mother in laws


mother in lawsI had been working out in the gym, trying to get myself into shape. I had a golf tournament coming up, and with all the work I was doing in the gym, and the extra time I spent hitting balls, injury was bound to happen. I was getting ready to play a practice round of golf, and was doing my stretches when it happened. As I was stretching my legs I felt something in my groin give. It hurt like hell, taking me to my knees as I tried to catch my breath. I knew I was done for the day, but what worried me was missing the tournament. I limped my way back to my car, my golf clubs in tow hoping I could somehow fix it. I went home, and immediately put ice on my groin and then called my doctor’s office. I got no sympathy from them, as they told me to put ice on it which I was already doing. They offered to make an appointment with the physical ther****t, but I’d been to that guy before, and there was no way he was going to touch my groin no matter how bad it hurt. I resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to be doing anything physical for the next few days, let alone play in a golf tournament. When I got home, my wife saw I was hurting and asked me what happened. When I told her she had to hold back her laughter saying that I should have been more careful. Then she reminded me that her Mother was coming to spend some time with us, and that she had been a nurse. Then she smirked saying,”Maybe my Mom could help you out. She was a nurse and did some physical therapy you know.””I don’t know Karen, it might be a little awkward asking your Mom to rub my groin for me.””Well when you put it like that maybe, but she knows what she’s doing, but it’s up to you. Now I have to get ready for my business trip, the airport shuttle service will be here in an hour. I’ll be gone until the end of the week so be nice to my Mom. Remember she’s still getting over losing Dad.””Ya, but that was almost a year ago, I think your Mom is strong enough to handle that by now.””Just the same, be nice to her. I talked to her this morning and she’s really looking forward to seeing you again, and taking care of you while I’m not here. I know you don’t need a babysitter, but it makes her feel needed.””Ya I got it Babe…have a good trip, and don’t worry about me…I’ll be fine.”I was sort of looking forward to seeing Maggie. She was in her mid 40’s and was a damn good looking woman. She had gotten pregnant with Karen at a young age, so she wasn’t that old herself. She looked a lot like Karen, only she was a little taller with slightly larger breasts. She had caught me checking her out a couple of times in the past, but she was cool about it, just giving me a knowing wink and a sly grin. She had always been nice to me, and in my opinion, she was a little flirtatious. Not really overt mind you, but she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity with a sly little sexual innuendo, or a casual brush up. Of course it could all have been in my head as well for that matter. All I knew was she and Karen were more like sisters than mother and daughter. They were always hugging and kissing one another, and I would k** them asking if they wanted some privacy. Karen always pretended to act grossed out, but in a way I got the feeling that there might be some truth in my questions. Again I laughed it off thinking it was all in my head. I felt a sharp pain in my groin, and went in and got more ice and went into the bedroom where I laid down on the bed, and placed the ice on my groin. As I lay there on the bed, I heard Karen call out to me as she left, along with some last minute instructions that I paid not attention to.As I laid there feeling sorry for myself I must have dozed off when I heard a familiar voice, and then someone kiss me on the cheek. I opened my eyes to see Maggie standing next to the bed leaning over me. She had her hands on her hips as she looked down at me. She had that same look in her eyes, just like Karen did after I hurt myself. She still looked as good as ever as she asked me,”So what’s up with the ice on your crotch hot shot?””Oh I was stretching before playing golf, and of course I pulled my groin muscle. Needless to say it hurts like hell, so I’ve got ice on it and that’s why I’m in here. I must have dozed off I guess.””Well, I can take a look at it for you, after all I was a pretty good physical ther****t. Unless of course you’re bashful.””No I’m not bashful, I just think the ice should do the job.””Alright…suit yourself. If it bothers you to much you know where to find me. I’ll leave you alone while I go unpack and get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable.”I watched as Maggie walked out of the