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Mom’s Curvy, Her Daughter Curvier – An AdultI had only been out of college for a short two years. I got a job part time in my field doing computer web design and was working some hours bagging grocery at a local store. It all happens very quickly one night. I was helping an older woman to her car with some groceries. I could tell she was pretty rich by her ride and all the gold rings and her expensive outfit. When she asked me out, I think I just shook my head. We made plans for dinner about a week later. It went well and I was kind of shocked when she asked if I wanted to go to Jamaica next week with her. We be gone for 10 days. It was already paid for and she could not cancel it. She wanted some one to go with her. Her best friend had the flu and could not go.I got the time off from the computer company, the grocery store said no, so I just quit there. It was snowing as I drove to the airport. I had on some jeans, leather jacket and some work boots. I had packed a small bag, just shirts, shorts and under wear, along with two pairs of sandals. I trudged through the snow and met Allison White at the ticket counter. She was wearing an expensive white snow outfit that hugged her small curves. She had a big smile on her face when she saw me.We checked in and then she handed me my plane ticket. As I stood there, I heard them calling for people to board the plane. I turned and Allison motion for a girl to get up and follow us. “This is my daughter, Lexxi I like you to meet Buck. He’s the young man I told you about who going with us to Jamaica. I hope it Ok she coming Buck, last minute thing.” Said Ms White. I was kind of dumbfounded but I thought who cares who’s coming on the trip, it was a free trip to sunny Jamaica for fucking 10 days. Lexxi was maybe a year or two older than me. She was just as tall as her mother. They were both about 5ft 6 inches in matching white snow boots. But that’s were the similarity stopped. Lexxi had dirty blonde hair passed her shoulders; her mother had a dark brunette hair. She wore less makeup and jewelry compared to her Mom. Allison had small curves, just enough on top and a medium size ass. Her daughter had a super size ass and was wearing a very baggy sweat shirt and jacket. I could not tell her exact breast size but it had to be big, she could not zip up her jacket all the way.I could not wait to see her in a bikini, and a close second her Mom. I just closed my eyes as they talked non stop to Jamaica. I felt the landing gear go down. I quickly loaded all there 8 suitcase into the resort van. I tossed my small bag on top. Allison quickly checked us into the hotel/resort. We had a huge suite on top of the hotel, over looking the ocean. The patio deck was the size of my apartment. Lexxi had her own room inside the suite. I had my own room and Ms White had the huge master bedroom. She wanted to make sure I was comfortable and not feel awkward because we had only been on one date prior to coming to Jamaica. We all changed and went for a nice dinner at a big restaurant inside the resort. Lexxi was wearing a super tight black dress that hugged her huge curves. Lexxi cleavage was spilling out the top and almost popped out the sides as I watched her jiggle walking toward us. Her mother got super dressed up wearing a very low cut red dress. They were both super hot. They both turned some heads, Lexxi probably turned more. We made small talk all evening. It was close to 10pm when we got back to the suite. I took off my sandals and sat on a big white couch in the center of the suite. Lexxi came out first. She was wearing just a huge white shirt and some tight white panties. They were her size but her body made them look small. She walked passed some light from the outside deck and I could tell she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were bright pink against the thin white material of her shirt. Allison came out next. They both hugged, then they went back into there rooms. I grabbed a cold beer and went into my room and fell asleep.I woke up when a heard a knock at the front door of the suite. I rolled over. I had some morning wood; I waited a few minutes for it to go down. I put on a brand new white wife beater shirt and some tan cargo shorts. I was going to wait to put on underwear after I took a shower after breakfast. I then used the bathroom before I walked out to see Lexxi eating some fruit and her Mom eating some eggs. They both had been up for a while. They had done there hair and makeup. They had order room service. They ordered me a big plate of food. Lexxi was wearing a big white robe from the resort and Allison was dressed in a small summer dress. “Morning sleep head, I was just about ready to knock on your door. I’m going to go for a spa day this morning. Get my nails done, pedicure and massage. Lexxi