MY BEST FRIENDS GIRLJessie and I have been friends since way back in the day as we say, and we often get together with Lisa his wife and whoever I am dating at the time. If only I could find someone like Lisa .Lisa is a very hot looking woman and sometimes I find myself staring at her from a distance. She has this hour glass body and she wears the low V-neck shirts that show off her nice firm breast. And that ass oh my god that ass, makes you want to pluck it like a watermelon to see if it’s ripe. At times I have even fantasied about being with her. But she’s my friends girl and it aint right for me to look at her like that. That’s against all the rules of friendship. So I keep my distance and my thoughts to myself. The other day as I was on my way to work and I got a call” Zeke” its Lisa ,Jessie has been in an accident”, so I rushed over the hospital right away. Man he was in bad shape but he could talk. As he reached out his hand to me I told him don’t worry about nothing just get better and he could depend on me to look after Lisa and make sure she was okay until he got back on his feet. “Thank you he whispered” That’s what friends do they look out for one another in situations like this and I was his friend.I called Zeke to let him know that Jessie had been in an accident and he need to come to the hospital right away. Zeke and Jessie had been friends for a long long time. Zeke was about 6ft ‘5 and he had these big broad shoulders and he had this swagger about him when he walked as if he was saying hey look at me, Look at him I did but from a distance because he was something to look at, dark as chocolate and I had often wondered if he would melt in my mouth. There have been times that I thought he was gay because he can’t seem to keep a woman.“Lisa” Jessie said if there is anything you need please call me day or night, I will be there for you he replied.” Thank you Zeke “, Lisa replied as she gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.Later that night Zeke stopped by after work to check on Lisa as he had promised. He knocked on the door and she answered” yes who is it” Lisa its Zeke! As she opened the door I could see that she had on a nice satin house coat that stopped right above her knees.” Come in and have a seat she said “. My mind started thinking crazy things and I froze for a minute and then went in and sat down at the counter. How you holding up I asked her? Fine for now but if! Hey don’t think that I told her he will be just fine. She smiled at me and said what a nice friend I was to Jessie. Only if she knew what I was really thinking, when I saw her in that house coat when she opened that door. As she leaned over the counter to pass me a cup of coffee I could see that her breast were nice and firm. Boy is she fine I thought and how lucky Jessie is lucky to have a woman like her.When zeke knocked at the door I had just gotten ready for bed, he stopped by on his way home to check on me as he said would. There he stood when I opened that door all 6ft 5 of him and dark as chocolate, I felt a strange feeling come over me, and my nipples were getting hard at the thought of being alone with zeke.” Zeke” Lisa called out from the other side of the kitchen you can stay in the guest room if you like it’s no problem. Well if you’re okay with it then yes, Good Lisa said I have never been in this house alone before I will be more comfortable with you here. “Fine” I said as I drank the rest of my coffee. I will put some of Jessie’s pajamas on the bed for you. Pajamas I don’t sleep in no dam pajamas, I sleep in my boxers. But I was not going to tell her that. The guest room was just off the hall from the master bedroom and you could see into it as you walked kuşadası escort bayan into the guest room. I could see Lisa sitting on the edge of the bed and lotioning her legs, Wow they looked nice I thought. As she stopped I ducked into the room hoping she did not see me looking. After a few minutes I got in the shower and as I stared to bathe I thought about Lisa in the next room. I could feel myself getting aroused by my thoughts and my penis started to get hard. Why am I thinking this about my friend’s wife, if he knew he would surely kill me. But as the steam from the hot shower steamed up the bath room, my imagination ran wild with thoughts of Lisa being in there with me. The hot water, running down her firm breast, the steam on her face, and those seductive eyes. I started to rub my penis as it started to throb with every beat of my heart. As I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling, I was startled by something touching my face ,oh shit it was the towel hanging over the shower stall. I finished up my shower and dried off and put on the pajamas Lisa left for me. They were a little tight in the crotch area and short around the ankles. As I layed down and relax I dozed off pretty quickly.I could hear Zeke in the shower in the next room and could only think of what he looked like naked, that tall long