bedroom. Her ass looked as great as ever as she headed down the hall. I laid there for a little while longer when I decided to try and get up. It still hurt really bad as I struggled to set up, and make my way into the living room where Maggie was talking to someone. From the sound of the conversation she was talking to Karen, and they were most likely talking about me. I gingerly sat down in the chair, trying not to squeal or moan like a little k** although what I really wanted to do was scream out loud. For the rest of the week I muddled through the pain and discomfort of my groin pull when the weekend finally rolled around. By then I was not only still in pain with a groin pull that was at best only slightly better, I was also significantly horny from not having my wife around. Maggie was up and gone early that morning, and knowing her she was out shopping. By the time noon rolled around I was laying down on my bed, working my groin and wondering when it was going to get better, and worried that it was taking to long. Yes I was being a big wuss about it, but then again that’s what men do best although we’ll deny it to the death. As I lay there I reached down rubbing my groin when Maggie walked in. She looked at me asking,”Are you going to let me help you now, or does your suffering bring you more joy?””Alright…I give up…go for it.””Well it’s about time. I’ll be back in a minute.”As I lay there wondering what sort of torture Maggie had in mind, I heard the door to the microwave open and close. Then there was the bell a few seconds later that said whatever she was warming up was finished, and the sounds of the door closing again. She came into the room say,”Alright…slip your shorts off.””But I don’t have any underwear on Maggie.””Do, you think you’ve got something I’ve never seen before? Do you want some pain relief or not…I don’t have time to waste playing games.””Fine..gimmie a minute.”I did as I was told, and slipped off my shorts worried that now in my heightened state of arousal I might get a hard on and totally embarrass myself. Maggie looked at my cock as a sly grin came over her face, but she didn’t comment. She told me to show her exactly where the pain was the most intense which I did. She took the moist heating pad she had in her hand, and placed it carefully on the area that hurt. I had to admit the heat felt really good as she sat down on the edge of the bed asking me,”So…how does that feel?””Good…really good.””I knew it would, but then I knew you had to suffer a while before you came to your senses and let me help. Such a typical man. How are you and my daughter getting along?””You already know the answer to that Maggie. We’re fine, I just wish she wasn’t gone on these damn business trips for so long, but then again that’s part of her job but I don’t have to like it.””Yes I know, having your wife or husband for that matter gone for weeks at a time does leave one lacking in the love department. How’s the heat feeling?””Good…did I hear a veiled reference to sex mentioned?””Yes, I suppose you did. Now I’m going to take the pad away, and I’m going to work that area with some massage.”Before I had a chance to say anything Maggie had her hands on my groin working the muscle. I had to admit it felt absolutely great, but I was really starting to get aroused, and I knew within a matter of seconds I was going to be as hard as stone. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind, than I lost control of my cock, and in a matter of seconds I was rock hard. Now what was she going to say as I looked up at her. All Maggie did was look at my raging hard on and smile, but she didn’t say a word. Not until she noticed the look of panic in my eyes. Then she said,”Would you just relax…it’s a perfectly normal reaction to my touching you in a sensitive area.”Then she said,”You know…it’s too bad my George didn’t have as nice of a cock as you. He would have been dead a lot sooner, because I probably would have screwed him to death.”I couldn’t believe my ears, but it was pure Maggie. I had to laugh as she continued working on me. Then she said,”So, does Karen take good care of you…sexually I mean?””Oh ya…when she’s here that is. It’s times like this that I have to take matters into my own hands so to speak.””You mean to tell me you don’t have a hot little cutie on the side? You don’t have to worry about me telling Karen if you do. You know, she never knew it, but I had a spare cock or two when my George was alive, and away for weeks at a time on business. I could only take so much alone time, then I had to do something about it. So don’t feel like you can’t tell me the truth.””What I was referring to was masturbation. I wouldn’t cheat on Karen…when