going to meet me later to illegal bahis go shopping. You’re more than welcome to join us later or you can explore the resort if you want. Just charge everything to the room. Later you two.” Said Ms White. I walked Allison to the door. She kissed me on the cheek.I turned around and noticed Lexxi was not in the room. She must have gone back to her room. I quickly inhaled the big plate of food on the room service cart. I had two glasses of orange juice before I noticed the sliding glass door to the balcony/patio opened. I could see all the sun light coming in. I put the empty glass down and walked passed the open door and out on the big wooden patio.It took me second before I squinted and saw Lexxi lying down on a big chaise lounge chair. She was facing me. Her big white robe was next to her chair on the ground. She was wearing two inch yellow wooden heels, that matched her bright neon finger nails and toes. I took a big breath when I saw she was wearing a super small/tight yellow two piece bikini. There was a small v-shape yellow triangle between her legs, and two small matching triangles just covering the front of her exposed breasts. How the fuck was that bathing suit staying on her big curves?She was wearing bright pink lipstick and she had her hair in a big pony tail. She was wearing some big dark sunglasses. I was never going to survive this vacation with Lexxi looking this hot and her Mother not as hot. I bite my lower lip as she motion for me to sit down, opposite her in another chaise lounge chair by her feet. I quickly sat down trying to hide my ever growing erection inside my tan cargo shorts.“I’m so glad I decide to come here with my Mother. I almost went to go see my Dad in Alaska, but I rather be in the sun. Do you like the sun Buck? I nodded my head “Yes!” It’s been too long since I went tanning.” Said Lexxi. I mumbled something, cause next I watched her reach up her back and slowly unhook her bikini top. My mouth fell open as quickly as her top fell off and landed her lap. She grabbed the yellow strings and tossed it on her white robe next to her.“What are you doing? You should put that back on. I’m going to cover my eyes.” I said as I brought my hands to my face. “Don’t be a prude. It’s Ok, I need to get some sun. I hate tan lines. Look how white I am. My nipples are pink, I rather they were darker. You can look. I don’t mind. I used to be embarrassed about my body. But then I saw how men kept checking me out. It used to be they checked out my Mom more. Now I said it’s me more.” She giggled. There was along pause before I took my hands away from my face. I watched as Lexxi moved her small hands all over huge tits. They sat high on her chest and laid down her sides almost touching her fore arms. She took off her sun glasses, her huge breast moved back and forth on her body. She arched her feet making her sandals pop on the thin material of the lounge chair. She was so fucking hot. She had curves on top of curves, in all the right places. Her waist was small put her huge breast covered her small stomach, I was dumbfounded.“Are you ok? You look a little pale? Have you seen my Mom nude yet? Oh I forgot you only been on one date with her. That’s kind of hot that your watching me, her daughter. My breasts are so sensitive. The sun feels so nice on them.” I watched as Lexxi cupped the tip of her breast and moved her index finger up and down on her flat nipples. A minute passed before they began to expand and another minute passed before she began to tug on her now fat nipples. They were slightly darker and very round and bounced as she tugged on them.I looked down to see my cock stretching out the front of my cargo shorts. I leaned up trying to hide it under my white wife beater shirt. Lexxi looked around. I could tell her eyes were glazing over. Her huge tits were making her wet. I looked between her legs and saw the front of her yellow triangle bottom get darker. She was breathing heavier. She then shifted on her lounge chair.“I need to get more comfortable in the sun. I hope you don’t mind. I just need to untie these and pull this over.” She dropped her now wet bikini bottoms onto her top and robe. I could now see she was wearing a thong. I felt my cock was now completely hard. She spread her legs wider giving me a better view of her completely shaved pussy. Not a hair was anywhere. “Got a Brazilian wax the other day, feels so fucking nice. How does it look?” she giggled again at me. “Mmmmm.” Was all I could say. She giggled again in a sexy way. I then started to smell her sweet perfume from the warm breeze that washed over her skin. “Maybe you should take off your shirt. Wow! Buck, you look good without a shirt. How about those cargo shorts next? Its ok, I won’t tell my Mom. I can keep a secret.” I paused. As illegal bahis siteleri much as I wanted to, I was a little afraid to get naked in front of the daughter of the women who invited me on vacation/date to Jamaica. My head was spinning.