chocolate body and those big shoulders, but is he gay I still wondered about that, but it didn’t stop me from thinking about him and if he was hung as well as Jessie. I started to imagine him with his big hands all over my body, and fell asleep within a few minutes. Later that night I heard Lisa crying in her room and I got up and went into the hallway and her door was closed. I knocked on it “Lisa” I called out are you okay? “Yes she replied” no you’re not I hear you crying! Can I come in I asked as I knocked on the door again? ” Yes she said “As I turned the knob and entered the room I could see Lisa curled up under her satin comforter. I sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed her shoulders and told her everything is going to be fine. I could smell the scent of her perfume coming from the dresser against the wall. As she sat up in bed her face covered in tears, I wiped them away as best I could. “Lisa I said its okay he will be fine” I said. Oh zeke she said you’re so sweet, as she reached up and grabbed me around my neck and hugged me. As she let go our eyes met and we stared at each other, as she wiped the rest of the tears from her face I started to get up “Please stay” she said. “Lisa I don’t think this is a good idea”. At that time she grabbed my hand and pulled me back down to the edge of the bed. As we sat there for a few minutes she started to lean forward as if she was going to kiss me. As she got closer I could feel a lump form in my throat. I wanted her to kiss me, only if she knew. I wanted to fell her lips press against mine. As she got closer I could feel the heat of her breath and at that point she kissed me.” Whoa I said to her this is” “Shhh “she replied as she put her fingers to my lips. She threw back the covers and exposed the satin camisole she had on. Man it took my breath away. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. You could see her skin glowing and her green eyes piercing threw me.”Take off the pajamas” she said to me. As I stood up I could fell my knees shaking at the thought of what was about to happen, but yet I was not making any attempt to stop it.I slid the pajamas down around my ankles and she could see that dick had gotten hard and was throbbing. As Zeke stood there by my bedside I could see his rock hard erection and dam he was hung. I couldn’t wait to get him inside of me with all of that. kuşadası escort bayan I jestered for him to lay beside me, as he got into the bed I pulled the cover up around us and he was a little stiff at first so I told him to relax. Once he relaxed I could feel his body rest against mine and boy was he warm and hard. The comforter looked like a tent as it settled over his rock hard dick.I took his hand a placed it on my shoulder and begin to really kiss him, pushing my breast into him as he begin to respond to me. Oh how good it felt to have her next to me. As she started kissing me I pulled her close. I could feel her breast push against my chest. The satin camisole she had on felt so nice to my body. “Take it off” she whispered in my ear “take it off”. As I reached down and pulled it above her head I tossed it to the floor. Man was she soft. Don’t be afraid she said touch me. You don’t have to tell me twice. My hands were everywhere. She seemed to enjoy it to. As I was fondling her breast she managed to reach down and start rubbing my rock hard erection.”Man did it feel good” “What do you want me to do Zeke “she said, and for the first time I was speechless, I opened my mouth but nothing came out. What the fuck I thought to myself say something, and again nothing came out. Seeing this she smiled and said then just let me take over and she pushed me flat on my back. She pulled back the covers and my dick was real fucking hard by now.Oh my god look at how hard and big it is she said to herself, as she placed her hand around it and started to rub up and down on it. It was warm and hard and all she could think about was if this dark chocolate meat would melt in her mouth. So she leaned over and stared to lick it ever so slowly, Mmmm she moaned as Zeke swallowed hard. She ran her tongue over the rim of the head and slowly inserted it in her mouth ever so slowly, she was not sure she could take it all. Zeke stared to moan and squirm as she started to increase her motion, faster and faster she went, the more Zeke started to moan, “Oh shit that feels good Lisa “zeke said out loud. Mmmm Lisa replied with a mouth full of zekes cock in her mouth. Oh shit Zeke thought I going to cum if she keeps this up. Zeke reached over and pulled Lisa away for a second and she laughed and asked what’s wrong? Nothing zeke said as he pulled Lisa to him and rolled over on top of her and started to suck her hard nipples, Oh how good it felt thought Lisa, as Zeke made his way down her stomach to her smooth shaven cunt. Oh how sweet it smelled as he started to lick at the opening of her clit. “Oh my god “Lisa said out loud, lick it hard Zeke, lick it hard baby. As Zeke