Mother tells me,who is my Real Father


Mother tells me,who is my Real FatherMy family consists of my Mother,Father,Me and my uncle that is papa’s younger brother.He loves me more than anybody.Dad is always busy with work and tours. My mom is a house wife. My uncle lives in our ancestral village house. When Papa goes on tours he comes to live with us to take care of me and Mom. This series of incidents started three years ago when I was 15.My Mother at that time was around 33 years old. She is very beautiful, with a pink complexion. Big juicy boobs with pointed nipples, a curvy waistline with deep naval and round tight buttocks. Dad was on tour as usual one night as usual after watching TV I slept.Uncle used to sleep in my room only. It was around 11:00 pm when I suddenly woke up uncle was not on his bed. I thought he must have gone to do pee but as he didnt return for 10 minutes I taught to go in my mothers bedroom to sleep. But I found my mom’s bedroom closed so I thought she might be sleeping when I was just about to move from there I heard some sound from my mom’s bed room. When I went near the door and peeped inside I was totally shocked and bewildered to see that my uncle was sitting on the bed and mom was not there in the picture. Then suddenly she came out of the attached bathroom. She was wearing nice saree and was looking beautiful as my mom came out she smiled at him. He holds my mom’s palm and started kissing it. I was really out of this world and couldn’t believe what the hell they were talking about. So I made my self comfortable and keep on looking. Now my mom holds his head and started to run her fingers in his hair. And my uncle started to move his hands on mom’s buttocks as he was sitting and mom was standing. A sensation ran through my body as I saw his both hands moving round and up and down on my mom’s buttock cheeks, her saree was also moving with fingers. He now saw into mom’s eye as they both smiled and nodded.Then mom with her both hands put his head on to her stomach and he started to kiss her skin almost sucking, mom pushed her self towards him and closed her eyes. Now he kissed the belly button and started licking it as she moaned a bit. Uncle suddenly moved his hands to mom’s hair and unclipped them they just fell till mid back of mom. He started rolling his fingers in them on head and kissed on mom’s neck and keep on each side for seconds. Now mom was moving her face accordingly and she grabbed his face near ears and planted a kiss on his lips and said: “aaj irada kya hain”? He started smooching on her lips and entered his tongue in mom replied same. He said: ” Aaj to sab karenge jo bahut din tak nahin hua.” And continued kissing. They were kissing like romantic couples. I was also becoming hard on forgetting all the sins they were committing. Now after 5 minutes he became really wild and started to kiss everywhere on face. And came lower to her neck then to her neckline right where the first hook of blouse was mom said ” ohhhhhhhh kya kar rahe ho?” He said: “pyar mere rani pyar aaj ki raat tumhare liye hi hain”. And now he started to press her right breast from over the blouse as he dropped the pallu of saree aside and kissed or I should say rather smooched her left breast.Now he switched to right breast and smooched it for a minute mom was moving her fingers on his head and closing her eyes, she must be feeling sensational. Then he moved up and kissed on her lips once again and said “Oh bhabhi tum kitni sunder our mithee ho.” as he used to call my mom bhabhi and now he started unhooking her blouse mom said ” ohhhhhhhh darling I love you ,he undid all the hooks of blouse and to my surprise mom voluntarily raised her hands up to help him remove the blouse. Oh god did that feel something to me what I saw was never before experience. Mom had a bunch of hair in her arm pits but more exciting then those were the two boobs in white sexy bra those were half naked and had good amount of flesh. I could see the out line of her erect nipples and god they were hard. Now he buried his face into the cleavage of two breasts and the pressing each one and sucking another moving his fingers all over her back. Mom kept her eyes closed and kept on holding his head. And there were occasional moans from her as he bites the nipples. My god I forgot my anger with mom and kept on enjoying the seen. He again went back to her lips and kissed then he raised mom’s arms and pushed his nose into the hairy armpit of mom as if he was smelling musk. Mom was so excited. She said “oohhhhhhh I love you, I love you mere raja meri jaaan.” He said: ” me too my darling bhabhi, I love you so much.” After coming to her eye level and kissing her again softly And he suddenly unhooked the bra on the back of her.She closed her