Mommy Fun Time


Mommy Fun TimeMommy Fun TimeIt was my last month in my hometown before I had to leave for college and I was still a virgin. I was watching porn one night in my basement and the title Son Tricks Mom into Blowjob came up in my recommended. I then felt suddenly aroused about the thought of getting a blowjob from my mom, so I began to jerk my hard 5 inch cock to a taboo filled video. As I was jerking off I started thinking about my mom, 5’4”, 120 pounds, lean body, big tits, and long blonde hair. She kind of reminded me of Shyla Styles but a little older looking. I was thinking about her so much that I needed something of her’s to cum on, so I grabbed her panties from the laundry room, and sat down on the couch. Instead of moving my hand up and down on my cock, I put her panties in my hand and I jerked off with them rubbing against my cock. I was going so fast that my cock became hot and I began to chafe so I grabbed some baby oil, heated it up, and instead of lathering my cock I took a brake and lathered my whole body in warm oil. I used so much oil that my couch was soaked from where I sat. My cock had become soft so I dribbled oil on my mom’s panties and I juggled my balls with them and I fingered my asshole with my middle finger. When my dick became hard I jerked off very fast and I came instantly. I aimed my cock straight into my mom’s panties and released three giant streaks of cock sauce into her panties. I was so satisfied with the pool of cum I had left in my mom’s panties that I licked it up and swallowed. I had tasted my cum before but this time it hit me with one of the craziest tastes and an idea. The taste was sweet but the idea was sweeter. My idea was that I could get my mom to fuck me if she caught me masturbating to her panties.That night I came up with a flawless plan to fuck my mommy, a plan that would extend over the next two days so that I could build up my cum to drop the biggest load possible on my mom. It was great that my dad had gone away on a business trip for the next eight days so I could drop clues for her in the coming days. The clues were very subtle like the next morning after I took a shower I went into the kitchen with just a towel and I made a protein shake. My mom came into the kitchen and grabbed some cereal when she passed by me I dropped my towel exposing my soft cock. Also that day I swam with my friends in my speedo so when she came back from work she would see my package. I then wore that speedo when we ate tacos later that night. The next day I even went more risky when I had my speedo on as we ate supper I popped a boner up. I could see her eyeing me. That night I then executed my plan, it was 10:30 and she just went to bed. I took out her panties and the oil and my computer and got my cock hard. I knew she would come down for a snack at some point, but as soon as I got a hot porn going I heard her footsteps come down the steps. I quickly poured oil over my body and began to stroke my cock slowly and I moaned. My nerves were tense when I heard her footsteps in the kitchen but I ignored them. I could see out of the corner of my eye her body looking at me. She stood there for a few seconds and so I looked around the room and then at her. “Oh god.” I put a pillow over my dick and closed my computer. “Hey mom.”She looked at me and smiled, “Hey sweetie, watcha doin?” This was not what I expected, maybe she will just brush tuzla escort it off and go upstairs.“Nothing.” I said innocently the sound of the porn was still resonating through the closed computer at a low volume.She began walking towards me. “It’s okay sweetie, I know what is going on you had a good sized boner at diner today. It seems like you are really horny?”“Um yeah they sometimes pop out of nowhere when I haven’t done anything.” I blushed.“It’s okay.” She sat down next to me, “How long has it been?”“Since what?” I had not imagined it like this at all.“Since you ate last. No silly since you had sex last?” She put her hand on my leg.I actually got very uncomfortable now because my mom must have thought I got pussy. “Never.”“What? There are girls over here all the time in their bikinis.” She was dumbfounded. “I just … I don’t know.” I stammered.“Wow, you really haven’t done anything with them?” She put her hand on my chest which made my nerves go away because I could feel her love. I took the pillow off my dick and realized it was soft. “Are you waiting?”“No, it’s just no girls want me that I want and girls that want me I don’t want either.” I confessed.“High standards?” “Kinda, I’m just very stubborn.” I said.