I get horny hatay escort enough I just take care of myself.”Maggie looked at me like she didn’t quite believe me so I told her again,”I’m telling you the truth, whether you believe me or not. Not that I haven’t thought about it, but I just never have.””I believe you Frank. Looking at your current state of arousal though it looks to me like you could use some help right about now.””Oh ya…well you’re the one giving out the first aide.”Maggie got this look in her eye as she got up and went into the bathroom and returned with some lotion. She poured a large dollop into the palm of her hand, and slowly smoothed it over my cock, balls, and groin area. Then she started slowly stroking my cock, moving her hand from the top of my cock down to my balls and back up again. Needless to say, all I could do was moan as she stroked my cock. She had any amazing touch as she slowly picked up the pace, working the lotion into my cock. As if that were not enough, Maggie took my balls in her other hand, toying with them as she continued masturbating me. Then she eased her middle finger between my ass cheeks. I gasped as I felt her finger touch my asshole placing gentle pressure on it.She began moving her finger tip over my asshole making me moan all the more as I raised my hips off the bed. She continued teasing my asshole, applying a little more pressure as she continued taking me to the edge. Then I felt her finger penetrate my ass, and slide all the way in. I gasped as she started finger fucking my asshole, damn it felt so fucking good. Karen had never done anything like that to me ever. Whether it was out of gratitude, or just a natural response, I found myself sliding my hand up her leg, making my way toward her inner thigh. Rather than resisting, Maggie spread her legs for me as my fingers found her panties.I started moving my fingers over the outside of her panties, teasing her pussy, as she spread her legs for me. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs as I worked my fingers under panties pulling them down. Maggie rose up, as I pulled them down her legs, letting them fall away as she stepped out of them, kicking them aside. As soon as she sat down again my fingers found her pussy again. I worked my fingers into her pussy as she really started jacking me off frantically, as well as fucking my asshole with her finger. Suddenly I arched my back, and found myself spewing cum all over my chest and stomach, while Maggie smiled down at me. By now I had worked my fingers deep into her pussy, and was fingering her pussy as she gasped and moaned. I would have said you were crazy had you told me that one day my Mother-in-Law would be jacking me off, and I would be fingering her pussy, and yet that was exactly what we were doing. I put my arm around Maggie and pulled her closer to me, sliding my fingers deeper into her pussy as I kissed her. She was one hot woman, kissing me back as her pussy clamped down on my fingers, and her body began to shake and shudder with one orgasm after another until she had finished. She looked at me asking,”So how do you feel now Frank?””Wonderful…and you?””Wonderful.”Then she asked me,”Any regrets?”I thought for a second thinking I should feel terrible, but I had to honestly say I was fine with all that had just happened. My only concern was Karen, and how she was going to respond if she found out what happened between me and her Maggie. Somehow though I had a sneaking feeling that just maybe she did know already. I don’t know why I felt like that, but it was just a feeling. I looked at Maggie saying,”No…I don’t have a problem.””Good, because I’m sure you and I are going to need more treatments don’t you think?”I just smiled and shook my head as the two of us cleaned up and got dressed. Maggie went into the spare bedroom, and I didn’t see her for a couple of hours. When she did come out she asked if there was anything in the house to make for dinner. I told her that she would have to take a look and see, maybe Karen had put someone away for us, or she might find something in the fridge to make. Maggie went into the kitchen, and came out about twenty minutes later saying,”I don’t see anything there that really does anything for me. How about we order out or something?””Sounds good to me, you want pizza or Chinese?””Let’s do pizza. By the way, you still have that Jacuzzi out by the pool?””Ya why?””Well I was thinking that after we eat, we could go out and get in the Jacuzzi and work that groin muscle. The heat from the Jacuzzi will really help loosen it up.””Alright, but isn’t your working on it too much of a good thing, shouldn’t we let it rest.””We are Frank, I was referring to the heat from the Jacuzzi, of course we