My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 3


My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 3My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 3 The Pleasant SurpriseI lay in my bed dead asleep, I suddenly woke up to feel a tongue running from the base of my cock to the tip of my frenulum; tracing back and forth all the way up my shaft. I let out a deep sigh of pleasure it felt so nice that it made my toes curl. Her tongue started to lap my balls, dear god her mouth was so wet, it was covering my nuts with slobber and it felt fucking amazing. She popped one of my nuts into her warm, wet, mouth and started sucking on it; just as I was about to moan, her mouth enveloped the other one, the moan turned into a cry. She was sucking both balls, she was so good it felt like a dozen tongues were swirling around my balls. This went on for a few minutes, then she slid her mouth down onto my cock, I could feel her bobbing up and down and I could feel my tip poking into her cheek; I saw her head moving under the covers. I reached down and ran tuzla escort my fingers through her soft silky hair, it felt amazing. As I started to cum my eyes rolled back. She suddenly stopped before I could release my hot white masculinity in her mouth.”Not yet” Jessie said, throwing off the covers. She climbed up over top my cock and squatted, she slowly lowered herself; going cross-eyed as my cock slipped in her extremely tight ass, she let out a moan like a cow in heat. She rode me hard, her fat ass bouncing off my hips, I watched the jiggle go through her thighs and butt. Her pussy was saturated and her moisture was all over my lower abdomen, I reached my right hand down and started to rub her sopping pussy fervently. I stopped to switch positions, I started fucking her doggy and I was pounding her fat ass like a battering ram. She was letting out little grunts of pleasure, I grabbed her by the shoulders and starting pulling her into me as I fucked tuzla escort bayan her. Her big jello butt was rebounding like a spring. My heavy full scrotum was flying forward and up, smacking her wet pussy. My nuts were soaked in her juices, her moaning was almost an angelic hum. My cock was slipping in and out of her big sweaty asscheeks and I switched my hands to her ass and started to press her asscheeks in on my cock. She was starting to loose herself in moment.Jessie stopped me and flipped over on her back, “I wanna look into your eyes when we cum”. I resumed by hard drive into her tight asshole, I started to fuck as fast as I could and with all that I had, Jessie reached in and squeezed by balls with a firm grip. We both yelled out cumming together, her grip on my nuts seeming to squeeze out a most massive load, that started to gush back out of her pussy almost immediately, drenching my scrotum in semen. We both had to catch our breath. escort tuzla I watched by jizz run down her ass crack and it covered my bed.I rolled over and we both lay on my cum soaked sheets, I considered changing them, but I was totally depleted. With one arm Jessie dragged herself up next to me and put her arm around me rolling me over to face her. We stared into each others eyes for a few minutes. “I love you Jess…..I….”, I couldn’t believe what I had said, but I knew I meant it. I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her in close, we started into the most passionate loving kissing of my life. We shared a kiss so long, I though we’d both suffocate not wanting it to stop. I was nearly in tears, I felt so strongly toward her. As we both lay there covered in each others sweat, I put my arm around her shoulder and brought her in close i gave her a small kiss on her head. She nuzzled up to me and put her head on my shoulder and fell in a deep slumber. I was in love with her, my own sister, an amazingly sexy young woman, I was in love with her and I was lucky.links to parts 1 & 2 part 1 part 2

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