Mrs Jones p9


Mrs Jones p9It was a quiet day as I sat playing a video game, and was just beginning to wonder what my sexy hot older neighbour was doing, when my phone began to beep, and glancing at it, the text read ‘Robbie, come over, I have a surprise!”So I quickly slipped out of the house, climbed over the back fence again, and made my way up to Mrs Jones’s back door.”Hey baby!” she said smiling, as she greeted me at the back door “Come in!”I stepped into the house, and then followed her through the kitchen and lounge, and then up the stairs to the first floor.”Where are we going?” I asked”You’ll see!” she grinnedWe then made our way along the hallway, passing several bedrooms and a bathroom, until we came to one bedroom at the back of the house.Mrs Jones pushed the door open, and inside I saw a large double bed and nothing else.”What?” I asked confused.”Get your clothes off, and get on the bed” she replied”Really?” I asked”Yes, trust me” she grinned before kissing me.So I stepped into the room, and then began stripping off, and when I was finally done and completely naked in front of my hot thirty something neighbour, I climbed onto the bed.”Lay down stud!” she grinnedSo I did, and then Mrs Jones began running her hand over my naked body, and feeling her soft warm hand on my skin, my cock instantly began to grow hard.”Now, as I said, I’ve got a little surprise for you!” she grinned, then she reached above my head, and pulled out two sets of handcuffs, and quickly she attached one wrist loop to the iron frame, and one to my wrist, before doing the other wrist the same.I was now handcuffed to the bed, and at her entire mercy.”Now, we’re going to have a little fun!” she grinned again, and then she unhooked her knee length dress, and it opened to reveal her hot tanned fit body in a pair of matching red bra and knickers.Mrs Jones then dropped the dress to the floor, before she climbed onto the bed, and straddling my legs, she leant forward and began licking at my fairly hard ready cock.”Oh Robbie, this big fat cock is so tasty!” she grinnedIt felt weird lying there at her mercy, but she was my hot neighbour, and her tongue was licking away at my cock and balls, so I wasn’t exactly going to complain, so instead I just lay back and let her do her thing.After several minutes of amazing tongue licking, she then moved up my body, and straddling my chest, she sat on me, and then pulled her knickers to one side to reveal her bald tanned pussy, that was already moist.”Would you like to taste my pussy Robbie?” she asked teasingly as she began to rub it, inches from my face “Would you like to lick it and drink my juices?””Yes” I replied eagerly.So Mrs Jones then stood up, and pulled her knickers down, before kicking them off, then moving over my face, she turned away from me, and then lowered her pussy right down on top of me.I quickly stuck my tongue out, and her pussy clamped over my mouth and nose, and I began running my tongue up and down her wet red slit.”Oh yes Robbie, lick my pussy!” she groanedFor a few minutes she just sat on my face, slowly grinding her wet pussy into it, and I was really enjoying the taste of cunt when suddenly a phone in another room began ringing.”Fuck!” exclaimed Mrs Jones annoyed.Then she lifted up off me, and stepped off the bed “Hold on sweetie! I’ll be right back!” she said heading out of the door.For a few minutes I just lay there, naked, with an erection, and my face wet with my blonde güvenilir bahis siteleri neighbours pussy juices, then finally she returned, but only to dash into the room to grab her dress.”I’ve got to pop out Robbie, urgent errand! But hang tight, i’ll be right back!” she said quickly heading out of the room again as she put on her dress.”What? No. Come back! unlock these cuffs!” I said calling after her, but Mrs Jones was already heading the hallway to leave.”I’ll be right back, just a few minutes!” she replied, and then a minute or so later I heard the front door close, and then a car starting up, and she was gone.For a couple of minutes I just lay there, my erection slowly drifted away, and all I could think of was what a weird story I had to tell my mates one day, then after a few attempts to try and get out of the cuffs, but not getting anywhere, they were clearly good proper cuffs, I heard the door open again.Finally she was back, and so I relaxed, lay back on the bed and waited for her to stroll in back in and get things going again.But oddly she didn’t come upstairs straight away, I heard her wandering about downstairs for a minute or two, then I heard her opening the back door and closing it again, and then finally