Munich Holiday

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Deep Penetration

Munich Holiday: The Family Dupuis

I had driven down to Munich and I stayed at a hotel about 20 minutes drive from the town. I decided to have a pre-lunch drink in the bar. There were not many people there at the time so I seated myself on a bar stool. I didn’t at first realise just how much leg I was showing but then thought, ‘What the hell, the place is almost empty.’ I chatted to the barman for a while and as he went to serve someone else a man and a woman came in, they were speaking in French, the woman seated herself at a small table and the man came to the bar. he greeted me in German, I do understand some but I answered him in French.

Obviously the accent was wrong as he immediately spoke to me in English. We laughed at that as I made some comment about my poor French. He asked if I was alone and on my affirmative invited me to join his wife and himself. He introduced himself as Francois and his wife as Aimee. Aimee asked if I was passing through or staying. I admitted that I was staying for three or four days. They told me that they were too and that they had their 18 yr old son with them.

At their invitation I sat with them at luncheon, Marcel, the son was not there at that time. The meal was very entertaining we chatted about inconsequential things and then they excused themselves as they were going to visit some Schloss (castle), whatever. I was going shopping.

Later as I was dressing for dinner the phone rang, it was Aimee and she asked if I would like to join them again and perhaps we could meet in the bar. When we met Aimee was wearing a typical French dress, black with string straps, low decolletage, quite short but not tarty. She had on a pearly choker and earrings, apart from her watch, no other jewelry. I had chosen a midnight blue evening dress, also with string straps but my dress came to mid calf. Francois asked me what I would like to drink and as he got them Aimee, smiling said, “Ah this evening we do not see your gorgeous legs as we did at lunchtime. Francois will be most disappointed, he thinks you have lovely legs.” I smiled back at her, she had her legs crossed in her chair and was showing a great deal of thigh. “I think Aimee that your husband will be too much taken with your legs to miss mine. However she had not noticed that my skirt was a wrapover.”

She made a little moue with topkapı escort her nose,” Dont you believe it, he knows an attractive woman when he sees one if I am with him or not.”

Francois came with the drinks and immediately Aimee said to him. “Ce soir ma cherie, the English thighs are covered so you will have to have mine instead.” They both laughed and then this gorgeous young man approached the table. He was introduced as their son, Marcel. Like his father he was dressed in a dark suit of excellent cut. This French family was not poor.

After a couple of drinks we all went in to dinner. Naturally the wine flowed and with the French it was the best. The food was excellent too. With the coffee, Francois and Marcel had a cognac, Aimee a Cointreau and I had one of my favourites, a B&B (Brandy and Benedictine) one measure of each. The others were drinking doubles too.

Aimee and I went to the Ladies Room, there were just two cubicles, one was engaged and Aimee who I waved to go first, surprised me by leaving the cubicle door open whilst she took a pee. When my turn came I did the same but the occupant of the next cubicle left whilst I was still in there. To be frank I expected an uplifted eyebrow or a disdainful gesture because she could see me quite clearly as she washed her hands. She was, undoubtedly German, middle-aged, and very poised. We both got a very pleasant smile as she left and a delightful “Oh Ja, Wonderbar mein FRAU.” Which I found a little embarrassing, being told by a total stranger that she thought it wonderful to see me peeing?

As Aimee and I washed our hands she asked me if I would like to accompany them into Munich, she told me she and Francois were going to a cinema/theatre night club which would be very raunchy. Did I feel broad minded enough to accompany them?

Well, after the wine and liqueurs I was ready for anything and so said that I should love to go.

Francois seemed pleased and ordered a taxi. Well, the show was what one would expect, not just raunchy, pornographic really. Marcel did not accompany us. Hardly the thing to watch with your mum and dad I thought. Apparently he was off to a cinema.

I sat between Aimee and Francois and was not surprised when I felt Francois place his hand on my thigh. I placed my hand on his thigh and then türbanlı escort ran my hand to his crotch where I found a sizeable bulge. By this time his hand had found the wrap over and as his fingers slid up my thigh I allowed my legs to open.