can always not do it.””No, that’s fine. As a matter of fact, Karen and I like to go out there naked since we have a totally private backyard and all.””Yes I’ve heard…that sounds like a great idea.”I just looked at Maggie and smiled thinking that she had Karen had hatched something up between them. Knowing Karen a I do, and her total devotion to her Maggie, it wouldn’t surprise me for the two of them to have discussed “sharing” me for her Maggie’s benefit. It wasn’t as far fetched as it sounded. I know she was feeling sorry her Mother, knowing now much she loved her Dad, and how much her Mother loved having sex. It was kind of kinky thinking that she and her Mother had those kinds of conversations between them, but then again they were really close and shared everything.That’s why it didn’t surprise me that they may have come up with this idea. Karen and her Mother shared everything, so why not me? If she knew her Mother was hurting sexually, and they had talked about it, it wouldn’t surprise me at all that Karen made the offer. Then again I could be full of shit, and Maggie is just taking advantage of the situation, and I’m reading way to much into it. Time to stop thinking and enjoy my good fortune. After we got out pizza delivered, and ate ourselves silly, after which Maggie and I found ourselves in the Jacuzzi.It was nice having the warm water swirling around my balls, with Maggie sitting next to me totally naked. Her tits were so firm, and her nipples made my mouth water. She could tell she was making me horny, giving me that come fuck me look. She moved her hand over onto my upper leg, and started moving her hand up my thigh, sliding it down to my groin where she began gently massaging me. My cock was soon sticking above the water, hard as stone as she looked down at it, running her tongue over her lips. The next thing I knew Maggie was lowering her head and swirling her tongue over the head of my cock.I just leaned back and raised my hips enough so my cock was above the water level. I watched as she held my cock steady, and swirled her tongue over the head of my cock a few times before taking just the head in her mouth and sucking it. My wife Karen was good at giving head, and I always wondered why she was so good at it, now I know exactly why. She had inherited a natural talent from her Mother. Maggie kept sucking the head of my cock, and tickling the sensitive underside with her tongue as I moaned quietly. She teased me for another couple of minutes before she had me sit on the ledge of the Jacuzzi.She moved between my legs taking my cock in her hand again, as she held it still while running her tongue from my balls, up to the top and down again. I loved the way she would lick my balls, and then suck them into her mouth one by one only to run her tongue back up the length of my cock again, and then repeat the process. She did this for several minute when she moved up, and took the head of my cock into her mouth, and slowly took the length of my cock down her throat, inch by sexy inch until she had me all the way down her throat. The woman was amazing, it was as if she were a snake, unlocking it’s jaws to swallow its prey.She engulfed the entire length of my cock, her tongue moving over my balls as she opened her throat to take my cock. She did this several times before she began bobbing her head up and down, sucking my cock, and making slurping sounds as I tried not to explode down her throat. Over and over she repeated the process as I tried not to lose my mind. Just about the time I was thought I was going to explode down her throat she stopped. Needless to say I was a little disappointed. I shouldn’t have been as Maggie looked at me and smiled saying,”Let’s take this inside, it’s getting a little cool out here.”We went inside, and into the bedroom. Once on the bed Maggie turned with her back to me. Then she straddled me, and reached down between her legs, grabbing my cock as she lowered herself down onto it. I could feel my cock sliding into her pussy thinking how tight her pussy was. It was as tight, if not tighter than Karen’s. Once my cock was in, she sat up, and started humping my cock, her hands resting on my upper thighs. I thrust my hips upward, timing it with her downward thrusts as we established a rhythm. She was soon humping my cock, her ass cheeks slapping against my things. After several minutes of humping she paused saying,”I’m going to lean back now…ready?””Ya, I’m ready,” I told her. I put my hands on her back as she moved her legs forward and slowly laid back until her back was resting on my chest. I instinctively started caressing escort hatay her breasts as she bent her knees, and spread her legs nice and