Mum noticed the tent in my shorts


Mum noticed the tent in my shortsIt was so warm outside that at least it seemed the summer had finally arrived. Well, for a few days at least knowing the British weather, but any excuse to put shorts on instead of jeans and I’m there.In fact, shorts and a T-shirt was all I was wearing as I decided to ditch the boxers for a cooler feeling. They were a loose design allowing for plenty of movement which in fact felt extremely good. So good in fact that I could feel myself getting a semi on as my balls hung low in the heat of the day.It had been a while since I last had any action and so I was feeling rather horny. My wife had been busy with work and had left 2 days earlier for a weeks’ residential conference, meaning I had more room to stretch out in bed at night, although I obviously missed her being there.I had left the office at lunchtime for a meeting at one of our sites which happened to be close to home only to find when I got there that the guy I was supposed to meet had had to postpone due to a ‘personal crisis’ leaving me at a bit of a loose end. I couldn’t be bothered to travel back to the office deciding that I could continue some of my work at home which is where I was now. I had ditched the trousers and shirt for my shorts and T-shirt grabbing a beer from the fridge which I nearly emptied in one go as the cold liquid felt so good going down. In fact, I swirled the lager around in the bottle deciding it would be silly to leave a small amount in there, so gulped it down and swapped it for a full one.As I sat squinting at my iPad screen in the garden I felt the hit of the alcohol which felt good, only to be added to with another swig from my second bottle.My semi-erection seemed to come from nowhere, which I now pressed the bottom of the bottle of beer against having the effect of feeling cool against my cock whilst also sending pleasant shivers through my groin.It only took me a couple of minutes to see I had no e-mails worth bothering about, plus the fact the screen was hard to see in the glare of the sun so I put it down and found myself using my spare hand to stroke my balls under the loose leg of my shorts. We were in a lucky position not to be overlooked by any neighbours causing me to smile when I thought of last summer and impromptu night that led to us having sex in the garden in broad daylight!The thought made me a little harder.My hand was now fully inside the leg of my shorts cupping my balls completely as I remembered fucking my wife after she had given me a blow job right here where I sat now. Something that had been a first and unfortunately hadn’t been repeated since.I took another swig of beer almost berating myself for nearly finishing a second bottle so quickly which was giving me a nice fuzzy feeling making me feel a little more relaxed than I perhaps should be feeling on a Wednesday afternoon.I considered pulling my hardening cock from my shorts but was rather enjoying the feel of it pressing against the material restricting it not to mention the softness of my smooth scrotum which I had shaved only that morning in the shower.I closed my eyes and laid my head back against the patio chair feeling the heat of the sun on my face as I continued to stroke myself in one hand whilst holding the almost empty beer bottle in the other as I considered going to the fridge for a third.The wonderful calming effect of the alcohol was nearly as nice as the feeling of the summer sun as I sat trance-like deciding to keep teasing myself knowing it would make for an incredible orgasm later when I decided to wank myself off.It was then that I heard the noise.Had it been my own deep breathing that I had heard or could it really be…I opened my eyes which took a few seconds to focus from the bright sunlight to see a figure stood at the patio doors only 5 feet away.Who?What?How?Shit!“Mum?”“Hi there David, I thought I’d surprise you and cook you a meal for when you got home from work but I see you’re already home” my mother said stood looking at me.Typical mother thinking that when the wife is away I’m incapable of actually cooking myself a meal!“I left work early” I said, my eyes still trying to focus properly.“So I see” she said as if she didn’t approve.“I thought I’d have a beer too as it was so hot” I added, lifting my bottle as if to show her.“So I see” she said again.“I changed out of my suit too” I said as if to state the obvious.“So I see” she repeated once more, her eyebrow lifted as if questioning me. “If you’re busy I can always come back tomorrow” she added.Busy? I was the opposite of busy at this precise moment. But then it dawned on me what she meant as my hand still cupped my balls under the inside of my shorts leg.