Mother in Law Takes More


Mother in Law Takes MoreThis story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. This is 3rd part of the series so requesting you to read the previous parts to enjoy this story. 1 Mother in Law Cannot Resist2 Mother in Law Submits AgainThe next morning I was woken by the familiar sounds of Fiona getting ready for work. Alan had already gone at around 4am and I looked at the clock and it was just gone 7am. I pulled the cover back and lay naked and began to stroke my cock as I listened to the Fiona cleaning up in the shower.By the time she came out I was fully erect and I’d decided this morning I was going to see just how far Fiona would go.As she passed my room she looked in and froze instantly upon seeing me naked and my dick pointing up in the air solid. “Leave your towel at the door Fiona,” I instructed from my bed.”I have an early meeting today I can’t,” she said.”Maybe you should go and get your phone and ring work, just tell them you’ll be a bit late again due to car trouble,” was my problem solving response.”Please I can’t today,” Fiona pleaded.”Maybe I’ll have to tell Alan about our day yesterday then Fiona?” I said.”No ok I’ll get my phone,” Fiona replied.She came back with her phone and left her towel at the doorway and joined me on the bed. “Phone work,” I instructed.She dialled the number and waited for it to be picked up.”Hi Mark its Fiona,” she said.They exchanged pleasantries for a moment and I took the opportunity to guide Fiona’s free hand around my shaft which she continued to wank after id taken my hand from hers.”I’m going to be a little late this morning Mark my car is playing me up,” Fiona lied. I couldn’t hear what mark was saying only Fiona’s half of the conversation.”I know I’m really sorry Mark if you can fill in for me I’ll be there as soon as possible,” she said. “Yes Mark I’ll owe you a big one I’ll make it up to you,” Fiona said before hanging up.”It seems as though we haven’t got a lot of time Fiona so you better hurry up and get your pussy nice and wet for my cock hadn’t you?” I again instructed.Her hand instantly went between her legs and rapidly began rubbing on her clit. She was still doing her best to masturbate me but could tell by her rhythm that she was struggling to rub her cunt and wank my cock at the same time.”If you need to use both hands on yourself then go ahead I’ll watch you get yourself ready,” I said smirking at her.Fiona’s hand left my shaft in an instant and two of her fingers went straight inside herself as the other hand continued to work her clitoris. I moved to the bottom of the bed and positioned myself between her legs so I had a good view of her solo masturbation show; what she didn’t notice was me grab my phone off the side as I moved and once id got comfy I raised the phone and snapped a shot.”SHIT,” she squealed and closed her legs and covered her tits, “What are you doing?” Fiona asked shocked.”If you don’t want Alan to see this trabzon escort photo you’ll get your legs back open and continue getting your pussy ready for me Fiona,” I said.”What do you want a picture for?” she asked panicked and still with her legs closed.”Let’s call it insurance shall we, now carry on because times ticking Fiona,” I said smiling at her.Fiona reluctantly opened her legs wide again and uncovered her breasts when her hands went back to her privates to continue the work already started. Once she was back busy with both hands I raised my phone and took a few more snaps much to Fiona’s dismay but she didn’t cover up just as I hoped she wouldn’t. And it was clear that I was beginning to exert a bit of control over Fiona I think born out of her desire for pleasure from a cock. Something she’d been starved of for so many years.What I wanted though was something more, I wanted something on video and I decided to see how far I could push Fiona this morning. I clicked it on to video and she heard the bleep, she knew what it was instantly as she also had the same phone as me.”Now to get a little bit of extra insurance shall we say, I want you to say a few things for the camera whilst you carry on making yourself nice and wet do you understand?” I asked.”Why are you getting the video?” she asked looking confused.”Just a little extra bargaining chip Fiona that’s all, now why don’t you start by telling the camera what it is you’re doing and remember to keep playing with yourself?” I told her.”I don’t understand” she said. “It’s simple Fiona just describe what you’re doing,” I told her a little annoyed at her.There was a brief awkward silence and then she nervously spoke in a quiet voice.”I’m playing with myself,” she said quietly.”Come on Fiona a little louder and try to be a little less nervous,” I said trying to loosen her up a little.”I’m playing with myself,” she said again a lot louder and with a less shaky voice.”Why are you playing with yourself Fiona?” I asked.”To make myself wet,” she replied.”Why are you making yourself wet Fiona?” I asked.She didn’t speak, not wanting to say why on camera.”Who are you making yourself wet for Fiona?” I asked again.Again she didn’t answer but continued to work her fingers in to her pussy and thumb her clit. I could see that her lips were moist and her fingers were sliding in to her pussy a lot easier now as she became wet. “I’ll ask you again Fiona, who are you making your pussy wet for?” I asked again.”My son in law,” she answered lowering her head as I smirked at her knowing that I was gaining more control over her.”Why Fiona, has he asked you to do this?” I asked.”Yes,” she replied looking away from the camera.”Why does he want you to make yourself wet Fiona?” I asked smiling at her.”Because he’s going to fuck me and wants my pussy wet for him,” she said quietly.I smirked again and began asking more questions as I never imagined it’d be this easy so I was striking why the iron escort trabzon was hot so to speak and taking maximum advantage of Fiona’s vulnerability.”Has he fucked you before?” I