eyes and a shiver ran through her now I thought she must have surrendered her self to him. He took the bra down through her arms which she cooperated by freeing her arms and letting them hang down. Two fair boobs of medium size and with red color aroma around erect nipples which were dark in color and ½ inch in size ohhh god you are so beautiful ,so nice and erect not loose. On this my mom turned on and took her head and buried her face into one nipple and started pressing the other one with one hand while one hand was in his head. He started sucking and pressing and biting those beautiful pair of boobs. Now his hands went lower on her back and grabbed the pallu of sarree and started to remove the sareee he did and threw it on the floor. Now he had hands on buttocks and mouth on nipples he grabbed her on buttock cheeks and pulled she moaned now he vigoursly moved her palms on those back cheeks and now he started to get her red petticoat up along her skin slowly. First I saw my mom’s knees from back side her beautiful legs were in site from back and she was topless already. Then came in site her thighs now I was really feeling hot and tasty. He now took his hands inside the petticoat from back as soon as he touched just below her panties mom trembled and I too looking at those nice white panties got almost faint. But I was eager to see all this as this was a real romantic seen going on before me which I never thought I would ever be fortunate to see.Then uncle grabbed the flesh of buttocks in his fists and pulling her body, then suddenly he get off and removed his shirt and baniyan then he hugged mom with both hands on her shoulders. Mom’s shining hard breasts were pressed against his chest he kissed her on forehead and said: “I love you darling ab tumhare bina nahin raha jata. Main tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakta hun, Mom said with a soft kiss “I love you too darling, and a long kiss on lips. Then he got his pants off and he was in his underwear now, it was a V-shaped jockey and his penis was clearly visible like a rod about 9” long. Mom smiled a bit and then uncle moved his hands to her petticoat again and this time from behind he moved her petticoat up in her front and as soon as he pulled it till waist he got his palms on her inner thighs and started to move fingers all over. Mom shivered moaned and closed her eyes and move her palms over his. This seen was illegal bahis classic. Now he inserted his finger in side her panties and in side he rolled his fingers all over as was evident from the outline of movement of those white panties. Now probably he inserted his finger inside her cunt now mom grabbed her head with her hand and moaned bit loudly “ohhhhhhhhhhh meri jaan” I was so hot seeing a hand moving inside my mom’s panties with her boobs and whole legs were so sexy.Her boobs were moving in the air like a ball. After 5 minutes of this and he now take her hand out of panties and let the petticoat fall he now undid the naught of her petticoat and let it fall on ground and took my mom form front now and let her come out of petticoat now he again pressed his chest on her breasts and kissed again now he moved down and took her panties down with a flow of motion mom immediately took her palms on her pussy but before there was a glimpse it was full of black hair I could see the curly bushes this the first time I saw any pussy in real though I had seen on internet many times. But looking at this was a sensational experience. He then moved her hands away and said ” ab dikhao bhi ye swarg jaise duniya dekhe” and he moved down and started kissing passionately there, mom gasped and moaned. He continued I could see her pink lips and beautiful booti. Then he stood up and put her hand on his hard erected cock over his underwear mom just grabbed it and kissed him on lips and said:: “ye kya mujhe to nangi kar diya our kudh chupa rahe ho” I was stunned to listen but sexed up too. Then she moved down and took his underwear down and out. My god did he had some erection it was at least 9¨ and round tip and thick with fair head. This was shining. Mom took it in hand. My mom was holding his prick and moving up and down the with fist. He was pressing her boobs and biting the nipples.Then he took her to bed and laid her on back and he got on top. They Kissed passionately and then he put the cock on her pussy and started to move down and after few efforts he was fully in now mom put her legs around his waist though she cried a bit while he was entering later on she was fine and her hands on his back. He started to move in and out slowly, mom moved her hips upward in rhythm. My god they both were calling each others name and mom” ohhhhhhhhhhhh unhhhhhhhhhhhnh ahhhhhhhh jaanuuuuuuu” He: “ohhhhhhhh my love. This