“No, I’m, erm, not busy at all, I was just…” I stammered slowly pulling my hand from my shorts trying not to make it too obvious.“I can see what you were just doing David so like I said, I can always come back tomorrow” she said.I blushed. Damn! This was only the second time in my life I had been caught ‘mid-flow’, the first time was when I was about 14 and mum walked into the bathroom one day whilst I was in the bath stroking myself laid in the water pushing my erection up and out above the water line as she promptly apologised and retreated quickly, never mentioning it at that time or any time over the next 24 years since.“No, please stay, it was just that I…..” I sat up, my hand now over the top of my shorts rather than inside them to try and hide the obvious bulge that I thought would have shrunk through embarrassment, but which seemed to throb even harder under my touch.“Don’t worry dear, it’s natural” she said, the words shocking me for some reason.I gave her an awkward smile as she lifted the bags that she held by her sides. “Spaghetti Bolognese OK?” she asked, seemingly brushing off the incident.I just nodded.She turned and walked back into the kitchen laying the bags on the worktop before opening the fridge. I heard the hiss of the beer as she opened another bottle, appearing again at the door, only this time taking a step outside holding the bottle out in my direction.I took it from her, swapping it for the one I had just drained which she placed on the table beside us. She then pulled a chair from under the table and sat down telling me how she had seen my car in the drive and knocked but hadn’t got a reply. She had her own key which she used to unlock the front door, calling out again but still not getting any reply.I took another drink, nodding at her words feeling the liquid go some way to cool the heat I felt more from embarrassment than sun.Then I felt mums hand on my knee.It was a gentle touch, and one she had done many times in the past as she showed concern about me. But this time it felt a little different.“You sure everything’s OK son?” she asked.I nodded, but then tensed a little as I felt her hand rise above my knee.“You and Becky are still good aren’t you?” she asked, her hand ödemiş escort still, but her fingers gently stroking my skin.I nodded wondering what she meant, but guessing she was questioning our physical relationship.“She is still looking after my little boy isn’t she?” mum asked, her eyes staring into mine as if trying to read my answer in my reaction.Mum has always been a bit old fashioned in her ways, having been in a lucky position of not having to work as she met dad young having me just a year after they wed where she continued to be a ‘stay-at-home’ mum with dad earning more than enough to keep us comfortable financially. She had made it quite clear that her job was to be a good wife and mother, looking after the home and c***d whilst also looking after her husband in the bedroom to keep him happy. It was a tradition she believed every wife should maintain. But it had been his stressful busy life that he loved so much that took him from us far too early, dying from a heart attack 3 years previously. He was well insured leaving mum with plenty in the bank, although I know for certain she would swap it all for him to be back with her. She had also no interest in anyone else despite her still youthful looks preferring to spend her time worrying about me, her only son, and when we were going to give her a Grandc***d!I smiled back into her warm eyes. “Yes mum, Becky is still ‘looking after me’ thank you very much.”“It’s just I know she’s so busy with her job that she must feel very tired after a long day, or even weeks like this when she’s away!” mum said insinuating Becky wasn’t fulfilling her ‘marital’ promise.I continued to smile to convince her she had no worries, but mum’s seem to know their sons better than anyone and as much as I tried to hide it, there was no mistake that mum could read in my eyes that I wasn’t getting as much sex as I liked.“I understand” mum said, nodding slightly without taking her eyes from mine. With a move that then shocked and surprised me, she slid her hand further up my thigh until I felt her fingers brush over my pubes to the smoothness of my balls and cock base.It was her turn to now look surprised as she felt the smoothness where she expected to feel hair which for some reason seemed to dissipate the shock I felt.