wide. Then she said,”This was my George’s favorite position. He used me slam his cock into me so hard and fast I used to cum like gangbusters. I hope you don’t mind my using you.””Hell no Maggie…I like this position…maybe I can get Karen to give it a shot.””Sure, but don’t tell her where you got the idea.””Ya, no shit huh!”I started fucking Maggie slowly at first just to get a rhythm going again, and to have some fun caressing her tits, and rolling her nipples between my fingers. She was soon cooing as I started pinching her nipples a little harder, and tugging at them. Then while I tugged at her nipples I started picking up the pace, driving my cock deep into her pussy. I could hear her gasping and moaning as her arousal grew and grew with each thrust of my cock. Faster and faster I slammed my cock into her pussy, listening to her moans of pleasure. Maggie reached down and started rubbing her clit as I continued pounding her pussy. I had to admit this was a really hot position that I was definitely going to have to get Karen to try. I could feel my cock on the verge of cumming when Maggie suddenly gasped and her body started shuddering as she started cumming. I thought the woman was going to pass out, the way she was gasping and panting. Her orgasm got me so aroused that I started cumming as well. I could feel the cum spurting from my cock into her pussy as the force of my thrusts had her bouncing off my body. Once we both finished cumming, I rolled to my left as Maggie slid off me, and lay next to me on the bed. My cock was still in her pussy, pulsing ever so slightly as we lay there in silence. I still had her tits in my hand, as I lightly stroked her tits and her nipples. Finally I felt my cock slip slowly from her pussy onto her leg, making its way down between her ass cheeks. After laying there for several minutes not saying anything Maggie rolled over and kissed me saying,”Thank you so much Frank…that felt so good. Now I think it’s time to get some sleep. Would you mind if I sleep in here with you?””I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”She smiled and gave me a kiss and squeezed my cock as we dozed off. The next morning I woke up to find Maggie was already up. I could smell the coffee coming from the kitchen as I got ready for work. Once I was dressed I went down to find coffee and breakfast all ready for me. I thanked Maggie for thinking of me, and quickly ate and was off to work. When I got home, Maggie told me that Karen had called and said her trip would be ending sooner than she thought, and she would be home by the weekend. She looked at me as if she were waiting to see what my reaction would be. I just smiled saying,”That’s great. That means less work for you, and the two of you will have more time together before you leave.””That’s right, and it means that our time together will come to an end sooner though.””Oh well…all good things come to an end sometime. It just means that we’ll have to make good use of the time we have left is all.””I was hoping you’d day that. Now I have dinner ready, and then after dinner I thought we could maybe go for a dip in the pool once it’s nice and dark.”I nodded as I sat down to a fantastic dinner. Maggie was one hell of a good cook, something Karen could use some lessons in, but then again she was a working woman so she didn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.Once we had finished dinner I helped Maggie rinse off the dishes before putting them in the dish washer. Once the dishwasher was going we relaxed with a little after dinner glass of wine to let dinner settle before going out to the pool. Before long Maggie was tugging at my arm saying,”Come on…lets go out for that dip.””Alright, let me change.””Change? What do you need to change, just get out of those clothes and meet me out there.”Then Maggie got up and started stripping off her clothes and headed toward the pool. I wasted no time stripping my clothes off and headed out to the pool right behind her. It was still nice out after a hot day. Maggie looked so hot standing there at the edge of the pool, totally naked and ready for some hot sex. I looked down at her pussy noticing right away there was something different. I remembered her having a pretty hairy bush, last night, but that wasn’t the case now. Now her pussy was neatly trimmed, her large, juicy lips where framed by her newly trimmed bush. It made her labia look even more inviting. Finally she said,”Well…are you going to say anything?””Sorry, I was busy enjoying your new look. I have to say, your pussy looks even better than before if that were possible.””Well I’d let it go for far to long, and well having you licking and sucking my pussy made me feel