Mrs. Andrews part 1


Mrs. Andrews part 1Mrs. Andrews was the wife of a real obnoxious jerk that Kyle and I worked with. We’d met her different times at company functions and wondered how her and her husband ever ended up together. We were all getting into our 40’s now, but he had really gone soft, while she still looked sexy even if she had a few more curves to her.Kyle and I were constantly talking about what we’d like to do to her but didn’t know how she’d react if we tried to do something. One day, after her husband Bill had belittled her in front of most of the office when she happen to come in, Kyle and I decided that something had to be done.We would sometimes hang out with Bill, mostly because he was the one that picked up the tab when we went out, and he had the nicest boat to go fishing on. We decided to suggest a fishing trip, which Bill was always up for, and got ourselves invited over for supper the night before so we could get an early start the next morning.We had a great meal, Mrs. Andrews was an exceptional cook, and were still sitting around the table drinking a little and talking. Nancy looked great güvenilir bahis şirketleri as usual, it being a warm early summer evening she wasn’t wearing much, just a little purple summer dress that only went to her mid thigh and had a very low neckline. She never needed much makeup and always had the right amount on to compliment her eyes and hair. Her boobs were larger than normal, but not obnoxious in size and she had them displayed prominently tonight. She still had a bit of the 80’s in her puffed up hair, but it had toned down the last few years, but was by no means lying flat on her head.She looked sexy as always, although she did have a little bit of sorrow in her eyes, almost like she was trapped. I looked at Kyle and we nodded to each other very slightly and put our plan into action. Kyle mentioned to Bill about going ahead and getting the boat ready for tomorrow, so he and Bill went out to the garage to get things together and I volunteered to help Nancy with the dishes.Once they left I wasted no time. She was quickly at the sink while I cleared the table and brought tipobet güvenilir mi her what was on it. It was a fairly narrow kitchen with a window overlooking the garage above the sink, so we could see Kyle and Bill. One other time Bill had let slip that things weren’t all the time great between them, so I asked how things were going, trying to be casual about it.’What do you mean, things are fine’ she said very curtly, looking deeper into the dishpan and turning a little pink. I took a chance and walked up behind her and put my hand gently on her ass.’You know what I mean’She looked up very quickly, but didn’t turn around. I kept my hand there and moved down her leg a little.’How are things between you two’ putting emphasis on the word ‘things’. I went for it and slid my hand under her dress and found what I suspected, a bare pussy that was getting a little wet. I gently massaged it while she continued to stand straight up and look out the window at the garage.’You shouldn’t be doing that’ was all she could say in a very light and airy voice. She made no attempt to tipobet giriş stop me, so I kept my hand where it was.’He doesn’t deserve you, he doesn’t give you what you deserve, does he?’She wimpered a little. I started to fondle her breasts with my other hand. I leaned into her back and pressed my hard cock against her and slid one finger in and out of her wet pussy. After a little while I squatted down and gently pushed her legs apart and flipped her dress over her ass. She stuck her butt out just a bit more so I could get a good taste of her sweet pussy. Right away she took a quick breath as my tongue touched her. Soon she was trying to press down on my mouth and very slightly grind away. She moaned just a bit as she moved her hips.She tasted so sweet and I explored all around her sweet spot. With my hands I rubbed up and down her legs and when she started to tremble in her knees I knew it wouldn’t be long for her, and after only a few minutes she gasped a few times and tightened herself and exploded all over my waiting mouth, beads of sweat coming off her face and rolling down between her breasts. I licked up all that wonderful juice as she bent her head down and tried to catch her breath.I stood up and put my arms around her waist and whispered ‘that’s only the beginning’. I left her there and walked out to join Kyle and Bill with a silly grin on my face that Kyle returned.

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