“You shave!” she said, more as a comment than a question.I nodded, the surreal-ness of the situation making me wonder whether it was the beer on an empty stomach that was causing me to hallucinate, but as I felt fingers enclose my still hard cock, I knew it was real.“Mmm, and you feel so soft, yet hard!” she said giving me a squeeze.“Mum, do you really think…”“Shhhh” my mum said, her lips pursed as her eyes continued to stare into mine whilst her hand gripped her only sons cock!I wasn’t quite sure how she was doing it, but she was managing to stroke me and tickle me all with one hand, her long nails scr****g my skin in the most wonderful way.“Well while the cats away” mum said, only now averting her gaze from mine taking in the sight of the bulge in my shorts.I sat mesmerized; beer bottle still in hand witnessing my own mother’s hand disappeared up the leg of my shorts as she gripped my shaft in her fist.“Whether or not she fulfils her duty, a little extra-curricular activity won’t go amiss will it?” mum asked, only this time her eyes remained firmly staring at my groin.I didn’t bother replying knowing it would be fruitless. Not to mention the feel of someone else’s hand on my cock felt so good. It had been possibly longer than I thought since Becky had touched me sexually and the fact the hand presently wrapped around my shaft was my mother’s didn’t seem to matter.I looked down as mum bent forward from her chair only now noticing the blouse she wore gaped quite a lot at the front to reveal a smooth cleavage encased in a red lacy bra that was something I hadn’t really noticed before. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more it dawned on me how nice she looked today and indeed every day. She had always taken pride in her appearance and definitely took care of herself, it’s just that I had never really looked at her in a sexual way until now.Which was hardly a choice with her hand presently up the leg of my shorts wanking my cock!“Why don’t you make yourself a little more comfortable” mum said, suddenly withdrawing her hand and reaching for the clasp at the front of my shorts.I mutely just sat as she undid the button and zip before lifting myself up to allow her to pull the shorts down and over my legs until they were completely off. She took my bottle of beer and placed it on the table before grabbing the cushion from the chair she was sitting on to place on the floor. Then with a flick of her hair she knelt down on it before once again grabbing my cock, which now stood at full mast, and with a quick glance at my face leaned down and kissed the tip.“Impressive,” mum said indicating my erection with a flick of her eyes, “I can’t believe Becky doesn’t want to handle this beauty every day!”I just shrugged my shoulders, not quite sure what I should say or how I should react which mum seemed to take as an acceptance of her actions as with a smile she opened her lips and took the head of me inside.“Oohhh” I sighed; the warmth of her mouth feeling so good on my sex. “Holy shit!” I added as she took me further inside than I had ever experienced before.“You like?” mum asked after sliding me back out from her lips.I nodded. “But…”There was that smile again, looking more mischievous than ever as she took me back within her lips, purposefully keeping eye contact which was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen in my life.I brought a hand up and stroked her face, my fingers noting how soft her skin was confirming once again how well she looked after herself. I had a sudden thought, wondering whether she took the same care of herself down below and whether she trimmed or indeed shaved off all of her pubic hair. The thought made me flinch again as even more blood rushed to my erection, not going unnoticed by my mother.“Someone’s a little excited” she said, releasing me again to the summer air whilst licking her lips, no doubt tasting my pre-cum which I know for a fact would be flowing freely.“Do you blame me?” I asked, “and it was a thought I just had too” I said.“Prey do tell” mum said, her hand now slowly sliding up and down my shaft which glistened with her saliva.“I was just admiring how you take such good care of yourself and just had a random thought whether you ‘trimmed’ or not” I said with an air of bravery that I would never have had 10 minutes earlier.Mum raised an eyebrow in a questionable manner. “Well would you like to find out?” she asked.Another involuntary twitch happened in my cock as I throbbed in her grasp at her question.