“Huh, so how many times do you do this?” She motioned to my dick and the computer.This is where I could strike. “A lot but lately I haven’t been able to finish.”“Like cum?” I nodded. “How long has it been since then?”“At least three or four days and I have tried but I can’t have an orgasm anymore it’s almost like my body is nervous.”“For college.” I nodded. “That’s why your cock was fully torqued you’ve got blue balls. Is there anything I can do to help? Like maybe observe you or give you a toy.”“I don’t know. I feel like I just need to be taught a few things like how to go down on a girl and stuff. Because I feel like that is in the back of my mind.”“Hmm, I can teach you some stuff.” She said.“How?” I asked hoping she would say on me.“I’ll explain the tricks and then you perform them on me.” She pulled her pants down.“Mom isn’t this weird?”“Joshua, you came from my pussy and my body,” She began to smile, “I also see you have my panties so I think you are lying.” She pointed to them on the floor.“I.”“I know.” She interrupted. “You were trying something different to try to cum but you couldn’t. Do you know why?” She slipped her panties off.“No.” I stared straight at her pussy. The pussy that birthed me looked beautiful. Her pussy looked like it was used but she was 47, it was hairless, and above all juicy.“Because real men need pussy.” She stuck her finger in her pussy and put it in front of my nose. It smelled good, like lavender soap. I licked it and then she pushed my head down to her pussy. “Put your tongue in my pussy and lick it.” I pressed my tongue into her pussy and licked everywhere inside. Her pussy also tasted like lavender but with a more salty aftertaste. I instinctually put both my hands up and spread her pussy so that my tongue could get further into her pussy. I licked her pussy like that for at least five minutes as she moaned and gyrated. Her moaning got pretty intense until she stopped me.“Ok, now another technique, even though that was great. I actually would have came if you would have done that for another minute. Now this is a finger thing. Put one finger in my pussy and another in my pee hole.” She showed me where the pee tuzla escort bayan hole was and inserted my fingers into the desired holes. I was surprised to find out that her pussy was tight for birthing me and my brother. “Go in and out and flutter your fingers.” I did exactly how she told me and after a few minutes of her moaning my fingers started to get tired and bored. “Hey mom my fingers are getting tired.” I said thrusting my fingers hard into her now soaking wet pussy. “Already? You need to put in some work if you want to have a good time.” She said.“I think I’m just bored, I thought the licking was fun.” I took my fingers out and they were wet with my mom’s juice. I licked it very seductively by shoving them deep down my throat and slowly taking them out. “It definitely tasted great.” “Well I’m glad to hear that. You know you can finger and lick at the same time.” I put my fingers in her pussy again. “Except now I’ll teach you how to make me squirt.” She pushed my hands and face away from her pussy. “Now every girl has a different g-spot, and mine is right here.” She pointed down just below her pussy lips. “Now to make me squirt put two fingers in my pussy and point down to my g-spot.” I put my fingers down her pussy. “Now finger fuck me as fast as you can with licking. Oh and do you want me to tell you when I’m about to squirt?” “Yes please I wanna see if you can shoot it into my mouth.” I said licking her pussy.“Oh I hope you catch it but I think it will be a lot so watch out.” She laughed. I assumed that meant she had not cum in a while.I began to move my fingers as fast as I could in and out of her soaking wet pussy. The first minute she was cheering me on, then she started moaning and her moaning turned to screaming. After about three minutes of pumping my fingers hard into the vagina that birthed me she was about to squirt. “Baby, I’m gonna squirt!” She yelled. She squirted like a large fountain into my mouth, I couldn’t even catch it all. When she was done she looked exhausted so I sat next to her and swallowed her pussy juices. “How was my cum?” She asked out of breath.“It had just a hint of your pussy taste, but it really just tasted like water.” I said. “Thank you for teaching me.”“You’re welcome sweetie, now do you want to do anything else?” She smiled and looked at my soft cock.“Well mommy I still need to cum and since I made you cum can you make me cum?” I asked putting my hand around her shoulder.