“My Mom’s been married a few times. She likes to rush into things. She is so fucking rich, which helps. You should get naked. Pull out your cock and play with it. Stroke it a few times. I love to watch guy’s stroke there cocks. My 2nd step Dad used to jack his tiny cock as he watched me. I used to laugh at his small loads. My Mom’s last boy friend ran out of the house when he saw me naked and I asked him.”“What, I can’t do that. Some how I don’t think this right, I’m kind of dating your Mother. You have an amazing body. Your breasts are the biggest I’ve seen in person. I don’t want to ruin what I have with your Mom.” She paused then a big smile came over her face. She looked into my eyes. “If you don’t take off your shorts and play with yourself. I’ll tell my Mom, I caught you jerking off into her panties in her room after she left to go to her spa day this morning. Take off your shorts Buck. Free that hard cock, which you’re trying to hide from me.”I watched as she scooped up her left breast and started to lick her big fat nipple. My mouth dropped farther open. I then, with some hesitation and a little guilt, I felt like I was being black mailed but I also wanted to jack my hard cock in front of this busty woman. I slowly unzipped my cargo shorts, I then pulled them down to my ankles. My cock sprang out and up and I could feel the warm air blow across my naked balls and hard shaft. “Mother Fucker!! No underwear, your so dirty Buck. You hide that big cock well Buck. You’re huge. You have nice big naked balls and I see some Pre-cum on the tip of that big sword.” She moaned.She dropped both her hands between her legs. Her big breast flopped over her fore arms as she spread her big thighs apart. She had her right index finger spreading her pussy lips apart. Her left index finger touched the inside of her pink folds. “Oh! Yeah Buck, stroke that monster. Squeeze the tip and run your free hands on those big hairless balls. Oh god, I’m close to cumming you fucking bastard.” I was stoking my cock faster; I was no where close to cumming just yet. I could tell Lexxi was close, she bite her lower lips and then yelled something so loud. I thought other guests might call the front desk. She then started to squirt onto the thin material of the chaise lounge chair. She slammed her head back and closed her eyes. A few minutes passed before her body stopped shaking. A few droplets of her orgasm fell off the lounge cushion and onto the wooden deck of the patio.Lexxi used her wet index finger to motion for me to stand next to her on the lounge chair. “Oh my god, I’ve never cum like that before. You bring out the dirty side in me Buck. I’ve played with my self in front of so many men and never orgasm that hard before. I’ve also never touched any of them before. I usually wait for them to dribble a small load in there hand and I force them to lick it and make them leave. I guess you’re the first one, I wanted to do more dirty things with. Now don’t say a word, just moan. I’m going to suck this big monster while I finger fuck your ass with my wet index finger. If your good I might shove another finger in that hard muscular ass.”I just looked down as she shoved my hard cock into her greedy mouth. Her eyes got big as she shoved one finger in my virgin ass. My eyes got big after a few minutes when she shoved another finger in my ass. I could feel that back of her throat as she got almost all 9 ¾ inches of my hard cock in her mouth. Her bright pink lips were stretched out as she gagged on my cock. I stood on my tippy toes and pulled her dirty blonde hair making more of my cock disappear in her hot mouth. She shifted on her lounge chair. I could hear her naked ass and the wet cushion move on her. A second later I felt her huge breasts rubbed again my legs. I felt her hard nipples run against my skin. She then popped out my cock from her mouth. She started to lick he right nipple and the tip of my cock in her mouth. She then pulled out her fingers from my ass and spanked me a few tines, before she slapped my cock on her face. “Most guys would have cum by now Buck. I know something no man can resists.” She smirked at me.With one quick motion, she took out fingers from ass. She spit between her big tits and then she slapped each monster around my hard cock. She started to fuck my cock with her big breast. She pushed her tits together causing a huge valley of warm skin to ride my cock. I started to match her fucking my cock with me fucking her big warm tits. No man could last long in this tit fucking experience. Before I could say a word, canlı bahis siteleri it just happened. I grunted and then four big spurts of cum blasted her tits, face and dripped down her back onto the chaise lounge chair. She then proceeds to lick and suck my