My beautiful wife, Zaida


My beautiful wife, ZaidaIt was late, the day long over and I was just trying to get myself tired enough to actually sleep.The house was quiet, except for the deep breathing of my sleeping dog and the soft sound ofthe wind outside. My evening cup of tea forgotten beside me, I stretched my arms and shouldermuscles as I let out a small yawn. ”Getting there”, I thought. I decided I may as well grab mylaptop and watch a relaxing video from my bed, I’d fall asleep eventually. Once in the bedroom,I stripped to my boxers and slipped under the covers. It was still early in the spring so thenights were fairly cold, the warmth of the covers welcome and inviting. I breathed in deep andlet out a satisfied sigh. Some nights were hard sleeping alone and tonight was definitely one ofthem, I found myself missing the comforting presence of my wife. Shifting slightly, I reacheddown and grabbed my laptop from where I had placed it on the floor, adjusting it so I could becomfortable.Turning on the computer, I waited for it to load up as I thought again about my day. It had beenoverall a good one and the mildest of smiles crept across my face as I experienced the subtlepleasure of a productive day. It just felt good to have been able to get it all done. I clicked onthe tab for my internet browser and several tabs opened up, with my email at the top. My eyesscanned the names of senders and I saw there was an email from my wife Zaida as well as 6others I would be deleting without even bothering to open. Grinning widely, I clicked on themessage from Zaida, she had been gone to South America these last 3 weeks to spend time witha few friends, family members and a lover she had kept in contact with over an extended periodof time. I reread the title illegal bahis of the message, as it simply said: ”Thinking of you 😉 ””Cute”, I said out loud as I opened it. There was a brief message with some minor updates fromher trip, some well wishes, wanting to chat over the phone in the next day or so and a littlefootnote at the end which said: ”Made you a little video, I hope you like it!” Indeed I noticedthe attachment for a video link and opened it. A moment went by as the video player loaded upand soon a window opened up with a play button over a still image of my wife’s familiar face. Ihovered over the icon and clicked play. Zaida’s cherubic smile greeted me. ”Hi baby”, shechirped. ”I miss you and thought I should put together a little present for you!” She backedaway from the cam and her small, shapely breasts came into view. Her hands came up from hersides in a slow caressing motion to envelop her caramel coloured breasts and gently squeezethe perfect brown nipples. A little giggle escaped her mouth and she half closed her eyes whilepursing her lips. This continued for a time before she adjusted the camera to a slightly lowerangle so more of her was visible. I noticed her freshly shaved pussy, it looked so sexy andsmooth, the lips slightly opened like the petals of a flower. Zaida continued her erotic caressingfor just a few moments more until the somewhat recognizable figure of her lover Àlvaro cameinto view to stand right behind her.”Damn!” I whispered, I’d never thought she’d actually do this… Àlvaro’s hands came around tobegin stroking Zaida’s skin, his face burying itself into the sensitive flesh of her neck. Zaida letout a soft moan as he bit, sucked and kissed her. She looked directly into illegal bahis siteleri the camera andflashed me a wicked grin for just an instant before her eyes closed again. One of Àlvaro’s handsfound Zaida’s mound between her legs and taking one finger, he traced the seam between herlabia and stopped just over the opening of her engorged vulva. He briefly flicked the tip of hisfinger in and Zaida let out another little moan as a thin rivulet of her juice escaped from within.”I’m so fucking wet baby… I teased him with my mouth earlier, but I haven’t let him fuck meyet… I’m so fucking horny…ravenous… I need it” she said plaintively to the cam. Just then, mybeloved Zaida got down on her hands and knees, tucking her head under her hands whileslowly wiggling her round ass signalling her desire. Àlvaro didn’t need to be told twice and hequickly got behind her and rubbed a long and mostly hard cock a few times across Zaida’sshapely tush. My wife had mentioned he had an impressive size to me a few times when shegot very turned on during our sex, though it was my first time actually seeing it.Thankfully, he rolled a condom over the glans of his shaft, stopping at the base. A big rule ofours was to always use protection, especially with other people. Lining himself up, Àlvaroslowly pushed himself inside Zaida’s perfectly shaved pussy. She let out a gasp as he enteredher and then another as he filled her up completely and rested his hips up against her backside.She grinded herself against him and I could hear her breathing heavy now though her face wasstill hidden under her hands. I could tell that she had already orgasmed right then. Àlvaro’shands had been stroking her back a little, though now they locked firmly canlı bahis siteleri around Zaida’s hips.At first he went slowly in and out a few times, allowing her to adjust, though it wasn’t too longbefore he was picking up his speed. Pretty soon his cock was pumping Zaida from behind fastand hard like an engine piston.My beautiful wife was now openly moaning, her face turned to look into the camera lens,mouth open and brows furrowed. Her ass jiggled a little and I could clearly hear a wetsmacking sound from Àlvaro’s relentless pounding. I couldn’t believe how sexy Zaida looked inthat moment and wanting her badly, I realized I was absolutely rock hard and I couldn’t helpbut start touching myself. Just then Zaida came hard, and then several times more on his cockand I could just make out a sticky strand of her wetness leaking down the inside of her legs. Iwas impressed of how excited Àlvaro got her and I loved watching my wife transform into asex goddess. Her lover finally let go of Zaida’s hips and she collapsed onto the mattress beforeslowly rolling over. She lifted her knees up and Àlvaro readjusted himself to make love to herfrom on top. Soon Zaida’s legs were wide and she was taking him deep within her, eyes rollingback, her sexual energy winding up to dizzying heights. Àlvaro himself came hard then, unableto get a handle on the luscious sensation deep within her pussy and Zaida followed not longafter, grinding herself against him as he emptied himself. They lay together briefly and Inoticed how full the tip of the condom looked easily slipping out of Zaida’s juicy and contentedpussy.Zaida came back to sit by the camera, hair a mess, eyes heavy lidded. She leaned forward tokiss the screen, whispering: ”I love you baby, sweet dreams!” and the video ended. I lay there in the dark, a strange smile on my face, not knowing what to make of it all, I justknew that Zaida loved me, I loved her and that I was looking forward to reconnecting when shecame back home.X

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