was the seen of life time for me I could not believe my traditional simple nice graceful mom having sex with my papa’s brother .Now they continued for more than 20 minutes and then my mom cried “ohhhhhhhhhhh main chhhooooooooooooot rahinnnnnnnn hunnnnnnnnnn and suddenly she fell limp and stopped moving her hips meanwhile he continued to move up and down and after 5 minutes his thrust became very strong almost unmerciful he was moaning loudly ahhhhhhhhhhhhh oaaaaaaaaaaaaaa below him my mom also started to cry again “ohhhhhh phir se our jor se hhh” And then suddenly he came and felt on her his head was on her breasts. She also came and they both started caressing each other and kissing. They talk romantically for next 15 minutes and then he again became erect and started again to throb into her pussy there public hair were in contacts and his balls were making noise of throbbing against her buttock. After twentyfive minutes he rolled over and laid down and mom got on top sat on the cock and started move up and down her boobs were pressed by his hands she came within 4 -5 minutes and after 2 minutes started again. Then they both came felt apart. Kissed and talked. Then they rested for some time played with their bodies, it was 12 pm now. Then I new all was over I came back and slept at my place after 15 minutes my uncle came and slept on his bed I pretended to be fast a sleep.Early in the morning at about 2 I heard some noises from the toilet.I knew something was going on.I went and and peeped into the toilet through the partially open door and and was exicted by what i saw.Uncle was hugging mom and started removing her clothes one by one.Mom was completely naked and uncle was caressing her boobs and pussy.He was still wearing his underwear but it was bulging.He started licking her .The licking became stronger and harder.He then asked her to turn around,opened her ass cheeks and started licking her asshole.iwas getting turned on watching all this.Mom was also enjoying it a lot.Then uncle removed his undies and his pole stuck out.It was thick and black and about 9 inches long.Both of them lied down on the floor and uncle again started licking her pussy and asshole.He was sucking her boobs like a c***d.Uncle placed his huge dick on my mom’s wet pussy and started stroking slowly at first and then faster and faster.Both were really enjoying.Finally uncle increased his pace and both of them reached orgasm.They lay still for some time after which they got up and cleaned themselves.Uncle was still caressing her.He was even watching her pee.When they came out of the toilet and to Mom’s bedroom.He licked her pussy again.He said he really loved it and then turned her around and licked her asshole for around ten minutes.Both of them started dressing and I quickly went to bed.Soon both of them came and slept together on the bed.They were hugging and kissing.I just couldn’t sleep hearing all these.I knew something more was about to happen but fell asleep.At around five in the morning i woke up by loud moaning sounds. I went to Mom’s bedroom and looked through the inner window.Both of them fucking once again.The night lamp was on and i could clearly see him fucking her like hell.It lasted for around twenty minutes and both went quiet.Uncle was telling her that since we would be leaving in the morning he wanted on more session.Mom said that she was very tired.But uncle wouldn’t listen.He wanted to fuck her ass.Mom was scared and said she hadn’t done it before.Uncle said that it will be fine and he bought some oil from the kitchen and applied on her asshole.He raised her waist and slowly inserted his penis.I could here her scream.Uncle told her to be quiet or else i will wake up.Finally he was completely insideher and loaded her after five minutes.They lay there kissing.After a few weeks Uncle returned again as my father was going on a week long training tour to Delhi.That day I returned home from school full of anticipation. Papa must have just left for the evening flight.I quietly opened the locks , went upstairs, and slowly peeped in.Uncle and my mom were in the kitchen cum dining place. They were embraced in each other’s arms. Both were smiling and kissing each other. My mom was in a thin off white maxi without any underwear. Chacha kissed her lips and slowly his hand moved all over her sexy body.He squeezed her boobs over the thin cloth,which was barely covering her assets. She moaned “oh,Dewarji, kitne dino ke bad pyar kar rahe ho mujhe” Chacha said “Bhabi,mera ji kare roj me aapko aisehi bahoon me leke chumta rahu pyar karta rahu” Then he started kissing and sucking her lips while squeezing her boobs.Suddenly my mother said please not now as Amrit illegal bahis siteleri can come back at any time.Chacha said “aab raha nehi