Mom, My First Love – Chapter 3


Mom, My First Love – Chapter 3When we both got back to the apartment that evening the bed still wasn’t anywhere near dry and we discovered that water had gotten into both our dressers from the mini-flood and a lot of our clothes were starting to mildew. So we had to do laundry. Mom suggested that we might as well wash everything, including the underwear we had on now so we put those in also. I thought that was a little unnecessary but figured she was just being thorough. That left her in her working dress and me in just my jeans and a sweater. There are washers and dryers in the apartment building so we took everything downstairs and threw them in the washers. She told me that I could go back up and she would stay there and put the stuff in the dryer. It might be a while since only one dryer was operational. Two of the three had been out for the last week and the building super hadn’t gotten them fixed yet. Well, an hour later my mom came back up with a load of wet clothes. She told me that the third dryer had gone out with a load of our clothes in it! Now we had no way to dry our clothes except to hang them up in the apartment and let them dry overnight. All of our underwear and ALL of her nighties were in the wash! After we hung as many things up as we could it was bedtime and I said, “Mom everything I wear to bed is in the wash. I don’t have anything and I don’t want to sleep in jeans.” “Well, I guess we’re in the same boat because all of my nighties are in the wash too.” There was a pregnant pause. We both started to say something at the same time and I shut up to let her speak. “You know, there’s no problem. We’re covered up under the sheets. We’ll both just sleep in the nude. Do you mind honey?” “No that’s OK. I like sleeping in the nude. It feels nice.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say and mom just smiled and said she liked it too. “As a matter of fact,” she said “I prefer sleeping that way. I would just as soon sleep in the nude all the time but I didn’t think you would be comfortable with it.”“No mom, I like it too.” Once again I couldn’t think of anything clever to say so the conversation ended with her just smiling at me. I took my shower and came out wearing a towel telling her it was her turn. She passed me into the bathroom wearing her towel in her normal way, (holding it in front of her with her ass bare behind her.) She didn’t even tell me not to look and just breezed past me. I stared, as usual, and she went into the bathroom. She didn’t bother to close the door all the way and hung the towel on the rack and bent down to turn on the water. I got a very nice view of her tits from the side as she did it. I was still staring at her when two things happened at once. My towel came undone and fell off, my stiff cock sticking out pointing right at mom, and just at the same time mom looked up and saw me staring at her. She didn’t get angry but just turned a little to hide her tits, looked at me for several seconds with a big smile, then said “Now don’t you be peeking at me young man. If you want a show then just ask for one.” And she stepped into the shower with me having my mouth hanging open.I picked up my towel and climbed into bed waiting for her. My mind was racing a mile a minute. Ask for a show? I could do that, I was asking myself. So I decided I would do just that. She took a bit longer than she normally took but finally she came in with her towel in front of her so I spoke up with a big smile, “Mom, I want that show you told me to ask for.”“Oh you do, do you?” she said. “Well, the lights are off so I guess it’s all right.” Of course the light was still on from the other room and the door was open but I wasn’t going to mention that! She dropped the towel and put her hands on her hips, then turned around to give me the complete view, turned around again for a few seconds and then climbed into bed with me. The light was still behind her so I couldn’t see her front too well but I didn’t notice any dark patch around her pussy. “Satisfied honey? Just don’t ask for it with the lights on.” When she climbed in she had lifted the sheets very high and looked at me as she got in. I knew she could see my hard-on but she didn’t say anything about it.She pulled the sheets up to our necks and canlı kaçak iddaa I asked for a hug and kiss good night. We moved together and this time I put my arm around her below the small of her back, right up against her ass. She didn’t object and she kissed me on the lips. We parted and I pulled her and she moved into my arms, her breasts against my chest. I moved my hand down to her ass now and started fondling her cheeks. She didn’t stop me and I pulled her gently. She moved her hips up against mine pushing my cock flat against her pussy. I didn’t feel any hair. I kissed her again and she finally returned the kiss. Her mouth opened a little. I didn’t know why and I opened mine too. Her tongue darted into my mouth and played with my tongue for a second. I liked it and stuck mine into her mouth and we did that for a minute, all the while my hand was caressing her bare bottom. Finally she said, “Do you really think your hand should be there honey?”“Well, I like it mom. You feel so soft and warm. I like feeling your body next to mine. Don’t you like it?” I was starting to pull her crotch harder against mine and once again I felt I was on the verge of cumming and I was frantic to fuck this woman. I started to press into her and move my hips. She responded by moving hers a little, then stopped and moved apart a little.