like it was time to change things up a little. I’m glad that you like it.””I love it, and so will the next guy that gets to enjoy your charms.””Why thank you Frank…I just hope that won’t be to long from now.””I’m sure you’ll find someone soon enough. In the meantime, you have me all night.”Maggie smiled and then jumped in the pool. As she came up for air she told me to get in the water. I jumped in, and the two of us were soon playing around in the water like a couple of k**s. We were splashing one another and acting goofy until Maggie grabbed my cock. I watched her head disappear beneath the water, and that’s when I felt her mouth engulfing my cock. I’d never had an underwater blow job before, so this was a first for me. Maggie sucked my cock as long as she could before having to come up for air.She took a breath, and then back under the water she went, taking my cock in her mouth again, and sucking it until she had to come up again. Now it was my turn as I went underwater, pulling Maggie’s pussy to my face. I started licking her pussy, while trying not to swallow any water in the process. Finally I had to come up for air, taking a big gulp, and then going back down and licking her pussy some more. Once I surfaced again for air, I noticed how hard her nipples were, her aureole’s covered with goose bumps. I wasted no time taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking them.We worked our way over to the edge of the pool where I lifted Maggie out of the water, and sat her on the edge of the pool. I then worked my way between her legs, and began licking her pussy as she moaned softly. Her hands were soon on my head as I parted her folds and started lapping up the juices that were now flowing from her aroused pussy. I parted her wet lips, and began tongue fucking her as she started undulating her hips, and grinding her pussy into my face. She was gasping and moaning as I worked my tongue as deep into her hot cunt as I could until I thought my tongue would fall off.I moved up taking her clit into my mouth, sucking it and flicking it with my tongue as Maggie did everything she could not to scream out in passion altering the neighbors to what was going on. I took her to a strong orgasm as her body shook and shuddered. I got out of the pool and helped Maggie to her feet, and took her over to the redwood table on the patio. I had her lean over the edge as I took my cock, and started running the head along the edge of her pussy. She was soon moaning and telling me,”Stick your cock in my pussy Frank…stick it inside me!”I slid my cock into Maggie’s pussy and started fucking her as I held onto her hips. The harder I fucked her the more she liked it. Harder and harder I fucked her tight pussy while she held onto the sides of the table. As I pummeled her pussy, Maggie was gasping asking me to fuck her ass. I’d done that a couple of times with Karen, but I never figured Maggie was into anal sex. I pulled my cock from her pussy, and started running the head up and down her ass. She responded by wiggling her ass back and forth as I started gently pressing the head of my cock against her asshole.I was careful not to force my way in, but then my cock slid into her ass pretty easily. Once I was in, I started fucking her slowly at first so she could get used to my girth. I could tell from the sounds she was making that she was more than enjoying it. That’s when I started picking up the pace, moving faster and faster. Maggie was loving it as she pushed her ass back against my cock. Her ass was as tight as her pussy, and I was soon on the verge of cumming. She turned her head saying,”Cum on my ass Frank…come all over my fucking ass!”I slammed my cock into her ass a couple of more times before I felt myself about to cum. I pulled out and started spewing my load all over her ass. The next thing I knew she was cumming, and that’s when I realized she’d been fingering herself as I fucked her ass. Once I finished cumming I could see my cum running down her ass, and between her cheeks. For whatever reason, I knelt down and started licking my cum from her ass which made her gasp and moan even more. Then I parted her cheeks, and started running my tongue up and down her ass.I had never rimmed any woman before, and I don’t know what possessed me to do it now, all I knew was I could resist the temptation to do it. I started tongue fucking her asshole as she started fingering her pussy again. Before long she was cumming again. Afterward we went in and showered. Maggie told me she had never had a man tongue fuck her before, hatay escort bayan and she loved every second of it. We went to bed that night having some more great oral sex. We fucked the night away before