I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.”Annabelle? Annabelle?” said a unfamiliar female voice suddenly, and I realised it wasn’t Mrs jones, but a complete stranger, and quickly I began trying to break the cuffs open again, before she found me in this state.”Annabelle?” I heard the voice again, as she was now clearly checking each room for Mrs Jones.Then as I continued to struggle against the cuffs, I heard the door squeak open, and looking up, I saw a tall sexy hot brunette older woman stood in the door way.She had a real deep tan, and stunning blue eyes, and an even more impressive big round cleavage that was struggling to fight its way out of her red dress, and with a look of surprise she stared right at my teen naked body.”Oh hello! who are you?” she asked stepping into the room.”Hi, i’m Robbie, from next door!” I replied nervouslyThe lady then moved closer to the bed, and then rested an arm on the iron rail at my feet, before looking me over.”So Robbie from next door, where’s Annabelle?” she asked “She just popped out” I replied “Who are you?” I then asked”I’m Marie, Annabelle’s cousin” she replied with a smile “And I’m presuming she put you in this situation, before she popped out?””Yes” I replied “Could you help me get out of these cuffs please?” “Oh no. I wouldn’t want to wreck my cousins fun!” she grinned back, before she moved her hand off of the bed rail, and then down onto my leg “Besides, I kind of like you like this!”Then Marie moved her hand slowly up my leg, and when she reached my groin, her soft warm hand moved onto balls and began cupping them.”Wow! big balls young man!” she grinnedThen her hand moved up onto my cock, and wrapping her fingers around my shaft she began stroking me back to full hardness again.For a good few minutes Marie stood beside the bed stroking my cock, until I was fully hard, and then she glanced at me with a grin “I can see why my cousin likes you, mr big cock!” Marie then sat on the edge of the bed, before she then leant over and began licking at the tip of my cock.”If you don’t mind, I think i’m going to lick your cock until my cousin gets back” she grinned, looking up at me”Okay” I replied, not really in a position bahis siteleri to stop her.Marie then ran her tongue down my hard shaft until she reached my balls, before then running it up again, and for another minute or so she did that over and over, before she then opened her mouth wide and engulfed my whole cock with her wet mouth.I groaned happily, enjoying the feeling of another strange mouth sucking on my cock, and just lay there grinning as she began eagerly sucking on my hard thick shaft, trying to swallow as much of it as she could.After a few minutes more, she pulled her head up, and drool dribbled down from her lips to my cock, and she had a fiery look in her eyes “I really need to know how this big cock feels!” she saidThen she stood up, reached behind herself, and a second later I heard her dress being undone, and then I watched excitedly as it fell off of her, revealing her fit naked tanned body, with huge big hanging boobs, much bigger than Mrs Jones’s and big brown nipples, and a completely shaved bald pussy.”I know we’ve only met Robbie, but i’m going to ride your cock, I hope your okay with that?” she said”Okay” I replied back, kind of eager to let her.Marie then climbed onto the bed, straddled my waist, and then slowly sank her moist bald pussy onto my hard waiting cock.We both groaned as she engulfed my hard rod with her wet hungry pussy, and as she sunk further down my hard shaft her big fat hanging boobs fell into my face, and I eagerly began trying to lick and suck on her nipples.Then once Marie had most my hard cock up inside of her wet hot cunt, she began riding me, her fit tanned body began moving up and down, her boobs lifted out of me reach, and I just lay there as this hot older woman rode my naked hard cock.”Oh Robbie, it’s so big!” she groaned “It’s so big! I haven’t ridden anything this big in ages!”Marie continued to ride my hard cock, her wet pussy slipped up and down my shaft, her big boobs flapped about just inches from my face, and her groans got more excited and louder.For a good few minutes Marie bounced on my cock, groaning and cursing, her round tanned ass pounded up and down in my lap and she placed her hands on my naked chest as she steadied herself so she could go faster.I groaned happily again, loving the feeling of this hot older woman’s cunt sliding up and down on my cock as she sped up the pace, her pussy slapped down into my groin and now she almost taking my whole length deep up inside of her.”Oh Robbie this is so good! oh