Mutual Feelings Ch. 05

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(well people, this is the final one. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. Let me know what you think. Alicexxx)


His eyes narrowed dangerously and she fought down the alarm that was suddenly rising within her.

“What?” The word was said carefully and with forced calm.

“You heard what I said.” She murmured.

“Why?” His voice had hardened, become a little louder and she fought the urge to flinch. With Dean it wasn’t necessary for him to raise his voice.

She gave an exasperated sigh. “Dean you’re my brother-“

“Half brother.” He interrupted.

“What difference does it make? We can’t have any kind of relationship. You think our dad will ever accept anything like that? Do you think anyone will?”

“This isn’t about anyone else. And if that’s your reason for not choosing me then you better think of another one fast because that’s just bullshit.”

“It’s not bullshit.” She snapped. “It’s the way it is! What happened yesterday wasn’t right, you know that as much as I do. We slept together – that’s incest Dean. It’s incest.”

“I know what it is. But correct me if I’m wrong but it felt damn good when we were doing it at the time, and I don’t remember forcing you into anything.”

“I never said you did.”

“Exactly, which means that you wanted it as much as I did, so what’s this all about?”

“Dean – you’re being deliberately obtuse-” she was cut off when he slapped both hands on either side of her, trapping her between herself and the door.

“I’m not being anything. You’re the one whose making up excuses, you don’t want to be with me then just say it.” He hissed, his face just inches from her own.

“Dean,” she whispered, “it’ll never work…”

“It won’t work because you won’t give this a chance. How do you know it won’t work?”

He was confusing her, softening her, making her question her decision. It had broken her heart to decide to stay away from him, she loved him so much. And their night together was like a neon sign inside her that wouldn’t allow her to forget and now here he was, tempting her anew.

“I know what you’re saying is true Nyssa… but nothing worth having is ever easy. What we feel for each other isn’t something that will easily go away…” he leaned closer and she caught the faint smell of aftershave… “Nyssa…” he sighed against her throat and she shivered, “come on… don’t do this to us…a chance – just one chance if it doesn’t work out – we’ll deal with it…”

She shook her head even as she tilted it back to give his scraping teeth better access to her throat. His hands left the door to shape her waist and pull her close to him. Fitting her every curve to his hard frame.

“Trust me Nyssa,” he murmured, “it’ll be fine.” He trailed ucuz escort his mouth to her ear and bit her lobe softly… then gave it a gentle suck, forcing a moan out of her mouth.

“Dean…” she clutched his shoulders and arched against him as his mouth trailed the underside of her jaw, “promise?”

In answer his hand slid up her cardigan and she felt him jerk when he felt only skin beneath. He pulled back and looked down at her with startled green eyes before dropping them down to her chest and with trembling fingers he reached for the buttons and began popping them one by one… his mouth gaping a little as he drew in shallow breaths, a flush mounting on his gorgeous cheeks with every piece of skin that was revealed.

At last, as he unbuttoned the last one, he slid his hands inside, parting the material and revealing her bare breasts to his feverish gaze. “Nyssa,” he murmured, lowering his lips to a soft swell, “you’re so beautiful… you’re mine aren’t you? Hmm? You’re mine now right?” His mouth closed over one nipple and pulled.

“Hmm.” Was the most she could manage as her hands clutched his head to her in a silent bid for him to suck harder. Her hands slipped down slowly to his strong neck, caressing him there before going lower to the strong planes of his back… tracing his spine with the tip of a finger as he switched to her other breast. “Dean…” she pushed him away slowly and saw a fleeting panic cross his eyes.

“Nyssa I swear-“

She sealed his words with a finger. “Shhh…” she turned them around so that his back was against the door and then dropped down to her knees in front of him. She glanced up at him and saw him staring down at her, mouth gaping open in astonishment, his amazing chest heaving with the harshness of his breathing as he watched her.

She reached into his already open jeans and pulled down the boxers. When her hand wrapped around him he leaned his head back and groaned out her name. She gave him a gentle squeeze before pulling his cock out and laving the head with a quick teasing lick.

His hands flew to her hair and grabbed on to masses of it as he arched. “Shit Nyssa, you don’t have to-” His words turned into a rough groan when she swallowed him whole… “oh baby…”

She sucked gently on the hard length and delighted when she heard another groan dragged from his throat. His hand on her hair tightened and he started moving against her. Her mouth on him made quiet wet sounds and his breathing was the only other thing that joined it in the silence that surrounded them. She could feel him getting ever slightly bigger and she sucked a little harder.

