Moms and daughters grannies and studs


Moms and daughters grannies and studsMy name is Kay also known as Kinky-Kay by many of my friends.and by reputation. I have had an interesting week during which I met a very strange woman. She was “apparently” unbelievably modest and wore very conservative clothing. Stunning would be an understatement. Divorced and lives together with her step-daughter who is even sexier. Never one to be shy I had obviously said the right thing when I was joking about the sexual escapades of the libertines. Mike and I are swingers and I think she had heard about us from the gossips in the village. As always I was very complimentary about her beauty and was secretly hoping she would respond and would take the bait. I think she is sexually frustrated, and too timid to take a chance with any relationship that might prejudice her image of being a good, God-fearing and helpful woman. Sweeter than honey is this secretary at the local church. Dear woman missed the point and so became the target for my lustful desires. The step-daughter did not miss a single thing and I suspect will be an easier seduction. She winked at me and was very friendly during our all-too-brief encounter. By the way, you cannot even see their bras through their blouses and all their clothes are designed to cover up their bodies. Even on the hottest summer days I believe she wears conservative underwear, tee shirt and a blouse – crazy. The same was obviously true of the daughter who is loyal to a fault.I made sure I gave them both a hug before I said goodbye. I love to hug, measure, test and asses the bodies involved.I must admit that the mother and step-daughter’s seduction is part of our fantasies as a husband and wife. My randy significant other, hung like a horse with at least 8 1/2 inches of cock that would never go soft when called upon to perform. The girth of his penis is also significant and a little out of proportion to the length.I am going to seduce the woman and my stories, hopefully in several chapters will record my adventures with her. I am out conquer, turn a frigid woman and her daughter into bisexual nymphomaniacs and insatiable sluts.There is another target but less challenging that I have in my sights. I have the secretary who served at the neighboring town church and she was always responsive to anything sexually suggestive. At 76 the naughty secretary would open her legs and allow any interesting man to fuck her and, I suspect, in all her holes. I was told of her advances by one of the congregation and I am sure he was protesting too much to be innocent. She is not in the first flush of youth and her age is taking it’s toll on her body but she has huge tits and is often encountered without underwear. My dear Mike has had the pleasure of fucking the wanton old lady and has done so since she was 55 and he was in his thirties. He will attest to the fact that she is a sensational fuck but he has never been in a threesome, foursome or more-some with her. So he has been asking for me to help her have even more fun in her old age – a kind of reward for her willingness to fuck Mike and allow him access to every hole in her body. Mike says she needs a D.P. and even more ambitious kinky encounters. Now a little about Mike and me. Mike has always been straight and has been active in the swinging lifestyle for many years. He is average height, build and tanned all over. He is blessed with an 8 1.2″ cock that never gives up and needs at least one orgasm a day. I am also average, slim, 5’4″ with average tis that sag a little. I must be honest about us so that other “plain” people are not discouraged by the glamorous and beautiful characters of orhanlı escort the regular XXX stories I read.So frigid, mom and daughter, an aged nymphomaniac and us as a couple need to get together and so the plotting began. Do not be surprised by some of the twist, turns and perversions that are part of the story. Chapter 1I did go the church this morning and both mom and step daughter were alone in the office. It was near closing time and there was nobody about so I was hopeful. I offered to make them a little something to drink and brought along some snacks so that we could get to know each other over a late lunch. I had called the day before and told the step mom I wanted to treat them because they had been so helpful when I was trying to search through records in an effort to discover the date my Great grand-parents had passed away. I had explained that I needed the details because I was allegedly an heir to a large legacy that had gone unclaimed for many years. Both ladies were very helpful and offered me tea while I paged through dusty registers and copied all the pages for me – all without charge. Back to today’s encounter. I have always been a little innovative when it comes to getting new friends to relax and so a little pot of pot and tea was served under the guise of a new mix I had discovered. The snacks were also liberally laced with my “herbal” dressing and I was soon rewarded with two very, very relaxed women behind the locked doors of the church office.The conversation was convivial and innocent until the effects of the the Cannabis oil began to take effect. Step mom and step daughter were loosening up slowly but surely and I noticed that as the summer heat, the closed doors and windows and their clothing caused both ladies to glow. I was also getting hot and so asked If they minded me removing my pull-over that I had put on when the outside air was chillier in the morning. Only one problem I was not wearing any underwear and my tank-top was not at all thick. It seemed like a simple enough request but I knew what I had in mind and so admitted that I hadn’t expected it to get hot and was dressed so that while comfortable I would still be able to go without a bra. “After all we were all women and we would not be disturbed by anybody who might be offended. The step daughter was the first to agree and admitted that she was also getting hot and uncomfortable, Mom was also getting hot and uncomfortable and eventually decided she would join us. Oh my fuck!. I nearly dropped my cup when I was allowed to see them up close. Firstly the step-daughter was even more stunning when the sweater was removed and her tee covered tits were revealed. She had a trim waist and slim thighs. Step-mom was a little more voluptuous without being fat or overweight. My mother would have described her as a a real woman. It is time in the story that I give them names that will not compromise their reputations within the regular village community. So for a less cumbersome account I have chosen the names Val and Katie. So a little more comfortable and somewhat more relaxed due to my concoction I suggested that we at least indulge in a little wine which I happened to have brought along, just in case. Katie went and fetched some wine glasses and thankfully the wine was still chilled. I extracted the bottle of wine and poured out three generous glasses full. I did not let them see the other two bottles I had also brought along. Val did protest a little and claimed to get light headed when she drank wine but Katie and I convinced her that it was only “light” wine, I knew otherwise because while the label was from pendik escort one source the wine was definitely from another. Have you ever noticed that labels can