Mother in law takes Control


Mother in law takes ControlLast night I was in a gentlemen’s club receiving lap dances from two very attractive ladies in the VIP area. Luna and Letitia had provided stimulating entertainment, great bar service, and emptied my wallet of most of my pay check. I had enough to get by until next pay day. Just.Being newly weds I am finding it difficult to adjust to married life. My wife earns more than me, actually a lot more, she is sexy and fun and now.. pregnant. Fuck I’m going to be a dad in 7 months. It’s Saturday morning my wife Estell has left a note on the bathroom sink. I have not read the note as it will say she has gone in to work to yet again on a weekend. I got out of the shower and walked naked through the house and was thinking about fucking Luna’s big bouncy tits and Letitia whispering in my ear “You wanna fuck my big black mature ass ! Don’t you white boy!”. My cock was standing at attention when I walked in to the kitchen. I opened the fridge door, grabbed the bottle of OJ , turned around and stood face to face with my mother in law. WTF ? “Where did you come from?” I stutter.”Where were you last night ?” Maria asks her eyes drilling in to mine. ” My daughter has had enough of your late night drunken escapades.” My mother in law is only 18 years older than my wife yet she is by far more sexy than my wife. Her brown hair goes down to her waist. Her body is toned and has some great curves above a great set of pins. I get hard just thinking about her. This morning Maria illegal bahis is wearing her small silk bathrobe that clings to her body highlighting her curves. “Well! Answer me boy!” My mouth is dry. I lick my lips. “You were whoring with those sluts at the titty bar” she states as a matter of fact.Her silk bathrobe parts slowly showing the top of her ample cleavage. I feel her hand on my throbbing cock. She grabs me firmly and leads me in to the sitting room. “Bend over Mister I’m going to whip your ass” . Her firm tone and the look in her eye tell me not to defy her. I bend over placing my hands on the floor. SWISH. ” OW!” I murmur . Maria sees me grinning. The next one is harder and lands on the top of thighs. “OWWWWW!” I scream “Fuck that hurt””Keep quiet Kevin. “SWISH. Another seven times I receive a stroke of the wooden cane. The red welts are grouped together the pain is unbearable. Tears flow down my face. I bite down waiting for the next strike.”That is the stick for bad behaviour boy. Another late night and you will be punished! Is that clear? Her voice is firm, filled with authority.”Now be a good boy. Stand up straight and tall. Spread your legs shoulder width apart. ” she commands. I obey. I feel the cane between my knees tapping my legs further apart. I feel the heat of her body on my back, her mouth near my ear, and her hand on my erection. “Who likes being punished ” she whispers in my ear as her hand massages my balls. “Well?” “I do” I hear myself reply.”I do illegal bahis siteleri Mistress” she corrects me”I do Mistress” “On your hands and knees slave” I get on my hands and knees slowly. Swish. Swish. Each of my ass cheeks receives a stroke. “To slow Slave” I feel my Rottweiler dogs studded collar go around my neck. She pulls the chain and leads me out on to the private entertaining area. She sits on the outdoor settee and spreads her long lithe legs. Maria opens her silk bathrobe revealing her magnificently firmly toned body. Her pussy looks like a slot for coin. Her pussy has a little strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her clit. Her nipples, belly button, and the hood of her clit are pierced. The jewellery looks very ornate. Rose gold and diamonds.”Now the carrot. Lick me slave” she orders pulling the leash in until my mouth is firmly on her mound sucking and licking her pussy.”Hmm . Higher. OH. That’s the spot”. Her pussy juices begin to flow as her body begins to squirm against my mouth. Without warning she pushes me back with her arms , her right leg then steps on my head. “Lie on your back slave” I hesitate the paved patio has got very hot in the midday sun. SWISH! The cane lands on my the bottom of my ass and hits the back of my big balls. Jesus that hurts. I squeal like a stressed pig. “Do want another punishment. ” her eyes direct me to Kahn my Rottweiler who is only yards away looking at my butthole with his big cock ready to go. “No fucking way” I canlı bahis siteleri stammer. Swish. Fuck my ass hurts it must be really red.”No swearing. Now get on your back slave I want to sit on your face” she states sternly.I do as I am told. A elegant slipper is placed either side of my head. She squats, lowering her tasty moist cunt on to my now obedient tongue. My mother in law moves her pelvis repeatedly over my tongue. Her energy is boundless. My late night is fast catching up with me I am exhausted. I am unable to keep my tongue up and out my reward. Maria stands and releases a golden shower over my face and chest. “Open your mouth you piss head. Drink as much as I can provide”I hear our cell phones on the dining table react to messages being received. “Sit. I will see ” Maria states. As she walks over to the dining room and checks her messages. “Your better half, my daughter will be home in 30 minutes.” Maria looks at my muscular body covered in piss and pussy juices. Walks over to the garden hose and turns on the tap. “Come over here. Quickly!” As she adjusts the water flow to full on jet. The hot water from the hose lying in the sun scalds my body she adjusts it to a spray as the cold water comes through at last. She aims the cold water directly at my shrivelling penis and balls.”Turn around” the cold water soothes my red butt cheeks. The water flow eases to a trickle as I am pinned to the wall legs spread.”Nooooooo…. ” I panic. The nozzle from the garden hose is going in my asshole.”SHUT UP OR I WILL INCREASE THE FLOW OF THE WATER!” Her threat. My silence. “Are you going to behave?” My mother in law asked as I felt my bowels filled with water.I hesitated as I squirmed.”Well are you ” a familiar voice asked.

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