Mothers love

3D Adult

Mothers loveChapter one – Thoughtful desireI’m not exactly sure when my desire started, all i know is, that it grew stronger. The first time i really knew it was there was when my mother was cleaning the skirting on the stairs and as she kneeled on each step while she cleaned. I couldn’t stop watching her 40 something, still perky and firm ass shaking with each stroke of the cloth. Staring, fantasising about how much i lust for it. But, every time i tried to build up the courage to do something about my desires, i would chicken out at the last moment. was it fear of being wrong? or was is fear that she wouldn’t feel the same? i don’t know, all i know is. I must have her.The days flew by with no more interaction with my mom. however, the want was always in the back of my mind. at this point i knew it wasn’t going to go away until i had done something about it. So, i decided then and there. I will have my mother.As i thought hard about how i was going to get my mother, the nerves kicked in and i would start to chicken out again in my head. Not this time. It will happen.I started of with a basic test to see how she would react to seeing her son naked. I would intentionally “forget” to take a towel as i went for a shower. Making sure the towel was always in the same room as her. After my shower, at first, i would come in naked cupping my genitalia out of shame to reach the towel. After doing this for a few months (and not constant to avoid suspicion) i became braver and only started cupping my penis. A few months more and i stopped covering at all. Each time from when i started cupping my penis, i could see my own mom giving quick glances before looking away. Up until, the latest time, when i saw her take a much longer look. As i tried turning my head to catch her staring she quickly looked back down to her book and ignore my presence. Was she finally enjoying the view? Only time would tell. I had just woken up from a great nights sleep, when i heard some noise coming from my mothers bedroom. A low humming sound. i called out to her,”Mom, you okay?”No illegal bahis response came in the way of my mothers voice. I called again, same question, but this time a bit louder. Still no response. This time i walked up to her door and gave it a knock. Not even a response from this. What was going on? I slowly entered her room and manoeuvred around the door to see if she was okay. To my surprise, she was still in bed, but wriggling a bit. Must be having a nightmare i thought. so i tiptoed along the side of her bed to the side she sleeps on. aS i got about half way up, i could see she wasn’t asleep and to her shock she could see me too. With a quick jump up, she annoyedly asked,”What are you doing in my room?”The hum noise was stronger here. I had told her that i could hear a humming noise and wasn’t sure if she was okay. I noticed her face began to turn a colourful hue of red. lIke steam rising across her skin.”Oh, i can’t hear anything” she said in a quieter tone that last. ” Maybe it is outside””No, don’t think it is. It’s a lot stronger sound in here”As i realised what the hum noise was coming from. i started to go red also as i looked at where i expected the sound to be coming from. My mom was masterbating with a viberator and i, her son, had made it awkward by standing there. The only thing that was going through my mind at this moment was, is it still in her?. I had to shake this thought from my mind before my urge grew.”Must be nothing” i said. “Well i’m off to get breakfast, you want some?””yeah i will be down in a minute”i started to walk out of her room, when i heard the ruffling of covers. The hum stopped.Chapter 2 – Awkward involvementA week had gone by with very little interaction with my mom. I think she was still embarrassed about the ordeal. Meals were eaten at separate times to avoid talking and eye contact. Until this morning. I was just finishing up my breakfast when she walked in. She sat at the table after preparing herself a cup of coffee. I stared down at the last of the toast i was eating. When she spoke.”I illegal bahis siteleri think we should talk about what happen last week””Mom, you don’t have to say anything””No. It is better to get it out the way and start fresh”She proceeded to say how she had needs and urges. Thanks mom, that what any son wants to hear. Well, some do. i tried to stop her a few times through her explanation but she continued like she didn’t hear me. It came to an escalated stop with,”and that is why i masterbate using toys”I had began to grow red and hadn’t looked up once since she started. Her last words were asking if i had any questions. Yes i thought. Lots of questions, but they are all inappropriate to ask your mom about her self pleasure time. I shook my head and said couldn’t think of any. As she left the room, she made a lasting comment that rang in my head.”i wouldn’t think you would have any questions with all that videos you watch”i could feel the smirk upon her face as she left. Thinking she got a good jab. How did she know i watched them? or did she just guess i did like most other men? The day went on with more ease and after a hard day work, i came home to find my mom sitting on the couch in just her dressing gown watching a movie. The wine glass in her hand was almost empty, so i asked if she wanted a refill. She was in a cheerier mood by now.”Are you trying to get me drunk? So you can sneak a girl in?” she burst out laughing.”No” simple and straight to the point.She handed me her glass and i refilled it. I decided to get myself a whiskey too. After sitting watching the end of the movie. i decided to go for a shower. The shower was a relaxing moment. Coming out of the bathroom with only a towel d****d around my waist i re-entered the sitting room where my mother was still sipping her wine on the couch. I sat down beside her and asked what she was watching.”Oh just a documentary”We watched the show for a good half hour or so, when this one lady who was being interviewed was talking about how she liked younger men. She must of been canlı bahis siteleri 60 or so. I turned to face my very tipsy mom and asked her jokingly if she liked younger men too.”oh i do, they are firm and soft at the same time”I wasn’t sure what she meant by this, but she was smiling. “Do you think older women are sexy?”i hesitated before saying “Only some. Especially when they are tipsy” hoping she didn’t click on to what i really meant.”Well ‘tipsy’ as you put it, women have more fun in bed””What?” i almost shouted with shock.”Yeah, can be fun to have that courage to do things you wouldn’t do normally” her smile widened to the point that she looked like the cat from Alice in wonderland. “Stop mom” i asked. nOt because i was embarrassed by her. But, for the thoughts of her a week ago are coming back and causing my groin to heat up.”Why? Don’t you think you mom likes to have sex too?”At this point i was full on red faced. My groin had started to grow at the thought of her having sex. The hands inched slowly to hide my shame.”I don’t think it is appropriate telling your son you enjoy sex”Her response had me get up and head to my room.”inappropriate would be telling you how i enjoy having a tongue circle my cl….” I didn’t hear the rest as i bolted. I could just hear her laughing hard now as i ran up the stairs. My mother, the dark humoured lady.As i sat on my bed, thinking about what she (hopefully) jokingly started to say and where it would have ended. It became hard very instantly. What was i to do? Get rid of it by masterbating over my mom or leave it and hope it went down eventually? I chose the former. I laid down on the bed and undid the noose on the towel around my waist. I grabbed my now throbbing cock and slowly started to stroke back and forth, building up speed as i thought more and more about what she liked done in great detail. I was in full flow and deep thought when i didn’t realise that i started moaning the words “yes mom”. I finally came with a great burst of cum shouting up into the air and landing on the towel beside me. As i opened my eyes i could have had a heart attack. My mom was standing by the door (which i must of forgot to close) looking at me. With a single word coming from her succulent looking lips. i became as hot as a fire with embarrassment.”Finished?”

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