Movie Night Ch. 03

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For the reader: Be forewarned that this story presents a subject that is considered risqué in most circles. If you are not prepared to read about consensual incest (maybe not technically but at least socially) between step-father and step-daughter please move on to a different story. The story is one of fiction and the characters are all above the age of consent. I have tried to write it as realistically as possible but it should be treated as the fiction that it is, no more, no less. If you have not read Chapters 1 and 2 of the story I highly recommend it to “set-the-stage” and give the reader a sense the circumstances leading up to this chapter. The story is truly designed to be read in entirety and is mainly broken up into chapters to provide an easier reading experience. In this installment of the story things continue to heat up and definite lines are crossed. This is the first story that I have ever written so I do look forward to any comments or constructive criticism that you may have.


Once again, our family movie night came around and my step-daughter came down in a long nightshirt to watch. Not that you could really see anything, but it didn’t appear as if she was wearing a bra underneath judging by the outline of her nipples against the thin cotton fabric. As usual, she decided to snuggle up on the couch with me and it wasn’t long before I felt the slight tickle of her hand against me, lightly massaging my dick through my pants.

Once again I felt her pull my arm up toward her chest and, when she stopped, was able to confirm her that she was braless since she left me cupping her breast through the shirt. One thing that I remember as odd though was that usually when she would pull my arm tight like that she would also press her body close to mine, almost like it gave her a sense of security. This time a slight gap remained between us with the only real contact being that of the hand that had remained near my crotch the entire time.

A short moment later I found out why she had left that slight gap. Without any preface at all she slid her hand right into my pants and took gentle hold of my dick. Despite what had previously happened, I stiffened up in shock at her boldness but my rapidly hardening cock was giving away how much my body enjoyed her touch. I think that my real surprise was how quickly this had occurred…we were only about fifteen minutes into the movie.

Even though I was only feeling her breast through the nightshirt, I could tell that her nipples were as hard as my cock was as she began to milk me like she had a few weeks before. This slowly turned into her actually stroking my dick in my pants. My precum was flowing and occasionally she would stop to spread it around the head a little. I found myself instinctively fondling her breast and even giving her hard nipple a little rub now and then but didn’t make any motion to bare her chest to my touch.

We had been going on like this for a while and both of our breathing was a little bit shallow when things progressed even further. Apparently, my step-daughter didn’t like the feeling of my waistband against her wrist or maybe she felt like she just didn’t have enough room inside my pants. To be honest, I never asked why when she stopped her stroking, pushing the waistband down a little and pulling my hard cock completely out of my pants. She continued to stroke me for a while, only stopping to smear my precum around or play with my balls a little.

All of a sudden she stopped stroking and let go of me completely. I was wondering if I had done something wrong or somehow offended her. My next thought was that we had been caught but a quick glance around the room confirmed that everyone’s eyes were glued maltepe escort to the movie that we were watching and seemed oblivious to what had just been happening on the couch only feet away.

I didn’t have much time for these thoughts before I realized that my step-daughter had other plans. She had pulled the hand that had been stroking me in front of her and was starting to scoot back toward me. I couldn’t tell because of the blanket, but it appeared that she had her legs slightly open even though she was lying on her side. My next thought was actually one of fear. “No, she didn’t actually intend to…” My thought was cut off as I felt her hand back around my dick, guiding me between her legs. As much as I enjoyed the feelings that she gave me, I was about to stop her because I was definitely mentally unprepared to fuck her when the head of my dick made contact…with panties. Whew!

She had kept panties on after all and at least for now it appeared that she didn’t have penetration on her agenda either. I felt her position me between her thighs against her pussy, with nothing but the thin layer of her panties between us. She started a slow movement of her hips that rubbed my dick against her clothed pussy, slowly stroking along. This felt wonderful, especially combined with the slight pressure that her thighs were exerting on my shaft. I could tell that it was affecting her as well from the way that her breathing had gotten very shallow and breathy.

I couldn’t be entirely sure if it was just my precum, but as she continued her movement on my dick, it seemed that her panties were getting wet. Where I had previously felt myself sliding over the thin material between us, it now felt like I was sticking to it a bit more. I had begun to push back ever so slightly and could feel cool air on the tip of my dick as it became exposed in front of her on each thrust. I was a little worried that we would be obvious to everyone in the room but as I glanced down, I could barely see any movement of the blanket at all and figured that the darkness of the room would hide that.

The feeling and thought of her bare thighs wrapped around my dick had me ready to explode. This was even more so when she would occasionally reach down as the tip poked out the front and rub the precum around the head before resuming her gentle movement. The first time that she did this seemed a little apprehensive but after that, she seemed to have no reservation at all.

My emotions were in turmoil, conflicted between how great it felt and the thought that this was my eighteen year old step-daughter that I had raised most of her life and had always thought of as rather innocent. I began to wonder what else she had done with other boys her age and, for the first time I assumed that she had become sexually active with her boyfriends.

This went on for the rest of the movie and it was probably a miracle that I didn’t cum all over her thighs. As the movie came to a close, she reached down and gave the head of my dick another rub until the precum had been completely absorbed into my skin. As she did so, she pressed the shaft more firmly into her crotch and continued the slight motion of her hips until I felt a slight shudder. Looking down, I could see that she was biting her lower lip and I realized that she had just had a mini orgasm using my dick to get her off. After that, she released me from between her thighs and reached back to tuck me back into my pants just as the credits were starting to roll.

When she got up from the couch, two things happened. The first was that she leaned in while I was still lying down and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. It caught me off guard, but I mecidiyeköy escort remember that they were moist and slightly sweet. I almost missed her whisper “save it” to me as her lips left mine. The second thing was when she stood up, I could see her body profiled against the light of the TV and could easily see that both of her nipples were rock hard and were clearly outlined against her nightshirt. I found myself excited at the image but at the same time worried that everyone else would notice and wonder what was going on.

