My Baby

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My wife died ten years ago leaving me to raise our daughter. Serena, was only ten when her mother was killed. So I was on my own raising her.

The only thing that ever worried me was, Serena did not have any friends at all. Her last friend was a girl she knew in high school. It is always just her and I. We did everything together, our favorite thing was working out at the gym.

Let me tell you about Serena, she is about five feet and eight inches tall. Soft brown eyes that are so sexy, I get hard as hell when she looks at me. She has those kind of lips that looks like she pouting. And the warmest smile. Her hair is also light brown cut just above her shoulders.

Now the best part, she has a body that could make a dead mans cock hard. Her breast are a size 38 DD, with big areola circles that are dark brown. The nipples are always puffed up and she loves showing them off to me by wearing small tight blouses.

The rest of her is just as fine, her hips and ass are a size 36. Serena’s ass and legs are very strong from all the years we have been working out together. She only wears spandex or small cut off shorts. They really make her look so good.

Things had always been father and daughter between us, I never thought of making love to her even as beautiful as she is until now. The last few weeks she had been wearing very skimpy things around the house. It was nothing her to wear a see through night shirt or just a sexy set of bra and panties.

The night before her 21st birthday, she came out of her room wearing a yellow see through bra and panties. My eyes explored her young body like never before and she saw me and just smiled.

“Does everything look O.K?” She ask with a sexy smile.

“Oh yes, to good.” I said.

As she sat down on my lap I could feel the heat coming from her body. She was on fire.

“You O.K. baby? You sure do feel hot.” I ask.

“Yes, it’s a girl thing.” And she looked deep into me eyes like never before.

We sat for a while watching some movie that had some real good love making in it. As the love making went on in the beşiktaş anal yapan escort movie I could feel her breathing become deeper and faster.

One part of the movie, a very sexy woman had just undressed and was standing in front of a man. He pulled her to him and they began to kiss, feel, tongue and caress each other like animals.

Serena burst into tears, ” Daddy… this movie is killing me.”

Holding her tight I ask, ” What’s wrong baby?”

She stood up and sat back down on my lap facing me. Her body was pressed into mine so nice.

“Don’t get mad at me but, ” still sobbing, ” I have been crazy about you sense I started having my period. I know it’s wrong but, you are so handsome and… last week I saw you in your room. “

Oh boy, last week in my room. The poor thing got a good show, I was jerking off my nine inch cock like a wild man. And the bad part is, I was thinking about her wearing a string bikini that day.

I hugged her, ” I’m sorry baby, I should have locked the door. You know what you need…”

She cut in, ” YES, and I need one bad…!”

Laughing at her, ” I meant, you need a boy friend.”

“Dad, why is it so wrong for a dad and daughter to make love? Like with us, I love you so bad I hurt 24 hours a day.” Serena took a deep breath, ” And thinking about us doing it together… wow, I get so… Wet.”

She went on, ” Did mom get like this? Sometimes I feel like my body is going to just catch on fire.”

I caressed her face, ” Baby your mom was the same way. She had to take extra panties with her to work just in case she got horny.”

Her face got red and she ask, ” was sex with her fun?”

I exhaled hard, ” Your mom and I would f… make love for hours at a time.”

“You can say fuck dad, I’m a big girl now. ” With a sexy smile she went on, ” Did your… Size ever hurt her, your so big?”

She was getting me horny, ” It may have the first few times, we need to change the subject here…”

She hugged me tighter and started crying again, ” Daddy, beşiktaş bdsm escort I would love to have you inside me…”

I knew it was wrong but, I had the same feelings about being in her. We hugged and I caressed her beautiful ass. She kissed and sucked on my neck until she felt my cock growing under her pussy.

With a look of pain on her face, ” Oh, I’m sorry Daddy, now I got you all hot like me. Will you just carry me to bed like when I was little?”

I had to take her to bed, if not I was going to make her my woman right there on the sofa.

I stood up and her strong legs wrapped around my hips, her pussy pushed into my cock very hard. She gasp in a deep breath of air as my cock rubbed her with each step I took.

Once in her room, I laid her on her bed and she looked up at me with them sexy sad eyes of hers and ask the question from hell, ” Daddy, lay with me for a while, please.”

My horny cock took over the thinking, before I knew what was going on, I was laying on her bed facing her. Our bodies pressed together with my hands caressing her breast and her sweet ass.

“Oh Daddy, love me… please.” She begged.

Our mouths locked in a French kiss that lasted for what seemed to be an hour. My hands roamed every part of her, stopping to enjoy her nipples and continuing on to her hips. Enjoying their fullness knowing soon they would be mine.

“Oh Daddy,” she was crying, ” I need you… Your big thick… Cock inside me.”

“SOON, BABY, SOON.” And I started sucking her big nipples.

Serena’s mother had nice tits but, nothing like theses firms things. I sucked her like I was a baby breast feeding. I had not been with a woman I loved sense my wife died. And I knew I loved this beautiful little girl.

Slowly I worked my way down her lovely body towards her pussy, kissing and licking all the way. Her panties were very, very wet, this lady was on fire and she needed me, her Dad, to put out her fire.

I began kissing her thighs, working my to way to her virgin pussy. Licking it through her beşiktaş elit escort panties, My tongue exploring every crevice she had. I pulled Serena’s soaking wet panties down and I started to devour my baby girl’s pussy.

My tongue entered her virgin body for the first time, enjoying her sweet taste and knowing no body had ever been in her but me. Within thirty seconds she exploded into an orgasm that lasted ten minutes.

When she finished, I climbed on her body. It was time for her to be my woman. I pulled her legs up to her sides and spread her out. My cock head was at her virgin tunnel.

I looked down at her and ask, ” Are you ready to be my woman?” and I gave her a firm but, gentle love SLAP on her nice round ass. She loved when I did that.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Are you ready to love me as a woman?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Are ready to make love any time day or night?”

“Oh Yes Daddy.”

“Are ready to suck my cock any time I ask you?”

“YES, always.”

“You ready to let me cum in your mouth anytime?”


“You ready to let me FUCK your hot juicy CUNT?”



And I pushed my nine inch cock into my daughter, having no mercy that she was a virgin, I pushed it in as far as my cock would go. Her pussy split wide open, I could feel her vaginal walls squeezing my cock.

“Oh DADDY, YES.” Serena screamed.

I held her sexy hips and pounded my hard thick cock in and out of her like she was a whore. I was horny and my cock needed to cum. She had been teasing me so bad the last few weeks, I needed to empty my cum in her belly.

The harder I fucked her the more she liked it, ” YES, COME ON, FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARD.” She kept on screaming.

I was fucking my beautiful daughter like she was a cheep whore and we both were loving it. My cock was slamming in and out of her pussy like a jack hammer.

Then my baby started cumming, ” Oh Daddy… here… I… cum…”

Her little tight pussy locked on my cock just like a vise was on it. I had to jerk it hard to get it free, then I went right back to fucking her fast and hard.


” Is that good baby? … You like dad’s big cock?” I ask while pumping harder.

Arching her back, ” Oh yes… I love your big cock. Fuck me, fuck your baby GIRL.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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