Robbie this so good!” she groaned over and over.Then she slammed her pussy down hard, groaning loudly, and then she did it again and again, and with one final plunge I felt her tense up, and with a groan she came on my cock.”OH FUCK YES!” she criedShe hung onto my chest, sitting very still as her pussy bucked on my cock, and then with one final groan she relaxed and sighed happily.”Oh wow Robbie, I came so quickly, I’ve never cum so fast before, your cock is amazing!” she grinnedMarie then leant forward giving me kiss, before I felt her pussy begin to grind into my crotch, and eager to taste her big tits again, I stuck my tongue out and licked her soft skin.”Here Robbie, suck on my nipples! You deserve them!” she then said lifting them up to my face, and quickly I did taking one big fat brown nipple in my mouth, before then switching to the other.”Oh yes Robbie, suck on my tits, I love that feeling! do it more!” güvenilir bahis Marie then groaned.For a good few minutes we just lay together, Marie grinding her wet bald pussy into my crotch, as I sucked on her big monster tits, and was so clearly enjoying the moment that neither of us heard the door open.Then I heard a voice say “Marie! Robbie!” and looking around we saw Mrs Jones stood in the door way watching us.”Hello cousin, I found your sexy toy, it’s very nice!” grinned Marie, before moving her pussy up and down on my cock a few times to show Mrs Jones I was buried deep inside of her.”Marie! I can’t believe you would just wander into my house, and touch my stuff!” Mrs Jones replied with a smile, before she undid her dress again, and dropped it to the floor.Then, just wearing her bra that held in her fairly impressive D cup boobs, Mrs jones moved towards us, before climbing onto the bed, and then straddling my head.”You know his tongue is almost as good as his cock!” grinned Mrs Jones to her cousin.”Then i’ll have to try it after you!” grinned Marie back.Mrs Jones then lowered that sweet bald pussy onto my face, and as I set about giving it a good licking, Marie began to ride my cock again, and in minutes I was in heaven as two hot older women used me as their sex toy.For the next hour or so, Marie rode my cock to another orgasm, as Mrs Jones rode my face to her first one, then they switched around, and Mrs Jones rode my cock to another orgasm while Marie rode my face, and then back around they switched again, and it wasn’t much longer after that I began to feel my balls tighten, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.”Hold on Robbie! Hold on!” groaned Marie as her wet hot pussy slipped up down my shaft at a good rate “I just want to cum again! just once more!” “Yes baby, hold on a bit longer! make me cum too!” groaned Mrs Jones rubbing her pussy in my face furiously.I did my best, as I lay there, while two hot naked thirty something women used my teen body as their personnel sex toy, but after just another minute, I realised I just couldn’t hold on any more.”I’m going to cum!” I groaned under Mrs Jones’s pussy.”Not yet!” cried Marie “i’m nearly there! just keep going a little more!”Her wet hot pussy was pounding up and down my shaft, her body was slapping into mine, and with Mrs Jones rubbing her wet hot pussy into my face, I couldn’t stop myself any further.”I’M CUMMING!” I cried as my balls tightened fully and churned.Then Marie pulled her wet pussy off my cock, before slamming it down on to it, and as she rode the side of my shaft hard to finish herself off, I began firing my hot sticky load straight at my self and onto my naked stomach.”OH SHIT YES!” I groaned loudly as I pumped my load out.Marie then began groaning loudly and grinding herself hard along my shaft she let out a loud “OH FUCK!” and then came on my cock once again.As I felt her wet pussy soaking my cock again, and as I pumped my load onto my belly, Mrs Jones suddenly ground her pussy into my face and began grunting loudly, and she then came too, all over my face.We all came together hard and loud, and for several hot sticky seconds it was the one of the most amazing experiences I had ever had, then we all finally calmed down, before trying to catch our breath.Mrs Jones slipped off my face and lay beside me grinning, as Marie sat on my spent cock still gently grinding her wet pussy into me.Then Mrs Jones leant over and began licking up my cum from my stomach, and so did Marie, and when it was all gone, they shared a hot kiss swapping saliva and my cum, before swallowing the lot, and then Mrs Jones uncuffed me, and we all went to her big expensive steam shower for a well needed wash.

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