“I suppose it only seems fair” she said letting go of my knob, pressing her palms against my knees as she stood up. She reached around the back escort ödemiş of her waist and unzipped her skirt which fell in a hoop around her feet. Matching red lace knickers hugged her body like a second skin as I tried to make out whether they were see-thru or not. She smiled, enjoying the mystery whilst lifting her blouse to aid inspection.I couldn’t tell, which made me wonder whether she was indeed naked on her mound which was the reason I couldn’t make out a dark patch of hair.“Well?” she asked.I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head indicating that I couldn’t tell, but sat admiring the view of her beautiful mound encased in delicate underwear.‘Did she wear this all the time?’ I asked myself, ‘or was this some sort of seduction plan she had in mind all along?’“You had better check then if you want,” she said gently pushing her pelvis forward.I lifted my hand and placed my fingertips along the top, front edge of the lace, sliding the tips just inside. I pulled forward slightly and took a peek inside noting she was indeed completely bald.“Wow!” I said out loud, ‘my mum shaves her pussy’ I thought to myself.“Waxed fresh last weekend” mum said as if to correct my thought.“Waxed?!” I spat.Mum nodded as I looked up at her face. “I find it always much smoother than just shaving, have a feel!” she said.Holding her knickers forward still with one hand, I brought my other hand to join it, stroking her mound with my fingertips, audibly cooing at how smooth it felt.My eyes had followed my fingers but I once again looked up into the smiling face of my mother whose eyes practically sparkled with pride.“See?” she said.“God that is smooth” I said as if to confirm the obvious.“I have it all done” mum added, her head nodding to indicate for me to check even further.I accepted the invite as she opened her legs a little wider to ease access.Before I could think how wrong this was, I delved my hand deeper inside her underwear feeling both warmth and wetness as my fingers ran over her smooth fleshy pussy lips.It was mums turn to now gasp as she let out a pleasurable sigh feeling my fingers against her sex. I cupped her mound in my hand feeling the softness against my palm whilst my fingers probed either side of her lips. Sliding my fingers back and forth over her lips caused them to part more releasing the wetness that was seeping from her as well as her sexual odour which I could now smell.Her eyes were closed as she rocked herself gently against my touch whilst letting out a sigh of pleasure.Lifting her hands she then undid the buttons on her blouse and removed it revealing the lacy bra, her eyes now open to see my reaction. I smiled at her and instantly knew that there was no going back from what was about to happen.I stood myself up, somehow keeping my hand inside her knickers which was now pushing a little harder against her as a finger disappeared between her lips. She gasped again as I pushed the digit inside her, hooking it forward before adding a second finger much to her delight.“Oh David that feels so good” she said, her chest heaving between us. “But you’re being so naughty!” she added.I looked at her and raised my eyebrows; “Well you started it!” I confirmed.She just gave me that mischievous smile and once more made a grab for my cock.I thrust my fingers deep into the hole I once emerged from, shocked as ever that such tightness could stretch to allow the passing of a baby, but rather than feel disgusted by it I felt hornier than ever before. I increased my speed, finger-fucking my mum as the sloppy sounds of her sex filled the air causing me to worry that one of my neighbours may suddenly hear. As if sensing the same thing mum pulled on my cock in the direction of the house and a few seconds later found ourselves inside in the coolness of the kitchen.We parted for a few seconds, her juices glistening on my fingers which I had an urge to lick, but I refrained not wanting my mother to think me disgusting. But the smell of her, although stronger than my wife, was equally enticing sending my head into a spin.“I want to taste you” I said, as if somehow needing her permission.Her lips once more formed a smile and with a glint in her eye she removed her knickers and jumped up to sit on the breakfast bar lifting a leg high placing it on the seat of one of the stools.There before me lay the most beautiful pussy, lips now glistening and gaping slightly as she spread her legs inviting me to do just as I had asked. I leaned down and placed baby kisses along her thigh until finally reaching her sex which I devoured with lust.I felt movement above as mum unhooked her bra, tossing it aside giving me the sight of her incredible breasts. Fuller than my wife’s the nipples stood erect atop areolas that were big and dark. I was suddenly in a quandary whether to remove my mouth from her cunt and place it on her tits but the draw of her pussy won at this stage. ‘Anyway’ I thought, ‘those will be next’.I licked and slurped my way through her juices, my fingers busy parting her lips as well as fingering her and playing with her clit, much to my mother’s delight. Her hands rested behind her so she could get her balance whilst pushing her pelvis forward, lifting it off the counter to give me full access to her womanly area. And boy, did I make the most of it.