jata bhabi and in a flash lifted her up on the dining table and pulled up the maxi upto her waist exposing her legsand inner thighs.Chacha loosened his trouser and took out his huge erect penis.He put his hand under her thighs and positioned his cock on her cunt. Mom spread her legs and Uncle in a shot inserted his penis inside her pussy. My mom almost screamed ”oh maar dala” and he started giving shots like bull.It was clear that my mother was paining but at the same time she was enjoying it too. It was almost 3-4 mins and he was constantly giving jurks. Both of them were sweating heavily I came down stairs and got out of home.I the evening when I returned I learnt that Uncle is going to stay at our house as father wants someone to take care of us. Actually he wanted to sell the house and the plot in the village where uncle was staying. Since that day Mom used to have sex with uncle every afternoon.Oneday I bunked school and came home early.I made my way to Mom’s bedroom .The door was closed I tried to look through the key hole. My mother was sitting on Uncles lap with her red blouse opened and Uncle was was gently squeezing her boobs.Her nipples were tight were standing erect. As, I could see that my mother would momentarily open her mouth with a low moan and would sometimes close her eyes briefly producing a humming sound of mmmmm- ammmm-mmmmmhhhh. She my would look directly into the eyes of my Uncle but would never said anything, perhaps she was enjoying ,quite a bit ,the treatment given to her boobs at the hands of my Uncle.As I could see my Uncle had gradually increased his speed of kneading as a result of which my beautiful mother was moaning more loudly & freely than before. Sounds of her pleasure ahhhhhhaa-oahhhhh-mmmammmmm could be easily heard even from outside of the closed bedroom. I must say here that I was feeling jealous of my Uncle who has such a firm & big round boobs of my mother to press & squeeze and nice erect chuchhies to pinch, at his disposal. I heard my mother saying something to my Uncle which I could not listen. My Uncle stopped for a while & began unbuttoning his shirt ,then pants. Meanwhile my mother stood up and peeled off her already opened red blouse and began undressing herself. In no time she was just standing strip naked. I savored her whole body. Her shoulders and were wide but full with flesh. Her lovely figure could drive any saint into lust .as she just turned her back towards me, I could only admire her full, firm and inviting ass. Her ass cheeks were lovely & meaty and any male will find himself fortunate to fuck this lovely lady from behind. All this was to much to bear, I slowly started to caress my erect cock. Again my mother mumbled something to my Uncle.Uncle removed his under pant. Then Uncle sat down on the bed holding his cock in one hand and my mom was still standing busy tying her hair. My Uncle then pulled his legs closer to each other and asked my mother” tum ,taiyyar hoon naa,jaldi baithoo iskay (lund) mother smiled on listening to it and teased my Uncle by saying “ tumharay siwa mujhhay yahan chodnay wala koieen doosra naheen hain,dheeraj rakho.aaj bahot mast hookar chudwaanooogi”. I was so shocked to hear such words from my mothers mouth.meanwhile my mother moved towards my Uncle and Uncle greedily grab her from waist & made her sit on her lap. They were still facing me. My Uncle began caressing her thighs ,kissing her slowly on her necks. He was now roughly kneading the milky thighs of my mother, his hands now moved upwards towards her triangle region of her belly. He was now massaging my mom’s pussy.I was dying to see the lovely choot of my mother fucked by the big lund of my Uncle. He was now running his palms over the choot & was massaging her with up-down motion of his palms. Mother was throwing her head sideward and her eyes were closed.She was moaning lightly and as I could see, she now got hold my Uncles palm with hers & began gently moving it around in a circular motion .my mother was masturbating with the help of my Uncle’s palm. My mother suddenly gave a huge moan as I saw my Uncle pulling something up with the help of his fingers on my mother’s choot. Suddenly I saw my mom lifting herself on her feet and getting herself on the chair, still in a sitting position. I was sure that mother was positioning herself to lower her choot on his Lund. My mother lifted herself up a bit & got hold Uncles lund with one of her hands.I very briefly saw my mother choot. What a sight it was. It was swollen like a bread loaf. Her choot lips have become redder and swollen. I know that she would settle for nothing except a nice & fulfilling chudai. As she stretched her thighs I saw two light brown folds of skin hanging from her choot lips. Her choot was so lovely and