“Yes I do like it. Very much. But I don’t know if we should get this close. Maybe you should just be happy looking. Would you like to just look?” And with that she pulled the sheets back so I could see her tits. They were just beautiful, even in the dim light but I wanted to see all of her so I pulled the sheets all the way off. Her pussy was beautiful and sexy and totally shaved! She must have done it before she came to bed. She was still on her side facing me and I gently pushed her onto her back and then spread her legs so I could feast my eyes on her pussy. Without a word I leaned over and started kissing and sucking her breasts. My right hand went to her crotch and started sliding up and down her pussy. She was wet already and gasped at my attention but said, “No honey, please no. I only said look, not touch. Honey, please stop.” But there was no way I was going to stop now. I wanted to see, touch, and taste everything and she made no attempt to stop me. I pushed my finger into her as I was sucking her tits. She gasped and pulled my head into her breasts with one hand and she put the other hand on top of the one that was probing her. But she didn’t try to pull it away. She was talking constantly, first it was “No, no, please stop baby.” And then it was “Oh that feels so wonderful baby, it’s been so long.” Eventually there were only moans of pleasure and little hints about where to go and how to do things. “Suck on my nipples baby, pull them into your mouth and suck up and down on them like a baby.” So I pulled as much of her tit into my mouth. Her nipples stood up erect and stiff and she gasped as I sucked on them. My hand was fumbling around her vagina and she put her hand on top of mine and guided me to her clitoris. She was warm, wet, and slippery and she showed me how to find and torment her clit. She had me slowly stroke my extended finger all along her lips and stroke the clit as I was doing it. She shuddered as I focused on her clit and she coaxed into giving her two or three orgasms. She hadn’t even touched my cock at this point and I was high as a kite and she asked me: “Do you want to fuck me sweetheart?” Without waiting for an answer she spread her legs further apart and guided me on top of her. She reached down to hold my cock and she guided it into her pussy. My cock pushed apart her outer lips and I sunk my cock all the way in and ground my crotch against her crotch, straining to go as deep as I could. She gasped and cried “Oh baby, oh baby it’s been so long.” She said this over and over. Feeling her warm, wet pussy engulf my cock was more than I could stand and I started to pump furiously. I was only 16 and had no control at all and in about 5 strokes I yelled, “I’m gonna cum mom, I’m gonna cum.”She just said, “Oh it’s alright baby. Cum in me. Fuck my pussy baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuck me please. Fill my pussy with your cum baby. It’s been so long…” And canlı kaçak iddaa I came into her shuddering with each pulse of my cock, it was so intense. I rammed into her as deep as I could again, straining to penetrate as far as I could, our crotches straining into each other once more and started to spurt. It seemed like I was spurting cum forever and my cock was tingling from incredible feeling. I probably only spurt cum for 30 seconds or so but it seemed longer. She grabbed my ass and strained up at me as I was thrusting and we fucked furiously for what seemed like several minutes. Even after I had no more cum we continued to fuck. My cock loved being inside my mother and I just stroked and strained into her continually and she came more than once I think while we did that. Finally I was exhausted and starting to soften so I rolled off her and lay beside her. She took my hand and guided it back to her crotch, showing me where her clit was again and coaxed me into bringing her to another huge orgasm. I sucked her tits while doing it and that made her even higher. It was indescribable. Afterward we lay there for a half hour without saying much until she asked me if that wasn’t a lot better than trying to fuck her ass cheeks! And she told me she had been awake the whole time both nights and had loved every second of it.I was relieved and excited and bent over to start kissing and sucking her breasts again. I couldn’t get enough of them. She reached down to stroke my cock. It wasn’t hard again yet but was starting to rise and I said I wished I could fuck her again but I wasn’t hard enough. Without a word she moved around, bent over my cock and started to kiss it sweetly. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. Her lips felt so warm and sweet on my cock! I started to moan and tell her how great it felt. Then her tongue licked out and ran over the underside of my cock and I shuddered. I started to arch upwards wanting her to take my cock in her mouth. For a couple of seconds she continued to lick and kiss and then I felt her wet lips close over my tip. She ran her tongue over my seeping pee hole and then started to suck up and down on my cock. By this time I was hard as a rock again but I lasted longer than last time. It took probably 4 or 5 minutes of incredible cock sucking and I was ready to cum. I yelled out to her to stop because I was about to cum and she just murmured a sexy “mm-mm-mm” as she kept moving her warm, wet lips up and down my cock, pausing each time to run her tongue up the underside and suck on the tip before going down again. Her lips and tongue continued focusing on my cock head. And her lips were incredibly soft and sweet as she sucked and I arched up into her mouth. In a couple of more seconds I started to cum. I grabbed her hair and cried out, “Mom I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” as she kept sucking. I spurted once and she just kept murmuring “mm-mm-mm” as she sucked on my tip, swallowing down my cum and then sucking slowly down and back, drawing all the