hold up my pants so they came clean off. Then they started going for my underwear and trying to move my hands out of the way. I was so distressed and embarrassed and kept shouting what are you guys doing?!?! Everyone just kept laughing and finally succeeded in making me completely bottomless while two of my “friends” were holding my hands up over my head. All I could do at this point to protect any dignity was to try crossing my legs but they wouldn’t even let me do that and started calling canlı bahis siteleri more people over to help in taking off the rest of my clothes. Even though I fought with everything I had and even started crying they unbuttoned my shirt and turned me around on my stomach and unstrapped my bra and even slapped my bare butt while they were talking about how white it was and it needed to see some sun. They stripped me completely naked and held me up and started taking pictures and videos of me completely naked and helpless. I hate all of them so much after that. They are all perverted assholes and I hope they all suffer the same humiliation they put me through. I can’t even look at them in the eye after that all I see is them laughing at my completely exposed body outside in our backyard and me in tears begging them to stop as they were grabbing at my butt and boobs. And I know I heard someone make a comment about how I shaved my vagina…I am writing this because I just need to get it out but I will never tell a soul about what happened though there are probably about 15 people that saw the whole thing. If I ever see anything on the internet or hear someone else saw or heard anything I think I’d die!!!

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