my wife Karen returned home. They spent the weekend together having a grand old time before Maggie finally left and returned home. That evening after we went to bed Karen asked me,”So how did it go with my Mom?””It went fine Hon.””Good…so did she take care of your groin pull?””Ya you were right…she did a great job and fixed it up. I still didn’t make the golf tournament, but then there’s next year. I didn’t want it to get worse once it was feeling better.””Makes sense. So did you get a hard on while she was working on you?”I looked at Karen seeing the lust in her eyes. It seems my demure little wife had a kinky side to her. I had to play dumb just to see how much she would take before she came right out and asked me if I’d fucked Maggie. I pretended to be surprised and slightly offended saying,”What are you talking about Karen? Asking me such a question…did I get a hard on while your Mother was working on my groin…that’s a little over the top don’t you think?””Sorry, I was just curious was all. Knowing you and how sensitive your cock is, I figured you’d get a raging hard on.”I just looked at her not answering her question. I could tell it was killing her wanting to know the answer. After a few more minutes she sighed saying,”Well did you or didn’t you Frank?”Still playing with her I asked, “Did I what? Are we still on that?””Damn it Frank…did you get a fucking hard on or not?”I had to laugh making her all the more angry. Finally she slapped my arm saying,”Stop being an asshole Frank and tell me!””Yes…my cock got as hard as steel. There…you satisfied now?”I could see by the look in her eyes that Karen was overcome with lust as she asked,”What else…was that it…did she help you out, did she freak out…what happened next?”I reached over and slipped my hand down the front of my wife’s thong finding her pussy was soaked with her juices. I smiled at her saying,”This is turning you on isn’t it…your pussy is on fire…look how wet it is.””Oh fuck you Frank…stop playing with me and tell me.”Sliding my fingers over her wet pussy, working them between her folds as she gasped and started moaning I asked her,”Do you want to cum…it looks to me like your pussy needs some attention. Or do you want to know what your Mother and I did…I know that’s what you want. I mean after all…you two set this whole little adventure up…right?””What do you mean Frank…I don’t know what your talking about.””You better come clean Karen if you don’t want me to tell you anything, either that or you aren’t going to hear anything.”I worked my fingers deeper into Karen’s pussy, working them in and out as her legs parted. She titled her head back, cooing as she gave into her lust. Finally she said,”Yes…yes we made a plan for you to fuck her. She’s been so down after losing Dad, and she was in a really bad place. I know she needed someone to fuck her, and you were the first choice. She adores you, and I knew it wasn’t as if you were cheating on me, not really since I was the one that suggested it. She was very reluctant at first, but once I told her how good you were in bed she finally gave in. Please don’t be mad at me…she’s my Mom and I hated seeing her hurt so much.””Do I look mad Karen? If you love your Mom that much, and neither of you have a problem with it then neither do I. Next time though just tell me rather than try and trick me.””I’m sorry baby…now tell me what the two of you did…please?””Well it’s like you said, she started working on my groin and I got a raging hard on. I tried to maintain my composure as I’m sure she was trying to do the same, but it was inevitable that we were going to give into our lust. The next thing I knew she was jacking me off. As she stroked my cock I slid my hand between her legs, and then next thing I knew I had my fingers in her pussy.””Oh fuck Frank…tell me more…fucking tell me more!””Well I fingered her pussy until she came and then I came.””Oh shit Frank that is so hot. Did you fuck her…did you fuck my Mom?””Geezzzzz Baby…not so fast.”Let’s just say that your Mom gives incredible head, and she has an amazing pussy. It was a delight going down on her and sucking her pussy until she came all over my face. And her pussy felt so tight when I slid my cock inside her, fucking her as hard as I could until we both exploded with hard orgasms.””Oh fuck Frank that is so hot. Did you do it often…fuck I mean?””Every day you were gone we were fucking, or sucking or both. There wasn’t a day went by that we didn’t do something. Your Mom is one hot woman just like her daughter. Oh I almost forgot. We fucked out in the pool where she gave me head in the pool. Then I sat her on the edge of the pool, and ate her pussy until she came.””Oh shit Frank…tell me