cum out of me. She kept sucking until she had sucked me dry and I started shrinking once again. I lay back, totally drained, my cock aching and she turned back around and snuggled up to me. I kept telling her how fantastic that was and she told me how nice I tasted. After another short kissing session she got up and told me she wanted to take a quick shower to clean up and I just lay there on my back, glowing with the thoughts of the fantastic sex I had just experienced. I watched mom as she got up naked but then she turned back, took my hand and said “Let’s shower together baby.” We walked out the door to the bathroom. She turned on the water, got it fairly warm and pulled me into her arms with the warm water raining down on our shoulders. She pulled our crotches together, put her arms around my shoulders and pulled my lips down to kiss her. We tongue kissed for a little bit and then she took the soap and gently washed off my cock and balls, had me lean over and washed my ass, then she leaned up against the wall and asked me to wash her ass. She directed me to soap up her anus really well and then slowly push my middle finger in. She had me do that for a couple of minutes, finger fucking her ass until she had still another canlı kaçak bahis orgasm. Then she leaned back in my arms and had me soap up her vagina and her breasts, the warm water streaming down over us the whole time. I leaned up against the wall of the shower and she had me finger fuck her while fondling her breasts and pulling on her nipples. It started to get me high again and my cock got hard as a rock. She maneuvered my cock between her ass cheeks and she stroked her ass up and down while I was finger fucking her sex starved vagina and stroking her breasts and toying with her nipples. She shuddered with yet another orgasm and I actually came again at the same time, bathing her ass cheeks with my cum. We stayed like that for a minute or two or maybe it was three or four minutes, just enjoying our bodies together in the warm shower. We turned off the water after several minutes and dried off. She put some kind of lotion on her crotch while I was drying. I didn’t know what she was doing. Anyway we walked back to bed naked and lay down next to each other again. After a little while I had my hand down on her pussy and was gently stroking it. The lotion made it nice and slippery. She said, “I loved it when you were sucking my breasts. Wouldn’t you like to lick me? I’d love to feel you sucking my clit and licking my pussy.”I told her that I didn’t know exactly what to do and she said it was OK, she would guide me. She spread her legs and I crawled up between them. I told her “your pussy smells really nice mom” and she told me she had used a flavored lubricant after the shower and that I should taste it. I first kissed her on her vagina, then gave a lick all the way up her slit. Then with her suggestion, I parted her lips with my fingers and started running my tongue up and down it while gently finger fucking her with my middle finger. Her clit was hard at the top of her pussy and she directed me to start sucking it in between licks. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her pussy to my lips. She helped me by arching and moaning in agony as I tortured her. She must have lasted more than half an hour as I sucked and licked and finger fucked her until she finally made me stop. Then she told me that I had made her come a dozen times and that it had been the best sex she had had since she was a teenager. That made me really glow. By this time I was starting to recover and she gently started stroking me. After a minute or two of that I was rock hard again and she rolled me over on my back and climbed on top of me. Her tits were hanging right in front of me as she mounted me and started to ride my cock. I put my hands on her ass and reached my head up to suck her tits as we fucked. This time I lasted at least ten minutes but finally came again, arching up into her as deeply as I could. This caused her to moan loudly and I really think she came again right along with me. We continued to fuck slowly for several more minutes before she finally rolled off me. We lay there next to each other and she snuggled up to me, calling me her baby. Neither one of us was tired enough to sleep and we lay there talking for a long time. We talked about sex mostly and she told me all about how she had lost her virginity when she was just eleven. The thought of her as a little girl having sex was very erotic to me and I pushed her to hear about all her sexual life. She told me about the sex with her twelve year old boyfriend (eventually my father), with several older men including her teenage paperboy, a UPS driver, and even how she had seduced her dad, all before she was thirteen. She even mentioned that she had a very sexual relationship with her younger sister Sally when Sally was just ten years old. She had thought it would be exciting to get her k** sister turned on and see her learn everything about sex. Apparently there was a very juicy story about how her sister lost her virginity with their father but I didn’t get those details until much later.Eventually we both stopped talking and she rolled on to her side. I snuggled up next to her with my cock pressed wonderfully between her ass cheeks, my right arm over her, holding her breast, and me kissing her softly on the neck and shoulders. She sighed contentedly, wiggled her naked bottom around my limp cock and we both fell quickly asleep.This turned out to only be the beginning of an incredibly sexy relationship, not only with her but with … well those parts of the story will follow, as I get time to write them down.END !

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