Moving My Sister-In-Law

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A couple of months ago my Sister in Law Cindy, Divorced and her children now grown decided she was ready for a life change and found a job across the Nation from all she had grown up with and knew.

It had to be a hard decision to make, moving from her kids and family, but one she made and now was in need of some help to get there.

Cindy asked my wife Lisa if she would want to take the trip, help her drive the U-Haul from South Texas to Washington State.

Being the good sister she is, she agreed and made arrangements to take off work, then called me informing me of what was going on.

I was at work Offshore and not due off until a few days before the trip was to be made when I got the call.

“Honey?” she said, “Cindy took the job I told you about and asked me to go with her. You think it’s alright with you if I go?”

Well it didn’t take me long to say “Sure, she will need help and some company; I don’t have a problem with it at all. Just as long as you two drive safe.

It’s not easy driving a truck that size and pulling a trailer with a car on it so take care when you do.”

A day or two later I called home to see how things were going, “Hi sweetheart, how’s the plans going?”

“Oh Ron it’s great so far, but I didn’t know we had to drive through Mountains and such, I’m not sure if I will be able to do that and I talked to Cindy and she is worried about that section also.”

I could hear the concern in her voice as she spoke softly into the phone. “Well, I know I wasn’t asked to go, but if you two want, I will be happy to take the trip with you and do the driving!” I told her.

“That would be great, let me call her and I will call you right back!” I heard the relief in her voice before she hung up.

Less than 5 minutes later she called back, “Honey? Cindy said that would be great if you would, and that she would pay both our flights back home if you will.”

“No, that wouldn’t be right for her to do that, but if she wants to pay for yours that’s fine, we can pay for mine since I semi-invited myself to go.”

Well I got home a week or so later and we planned the route we would take and went to help her load the rest of her furniture etc…

As I looked over the truck and trailer I noticed one of the trailers tires had a huge chunk of tread gone in it.

I called the nearest U-Haul to see if they had a tire and could change it the next morning, well I was in luck, they did and would.

So the next morning I met Cindy there and she took my car to the house to give her more time for goodbyes and all with the family and I waited for the tire. Finally after an hour and a half I was on my way to the house.

Getting there about 2 hours after I had wanted to leave I rushed everyone to get what we needed packed, said our goodbyes, be good etc… And headed out for our first cross country trip.

I know we were all thinking how we would get along for 4 to 5 days in a truck cooped up together.

I had hoped to make at least 550 mile per day since it was a 2300 mile trip so we could get to her new Apartment and have her set up before we had to head home.

The first day we drove until we just had to stop and eat supper, just past Oklahoma City. It was nice to get out and stretch our legs to get some of the kinks and stiff backs and butts out.

We had a pleasant meal then headed out to make some more miles. We found a nice Hotel right off Interstate and got our rooms.

After checking in, I claimed the shower first while my wife and Cindy sat outside talking woman’s talk.

I was lying on the bed nude like I always sleep when Lisa came in, took her shower and climbed into bed. We were both so tired we fell right to sleep.

The morning came early and we checked out of the hotel, had the continental breakfast offered and took off for another long days drive.

The day passed quickly as did the miles, today we stopped for lunch though, a nice enough place the food was alright but the rest was more than appreciated than the food.

We made it right past Denver Colorado that day, made up some of the miles we lost the day before so I felt we had done well.

Checking into another hotel I once again claimed the first shower then climbed into bed, Lisa followed soon after. I was watching TV as she came in her hair still wet and a towel wrapped around her, she sat on the side of the bed and leaned over then kissed me deeply.

“What’s that for?” I asked. “For coming with us!” she replied, before kissing me again with more passion than the first kiss.

I pulled her to me tightly and undid the towel covering her still fine body after two kids and twenty three years of marriage.

I ran my hand down her back to her ass and pulled her on top of me. Our tongues fought each others and her hips ground onto mine, my cock sliding between her legs and I felt the heat from her as I got hard.

I kissed along the side of her neck and sucked her ear, running my tongue inside it as she was getting halkalı eve gelen escort hotter by the second, my finger slid between her ass cheeks to rub her slit.

