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I live in the hills of West Virginia with my parents and my sister Hannah. We are sort of isolated here and there aren’t too many woman my age around here. I am twenty-two and still at home but what can I do. I work at my Dad’s lumber yard. I want to get away once I have some money saved. The big problem is that I am always horny. I have had my eye on my sister.

Hannah just turned nineteen. She has really developed over the past year. She is turning me on the way she always wears belly shirts and tight shorts. I knew I was going to have to act. One Saturday my parents were away for the day visiting some friends. I walked out of my bedroom and there stood Hannah at the kitchen sink. I walked up behind her and I put my face at her neck.

“What are you doing Virgil?” She questioned me.

“I can smell your perfume little sister, it’s turning me on.”

Hannah tried to push away from me but I pressed my body against hers. I got my hands on the edge of her shirt and I lifted it up.

“Stop that right now!” She told me.

I wasn’t going to stop. This was my one big chance to have my sister. I got the shirt up over her head. I next pushed her tight shorts down over her hips. Hannah tried to struggle and get free but it was no use. I pinned her to the sink. I managed to push my pants down to the floor. My cock was already hard and I started rubbing it up and down my sister’s ass crack.

Hannah started moaning as my cock grew from the friction of rubbing against her.

“Oh my God Virgil!” My sister cried out to me.

I took my hands and I pried my sister’s legs apart. I took my cock in hand and I found her wet hole. I pushed up and I entered my sister’s innovia escort pussy. I have to say that Hannah gave into me. She was pushing back every time shoved my fat dick into her tight pussy. One thing was for sure. My sister was no virgin. I brought my hands up to her boobs and I squeezed each one.

Her nipples were so hard already. I aimed to get Hannah begging for my cock. I stuffed my dick up her tunnel as deep as it would go. Hannah was excited alright. She had her muscles clamping down hard onto my rod. My sister soon had some orgasms. Her body began to shake as I fucked her pussy even harder than before. All that whimpering got me to the point of releasing. A few more strokes and I finally let go.

I think we came together. I hosed my sister with hot ropes of cum. Her body stiffened and her pussy felt like a vise on my hard prick. I just held her body as I blew more sticky seed into her body. After a few minutes of this we both managed to calm down some. I soon got soft and I slipped my cock out of my sister’s pussy. When I pulled back, drops of my love juice came dripping out of Hannah’s hole and it spilled onto the floor.

Hannah held onto the edge of the counter until she could calm herself down. Eventually she took some paper towels and she wiped her pussy and cleaned up the mess on the kitchen floor. She put her arms around me and we kissed.

“You should ask from now on,” she told me.

I had no idea she would give herself freely to me. The day was still young. Hannah and I went back to my bed and we continued from where we started. I had my sister lie down face first on the bed. I got behind her and I lifted istanbul escort her ass up. I spanked her ass with my cock.

“Are you going to fuck me again big brother?” Hannah asked me.

I sure was. I stroked my cock a few times and I brought my mushroom to her gaping hole. I fitted my dick into place and I entered my sister once more. I can tell you my sister craved cock. I immediately started to pump my shaft into her pussy. God did she cry out almost every time I fill her hole up. I couldn’t believe my luck. My hot sister loved to take cock from me. We fucked like that for some minutes and then I pulled out.

I got onto my back and Hannah climbed up over top. She took my stiff cock in her hand and she guided me to her wet hole. She lowered herself as I shoved up into her tummy. I found her hard nipples again and I squeezed them with my fingers. That really brought Hannah to a boil. I just wanted to take my sister as hard as I could. I pushed up with my erect prick and made Hannah take my cock.

We probably fucked for a good hour there in my bed. I didn’t think I had anymore cum in me. I felt like I was close. I did manage to shoot a small amount of cum into my sister one more time. Hannah came like crazy that second time around. She milked me dry as she had one climax after another. When it all ended, Hannah fell onto my chest. I stayed inside my sister for as long as I could.

“I need to tell you something,” she said.

I asked her what.

“Daddy had me before you did.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I made her tell me what happened. Hannah said that she was out in the work shed with my father one day. kadıköy escort My Dad started acting strange. He came over to Hannah and he put his hands all over her body. She tried to make him stop but my Dad was too strong. Hannah was forced to get on her knees. My Dad pulled out his cock and Hannah was made to suck his dick. Hannah said that once she made my Dad’s cock hard she was pulled up from the ground.

My Dad pushed her over a table and he yanked her pants down. Hannah said he pulled her ass cheeks apart and then he fed her his fat cock. Hannah had been a virgin up until that time. She wanted to scream but she was told to keep quiet. My Dad used her pussy and he shot his load into my sister that day. When he finally pulled out Hannah looked back and saw blood on his fat cock.

He wiped it off and then told her to get dressed and to keep her mouth shut about what happened. Hannah said she would much rather have me as a lover. I asked her if my father ever came onto her again. She said just one more time. They were both alone in the house and he got Hannah onto the couch and fucked her there. She said that she just let him do it. She didn’t even get into it at all.

Hannah said my father got mad. She had ridiculed him by not saying anything as he took her. I told Hannah I wanted her all for myself. I wasn’t going to share with my Dad. She said not to worry. He hadn’t tried anything as of late. Hannah and I started doing it every time we could. I would sometimes meet her out in the woods and I would fuck her there.

I know there is going to be a time coming soon where Hannah and I will need to break away from our parents, especially my father. The other problem is that Hannah isn’t on any birth control. I hate to think about what might happen if she gets pregnant while we are both still living at home. I want to find a place of my own and Hannah can stay with me. Until that time comes I keep fucking my little sister and giving her all my loving cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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