took two of his fingers and inserted them into her wet pussy as he was licking her clit Lisa begin to twitch and wanted to cum. She pushed Zeke’s head deeper into her pussy. ‘oh yes baby oh yes” Zeke could feel Lisa getting ready to pop as he was licked her cunt and he wanted to taste her juices so he inserted a third finger into her pussy, Lisa respond by lifting her hips off the mattress and letting out a loud moan “ Oh zeke !Oh zeke! “ I’m Cumming she said I’m cumming . Zeke continued to lick and suck away as he could feel the pre cum drippping from his hard dick. As Lisa caught her breath she massaged Zekes rock hard shaft back and forth with her hand “Put it in me she said “Please I want to feel it inside me.As I parted her legs and positioned myself to enter her, I could only imagine what she was going to feel like. I took my dick in my hand and rubbed it back and forth over her clit until she begin to moan again, “don’t tease me she said” So I inserted the head and and started to push up escort kuşadası into her wet pussy. Oh how warm and wet she was and as I continued to slid into her ,she gasp for air. “Oh my god you’re so big baby it feels so good push it in all the way, as I thrust all the into her she grabbed my shoulder and let out a scream,”fuck me Zeke ! fuck me !she cried out! As I started thrusting in and out of her.She met my every thrust and dam did it feel good ,better than I had ever imagined. She wrapped her legs around my waist so I could enter her deeper so I thrusted into her even harder as I felt the head of my dick touch the back of cervix. In and out, I thrusted as she gasped for air and squeezed my waist with her legs. Oh shit you feel so good I said to her. I want to cum inside of you so bad, Go ahead baby cum inside me hard.As I thrust harder and harder, I could feel the pressure building up in my scrotum, she reached down and started to rub her clit and this excited me even more and I was ready to shoot my load deep inside her “‘oh baby here it cums! Oh shit! As I blew my load I could feel it squish out the side of her pussy as I kept thursting in and out of her hot wet pussy. My head started to spin and I could feel my knees weaken and my stomach muscles start to ache from all the thrusting. As I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily from exhaustion I rolled over onto the bed. As I did she let out a long sigh and let her legs collapsed unto the bed also. As we lay there it, suddenly hit me what had I done, I violated my best friends trust in me and fucked his wife. How could I be so stupid? After a few more minutes I rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. “Lisa “Jessie can never find out about this. “Don’t worry Zeke” she said, I am as much to blame as you. I wanted this for a long time. “But he is my best friend” Zeke replied and my Husband she said. I promised Jessie I would look out for you while he got better and I will keep that promise but not this way. ‘’ I understand Zeke “but you can’t sit there and say you didn’t enjoy it. Besides I see the way you look at me. Well we can never let this happen again Zeke said as he left her room and returned to his and gathered his things. As he got dressed he thought I can never make this right. He yelled to Lisa “I ‘m leaving”.Boy how good Zeke felt fucking me, Well he’s certainly not gay as I once thought. And yes he melts in your mouth. I called Zeke later that morning and assured him I understand his guilt about what happened and I assured him Jessie would never find out. Good he said call me if you need anything.After a few weeks Jessie came home and zeke came over to see him. As I walked into the house I could not help but think about what happened between Lisa and I a few weeks ago. Lisa went upstairs and Jessie started telling me that Lisa had told him how I had taken good care of her while he was in the hospital. Hey don’t mention it man that’s what friends are for right.” Yes” Jessie said maybe one day I will able to repay you for that favor. “ Man if he only knew “ Zeke said to himself. Well I got to go man and get to work, your home with your wife where you belong. I will see you around b*o.As I walked to my car I could feel Lisa looking out of the bedroom window from upstairs, as I turned to look she waved good bye. I needed to make the airport before 5pm to catch my plane; I had taken a job in Washington to put some space between me and my best friend’s wife , but could not find it in me to tell them. So this is good bye.As I stood and watched Zeke walk to his car I thought to myself what have I done , he no longer had that Swagger when he walked ,he no longer held his head up high ,it was as if he had lost his best friend, I will never tell Jessie what happened, but I didn’t want to hurt Zeke either. As Zeke looked back at me in the window I could see the pain and hurt in his face. I will call him tomorrow and let him know that it will never happen again.

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