Mother and Daughter, Amber and Old John.


Mother and Daughter, Amber and Old John.I have found the best way to tell my story is to be quick and direct, not when I fuck, that has to be slow and direct, and milk as many orgasms as I can, during one session.I seek out like minded girls who have had similar experiences, humping family members, as an example, but only when one it too tired to go out and sample different stock, on offer. Amber is such a girl, she is hot and has a sex drive similar to my own, but more direct and demanding, a girl who will open her legs and say, ‘Eat me’, when challenged, and believe me she means it.Mum was entertaining an old friend from out nudist holidaying years, he had made contact recently and she had invited him to stay over, now they were both divorced, and he always had a soft spot for her, so why not.I was sixteen, as was Amber, we were big girls now, with developing titties, slim waists and long legs, a couple of bitches constantly in heat, forged in the nudist camps of Europe, where we were flat-chested and tomboyish, learning the art of Cock-Watching, honing our skills on making them respond to girly naughtiness.John was a man that we both remembered, Amber in particular, as she had seen him with an erection, sliding in and out of her mother.He was known in the ladies circle as Elephant Man, due to the girth of his appendage, which many of group had secretly sampled.Back then, which was ten years ago, he had made overtures to young girls, including myself and Amber, he was sex on legs, all three of them.We were apprehensive coming through the door, late in the evening, we suspected they might still be up, or better still, doing it in bed, and we laughed at the thought, as we alighted from the kaş escort taxi ride home.They were up, (sitting that is), when we burst into the room, and it was us who were surprised, as both Mum and John were sitting nude, one in each chair, Mum showing all, and John covering his sizable trunk, with a cushion.Ambers face lit-up, this scene appealed to her sense of impropriety, and her, ‘Hi John, nice to see part of you again’, was both naughty and challenging.John like Mum, were like us, under the influence, so her remark was laughed off, more by John as he clearly was excited at the inclusion of two more females, were in his domain, and neither traumatized by his lack of clothing.We both sat down as Mum struggled to her feet, ‘Wow Mrs J’ said Amber, ‘Looking good’, with reference to my mothers body, and her wink with reference to mummy shaving her pubes for John no doubt.’I am off for a long piss’, she remarked, which usually translated she was excusing herself or longer than it takes to have a piss, we all knew the quotation from the camp days, it referred to couples going for sex.Mum left and Amber rose from her seat and took her jacket off, still eyeballing John and with an animated smile on her face, ‘Soooo John’, she drawled, slowly and enticingly, ‘How come you are hiding your best part?’Amber was focused on the cushion, and she moved towards him and reached down and took hold of the corner.Her face was inches from his and it looked as if she was about to place a kiss on his lips, Johns hands fell away from holding the cushion, expecting Amber to remove the item, and expose him to our eager eyes.Amber was staring deep into Johns eyes, hovering him and she did the unexpected, she slid escort kaş her hand behind the cushion and took a handful of meat.Her eyes took on a dreamy state, ‘Same old John’, she murmured quietly, her hand sliding along his longish shaft, then she placed her hovering lips onto his and kissed him deeply, her tongue dipping into his mouth, searching for his gonads.I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I watched them, Ambers hand stokes were more profound, as she worked along the long shaft, and as the cushion fell away to reveal his impressive size, I observed her hand could not even circumnavigate its girth, I was starting to feel the twinges of my own needs, when she broke lip contact to ask me to pull her knickers down.I rose and complied with her wishes and she responded by lifting leg over him, releasing his cock and encircling his neck and went back to mouth fucking each other, they really enjoyed kissing, he in his sixties, she in her teens.His cock was rigid riding along between her bum cheeks, and as Amber pressed her tomboyish bum out to it, it flattened, which made her angry as she wanted it inside her, ‘Mariel’, she hissed, ‘Help him, put it in’.I put my hand on her bare bum and pushed her forward onto his belly, as she went forward his cock rose again and I took hold of it.The shaft was wet with Ambers secretions, she was humping his belly now, rubbing hard against his body, stimulating her clitoris, waiting to be impaled with his meat, so when she was high on his stomach I pushed his cock in-between her thighs as she sank onto it.John had opened his legs where I was conveniently crouching, I watched its purple head spread her pink lips, she opened and the flesh stretched as it kaş escort bayan disappeared into her vaginal canal, the folds that turned-inwards came back out as his glans went in, and they just snapped into place, as the shaft sank deeper and deeper into her.She was gasping and as he hit her uterus opening, even I could feel the force as it stopped, and it did, I saw he still had a good four inches of bare cock showing, atop his heavy balls.Amber was squirming on the shaft deeply embedded in her, he was holding her slim hips down on it, refusing to let her ride it, savoring the joy of being inside her, stretching her to maximum, making sure she would remember his cock for the rest of her life.I was inches from his embedded meat, Ambers smells were intoxicating, as she flowed down his shaft. I focused my eyesight on one such bead of clear liquid, and reached in and licked it off, savoring its nectar sweetness and Ambers estrogen, not that my own needed a top-up, it just turned me on.John groaned out loud as he felt my tongue touch his exposed shaft and he jerked into life, causing Amber to bounce on him and utter, ‘Oh m fuck’.Realizing this was the catalyst John was waiting for, I applied the full force of my tongue on Johns shaft, biting it with my teeth and licking while squeezing ball sack, being rewarded with Ambers nectar and orgasmic cries.I was feeling myself between my legs and was about to suggest to Amber to dismount and give a chance, when the flavors went from sweet to salty, I was drinking Johns fifty year old cum, he was filling my friend with his seed, and what he was spilling, I was greedily swallowing.When Amber fell off of him I got up, looking disappointedly at the shaft crumbling and steaming, no point in taking my knickers off, and as I turned to go back to my seat, I caught a glimpse of Mummy in the crack in the doorway, masturbating, I guess some things run in our family.

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