“Ooh David, dear god son, you’re going to make me….” And with that my own mother had an orgasm right there in our kitchen with her son’s fingers and tongue buried deep inside her cunt.Helping her down, her legs wobbled, not to mention her breasts, as she held my hand tight before telling me she needed to sit. But instead of staying in the kitchen we wandered through to the lounge where she pulled off my shirt before sitting on it to save any embarrassing damp patches on the sofa. ‘Always resourceful’ I thought smiling.Lying down she then almost pulled me over, my legs straddling her making me glad we had gone for a nice big couch. I now sat with my knees either side of her torso as she gripped her boobs and enclosed them around my erection. With a nod of encouragement I found myself tit-fucking her, which happened to be a first for me, but after today will hopefully not be a last.“Would you like to fuck me?” She asked, her lips pursed waiting for my answer.“Of course I would” I replied, as if stating the obvious. “But…”“But it would be the ultimate sin?” she asked, obviously on the same wavelength.I nodded.“But who’s to know?” she asked.I smiled confirming this was 100% between the two of us only.“Does Becky let you tit-fuck her?” she asked, her direct language somehow shocking me.I shook my head. “This is actually my first time” I confirmed, passing the shocked look over to mum.“But she lets you cum on her tits?” she asks, her hands still pressing her own globes together around my hard-on.“Occasionally” I answer, “but you know she’s not one for mess!”“But mess is allowed in the bedroom” mum said ödemiş escort bayan genuinely.I just shrugged.“How about on her face?” mum then added.I gulped at her suggestion, surprised how turned on it was making me feel hearing her talk like that.“Once” I said, “but it was more by mistake and one that she made sure never happened again” I answered, picturing the look of disgust on my wife after the incident a few years back.“So she swallows instead?” mum asked, knowing full well that was 99% not the case.I shook my head, smiling at the knowing thoughts between us.“I used to love the taste!” she said, aware she was about to fill my head with images of her and my dad, but it didn’t deter me and instead just made me exclaim what a lucky man he was then.“Used to?” I asked.“Well I’ve not had any experience since!” she said, before adding “or before him either, come to mention it” as he had been her first boyfriend from an early age. “Makes me wonder whether it’s a case of ‘like father, like son’?” she said.I understood completely and nearly came over her chest there and then.“The sweet musky taste,” she said, watching my face knowing how her words were affecting me, “slightly salty, although not as salty as people tend to think, but enjoyable all the same as the manly seed shoots deep inside my mouth”.I knew and she knew that my line had been reached, and with a grunt we seemed to work in unison as I lifted away from her breasts, her hands covering mine whilst bobbing her head forward as the first shot of spunk erupted onto her chin. “Mmm” she managed to say before opening her mouth and steering me inside in readiness for the second spurt which I felt ejected between her lips onto her tongue. For what seemed an age I came and came like never before in a frenzy of us both wanking me off into and around her mouth as she devoured my cum, swallowing it as she went along rather than spitting it out or even worse, saving it up and grossly showing me before swallowing it like some porn star.Sucking the last of my crème direct from the tip she then smiled at me, letting me go before wiping her face with her hand and rubbing it into her chest.“Good for the skin, or so they say” she said with a chuckle.I was amazed how that simple phrase ensured the tension remained light after such a huge thing had just happened between us.“But this doesn’t get you out of fucking me!” she said, giving my cock a quick stroke as I un-straddled her.“Glad to hear it, but you might need to give me a minute!” I replied.