That night was another restless one for me. My mind was racing and I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I also couldn’t help but wonder what she had meant when she told me to save it. I presumed that she meant that she didn’t want me to cum, but my real curiosity was wondering what she had planned. It was to these thoughts that I finally drifted to sleep both excited and scared of the prospect.

The next morning I awoke to find the room empty and judging by the sounds coming from downstairs, I was the last one to get up. Not feeling ready to face the world I decided to take a nice long shower. After the shower, I had just finished shaving and was at the sink with a towel wrapped around my waist when I heard the door to the bathroom open. Expecting my wife, I turned to give her a good morning kiss and was greeted instead by the sight of my step-daughter walking in, already dressed in tight jeans and a loose cowl sweater.

“Honey, what are you doing…what about your mother, or your brothers?” I sputtered.

“Mom had to take the boys shopping for new sneakers” she replied which I knew meant that they would be gone for a couple of hours or more.

“Well, I need to get dressed,” I stated.

Seemingly ignoring my last comment or the fact that I was standing there in just a towel, she just kept on going as if this was entirely normal. “Dad, I need your help with something.”

“I’ll be down in a few minutes sweetie,” I replied.

Again, she merely continued as she took another step toward me. “I’ve never seen a man’s penis before.”

“But you took sex ed a few years ago, not to mention your bio class,” I commented.

She quickly answered “that was different…I mean, I’ve never seen one hard before.”

“What about your boyfriends?” I stated, remembering my assumption from last night.

“No!” was her curt reply.

“Well, I’m sure that we can find some pictures online easily enough.”

She kind of gave me that typical look of disgust that teens often give parents. “Dad…it’s not the same…I want to see a real one.”

“But, honey…”

She didn’t wait for me to say anything more and apparently felt that the conversation was over because she quickly closed the few feet between us and simply took the towel off of me, tossing it behind her on the floor.

There I was, standing completely naked less than a foot in front of my fully clothed step-daughter. Up until then I had been completely limp but standing there like that was a bit arousing and caused me to develop a slight chub.

In the meantime, my step-daughter was merely standing there looking at it like I was some sort of science project. “Well, that won’t do…” she muttered under her breath and reached out to take a hold of my member.

This, of course, caused even more swelling but I still wasn’t even close to having a full blown hard on which was apparently what she wanted. She began to stroke my dick back and forth, feeling it grow in her hand with every stroke. After only a few minutes of this, she had aroused me to such complete hardness that I could feel my dick throbbing with each pulse of my heartbeat.

She merter escort then dropped down to a squat, putting my dick at eye level to her and continued her inspection. She kept it in her hand the entire time, moving it around to view from different angles, and giving it an occasional stroke to maintain the hardness. This seemed to last forever but in reality was probably only a few minutes before she finally let go. When she removed her hand, it sprung down and nearly hit her in the nose, startling her slightly. Recovering quickly, she reached up to check out my balls. She squeezed one a bit hard and elicited a gasp from me that finally snapped her out of her concentration. Until now it was almost as if I didn’t exist and was simply a piece of meat that she was looking at.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” she asked.

I replied, “yes, sweetie. You need to be gentle with them. They can be very sensitive.”

As she continued to examine my balls, she was, indeed, more careful and caused no further pain. “Dad,” she started, “there’s one more thing…”

“More,” I thought.

“I really want to see you cum,” she continued. “That’s why I asked you to save it last night.”

That’s when it hit me. She knew last night that her mother and brothers would be gone this morning and planned this whole thing out. I couldn’t believe what was going on but was beginning to feel quite manipulated.

She didn’t even wait for a response before she resumed stroking me. I’m not sure if she simply assumed that I would say it was alright or if she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Either way, there she was, still squatting in front of me looking straight at my hard dick inches away while she gave me a hand job. It felt good but her technique was pretty bad so I could tell that it would take a long time if I didn’t do something.

“Honey, you need to use more pressure…not too hard…put your thumb here…there, like that,” I continuously directed as she adapted her form.

“Hmmm, thanks,” she replied as she worked on her form while watching my cock intently the entire time.

Precum was starting to ooze from the tip a little and she took the opportunity to smear it around the head. I was pretty sensitive at this point and let out a soft moan at the change in sensation. She continued the hand job until I was dripping almost constantly. My breathing had gotten shallow and I had to hold onto the countertop to help keep my balance. As I leaned back, eyes closed, I felt sudden warmth at my crotch. I quickly looked down just in time to see that she had let the precum to build up on the head of my dick a bit and reached out her tongue to lick it off.

She felt my change in position and looked up right after, making solid eye contact. Seeing the look on my face, which I can only imagine was one of incredulity, she said very matter-of-factly “I just wanted to see what it tasted like.”

I was definitely overwhelmed with shock and utter disbelief but damn did it feel good. I could tell that I wouldn’t last too much longer if she kept this up and warned her so.

“Can you tell when it will actually come out,” she asked.

“Right before, yes,” I told her.

“Cool, please tell me when,” she remarked.

I had no idea what she intended to do as she continued stroking me, giving another quick lick at the precum built up and then increasing her tempo.

It took only a few more minutes before I had to warn her, “get ready, I’m close.”

She shifted my dick to the side a bit as she moved a little in the opposite direction, sped up a little more, and was staring intently at my dick anxiously awaiting my ejaculation.

With a groan, I finally erupted, sending thick jets of cum flying through the air onto the floor right next to her. As my orgasm subsided, I looked down to see a look of astonishment on her face that turned into a smile. At that she simply stood up and started to walk out of the bathroom saying “thanks Dad” over her shoulder as she left.

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