more!””Well then after eating her pussy until she came, we got out of the pool, and I laid her over the redwood table. I slid my cock into her pussy, and started fucking her there. Then she asked me to do something I never would have dreamed of.””What Frank…what did she ask you?””She asked me to fuck her in the ass.””What…she wanted you to fuck her ass? Well did you?””At first I was reluctant, but she was insistent so I figured why not. I eased my cock into her ass ever so carefully, and then I started fucking her ass, slowly at first and then I picked up the pace. Before I knew it I was cumming in her ass and she was cumming as well from rubbing her clit.””Oh fuck Frank what else did you two do?””What else…isn’t that enough?””Oh ya Frank…my pussy is on fire…fuck me Frank…fuck me good and hard!”That was all it took as Karen and I were soon fucking one another like it was our last. Karen pushed me onto my back, and straddled my face, lowing her pussy down onto my tongue. She was like a woman possessed, drunk on lust and passion as she started grinding her pussy into my face. I worked my tongue over her pussy, sliding it into side and tongue fucking her as she gasped. I moved my tongue from deep inside her pussy, and started running it along the crack of her ass. As I worked my tongue between her cheeks she paused telling me she wasn’t into that. Rather than get mad I said,”I guess there’s one thing you don’t take after your Mother.””What…what are you saying?””Nothing, just that your Mother loves having her ass rimmed. She loved it when I rimmed her ass. She’s no stranger to it that’s for sure.”Karen thought for a minute then said she wanted to try it after all. She was soon back with her ass in my face as I started running my tongue between her cheeks while she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. I began moving my tongue up and down her crack teasing her asshole as I did. I could tell from her reaction that she was enjoying it. I took my time letting her get the full effect of it. The more she was into it the more I teased her asshole, pretending to penetrate her ass only to hold off. She was soon begging me to tongue fuck her.I worked my tongue into her tight asshole and was soon tongue fucking her ass as she squealed out in pleasure. From the way Karen was moaning and squealing it was all to obvious that she loved having her ass rimmed. Before long she had her fingers in her pussy, working herself toward a strong orgasm. Afterward she grabbed the headboard telling me she wanted to see what it was like to have my cock in her ass. I didn’t have to be asked twice as I moved behind her and started running the head of my cock between her cheeks.I took my time making sure she was ready as I eased the head of my cock slowly into her ass. Once the head was in, I paused long enough to allow her to get used to its girth just like I did with Maggie. Once I was satisfied she was again ready, I started slowly pumping me cock in and out of her ass. To my surprise Karen was loving every inch of my cock stuffed in her ass. I was soon picking up speed as I fucked her ass, listening to her moans of pleasure. As I fucked her ass, I decided to see if she liked having her ass slapped. I started out with light slaps at first, waiting to see her reaction. I had to smile when she responded positively wiggling her ass and squealing.Needless to say, the slaps became stronger as I pummeled my wife’s sexy ass. She held onto the headboard begging me to make her cum as I slammed my cock into her ass, my balls slapping her legs and my hand slapping her cheeks. She was gasping and squealing when I felt my balls tighten, then my cum started shoot into her ass. She must have felt my cock pulsing because no sooner had I started cumming than Karen was cumming as well. That night was a night of discovery for the both of us Karen was more like her Mother than even she had imagined. About a week later Karen announced to me that her Mother had called, and had put her home up for sales and was moving closer to us. That was music to my ears knowing that when Karen was gone, Maggie was sure to be with me. When I asked Karen her reply was,”Well she didn’t say that, but I think it’s pretty obvious. She’s going to be in the same city, so it would only make sense she would be here when I’m gone. That’s fine with you right?””Of course as long as it is with you.”Karen just smiled as she started dinner that night. I found myself looking forward to her Mothers arrival whenever that would be. Who knows what little scenarios might come up in the future, but then only time will tell. Until then I couldn’t have it any better.

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