cock clean. She licked her nipples, and breast and then finger her self to another orgasm before she grabbed my hand and we walked to big white leather couch in the middle of the living room.She pushed me face first into the couch. I was lying there as I felt her spank my ass. She then swirled her tongue on my now red ass. She spread my ass cheeks and licked me up and down my ass crack. I was hard in no time from her rim job. She reached down and flipped me over. My cock was sticking straight up. She had her hands between her legs, she then climbed onto the couch, her feet where still in the wooden heels, next to my hips.She smiled as she looked down at me. Her big breast blocked her view of my open mouth as she quickly sat down and smashed her breast into my open mouth. She came first, her pussy flooded my cock and almost pushed me out of her tight pussy. The couch was now wet as she rode my cock. She kept slamming her breasts on my chest. She tried to poke my eye with her big nipples, I kept moving my head, and she would giggle. Just like before, I lost sense of what was happening. It was so fast; she slammed all her weight on my cock. I began to erupt deep inside her. She then orgasm again and washed everything onto the couch and all over my sides.She motion for me to clean up the mess on the couch and outside on the patio as she got ready to go shopping with her Mom. She tongued fucked my mouth when she left and hour later. I finally took a shower and was ready for them when they returned from shopping for the day. I went to the pool and ate lunch on the patio. We went out that night. Each girl wore another hot dress to match there heels. It was close to 1am when we all got back to the suite. Allison had a few glasses of wine and her daughter helped her to her room. I stood in the doorway as Lexxi undressed her Mother and pulled the covers over her naked body. “Fuck!! I guess now you’ve seen my Mom naked your pervert. Go take off your clothes and come to my room. You have 5 minutes.” She said in a loud voice.I walked across the big suite with my hard cock swaying in front of me. Lexxi door was opened a crack. I pushed my way inside. “Sit on the bed. I’m just getting ready for you.” I sat on the edge of the bed. I watched Lexxi put on some thigh high black fishnets. She then put on some black six inch heels. I watched as she got out some lubricant to put on the tip of a 6inch nude fuck stick. She then placed its harness around her thin waist. She pulled up the sides and placed the strap on cock between her legs. I’m going to show you how I like to be fucked, then your going to fuck me.” She said. She was now between my legs, her hard cock was rubbing my hard cock. Next I was on all fours. She gently put the tip of her index finger in my ass. She then lubed up my ass crack as she rubbed her fake cock in my ass crack, She tugged on my cock as she began to fuck my virgin ass from her strap on. She then started really to hammer away in my ass. I grabbed her bed pillow to scream in it. I then felt her hands on my hips. My eyes were closed as she grunted humiliating things in my ear. Finally what seemed to be for like an hour, we switched positions? I started to fuck her big ass. I was holding on as she used her strap on between her legs. She fucked herself with the strap on as I fucked her big ass. A few times I could feel it touching my hard cock. She rammed her face into her pillow and screamed very loud. I then felt her body shake as began to orgasm on her fake cock and I began to spurt a huge load deep in her asshole. It was a few minute before we both crashed on her bed.Lexxi was not done. She put her strap on back on. I ate her pussy as she tried to fuck my face and rub her fake cock all over my head, neck and upper chest. She flooded my face two more times before we both got up to check on her Mom. She was still sound asleep as Lexxi grabbed my arm and we went into her Mom master bathroom just a few feet from her sleeping. We fucked one more time, and cleaned ourselves up before we both went to our rooms.I spent the rest of the vacation fucking Lexxi every chance I got. We kept our secret from her Mom the whole vacation. We made up different excuses to go fuck each other and kept her Mom out late, so she fall asleep. Lexxi got a great tan. My ass could barely sit down and my cock was totally drained by Lexxi. Allison broke up with by text a week later. She had gotten back with her 2nd husband, plus she felt we did not have a love connection….A month later, and the 3rd big snow fall of the year. I got another text message from Allison: “Buck, Lexxi pregnant, I’m so happy. I need to celebrate by going on another vacation to Jamaica. Any chance you like to go on vacation with us, Lexxi says she only go if your going with us. Thanks.”Love,Buckxoox

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