juicy. I wished if I could suck her lovely choots, her sweet little folds of skin she was a complete lady.Holding the lund of my Uncle with one hand she slowly lowered herself .a moan of ufffffffff-ahhhhhhhhh-ohhhhhhhh escaped from her mouth. She closed her eyes knowing not what to do. Having adjusted herself. She slowly started giving motions to her body. Uncle was holding her with both hands on either side of her belly .I was watching the expressions on the face of my mother . She was straightly facing me. She would sometimes bite her upper lip, sometime will half open her mouth or sometimes she will lick her upper lip with her tongue.” Bahut masti say meri maa chud raheen thee”. She must be enjoying like a hell.My Uncles lund was quite thick so, I could saw that her choot lips were widely spread on it, exposing her red clitoris, which she would occasionally brush with her fingers. My Uncle who was behind my mom was continuously kissing her on the back & would massage my mother’s clitoris from time to time. All this continued for 20 minutes. I saw my mother lovely juices flowing from the sideways & she was moaning like anything. Then uncle had his legs straight out while my mom sat on his legs while he was sucking her left nipple and she had her eyes closed kissing the top of my uncle’s head. My mom took my uncle’s dick and stuck it into her pussy Uncle then fell back laying on his back. My mom got into position and started moving up and down. Both where making loud moans, since no one was around. Didn’t think my mom could move like that either. After about 10 minutes of that, my mom fell onto my uncle, having her breasts on top of my uncle’s face.He pulled the breasts to his mouth and sucked. My uncle’s dick was still in my mom’s pussy.He then got up and took it out,and stuck his finger in there and moved it around and made her suck his figure, which she did very sexually. He then stuck his dick in her mouth, without washing it. My mom sucked it very nicely, I must admit. My uncle finally came all over her breast area and then made her open her mouth and eat some cum. They then washed up and went to get their clothes. Then Uncle got up and kissed her a lot. Every canlı bahis siteleri afternoon these sex sessions continued and whenever I got a chance I used to enjoy the fuck of my mother.A few months later Dad got a job in the Gulf. Soon the day came when he left. That evening after seeing off dad as we returned home and I pretended to go for a pee both hugged each other and then he planted a kiss on mom’s lips. Both of them were sucking each others lips as if they were just waiting for this moment for years together. That night with uncle’s cock inside her pussy Mom said that now that dad is abroad they can live like husband & wife. The next day I saw her performing a puja… She was wearing a red colored blouse and white colored sari with a prominent line of sindoor on her head and a big red bindiya on her forehead. She was looking like a newly wed bahu. It was Sunday.I went out for my cricket practice but quietly came back. Uncle was wearing only a lungi around his waist. Mom put some Prasad in his mouth and touched the puja flowers on his head. Then keeping the puja samaan back in the puja ghar she came back and touched the feet of Uncle and took him to her bedroom. The sun light was peeping through the window gaps. He took mom in his arms and embraced her. Then he started kissing mom on her neck and shoulders. Mom said to uncle,I love you and what not…Then removed mom’s pallu, there mom seemed too horny. She was looking like a sex angel. slowly removed mom’s saree. Mom was in her red blouse & white petticoat. He kissed her on her breasts her navel and was moving his hand all over. Then he started removing mom’s blouse. Mom had a front open blouse. He removed her blouse and was kissing her breasts which was not fitting her bra. Mom was just enjoying ever instance of his touch. She wanted more of it. He slowly removed her petticoat. Mom did not seem ashamed but was needing more action. They were hugging & kissing each other wildly.He removed mom’s bra & let her breasts loose. First he cupped her breasts & later started squeezing her nipples. Mom was moaning…uhhh ummm…He slowly held her from the back and started sucking her nipples. Mom could not even stand and was bending backside, but ’s strong arms were holding her. He went on sucking her breasts like a baby. Mom was saying please…aahista aahista … but she wasn’t pushing him away but allowing him to suck her. She was turning hot. Mom removed his lungi and his hot iron rod was dangling waiting to pierce mom’s juicy pussy. She was enjoying every moment.Then they both lied down on the bed. He was next to her & he was just sucking her breasts, kneading them like