Her trimmed hair parted easily as my finger entered her wet pussy. She rose up as I did that and ground against my finger for a few minutes before she got up and started kissing her way down my freshly showered body.

Her thick lips running down my chest to my nipples as she sucked one then the other. She knew which buttons to push to get me excited after all these years and was trying each one out as she went along.

My cock was throbbing knowing what was coming soon as she licked and kissed her way to it. I lay back with my eyes closed just enjoying all the sensations as she kissed the end of my cock before enveloping it in her hot wet mouth, her hands working my cum laden balls gently.

One thing Lisa knew how to do was suck a cock and she was proving her talents once again as she sucked me deeply down her mouth.

She stopped then raised my legs as she crawled between them and began to lick my asshole before shoving her tongue inside it and giving me one hell of a rim job, something she also loves to do and knows I love to have done.

I opened my eyes and saw her hand was between her legs and she was fingering her wet pussy furiously while she licked my asshole.

She then started licking the underside of my cock for a few minutes before climbing up on top of me saying with a lust filled voice, “Fuck Me!”

Well never one to disappoint I held her hips and she aimed my cock at the entrance of her now dripping pussy before sitting down on me slowly. After all these years of marriage Lisa was still as sexy to me as the day we first met.

I was wrapped in the sensations emitting from her tight pussy as she began to rock back and forth on me, my hands on her hips pulling her onto me tighter, trying to get every possible centimeter of my six inch cock inside her.

Her breasts were beginning to roll as she humped me a bit faster now. I watched her dark brown nipples as they stood out about a half an inch before reaching up to them and twisting one as I squeezed her other breast tightly.

I heard her moan as I did, I know how much she likes to be treated roughly at times and thought this just may be one of them. I found out soon that it was!

“That’s right Bitch, fuck me, and do it right or you know what will happen don’t you!” I said in a Dominate voice.

“Oh, Yes Sir I do.” And she began to fuck me in earnest her chest heaving as her breath was becoming shorter, her eyes closed as I pulled and twisted her nipple, first one then the other.

I ran my other hand down behind her and felt her tight asshole, I rubbed my finger around my cock as it was inside her getting some of her pussy juice on the end of my finger and began to rub the outer edge of her asshole with it.

She leaned her head back, always a good sign she was ready, and then I inserted my finger into her tight hot asshole, I fucked her with my finger in time with my cock her breath now coming in gasps as I felt her pussy tighten on my cock.

I roughly rolled her over on her hands and knees before ramming my cock back in her. Grabbing her hair I pulled her head back as I pounded her harder and harder.

“Oh Yes, Pull my hair, pull it harder!” she cried out as she was nearing her orgasm, she was throwing her ass back to me as I slammed my cock forward in her.

“Now baby, Fuck me harder Now!!!!” She cried out as she began to slam her ass to me, her orgasm hit her fast and hard and I felt my balls as they were suddenly drenched with her wetness when she gushed as she came.

I was pounding her as fast and hard as I could when she came again this time her arms giving out and her face hit the pillow the sweat on her back glistening in the low light from the TV, she was murmuring and purring as she came again her pussy flooding as she did.

Me? I was grinning ear to ear knowing I had given her this gift of love and lust, but not ready to finish off yet.

I slowed my pace down so she could catch her breath and she just gave a deep sigh of contentment, the stress from the move and travel all but gone from her as she lay there and accepted my cock lovingly.

I pulled out and lay beside her, she knew what she needed to do and did it, her tongue licking my sloppy wet from her pussy cock.

She licked from bottom to the top, savoring the taste of her own pussy as she nuzzled my cock lovingly.

Her eyes open and looking at mine as she took my cock in her tiny hand and wrapped her mouth and sucks me, you can actually see the lust in her eyes when she does.

This woman was born to suck a cock, and I was just happy it was mine she chose to suck.

I felt her finger as it tickled the outer edge of my asshole before she stuck it in slowly, giving me the added pleasure as she felt for the prostate gland to give me an even more intense orgasm. halkalı grup yapan escort

Well, it didn’t take long before I felt the familiar feeling building in my three day full nut sack, my stomach was feeling it as well, and the butterflies fluttering as Lisa sucked me in deeper and her finger moved faster.