“Oh? I’m not so sure” she said, indicating that I still seemed pretty hard.I gripped myself, surprised at how un-limp I was considering I had just ejaculated more cum than I had done in years. Mum laughed at how I had even impressed myself. Mum inched herself forward on the edge of the sofa and reached forward replacing my hand with hers and almost pulling me towards her with my dick before once again taking me in her mouth. Within a couple of minutes she had literally sucked me hard again before pulling away from me with an audible ‘plop’ before guiding me to lie down on the floor where she proceeded to mount me.Slowly she pressed her pussy against my shaft, both of us watching intently as she rubbed the head back and forth against her lips which separated nicely as it ran between them. I suddenly wondered about a condom but then remembered she had had a hysterectomy some years back and so relaxed as I felt the warmth of her body take me inside.I’m not sure whether she was teasing me or just adjusting her position to get comfortable, but either way the feeling and sight was wonderful as she manoeuvred my cock inside her before sitting up tall on top of me with her head held high, her tits thrust forward as she leant back with her hands on my thighs.“How’s that feel?” she asked giving a little wiggle with my balls squashed against her buttocks.“Fucking wonderful, if you’ll excuse the language” I replied.“Oh I think I can forgive you this once” she said moving gently back and forth with a grin that was as mischievous as I had ever seen on her face. “But only if you fuck me good” she added.“I think it’s you fucking me” I said as if to point out that she was on top.“Hmm, well in that case…” Mum then moved her hands from behind to in front of her on my chest and started to rise and fall onto my shaft causing me to gasp aloud.I think the look on my face as I stared at her swinging breasts made her lean forward to feed them into my mouth which I accepted hungrily. For a split second I remembered the taste in my mouth was my own cum that she had smeared into her skin, but it didn’t put me off in any way, and in fact shocked me by having the opposite effect. I sucked and licked away at her stiff nipples as she fed them to me offering one side and then the other.“You like sucking on Mummy’s tits?” She asked.“Mmm” I answered; my mouth still full of nipple.“Good boy” she said, increasing the speed of her pelvis which filling the room with the sound of slapping skin.“Suck on them hard” she said through gritted teeth. “Suck on Mummy’s titties whilst she fucks your cock!”Filthy talk was something that I wasn’t used to during sex, and I wondered whether it was actually new to mum too, but for whatever reason, it was having the same effect on me as it looked like to be having on my mother who was working herself up to an explosive orgasm.I sucked and nibbled as hard as I dared, grabbing her hips which were moving like someone’s 20 years her junior as I started to lift my bum to match her thrusts causing our pubic mounds to crash together with me as deep inside her as I could possibly be.“Oh David, David, son,” she called, her head thrown back with cheeks sexually flushed. “Oh my darling, my beautiful darling, you’re going to make me…going to make me…” and then released a deep growl in her throat that seemed to rise up and out her mouth as her climax rippled like a hurricane through her body. Shuddering she shook above me, her thrusts now timed with each contraction of her cunt as I joined her vocally, unable to hold off my own climax any longer, calling out to inform her that I too, was indeed, coming.We lay together on the floor for minutes before either of us spoke. Her warm breaths on my cheek coming in heavy pants before our bodies recovered and our breathing returned to normal. I wondered whether our unspoken words carried a message of regret, although funnily enough, not so much on my side. I stroked her back as she lay with her leg over mine, the wetness of our combined juices against my thigh a reminder of how serious our actions had been.“That was amazing” Mum suddenly said, “I hope it was as good for you?”She was obviously giving me the message that she was certainly OK with what we had done and fishing for my reaction.“Absolutely incredible” I replied.I felt her physically relax and sensed her smile as her hand stroked my chest before making its way down towards my flaccid cock.“Good,” she answered, “so how about I get the Spaghetti Bolognese on, and while it’s cooking you should have recovered enough to remind me how incredible!” she added taking me in hand and giving me a squeeze.

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