Muslim Amira – Chapter 2


Muslim Amira – Chapter 2My experience with Jessica impacted me even more than you’d expect anybody’s first sexual experience with another person would. I can’t lie and say there wasn’t initially a certain amount of shame. You don’t grow up in an environment like mine and throw it off in the space of a few minutes. Shame is a concept that any Muslim woman will know more about than you can imagine, shame and honour are what we are brought up to regard as the most important things. But the shame was outweighed by the relief. It confirmed to me that sexual experiences with other women were just as good as I’d imagined they would be. The sheer strength and pulsating power of the physical reaction of my body to Jessica was an incredible sensation and one I knew I would need to have over and over again if my life were to be anywhere close to being fulfilling.Perhaps the most important impact though was that I began to slowly grow in confidence. It took a lot to go out and do what I had done. Although my physical needs had become overpowering, to actually act on them required courage and to ensure the plan came together required research, organisation and a strength of character I wasn’t sure that I had.In the months following ‘Project Jessica’ as I began to think of it, of course I went back and did it again! I only managed it twice, largely due to constraints of money and time. I didn’t want to push my luck and arouse any suspicion from my parents and brothers. It was my final year of school and my parents didn’t allow me to get a part-time job like a lot of the other girls at school had at weekends or in the evenings. I didn’t really have money of my own, although I still lived with my parents, I didn’t pay rent or pay for food and I didn’t really have an active social life, so I didn’t really need much. I can’t really complain, my parents still let me use their car now and again and although there had been the first rumblings of talk about searching for a husband, I’d managed to avoid that topic becoming an issue. My life largely resolved around my school work – essays, projects, revision, mock exams, blah, blah, blah and my free time didn’t get much more exciting than Facebook and reality TV. However, I knew quite a few Muslim girls who had it worse than I did.On the two further visits that I to make managed to make back to the red light street where I’d met Jessica, I got off so good. I mean like sooooooooooooooo good, each time. But nothing quite compared to that first night, I suppose you always remember your first, right? On my visits there I saw Jessica just once, she was getting out of a man’s car and, as ridiculous as it sounds, it make me sick with anger and jealousy. Logic told me she wasn’t mine, but in my head I owned her, she was my whore. I wasn’t enough to stop me cumming over some other whore’s face though.Both times I picked up white girls, they were skinny, young and clearly shocked that a teenage Muslim girl was out picking up girls. But they served my purpose. They gave me that physical release, gave me a sense of agency and cemented in my mind that girls were my sex object of choice and I enjoyed being in control of what was happening.My voracious consumption of pornography and endless masturbation continued alongside everything else, just as it had for years. I began to get increasingly specialised in what I watched. At least eighty percent was probably girl on girl, and within that more and more of it veered toward BDSM, probably more coercion and manipulation than ropes and chains, but there was some of that too. Of the rest it was more often than not, dominant men with girls who looked a lot like Jessica and some guy-on-guy stuff too. While the idea of being with a man myself really wasn’t on my radar, watching two men together had a air of honesty and raw sexuality that was often missing from a lot of porn and was undoubtedly arousing for me to watch from time to time. I created accounts on a couple of sites so that I was able to save my favourite videos and make comments – the nature of my comments were pretty explicit and I was as careful as I could be not give any hint of my real life identity. I’d heard some of the boys at school talking about one of the sites I was a daily visitor to and, while I knew in reality the likelihood of them knowing I had an account on there too was minute, the consequences of discovery would have been intolerable.Before long it was the summer exam season and eventually results time. I didn’t suffer the nerves and stress of some of my friends, because of my parents attitudes, I knew that the grades meant less for me than it did for them. No matter what I achieved it wasn’t going to lead