Multiple Melia Part 3


Multiple Melia Part 3Multiple Melia Ch. 03byrealityischoice©Melia lay flat on top of me, panting into my ear, her pussy still contracting on my cock making me thrust into her even though I was spent for the moment. We laid still for a while, enjoying the afterglow until I gently rolled her over, giving her a quick kiss before going to clean up. Melia had not moved by the time I got back and laid down facing her. She kept the wonderful orgasmic blush still and looked delicious, so I began tasting her again, biting playfully at her shoulder as I stroked down to her ass.I had never met anyone either having her stamina or that could inspire that sort of stamina in me. I told her how much I was enjoying our time together.”I haven’t cum that hard in a long time; you felt so good…” she confided in me.”Me either; you are wonderful; when you played with my ass-that was the most incredible feeling I ever had. I wish I could get YOU off that hard.” I teased.”Well, there is one thing that really does it, if you feel up to it…and if you really trust me, we can make it even better…and I think you’d love it if I returned the favor” she gave me a shy look.I didn’t speak but instead thrust my hard cock over her pussy, grabbed her ass, and pulled her on top of me. We made out leisurely, building our anticipation. Melia broke our embrace, got off the bed and walked sexily over to a dresser. My eyes were focused on her ass as she dug through the drawer, removing a few items. She walked back to me with her arms full, pushing me back down as I attempted to see what all she had.”All in good time, I want you to be surprised.” she taunted.She let me watch some of what she was doing, separating four long silk scarves. She then straddled my body, kissing me briefly before grabbing hold of my wrists and raising them above my head, sliding her torso up my body, rubbing her pussy on my abs. kıbrıs escort Melia proceeded to tie my hands to the bed rail, one on each side. She smiled down at me as she finished. She slid her torso back down, catching my hard cock between her legs, teasing a little as she slid further down, letting my cock flop back onto my belly. She now parted my legs and lifted them both, putting my knees again by my chest, gently stretching me to see where my comfort level was. She then tied one end of a longer silk scarf to one leg, winding the other part of it under my upper back and tied the other end to the opposite leg. She scooted back to admire her work, which she must have approved since she gave my ass a playful two handed spank before getting up to retrieve another item.She picked up a special dildo, one with two prongs side by side attached to a harness. She lubed bother parts and let me watch as she slid them into herself; had I not been tied…After that show, she asked me “What size should we start with? Small, medium, large, or giant? Ahh, I’ll just choose one-I said I wanted it to be a surprise!”She reached down, picking up another dildo, which looked to be about seven inches long and about as thick as my own. She placed it in the harness, pointing out, and quickly tightened the straps around her waist. She then reached down and stroked it, coming closer. “I sure hope you can handle this-it’s the medium…Surprised?” she asked as she climbed onto the bed. I was so excited I could only nod. This has been one of my biggest fantasies for many years, and I had not yet experienced it yet, but was about to.”If you enjoy it, we can switch to one of the bigger ones. Mmmmm, I love seeing you so vulnerable…and having access to most of your body…I can feel my toys in booth my holes-already contracting, the little one in my ass feels so big…almost makes me envy escort kıbrıs you for what you’re about to feel with this…” she shook her dick at me. I felt and heard the bed creak as her light frame crawled over to me. She laid her cock beside my own, thrusting a little, it feeling smooth and cool on my belly, and rubbed my balls, up to give my cock a squeeze. “Ohh, hmmm, I was going to offer you a chance to refuse…but with you answered that question before I could ask by having your cock so hard…well, we should get ready then…” she said as she got the lube.She dripped some behind my balls for the second time that day, then again worked it in, preparing me for her toy, getting two fingers in me again. I was afraid I would get a cramp in my ads from trying to thrust. “Don’t worry, I am gentle, see? And after we get you loosened up, we can change positions-or not, depending. This is just so intimate…we will soon have all of our holes filled, and I get to watch my cock enter you and fuck you sooo good, you’re totally exposed to me and mine completely to do whatever I want to do.” she was talking seductively while stroking lube onto her toy. “Okay, I know I’m ready to fuck you, so I hope you are!”I felt a cool pressure on my asshole, more blunt than I expected. She reached up and stroked my cock to relax me, putting more gentle pressure on me with her hips, then releasing the pressure repeatedly until I felt the tip pop into my ass, making me suck in my breath sharply. It felt huge, my mouth hanging open in a silent scream.”That’s good baby, relax and let me in…you’re doing okay…damn you look hot taking my cock!” and she leaned forward, pushing another inch in, releasing my own cock, “easy now, we don’t want you to cum yet-it’ll be better to wait, and besides, as horny as I am, I’d have no choice but to keep fucking you until you came again!”She dropped kıbrıs escort bayan down to my mouth, kissing me hungrily, shoving her tongue in, delighting in my whimpers as she worked first half of her toy into my ass, then the rest, until I could feel her mound grinding into my ass. She held the kiss, becoming more forceful, grinding in a stirring motion to excite her holes as much as mine. I was having a hard time catching my breath, not getting enough through my nose, but it just magnified the experience. She slowed her movements down, broke her kiss and nibbled my ear. I felt her weight shift on the bed as she spread her knees wider and thrust even deeper into my ass, telling me “Are you ready to be fucked good? You better be, because I’m about to cum and I don’t think I can hold back!”Melia managed three or four long gentle thrusts, each faster than the last, grunting to match me, more excited by the moment. I felt her hands on my shoulders, pulling me down into her upward thrusts, much harder now, ramming me fast and hard, her scream announcing her orgasm right before she was pounding me harder yet, our bodies slapping together so fiercely I was sure my ass would be bright red. It was amazing, her enthusiasm rubbing off on me, the thought of what she was doing and feeling bringing me right to the edge, pushing me over as she held me tighter, pushing into me as hard as she could, grinding in circles as she rode out her intense orgasm.I screamed out when I came, intensifying her orgasm as she felt my cum squirt between us, adding some lubricant to the sweat on our torsos. Not being able to move or help myself made me cum all the harder, nearly cutting off circulation in many body parts against the silk. Melia continued grinding me for a long time, getting the most out of our pleasure. She came up to her knees still inside me “I liked that; a good hard cum for us both. Do you have anymore left in there?” she asked as she grabbed my cock, rubbing and stroking the overly sensitive head, making me cry out in far to intense, nearly painful pleasure, taking full advantage of my restrained position.

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