probed.”Yes twice yesterday,” she said.”Was this the first time?” I asked.”Yes,” she said.”How did that happen Fiona?” I quizzed her.”He caught me in his room looking at his cock,” she said looking away at her admission.”So you couldn’t resist his cock is that what you’re saying?” I asked smiling.”I was curious and he caught me,” again she blushed at her own admission.”Is his cock big, is that what caught your eye Fiona?” I asked.”It’s very thick,” she admitted.”But not long?” I said.”Not really,” Fiona said.I was getting totally carried away now but couldn’t stop myself just yet.”Is his cock bigger than your husbands?” I asked, wanting Fiona to give me more on camera.She hesitated “It’s a lot fatter but not quite as long,” she replied.”When was the last time your husband fucked you?” I asked”About 3 years ago,” she said.”God that’s a long time Fiona did he make you come?” I asked, watching her look embarrassed at my question.”No I don’t think so,” she said looking away.”Did your son in law make you come yesterday?” was my next question.”Yes,” she said quickly.”Did you enjoy his young fat cock in your married pussy?” I asked smiling at her again.”Yeees,” she said her voice trembling as she carried on rubbing and fingering her herself on video. At that moment I decided I’d interrogate her until she came on video.”Did he fuck you better than your husband did?” I asked as she again went all embarrassed.”Yees,” she said whilst breathing heavily and moaning more and more.”You’re going to come soon aren’t you Fiona?” I said.”Yeeees,” she said as her voice wavered. “Will you be ready for your son in laws cock when you’ve come Fiona?” I asked still pushing her for more.”Yes I’ll be ready,” she said.She said this very quickly and she strummed her clitoris harder and faster she was very close to coming.”Ask your son in law to fuck you Fiona, tell him you want his fat cock,” I told her.”Pleaseeeee fuck meee,” she was so close now, “I want your fat cock in my pussyyyy ple pleaseeee fuck meeeeeeee arrrgh arrrghhh arrrrrgghhhh,” her voice went and she shouted loudly.She came over her own fingers buried to the hilt in her hole, her juice was leaking over them and on to her hand as well as soaking my bed sheets.”Are you ready for his cock now Fiona?” I asked smiling at her again knowing what the answer would be.”Yes I’m ready,” she said as her breathing remained heavy.”Lie down and spread your legs,” was my next instruction.It was at this point that I decide I’d film the whole thing, why not I’d already got more than id imagined. Why not video the actual fucking of my mother in laws pussy.I shuffled up the bed between her legs and slid my dick in to her with unbelievable ease, I actually think she was wetter than yesterday. I held my phone in a position to so that it trabzon escort bayan got me splitting her lips wide open as I fucked a way on her and within five minutes I was filming Fiona’s screwed up face as she had a massive orgasm which was much stronger than any she’d had before.She screamed the bloody house down in actual fact and I had it all on film.”Turn over and get on your knees,” I said flipping her around, “Put your head right down and tuck your knees up to your chin and get your bum high in the air,” I instructed filming all the time.I filmed myself squatting in behind her and filling her cunt again and then I spat on her puckered anus. The ultimate hole of control in my eyes, the forbidden fruit of a lot of ladies out there; but I wanted it and I was determined to have it so this morning seemed like the perfect time with Fiona now under my control.”OHH FUCK WHAT YA DOING,” she shouted spinning her head up as my index finger popped in to her anus.”Get your head back in the bed,” I shouted at her.I videoed me fingering her tight anus for a couple of minutes, and then held the camera in her face.”Have you ever been fucked in the arse Fiona?” I asked.”Yes,” was her quiet reply.”When?” I asked genuinely shocked as I dint think she’d of gave up her anus just yet.”15 years ago when I was 22,” she said.”Did your husband take your anal cherry?” I asked.”Yes,” she said breathing heavily with my cock still working her cunt and my finger loosening her ring.”And you’ve not done it since?” I probed.”No I didn’t like it,” was her honest response.”Would you like your son in laws fat cock in your arse Fiona?” I asked even though I knew the answer.”No not really,” again she replied honestly.”What would you do if your son in law said you had no choice?” I asked.”I’d ask him to be gentle,” she said already understanding i was going to fuck her bum.”Fiona I want you to ask your son in law to fuck you in the arse,” I told her.She turned her head a little more and looked me in the eyes as I leant over, the camera pointing directly in to her face. “Please fuck me in the bum but please be gentle,” she asked in a quiet scared voice.The stuff I had on my phone was absolute dynamite all I needed now was bit of footage of me filling her tight arse and coming with me buried deep inside.I pulled my dick from her pussy hole and scooped up plenty of her juices and smeared it round her anus to help me penetrate her a bit easier. But even with all the natural lube around her tightest hole getting my fat dick inside was a somewhat painful experience for Fiona and during the five minute ordeal she was thrashing about and crying out in pain, begging me to stop but eventually I was in completely and I held myself inside her rectum for a few minutes so that she could get used to being violated in her darkest hole.I then fucked her arse with slow gentle thrusts for about six or seven minutes before I erupted in her bowels. I pulled my cock out and videoed her gaping anus before shutting the camera off and slumping on the bed beside a whimpering Fiona. She got off the bed a couple of minutes later but we didn’t speak, I listened to her getting ready but think I fell sleep before she left for work.

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