“Haha, you said that you wanted to be taught, there was no pleasure in this it was strictly educational.”“Come on mom, I made you cum. How about an oily handjob.” I smiled and kissed her cheek.“Fine, but just this once there will just be hand and mouth no pussy and ass fucking.” She knelt down.“Your gonna suck it?” I asked as my cock sprung up.“Yes sweetie, I don’t use oil, spit is the best lube, because you can swallow it.” She began to kiss my entire cock. She would go from the bottom all the way to the tip. My cock was on the verge of exploding already so I looked up and thought about my workout routine for the next day but it was tough since I have always had to jerk myself off. She then started slowly engulfing my cock into her whole mouth she even lifted up my balls into her mouth. She sat there and gurgled spit all over my dick and balls, when she released a big strand of spit floated in the air caught between my cock and my mom’s mouth.“Wow escort tuzla mommy, I didn’t know you could fit it all in there.” She slowly stroked my cock which was drenched in her spit. “Well yeah your dick is what, 5 or 6 inches.” She could tell I looked offended. “Which is average for a man, I mean its like putting a 6-inch hot dog in your mouth with two ping pong balls.”“Yeah I guess so and it’s only 5 inches.” I said remembering what my arms routine was for the next day. My mom put my cock back in her mouth and performed one of the best deepthroats I had ever seen. Her head bobbed up and down fast and she just kept producing more and more spit making a big spit puddle in the floor. I was getting close to cumming so I said ,”Mommy.”She released and said,” What sweetie?” “I kinda wanna taste my cock.” I said pointing at her mouth.“Okay.” She crawled over me and kissed me, but it wasn’t a typical mom kiss this was a long kiss full of tongue and swapping of spit.When the kiss was done I exclaimed. “Damn I taste good.” She laughed and knelt back down but before she did anything I said, “Wait when I cum where should I cum.”“Anywhere you want sweetie.” She smiled.“Can I do it on your pretty face?” I asked.“Yes you can but you have to do one extra thing?” “What thing?”“You have to lick your cum off of me and kiss me because I wanna taste what I created.”“Okay.” She went back to her violent deepthroat. It only took a minute before I was getting ready to cum so I asked her again. “Can I tittyfuck you?”“Sure.” She took her bra off and she placed my cock in between both of her breasts. I began to hump them. We both sustained eye contact and I thought about that so hard that my urge to cum had subsided. It took four long minutes of humping her before I was close to cumming. “Mommy suck my dick again because I am gonna cum soon.”“Okay just give me the word.” She deepthroated my dick twice before I felt my penis fill up with cum. I tilted my head back and thought about benching and my cum subsided. She noticed this and stopped the violent head bobbing. “Feels good doesn’t it.”“Yes, I love it so much more than my hand.” She chuckled and tickled my balls while jerking me off.After 10 seconds of her massaging I felt my cock fill up with cum and I clenched my muscles, “Mommy I’m gonna cum.” She took her hands off and knelt back and I put my hand on my slobbery cock so that I could pump my prize out. I released one giant load onto her face that spanned from her chin to her blonde hair then another one which landed in her left eye and another in her right. She opened her mouth from gasping and the next one flew into there and on her nose, then there were three small bursts that I purposely put on her forehead.“Oh my god, that was amazing. “She laughed. “You weren’t lying, you truly haven’t came in four days. Now keep your promise and lick up your hot cum off your mom’s face.”I knelt down and l licked every inch of my mom’s face pooling the cum into my mouth. When I was done she said, “Now give mommy some of your cum too.” I kissed her and swapped half of my cum into her mouth, she sloshed it around and gave me some of it back. And then she gurgled the cum and swallowed. I swallowed as well. “Mmm, you’ve got some good tasting cum. I think we should give this another try maybe tomorrow morning because I’m tired.” She yawned.“I am so down.” She kissed me good night and stood up. “Can I kiss your pussy good night?” She shook her head so I sniffed it and then kissed it. “Good night sweet pussy. I hope to be inside you again some day.” “Maybe.” She walked away and said good night.

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