mommys helping hands part 4


mommys helping hands part 41’jack i have to go out tonight so your gran is going to come round and look after you make sure youhave everything you need ok , don’t worry i’ve told her you need to be wanked off if your cock gets hard”no please theres no need please don’t get her to do that i’m fine i don’t need anyone looking after me”don’t be daft you need help what if you need to pee ?”please can’t you stay at home please ?”oh don’t be silly , anyway the doorbell just rang thats probably her now’julie answers the door’hi mom nice to see you thanks for helping out come in jacks through here’julie walks back into the room where jack is watching the telly’jack don’t be rude say hello to your gran”hello gran , please mom don’t go out”see i told you he needs someone to stay with him he doesn’t want me going out poor boy”don’t worry jack i’m sure i can manage to look after you we can have some fun can’t we”uh please i don’t need looking after”don’t be a silly boy i’m here now so lets enjoy ourselves ok look i even bought something for us to watch on the telly together game of thrones i’ve never seen any of them but your mom says its your favourite ”look i’m sorry but i have to go in a minute do you want me to show you how to drain his balls before i go it has to be done at least 4 times a day and its been a while sinse the last time”no no its fine i’ve been wanking cocks off since before you were born i’m sure i can mangage and jack can tell me if i do it wron can’t you jack ?”no please i don’t need it please leave me alone”ok see you both later i might be home tonight or maybe tomorrow have fun you 2′ julie leaves’ok jack since your mom says your balls need draining please stand up so i can take your trousers off”please don’t i don’t need it i’m fine”come on stand up you havn’t got anything i havn’t seen before i’m 64 i’ve seen a few cocks they are all pretty much the same now stand up’jack stands’now come satnd in front of me i don’t want to have to come to you i’m old , young man’jack walks over and stands in front of his gran she reaches out takes hold of his zipper pulls it down unbuttons the top then pulls his trousers downjack can’t güvenilir bahis help it his cock starts to get hard ‘ah i see there your cock is getting hard isn’t it so it does need draining come on lets get those boxers off and let it out’jacks gran pulls his boxers down his cock springs up to attention’step out of your trousers and boxers’his gran takes hold of his cock which just gets harder she slowly starts wanking it’well from the size of this cock of yours i would say you need help’she moves her hand up and down his cock wanking it slowly reaches out and cups his balls with her other hand squeezing them gently jack groans she stops’sorry was i hurting you”no its fine”um so whats with the groaning you better not be enjoying having your gran wank your cock i’m only doing it as its the doctors orders well are you enjoying it ?’ she starts wanking his cock again and squeezing his balls’no i don’t like it please stop’ jack moans’sound like you are enjoying it and this cock is so hard i think you like it you dirty young man i’m 64 you are 19 and you like having your cock wanked by me whats wrong with you”oh please please i don’t know i’m sorry please’his gran wanks his cock harder’oh no please i’m going to cum please’his gran stops wanking ‘well we can’t have that can we i don’t have anything to catch your cum in we don’t want you making a mess”uh please don’t stop’ jacks cock is twitching and bouncing up and down he’s thrusting his hips as if he’s trying to fuck the air’well you can’t get a tissue or anything’ she reaches down and takes hold of his boxers ‘i suppose you can cum on these’she takes hold of his cock again and his balls with her other hand squeezing them while she wanks his hard cock’tell me just before you cum so i can put your boxers under your cock and catch the jizz’ she wanks him harder and faster’please i can’t help it i’m going to cum ‘his gran takes his boxers and shoves the around the head of his cock while wanking his cock with her other hand faster and faster jack groans and she stops wankingjacks cock twitches and some cum dribbles out the end’well thats not much is it is that all you have”please you stopped türkçe bahis before i came ”oh did i do it wrong ?”uh no its fine”ok so say thankyou gran for wanking me off and draining my balls”thank you gran for wanking me off and draining my balls”why is your cock still hard shouldn’t it have gone down”uh its because i didn’t cum properly you stopped’she takes his cock in her hand and starts wanking it again’oh no please its sore now i just came please leave it alone”you said you didn’t cum properly so i have to your mom said you need to be drained”please its fine i don’t need it please don’t”um lets see what your mom thinks stay there while i phone her’jacks gran takes out her phone and rings julie’hi julie sorry to bother you the thing is i just wanked jacks cock but its still hard what should i do”hang on i’ll put you on speaker so my girlfriends can hear pass put yours on speaker as well so jack can talk to me”jack its mom can you hear me”yes mom”good so your gran just wanked you off yes?’ there is laughter in the background’uh who’s there with you jack asks”never mind its just my girlfriends i’ve told them all about your problem so don’t be shy now did your gran wank you off”yes”yes what ?”yes my gran wanked me off mom’the laughter gets louder’your cock is still hard why ?”uh just as i was about to cum she stopped wanking so i didn’t cum properly”oh dear i did say i would stay and show her how to do it do you want me to come home and show her now i can bring my girlfriends with me ”no please don’t its fine theres no need”is your cock still hard ?”yes mom my cock is still hard”mom you need to wank him again don’t stop until all the cum is out he must be drained’jacks gran takes hold of his tender cock and starts wanking it again’if i don’t do it right tell me jack ok’ she wanks it harder and harderjack tries to pull away his cock is still tender’its no good he’s trying to pull away from me i can’t keep hold of his cock’ his gran says into the phone’jack be a good boy for your gran and stand still let her wank your cock otherwise i’m coming home now with my girlfriends to do it myself”no please don’t its fine güvenilir bahis siteleri gran can do it’ jack tries to stand still while his gran starts wanking his cock againup and down up and down faster and faster she squeezes his cock put a little twist into the strokes faster faster’jack is she doing it right?’ his mom asks’yyess ‘ he groans his gran sits up and moves around so her face is pointing straight at jacks cock just a couple of inches away she keeps wanking his cock directly at her face”tell us when you are going to cum jack’ says julie on the phonehis gran wanks his cock harder and harder moving her face a bit closer to his cock’oh please i’m going to cum”mom keep wanking his cock until it stops cumming don’t stop ok’ julie says on the phone’yes j–‘ jack cums shoting his load into his grans mouth as she tries to talk to julieshe gulps and swallows as his cock spurts cum all into her mouth’what happening is everything ok ?’ julie asks ‘jack did you cum did she do it right ?’his gran is still wanking his cock’please yes i came please stop wanking now please its sore”mom did he stop cumming ?’jacks gran swallows the last of jacks cum then licks her lips ‘uh yes he has stopped cumming should i stop wanking him now?”yes and wipe the end of his cock off otherwise it dribbles and makes a mess i hope he didn’t get cum everwhere”no i opened my mouth to tell you i would keepwanking him and he shot his load into my mouth”oh i’m so sorry mom he’s a naughty boy”oh no dear its fine its not the 1st time i’ve had cum in my mouth”mom!!”its fine’ jacks gran grips his cock leans forward and licks the last couple of drops of cum from the end of his cock wraps her lips around the end and gently sucks on the tipjack groans’did she get all the cum out jack?’ his mom asks’uh yes mom’his gran leans back licks her lips again and swallows his cum’did i do it right jack ?”yes gran thank you gran”ok i’ll see you later julie have a good night we are fine here ‘ jacks gran says and hangs up’come sit next to me jack we can start watching game of thrones together if thats ok”uh can i put my trousers back on”well you got cum on your boxers so you can’t put those on just sit down its ok i can keep an eye on your cock better without them on anyway and i hear that game of thrones is a bit dirty so you might need help again ”uh please can’t we watch something else ”no now sit down ‘ jacks gran says to him

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