ordu escort on to a hedonistic three years away from home at University. In addition, I was very confident that I would do well. I had always excelled academically and, apart from my sexual obsessions, I wasn’t distracted by drink, d**gs and dating like so many of my counterparts at school. So it was no surprise that I scored very highly in my exams. They even took my photo for the local newspaper, of students who had achieved high grades, there were three of us, all girls, and of course they had to have a white girl, a black girl and a Muslim. I spent that afternoon masturbating furiously over some really dark fantasies about that clever little white bitch.But it was now that my post Jessica confidence began to shine through. I accepted University was a no-go, but if I didn’t busy myself with something else, I knew the marriage merry-go-round would begin. I’d seen it with my cousins. While it would be arranged, it was never forced, you could say no, at least you could say no a few times, but I just wasn’t ready for that yet. Having some dumb husband hanging around expecting c***dren and his dinner cooking wasn’t where I was at right now, as you can imagine. I insisted I should be allowed to go to the local college and take a course there. I really didn’t care what course, that wasn’t the point, but I opted for a Hairdressing and Beauty course, it was something quite traditional for a Muslim girl to do for a while, and when I arrived more than half the class were Hijabis too.I was very proud of having asserted myself, and having bought myself some more time before my inevitable fate. I wouldn’t have been able to do it before ‘Project Jessica’, that little whore has no idea what repercussions her actions had.It’s not as though I really enjoyed it at college. I felt massively superior to the other students, academically I was way out of their league. The College was where the k**s who didn’t get the grades to go to University went. But attending gave me an extra gasp of freedom. I attended every day, but unlike at school nobody really seemed to care if you did or didn’t. I continued to wear Hijab to College, it acted as useful repellent for the Muslim boys. The headscarf, and my somewhat arrogant demeanour, meant they assumed I was some pious girl who wouldn’t be dating never mind anything more. One or two of the white boys tried to make friends, but I could tell what they wanted and I wasn’t about to give it. But aside from the Hijab, I had ditched the rest of the paraphernalia. I only ever wore traditional clothing on family occasions now. So it was mostly skinny jeans, T-shirts, hoodies – just like everyone else. It doesn’t sound like much, but this meant my body was on show like never before. Despite my disdain for the course, it was useful for make-up tips and I became increasingly more daring with my choices, I’d rarely worn much make-up previously, so this added to the feeling of liberation. I have to say, it made me look pretty damn good too!As well as my sessions at home, I masturbated most days in the College toilets. They were always busy, which didn’t put me off at all, I needed my release. Seeing feet pass the door, hearing the girls chatting as I touched and rubbed and came just added to the thrill. I was such an expert now, I could make myself cum within about a minute if I needed to, but I dragged it out for longer if I heard the voice of a girl I liked, or if I was caught up in a particularly good video on my phone.Of course, while I still felt like I was living in some version of the Middle Ages, the rest of the students weren’t. There were plenty of students who were ‘out’ and the College was endlessly promoting their LGBTQ+ agenda, you couldn’t move for rainbow logos, so much so it almost began to piss me off, some of that conservative Muslim girl was still inside me perhaps. But I didn’t hear any homophobia from anyone, I think most people my age just didn’t give a fuck any more about all that.I avoided most of the lesbian girls as I still didn’t want anybody to associate me with them. It wasn’t a huge town and I was still worried about anything like that getting back to my family. But one of the girls on my course, Leah, was one of the most popular of the dykes and, I have to admit we got on well. She wasn’t academically bright like I was, but she was funny, lively and really excelled at the practical hair and beauty aspects of the course. We ate lunch together several times and bonded over laughing at some of the other girls on our course, and the pathetic efforts of the boys at College to woo us. Leah lived with her Mum and younger sister and, it soon escort ordu became clear, she was out to them just as much as she was out to our contemporaries. Leah