More helpful stepsister


More helpful stepsisterWell a couple weeks went by since my step sister helped me out (of my shorts)and poped my cherry, we screwed a couple more times, since mom and stepdad were still at the condo. On my way home from an afternoon workout at the gym listening to an oldies station a song came on that brought me back to when it was about a month after my parents split up and mom and I were in our new place and after a day of riding bikes with my friends I was putting my bike in the garage off the back of the house when I saw the light in the bathroom go out and moms bedroom light went on. So since it was on the way towards the back door I peeked in and saw her just as she entered and removed her bathrobe to reveal a very atheltic body with full firm breasts which were 38C’s (because I’m with her when she buys her bras sometimes)they had no tanlines and her nipples were kinda puffy and looking down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy with internet casino exposed lips, for a second I imagined what her pussy would look like a mound of her red hair covering those pertty lips. She closed the door and dried her hair with the towel looking in the mirror giving me a great view of her nice round ass, after she finished she cupped her breasts in her hands and then ran them down her stomach to her pussy and let out a low moan, and went to the bed and sat up on it adjusted the pillows and spun her legs up onto the bed reached over into the top drawer of the night stand and retrieved a little pink object. she hiked her legs up and slid her ass down and and ran both hands down between her thighs to her pussy, not before I got a nice view of her shaved pussy lips slighty open, were showing me the soft pink inside. as she slid her fingers inside, I noticed that I, too was aroused, So I unzipped my pants to find canlı poker oyna a puddle of precum in my shorts, trying to get a better look I snapped one of the branches on the trees under the window, mom glanced up and back down and then made an adjustment on the bed almost as if to give me a better view. She then turned on the toy she got out of the drawer, I thought… I’ve heard that sound before as she began to explore her pussy and insert one finger, two fingers, my cock was now at full extension and I was stroking the full legnth of my 9 inch uncut cock and the precum that covered my cock felt so good as I slid my hand up and down just allowing my head to peek out of the foreskin then sliding my hand up to the head then back again. as the action on the bed got hotter as well she took the fingers that were in her pussy and sucked them as her other hand took the missing fingers place she began moving her hips in a circular canlı bahis motion, lifting her ass off the bed she was letting out soft, but high pitched moans that were making me more excited as she pulled her pussy lips open with two fingers and I saw what I learned later to be an enlarged clit and with her toy she was moving it rapidly over her clit and now she was breathing heavy and biting her lip to keep quiet as I began to speed up my strokes, as I felt my cock get ready to release it’s load all over mothers flowers outside, she was just about to do the same inside.She let out a cry as she came she sprayed all over the bedsperad like she was peeing, I then blew my load and missed the flowers but got the wall I didn’t think I had that much cum in my balls. As I pulled into the driveway, moms car was there, so I went on into the house . Hey ! what are you doing home? where’s dad? Mom said that dad got called out for work so she came home to spend some time with Jill before she went back to school, as she and jill sipped wine in the living room. I had a raging hardon that I hid behind my gym bag had to be take care of, so I said I was going to take a shower… be continued

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