come off if the wine is put into freezing water? The party got started and the conversation was soon getting a little more personal than I had anticipated.Val was the first to ask about the rumours she had heard. Dear soul. wanted us to be open and honest with each other if we were to friends. I suspect that she had little Idea what she was about to hear. I was very open and explained to her that I and my husband had an open-marriage. Poor Val she probably got more detail than she anticipated especially when her Katie started asking questions. I actually had to explain that in an open marriage or open relationship a couple had agreed that each of them could indulge in sex with others. I got av avalanche of questions particularly from young Katie who knew a little more than she was going to let her mother believe. As we spoke, drank another few glasses of wine and loosened up even more I noticed that Val’s nipples were poking through her bra and blouse. She saw me staring and shyly divulged that when it was cold or she even got slightly aroused her nipples hardened and stuck out like beacons, hence the layers and thick clothes. Katie also started to show the signs of arousal and so I took the opportunity to tell the both that they were incredibly beautiful and had spectacular bodies of which they should never be ashamed. The conversation was suddenly changing from pleasantries to a sexually charged sharing of the most intimate of thoughts and experiences.Val’s ex had been an abuser of note that forced her to do thing she was not ready for and he had tried his luck with young Katie. The last straw came when he invited a couple of friends over and they ****d her and Katie while they were in the same room.The two of them had become the cum-buckets of the poker group, and had been subject to every perversion including golden-showers, anal sex, and multiple partners.Katie was so traumatized that Val decided to go it alone, got a divorce and the two of them were living in a small apartment in the neighboring town. We were well and truly opening up and getting tipsier by the minute. Eventually I found myself comforting the two distraught women and that is when things began to change as I tenderly caressed them both and as they simmered down we realized that we were all sexually aroused and had accidentally spil wine over ourselves. I asked if they had a washer dryer anywhere convenient and to my surprise there was one in the back office/laundry. I suggested we get out of our wet things, rinse them and dry them so that we could venture forth in public. Katie suggested that we use table cloths as togas to wear while we waited. Great Idea but without something to hold the closed it was an idea doomed to failure. They then suggested that we use the staff lounge which was far more comfortable and I suggested we all have another drink while we waited. I also suggested that that because we had taken longer than expected I call my husband’s granny with benefits and ask her to give us a lift home.We relaxed again and resumed our conversation about my sexual exploits which led me to ask about how they both felt about the actual gang-bang they had experienced. I was careful not to mention the word **** in case that got them all upset again. Young Katie was the first to respond and told us that there were moments when she actual;ly enjoyed the attention, the whole thing, in fact. Mom was aghast and speechless. when Katie boldly said, “Mom, admit it you bostancı escort enjoyed every minute but had appearances you had to keep up. It was wrong what dad allowed but the actual experience was mostly fun except for when they hurt us. Val was reluctant at first but relaxed by the wine she soon began to reveal some of her feelings when she confessed, ” I was not pleased with what happened and it should never have been allowed but as for the actual fucking, sucking, bukkake and watersports I was not repulsed by any of it.Kate agreed but the added the shocking admission that she especially enjoyed seeing her old-lady naked and fucking. Katie it seems wanted to lick her more mature woman clean and would have loved the woman to have reciprocated. I was very pleased with the progress and suggested that they had time to kiss, make up and explore Katie’s fantasy. I was available to help if they felt awkward or wanted someone else to focus on until they were comfortable enough to take it further. They both protested that they were straight heterosexual women but unfortunately young Katie had already overplayed her hand and the always tender Val wanted to comfort her c***d. I went over to them and slowly removed their table cloths to reveal their beautiful and very different bodies. I suggested that we all needed a shower and when I saw their hairy cunts totally covered by growth I suggested that we all have a shave. You will not believe what can be found in the enclosed recesses of church offices. Razors for both men and ladies were part of the churches packages given out to the poorer members of the community. I was impressed that they also had little comforts as part of each package. I was eager to see the transformation so agreed to donate toward ten new pack before I left.We got through it all and I had two beautiful, freshly showered, shaven, scented and damp-haired women under my control. The secretary found an emergency hair dryer used for bride who might be caught in the rain on their way to the altar. I had a ball. Making sure I took my time to save them, apply lotions and dry their hair. I did tend to brush against breasts and linger over their pussies. I got them to help each other get to parts they could not reach in the shower and young Katie did managed to feel her mother’s breasts and bottom in the process eventually embracing each other they dried off.There we were three naked women who were enjoying a drink when I sat between them and put my arms around their shoulders. I purposely allowed my hands to drift downward to their tits and began caressing their nipples. They in turn eventually plucked up the courage to play with my tits as well. We were all aroused and soon I was wetter than I had been in the shower. I looked down and there between my legs was a growing pool of clear liquid on the leather couch. It did not go unnoticed by the other two equally turned on women who found themselves in the same fortunate predicament. We were breathing heavily by this time, we were feeling each other up and eventually I got up and got the two of them close together, skin to skin ande they took it from there. Katie took the lead and was soon fucking the older woman’s cunt with two fingers and I had straddled the frigid secretary’s face forcing her to suck me and put her tongue inside my engorged pussy. We eventually all ended up in a heap, kissing, licking, fingering pussies and I even shoved a well lubricated finger up each asshole. They virtually went ballistic, whimpering, gushing and cumming on each other – mission accomplished and eventually we got dressed and were soon collected by dear old Mavis who took us all to my place and then drove my dear mike back to collect the car so he could go off for the weekend on a fishing trip with his buddies.You are going to have to wait for the next episode.and I suggest you keep coming back for more.

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