Insinuating his fingers inside my thong allowed him to feel that I was already quite moist. I was busy opening his zip and freeing his cock which to my experienced fingers seemed to be about 10″ long. “Formidable” I whispered and his fingers inserted themselves inside my cunt. Then Aimee leaned over and said,  “You have his cock out? Lovely isnt it? See this one.”

I wondered to what she was referring and to my amazement as she leaned well back I could see a man sitting to her left, his cock very erect and she was slowly wanking it. She also had her own dress high and was fingering her own pussy. As I watched them a woman on the far left of the man leaned over and took his cock in her mouth.” His wife I believe” said Aimee taking my left hand to replace her own in her pussy.

The lights went up and we three decided to show a little more decorum but actually there was plenty of fucking going on around us. Francois ordered more drinks and we surveyed the room. The woman had stopped sucking her husband dick and as we three watched she lifted her dress to her waist displaying an extremely hairy cunt with large thick labia which she held apart. Her clit was very visible and must have been over an inch long. Then she placed her husbands cock at the entrance and sank down on it

Aimee said that all this was making her extremely horny, why not go back to the hotel. We did and once there Francois had champagne brought up to their room.

Their bedroom was very large and the bed was King-size. Francois switched on the radio and in a few moments found a music channel fit to dance to. Aimee took me in her arms and we started to kiss as we danced, our tongues entwining. Francois had seated himself in an easy  chair and sat back watching us.

I placed a hand on Aimees breast and could feel the hardened nipple. She then slipped the narrow shoulder straps off my shoulders and with very little effort it fell to the floor revealing that I was wearing a half bra, a string thong and self supporting stockings. I then pushed the string shoulder straps of Aimees tüyap escort gown off her shoulders. It too fell to the floor revealing that she was wearing….NOTHING!!

I pushed Aimee back onto the bed and swung across her lowering my crotch onto her face, in a moment the thong was pulled to one side and her tongue was at my clit. Lifting my head before plunging my nose into her spread crotch I glanced at Francois. He was sprawled back in the chair, his cock in his hand and he was wanking furiously. I smiled at him and went back to his wife licking her open cunt and sucking her gorgeous clit.

I felt the bed move behind ne, I glanced up, the chair was empty, suddenly I felt a thick object being wiped up and down my wet slit and suddenly I felt my channel open to admit one of the biggest cocks I have enjoyed. Obviously Aimee did not mind, I felt her lick my labia as her husband fucked me.

I heard nothing but to my amazement a very large cock indeed was bouncing in front of my face, the large purple head was engorged the lovely curved prick already showing precum, I licked it before glancing up at the owner, I should have guessed, it was Marcel.

Suddenly I heard his father shout, “Marcel, Marcel yes my boy, fuck her.” I thought he meant Marcel to take his place but suddenly to my absolute surprise he placed his cock against his mothers open cunt and eased it slowly in. I expected that his mother and his father would explode with disgust and anger but,……….NO!!

“Marcel Marcel le cheri cheri mon fils, mon jeaune amoureux, maman t’aime. Oui, Oui, OUI S’il vous plait…”

My French was just good enough to understand that his mother was asking him to do it.

” Oh oui Marcel; magnifique et cherie a mis votre dick dans las chatte de maman.Oh mis que le grand dick vers le haut de moi, me baisant ‘ MARCEL MAMAN DE BAISE”

She had actually told him to fuck her cunt – fantastic, I must confess seeing his dick fucking his mother had me reaching orgasm immediately. It was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen.

Afterwards I think they were concerned that it had all got too far out of hand in front of a stranger but when I pushed Aimee back on the bed and bent to lick all that love juice from her cunt and seeing Francois soft as he had just shot up my cunt but Marcel with the strength of youth still having a ‘hardon’ I asked him to fuck me, I think he found it erotic to slide his big, very big dick into my cunt coated with his fathers jism.

I know I did not return to my room that night. I only stayed two days but I was thoroughly fucked by all three of my new friends.

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