I grabbed her hair pulling her face tightly to my crotch as I shot off load after load in her sucking mouth. Her eyes closed as she savored the taste before swallowing it.

I let go of her hair and relaxed, letting the feelings simmer and cool in my body, Lisa kept sucking me softly to get every tasty drop of my thick cum out of me.

A smile crossed her face as she let it pop out of her mouth, “God, I love the taste of your cum. I could do that everyday and never get tired of It.” she grinned.

“Well sweetheart, I think I could just let you do that!” I grinned back

Lisa and I fell asleep in each others arms that night and woke up in the same position. When we woke we both jumped in the shower together, I was feeling frisky and started to play with her.

“We don’t have time if you want to make the miles.” She said, knowing she was right I knew I could wait until tonight.

And it would be as good or better after thinking about what we had done last night, so we washed and got out then dressed and rushed to meet her sister to check out.

We decided to see some sights today instead of just haul ass and see it from the highway so we went through the National Park near Estes Park and had a really good time there and in the small town near it.

We bought some souvenirs for both us and our kids then headed back out to the Interstate. Back on the road for another long day.

We did see some beautiful sights as we rode along and had some wonderful conversations which made us all happy that there was no arguing as we did at times.

We stopped and got a decent lunch again and when they got back in the truck they changed places, my wife at the window and Cindy in the middle. That didn’t bother me since Cindy was wearing a low cut blouse and the top buttons undone.

I guess I should describe both Cindy and Lisa for you, Cindy is four years older than Lisa and about 30 pounds heavier but the same height, the extra pounds didn’t really hurt her to me but others might would find her a little too heavy for her height.

Cindy’s breasts are a bit larger also and I could tell she was not wearing a bra the way her nipples stood out in the chilled air we had driven into.

After the meal we had Lisa read some of her book and knowing her I knew she would soon fall asleep. Cindy on the other hand just stared out the windows as we rode along.

Well sure enough about 15 minutes later I looked over at Lisa and saw her head on the window and her mouth slightly open as she slept.

I just grinned and turned my attention back to the road. Cindy leaned towards me and in a soft voice so not to wake her sister said.

“I really want to thank you for doing this for me. I was really worried about making this long drive with just Lisa and myself. I really want to pay for your flight home if you will let me.” Her blue eyes even bluer than I remembered.

“No Cindy, I won’t have it and besides many men would pay more than that to have the pleasure of holding two women as pretty as you two practically hostage for 4 or 5 days!”

I smiled at her and really meant it. “Well, if you change your mind the offer stands.” and she leaned over and kissed me on my cheek.

I looked over about ten minutes later and saw that she too had fallen asleep; her head leaned back on the back of the truck and her chest showing me the goods I had always wanted to see but had never had the pleasure to.

As I tried to keep my attention on the road the breasts seemed to be calling me to look, so I did. Her chest slowly rising as she slept, the gap between them was much larger than Lisa’s as were her breasts and I could actually see the edge of her right nipple.

I found it strange that Lisa’s nipples are a dark brown that Cindy’s are more of a pinkish in color. She also has the full thick lips Lisa does, something that I really love on a woman.

As I kept one eye on the road and one on Cindy’s breasts I felt myself getting an erection, about that time I hit a bump on the road and Cindy jerked her head up, looked around then leaned over and lay her head on my shoulder and fell back to sleep.

I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she slept, which did not help my erection problem since that is one of my more sensitive places, but they view had increased by numbers as I looked over at her chest once again.

I could see all the way down to her belly button now and her nipple was also in full view, she had one of the nicest breasts I’ve have ever seen, Her nipple stood out close to 3/4 of an inch and the aureola had small bumps surrounding it.

I had no choice but to rearrange the position halkalı masöz escort my cock was in, so I slowly moved my hand down and worked it to a more comfortable position.

I made sure I was in the right lane and looked over at Cindy; her eyes were now open and staring at my crotch before looking at my eyes and smiling.

She whispered in my ear, “I would love to take care of that for you one day!” then lay her head back on my shoulder.