was happy to help me in class when I struggled with anything – you have no idea how complex some of the threading techniques can be – and in return I was happy to help her with the occasional written essay we had to submit.I don’t know how Leah knew, but she knew. After a few weeks she asked me outright if I was a lesbian and I said I wasn’t, but she laughed and said, ‘Yeah, right’. It was never an issue though, as I said Leah was a popular girl, she had lots of friends and several girlfriends too, I didn’t get the impression she wanted another. She never tried it on with me and she couldn’t have possibly known that I was a masturbation addict and spent hours searching out extreme pornography most nights. I was just Amira.Within a couple of months of the course, Leah told me she was going on a night out to the city about 30 minutes away from us. It was one of her friend’s birthdays, would I like to join her? I wasn’t exactly Little Miss Sociable and I was almost certain it would be awkward, but I didn’t feel like I could say no without being rude, so I agreed to a Friday night out. By now I had gained enough trust with my parents that they had no issue with me going out, I assured them it was with a group of just girls from College.I met Leah and about four of her friends at the station, and it was immediately clear they had been drinking already and were louder and wilder than I had hoped for. I knew I should have said no. We met another three girls when we got off the train and headed straight to a bar about five minutes walk away. It was pleasant enough, I made small talk with a couple of Leah’s friends, but the rowdier it got, the more uncomfortable I felt. When you don’t drink, drunks are just a nightmare. What they find hilarious, I find stupid. I was composing my excuse for leaving just as Leah came up and told me that after this drink we were going to a club. I told her I might head off, but she insisted, claiming it that it was somewhere I’d like. I was sceptical, but I agreed. It took forever to get the drunken rabble organised and together enough to head to the club, but we managed it and then the ten minute queue to get in. I’d been to a couple of clubs before, but I certainly wasn’t a regular, I was really out of my comfort zone. I was hit by how loud the music was, how hot and busy the place was, it was clearly popular. The girls headed off to the bar and it was only as I stood there for a few moments that I realised – it was all girls. Oh my God, Leah has brought me to some lesbian club, she tricked me. Once the truth dawned, it was obvious. I saw several couples openly kissing, several more grinding together as they danced. There were quite a few short haired butch girls loitering around, some were openly leering at the younger fem girls. I had never been somewhere like this. I was quite shocked, this was just half an hour away from home and yet it was a whole new world. A buzz of excitement came over me as I began to think about the possibilities. But I was also upset at Leah’s trickery, unsettled by her friends alcohol fuelled behaviour and feeling really out of place. I couldn’t see another Hijabi in here, a couple of the butch girls had bandanas on, and the only Asian girls I spotted looked Indian, and I knew what sluts they could be.As Leah made her way back from the bar I grabbed her arm and had to shout at her so she could her me over the music.“What the fuck, Leah? Is this a joke?”“Steady Ami, I’ve never heard you swear before, it’s cute” she laughed at her own observation.I kept hold of Leah and pulled her toward the toilets, “A word. Now!” I shouted, and she didn’t resist as I dragged her first into the toilets and, then into a cubicle. The DJ dropped a popular tune at that moment and I heard a rush of girls head back onto the dancefloor as I pulled the door closed and locked it.“Leah, this a lesbian club”“Like duh, tell me something I don’t know” Leah still thought it was hilarious.“I can’t be seen here” I replied, “I don’t want to be seen here”“Well nobody will see you when you’re in here with the door locked” Leah responded and then she leaned forward pressed her lips to mine and kissed me.I was several inches taller than Leah, she had to look up to kiss me. I was completely taken by surprise, this was the last thing I had expected. But I’d never been kissed like this before. There was no kissing with Jessica, or the other two whores. I’d never kissed a boy and I’d only kissed a girl once, several years ago, and I had to pretend I didn’t enjoy that. ordu escort bayan Suddenly that familiar sensation of lust was surging through my body. Images started appearing in my mind, that feeling between my legs wasn’t far behind. But I pushed her away.