a dough. Mom was turning hotter by the minute. Slowly he went kissing downward & slowly pulled down her panties. Slowly she parted her legs to give the full view of her hot honey pot. Uncle started fingering her cunt…Slowly he went down and started eating her cunt. She was lifting her waist towards his mouth, her hands moving around ’s hair. She was enjoying every instance of it. I never seen mom so hornier. Later got up asked mom to lick his rod. Mom took it into her mouth and sucked it like a chocolate lollipop. Then he made her lie down again and spread her legs wide. He asked mom to guide his rod into her honey pot. Mom guided him and was one her journey of love & pure sex. He fucked her hard. Mom was moaning and lifting her hips towards his cock and enjoying each & every moment. There was no stopping to Uncle. He just wanted the hungry bitch. Mom was on her fours. First he inserted his rod into her cunt made it wet with her honey and slowly started fucking her ass-hole. Mom was crying with pain but there was no stopping for Uncle. He seemed too desperate to fuck her. Mom was moaning & saying please it’s paining. He told her that pain & pleasure are both sides of sex…Again he started pumping her hot pot & it seemed like they both were coming. The sounds of sex were filling the bedroom. They both moaned like a pigeon…& then he loaded his cum into her honey pot…Mom too had a great orgasm. They slept like that nude till early hours… I masturbated seeing them enjoy. It was a scene I can never forget.After a few days,one morning mom told me that Uncle and she are planning to get married. I was shocked as she also told me that I am actually my Uncles’ c***d i.e. he is my real father and he has always that is why he loved me more than anybody.I am his bachcha. That day Uncle, my real father, hugged me, kissed me and cried for hours holding me.Both Uncle and mom were very happy and the arrangement for marriage started.They brokered a deal with my father who was more than happy to give mom a divorce against the lion’s share of the money of my rich grandfather leaving out this house and enough funds for us to live on.In the following months Uncle and Mom started behaving like husband and wife even in front of me.They started kissing in front of me.He also shifted to mom’s bedroom and they were officialy sleeping together. In the night I used to listen to their moans.As the days were coming close she was getting younger and We used to go for shopping and other thing mom bought a very b’ful red benarasi sari for herself.Finally the day came and we all got ready mom had the bridal makeup and she wore that heavy work benarasi and Uncle wore a traditional punjabi payjama.The marriage was a low key affair.After the formalities,there was a small reception at our house.Only few friends of my uncle and mother were invited.After it was over and guests left,Uncle turned toward mom and said meri sapno ki rani,meri bahoon main aaa jaooo and took mom in his arm and kissed her on her lips in front of me and smiled.Mom said to me Amrit from now onwards you can call your real father your Father. Uncle smiled on this and I said yes and after that we had lunch and than mom and Uncle went in there room which was decorated b’fully and closed the door .I put an stool and stood on it to look inside.Both Mom and Uncle were taking off their clothes.They were kissing each other and soon both got wild.Now Both were naked and my mom with all her jewelries on,was lying on a bed of red rose petals.She had chudi, maang tikka, payal neckles and kamarband on her.Uncle started licking and biting her boobs and mom started her moans.As he asked mom”kaisa lag raha hai mom said bahut accha and he put his tight dick on mom pussy mom said merey pati,mere parmeshwar,mere maalik,abb daal do isse ander apni patni ka kok bhardo aapne pyar se and he pushed it in and mom screamed in pleasure aaah mardalaaa and both started rocking.After 20min mom had a orgasm and she discharged but Uncle was still fucking her.He fucked her for 40 min as mom got mad and started pushing up her hips up with every jerk from him.Then she wrapped her legs around his waist very tightly and Uncle discharged his semen deep in mom’s womb.That whole night they had sex and I was watching them.The next day in they went to Vaishno Devi for darshan and from there on honeymoon to dehra dun,kulu, manali and shimla.I was all alone at home till they came back after fifteen days.The days passed by and I keep watching them having sex and I started to enjoy it. One day mom told me that she is pregnant and its her 2nd month .Mom’s belly was coming out but then also they didn’t stop but had sex every night.After 9 month mom gave birth to a baby boy.

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