I was totally in shock from what she said and I know there was no way anyone could misinterpret the meaning of her words. And she seemed to move her body in such a way that her shirt opened up even more giving me an even better view of that valley of happiness.

A moment later I felt her hand lay on my lap, unfortunately for me I had moved my cock to the side her hand was on.

I know Lisa is a hard sleeper, even when she took a nap but this was beginning to concern me as I felt her fingernail run up the bulge in my pants.

My whole body shook at her touch and I could not tell her stop for fear of waking Lisa and I really didn’t want her to stop but dreaded the thought of getting caught.

Her finger ran trails up and down the length of my throbbing cock, teasing me to no end while she had a smile on her face Clorox wouldn’t have gotten off.

“Fucking Prick Tease!” I though to myself as I drove along praying Lisa would not wake up and see this. “Stop it!” I whispered softly to Cindy, “Fuck, your going to get us in serious shit if you don’t and she sees this!”

She just grinned and moved her hand away, and then she stuck her finger in her mouth and made an Mmmmm sound, even though she had her hand on the outside of my pants.

She left her head on my shoulder, letting me inhale the fragrance of her perfume, just fucking teasing me.

We rode like that for another 30 miles or so before we heard Lisa stirring and Cindy picked her head up off my shoulder.

“I had the best dream while I slept.” Lisa said. “What was it about?” I asked, hoping she did not hear the nervousness in my voice from her sister’s teasing.

“I dream t that we had a large house and we all lived together, the whole family and it was just perfect.”

I laughed, “Well, knowing the family we have, I know that was a dream.” We all laughed and continued on the way. That got me to thinking, “I wonder just how happy we were in her dream?

I know how I would have been made happy, to fuck the hell out of Cindy.” I kept my thoughts to myself.

Since we had taken the extra time to sight see I drove longer this day than others to make up miles. We stopped outside of Salt Lake City and checked in to another hotel, after unpacking to a point, Lisa and I went outside and smoked a part of a joint and had a pretty good buzz going on when we went back inside.

Cindy was at our door when we got there, “Hey girl, whatcha want? I asked. “I need to get into the back of the truck and can’t find the key you gave me.”

“No problem I have mine, let me get it for you.” And I dug into my pants to get it, “The bag I want is heavy, will you help me get it?” She asked innocently.

“Sure Cindy, not a problem.” So back out I went with Cindy right beside me. We talked a little on the way out.

“Cindy, are you fucking insane? Damn girl, what if Lisa had woke up and saw you playing with my cock? She would have killed us both.”

Cindy laughed and said, “That was so exciting to me, the thought of getting caught, you don’t know how wet that got my pussy and I really wanted you to find out!” she smiled an almost evil grin as I looked into her eyes.

The truck was parked about 150 feet away from everything near the hotel parking lot so we walked to the back of it and as I was reaching for the key Cindy leaned over and kissed me, not on the cheek this time but fully on the lips.

As I said before both Cindy and Lisa have full lips, and now as I found out, Cindy has some very soft lips also, her tongue searched out mine and I did not resist although I knew I should.

I felt her hand as she grabbed my cock through my jeans and I also felt it getting hard when she did. Cindy dropped to her knees in the parking lot behind the U Haul truck, undid my belt, unzipped my fly and pulled my now hard cock out.

Then without any second thoughts she as if she was suddenly coming to life after a long sleep she shoved my cock in her hot sucking mouth.

I could only lean against the truck as she sucked my cock like a Professional Hooker. Needless to say I did not last long, both from the fear of being caught and from her earlier teasing.

I came fast and hard, my load exploded forward as she sucked and sucked to get my entire load as it shot into her hot mouth. As my orgasm slowed she continued teasing the pulsating head of my throbbing cock as it began shrinking.

I looked down at her eyes closed and she seemed as if she wanted to suck it forever and at this moment I was willing to let her, but my senses came to me.

“Fuck Cindy, are you totally insane? Anyone could have came out and seen us, including your sister! Fuck I can’t believe I let you do that, Shit!”

“No one was going to come out this far but us and you don’t know how long I have wanted to do that, You don’t know how long it has been since I have had sex, I almost came when you did, that is how horny I am.”

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