“Leah, what do you think you’re doing? You’re drunk”“Amira, Ami, it’s ok, I know” she said and then kissed me again “I know and it’s ok, of course it’s ok”“What do you mean, you know, what do you think you know?” I replied, I couldn’t stop the aggression that was rising inside coming out in my words and my tone of voice.“I know you like girls. I know what you’re into” said Leah, all girly and cute, she was clearly trying to offset my anger.“Oh, believe me Leah, you have no idea what I’m into”She moved to kiss me again. This time I grabbed her by her neck, pushed her back hard against the door. It make a loud bang and for an instant I was worried someone would notice, then I remembered how loud the music was in the main room. I had both hands around her neck now and started to squeeze tightly. I could see the shock in her eyes and that she was struggling to gasp for air. I didn’t let go. I spat in her face.“Whore, you have no fucking idea what I’m into, and don’t you ever presume to”I let go of her and she slumped down onto her knees in front of me. I couldn’t believe I was acting out like this any more than Leah could, but it was too late now. The desire was surging through me. I was doing what I had seen other women do in my favourite videos, I was dominating some little bitch and I was going to use her how I pleased.Leah stared up at me, entirely lost for words, still with my saliva on her face.“Eat me out, slut” I said to her, I was taking words straight out of my fantasies now, I was feeling stronger than I’d ever felt before.“W…what?” Leah still hadn’t taken in what was happening.“I said lick my fucking cunt now you dyke bitch”And now she did as she was told. Still on her knees, she reached up and undid my jeans and pulled them down over my hips, my thighs and down to my ankles. Now my panties. I had put on a favourite pair of white lacy ones, I was going out after all. Leah pulled them down until they were at my ankles too. I was standing up and constrained by my jeans, but they were the stretchy type, so I could move my legs wide enough apart to give her plenty of access. She stared at me, she looked up. Still I saw the shock in her eyes, but now she smiled too, she liked what she saw, just like Jessica did. I had a cute cunt and I knew it.“Don’t just look, lick” I instructed. She didn’t hesitate. She knew what she was doing. She was only a teenager, but she was so skilful and I was comparing her to professionals, remember! She was focusing directly on my cunt, licking at first and then starting to penetrate me with her tongue. In, out, in out, like she was trying to fuck me. It felt so good. Even though it was only a couple of hours since I’d masturbated just before we came out, I could feel my orgasm approaching.“My tits” I blurted out, “Play with my tits” Leah didn’t look up, her eyes were focused on her priority, but she reached up and fondled my breasts through my T-shirt. I grabbed her hand, pulled it under my the cotton, then I pulled down the cup on my bra so she could gain access. There was no time to take the bra off, I knew I was close, it wasn’t going to be that kind of sex. Leah started to pinch my nipple. “Harder” I demanded, “Pull harder” At this point I knew I needed my clit stimulated to push me over the edge, but Leah’s hands were fully occupied. I reached down and started touching myself, like only I know how.Leah pulled away just for a second and looked up at me. I looked down, made eye contact.“Tell me that you love it” I demanded“I love it” she replied“Love what?”“I love your cunt Ami, I love it”“Be specific, bitch”“I love your pretty Muslim cunt”“Again”“I love your pretty Muslim cunt Amira!!”Then it happened. My orgasm crashed through me. I kept rubbing my clit with my left hand. My body began to spasm from head to toe. I thought I was going to black out. My knees were literally shaking. I was panting and moaning. This. Was. So. Fucking. Good.I have no idea how long it took, I felt like I was cumming for minutes and minutes. But it began to subside. I fell back and slumped against the cubicle wall. I pulled my bra back up over my breasts. My T-shirt down over my bra.“Fuck” I exclaimed again.I pulled my panties and jeans up and quickly made myself look respectable. Then Leah got to her feet. I was still breathing heavily. I grabbed her and passionately french kissed her. Only now did I realise I had ruined her make-up, she looked a mess, I had never seen her like this before.After I kissed her I looked her in the eyes.“Thanks for the night out, honey, I had a good time”Then I opened the door slammed it behind me, marched straight out of the club and into a taxi to take me home.

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