“Jesus Nyssa…” he got out roughly and an instant later she was sprawled on the floor. His hands almost ümraniye escort ripping her jeans from her as he tugged, not even bothering to remove the rest of her cardigan as she lay there for him. With strong hands he jerked her legs open and knelt between them, pulling his jeans down just enough to free his cock completely. He pulled himself over her and reached a hand down to place himself at her entrance. “You choose me. Tell me you choose me.” There was a note of desperation in his voice which she had never heard before.

Nyssa pulled in deep breaths, her hazel eyes locked with his glittering green ones. In the end, the choice wasn’t as hard as she’d thought. “I choose you.” Possession flared brightly and a satisfied smile curved his lips as he slid just the blunt head inside her tight slick walls. “That’s good.” He dropped his head to the curve of her neck and nudged the cardigan away with his nose, planting soft kisses on her shoulder. “That’s what I needed.” He whispered against her skin as he slid another inch in and she arched. “and I’m what you need… you know that now…you know and you’ll never forget.” Another inch slid in and a cry escaped her. “Because I won’t let you.”

“Dean!” She cried in protest at his slow pace. Her hands slid around to his shoulders and her nails dug in. “Please.” She husked, her head rolling back, cheeks flushed as she lifted her hips. He slid in deeper. “Come on Dean.”

She felt him smile against her shoulder. He nipped her and then shoved his whole length inside.

“Oh.” She gasped, as the feeling of discomfort and pleasurable fullness assaulted her, leaving her clutching him like a madwoman, her nails dragging down the length of his back until they reached his ass. There they slid luxuriously over the hard smooth muscles there and she pulled him harder against her. Crying out as the movement sent shocks of pleasure spinning inside her.

“Want me.”

“I do. I do.” She caught her breath as he lifted himself away from her, fully extending his arms, sending him just that bit deeper… and then he began to thrust. Hard, each thrust driving deep and deeper, driving her into a state of insanity as she moved wit him, hungry for the same release that he had given her the day before. He shifted a knee beneath one of her legs and widened her legs. Then thrust. Her head flew back at the new angle. “There! Right there Dean! Right there.”

He did it again. “Like this?”

She nodded her head frantically, incapable of speech whilst he was doing these incredible things to her. Her head shook helplessly from one side to the other whilst he slid an arm beneath her waist and arched her into him further. “Around me,” he gasped out, “wrap your legs around me.”

She üniversiteli öğrenci escort did as he asked, wrapping them around him tighter then necessary and arching further… she felt him forge even deeper and she cried out as suddenly she burst around him.

She bucked wildly against him and let out another cry. “Dean.” She managed through shudders as the ecstasy swam through her body, leaving no place in peace.

Dean thrust against her faster, his eyes glued to her parting lips, his mind completely focused on the tight slickness of her body as he thrust in and out. Then he saw her lips curve, felt her legs tighten around him… felt the wet muscles contract around him and lost himself as he let out a shout as he poured himself inside her. The strength in his arms gave out and he just managed to catch himself before crashing into her softer form.

Catching her in his arms he rolled onto his side, keeping her pressed tight to him, his cock still buried deep inside her as they continued to breathe hard.

Nyssa nuzzled his chest and nipped at a hard nipple – heard his sharp intake of breath as his cock twitched inside her. She smiled. “I want you to come with me.”

The sudden demand had Nyssa jerking back to look at his face through confused eyes.

Dean saw that he’d startled her and brushed now damp hair away from her face, the other hand stroking the smooth skin of her thigh in a soothing motion. “Come with me Nyssa.” He murmured, his eyes not leaving her still flushed face.

“Where?” She asked feeling slightly puzzled.

“Come live with me.”

She jerked, her eyes wide in shock. “Dean… but – live with you? That’s a bit too fast don’t you think.”

He shook his head, leaning forward to brush a soft kiss across her lips. “No. Besides… if you stay here we won’t be able to have the relationship we just agreed to have. It won’t be possible. Not with dad here.”

“But Dean, they’ll know anyway.”

He shrugged. “You’re 19 now, they can’t control you anymore, come with me hmm? We’ll have all the freedom we want. Besides, it’s closer to your college… practical isn’t it? And your job is close by as well. It wouldn’t be so hard to convince him you were just coming to stay with big brother because it was simpler.”

She blushed. “You really think they’ll be okay with that?”

He pressed another kiss to her mouth and moved experimentally inside her. She gasped as she noticed that he was already semi-erect inside her. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll get around it. Trust me.”

She gave a small smile as she rolled him over onto his back and pulled off the cardigan she was still wearing. Placing her hands on his chest she leaned down and traced the strong line of his neck with her tongue – felt him go even harder and then nipped him just behind the ear. “I already do.” She whispered… and as his hands went to her hips, she instinctively started moving on him. She looked down at him. “I love you, you know.”

He angled a sexy smile up at her and she tightened on him. “I know.”

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